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VINE VOICEon June 12, 2005
I was going to automatically and immediately buy this film because it was presented by Mondo Macabro, a name I have learned to really respect and trust. MM has introduced me now to about a half-dozen astonishing films I'd previously never even heard of. Well, I hesitated in buying this because of the mixed reviews here on Amazon. So, I rented it first on Netflix.

Well, I watched it last night. This movie is totally solid, replete with suspense, beautiful venues, awesome music soundtrack, some scantily clad women, and the exotic atmosphere which many of us love in these European films. There is a surreal ambience in this genre which is totally addictive,and thus I have every Mario Bava, Jean Rollin, and Dario Argento film in print, and most of Jess Franco's stuff as well. What is sometimes lacking in plot is more than compensated for in scenery and dreamy weirdness. (I actually like these movies despite the common theme of murders of women, not because of them. I do realize the danger,the evil and the diabolical acts are necessary to create the tension, just as in a Dirty Harry-type movie. This movie in particular, however, only showed two women being killed, and only one of the murders was graphic. These scenes do certify the bad guy as bad, but they certainly aren't my favorite scenes. I know some of the fans of these movies like the spectacular gore. I personally don't enjoy it.)

Anyway, I suspect the negative reviews of this film come from people who are more into Hollywood big productions with lots of special effects and big name actors like Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, Billy Crystal, and Bambi. If you already have determined that you enjoy hidden treasures from the heyday of "Euro-trash" films (a totally ironic epithet due to the fact that these are categorically the most artistic films ever made), you will enjoy this film. It may not be your absolute favorite, but you absolutely will be glad to have it in your collection.
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on February 6, 2005
Reading another customer review I was forced to write my own for the first time! I couldnt disagree more strongly - this is a great movie and a wonderful presentation from Mondo Macabro. In reality this movie isnt a giallo in the classic sense ( maybe why some folks dont get it) - Cozzi subverts the genre he knows so well from working with Argento - and creates a tense thriller much more in the mould of Hitchcock's Frenzy than the multiple murder pile up we're used too. Our concerns are for the killer more than the victims which creates an unease whilst watching that I really enjoyed. The movie comes in a stunning cinemascope presentation, with a great pounding score - loaded with three (!) featurettes but by far the best extra is the fascinating commentary track - its like a masterclass in thriller making - Which is good for me!
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on October 28, 2005
Not knowing what to expect from this movie I went in with an open mind. I was amazingly pleased with everything about this film. It exceeded my every expectation and more.

A chain of crimes begins when a dishonorable man named Mainardi (George Hilton) blackmails a serial killer (Michel Antoine) into murdering his wife. After a young couple (Alessio Orano and Cristina Galbó) burglarize the murderer's car, with the newly deceased corpse in its trunk, the killer sets off on a maniacal crime spree.

The film moves at a steady clip, the camera movements are slick and professional and the cinematography makes great use of shadow to create atmosphere and heighten tension. The film receives a stunning 2.35.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer taken from the film's original negative. Aside from some really minor print damage that shows up in the form of the odd speck here and there, and the very occasional scratch, this transfer looks amazing.

The acting is good all around, however, Antoine steals the show and is magnificent as a cruel, conscienceless killer. Cozzi's direction is also brilliant and he pays homage to the great Dario Argento with the initials D.A on the killers lighter.

"The Killer Must Kill Again" (otherwise known as "Il Ragno", or "The Spider") is a great 70's giallo classic that fans of the genre will certainly enjoy.
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on February 2, 2006
If you're familiar with Hitchcock's body of work, which took a dark turn with FRENZY, and you wished he had pushed the envelope even further, this is the film for you.

With an attractive cast, a solid script, and a handful of cool locations, this film delivers the goods effectively and artfully. Cristina Galbo's portrayal of an alluring young virgin is exceptional, as is Michel Antoine as a laidback psychotic killer. All of the acting in this film is topnotch. The sets and costumes are incredibly efficient and serve the characterizations brilliantly.

There are a few cheesy opticals which interrupt the narrative, ill-conceived attempts to bolster the through-line of the story.

There are also some intense moments of violence, including a bit of blood and sordid nastiness, but the movie relies more on suspense and a well-wrought plot than on gore.

The DVD quality is tops. Picture and sound are excellent, and there are plenty of extras worth checking out.

After sitting through too many formulaic and predictable Hollywood thrillers over the last decade, this was a refreshing treat.
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on March 17, 2005
Full marks to Mondo Macabro for the DVD presentation: uncut widescreen transfer, director commentary, interviews, stills gallery and more. That said, THE KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN is an uninspired giallo, with a weak script and hamfisted direction. While the premise has possibilities, the execution is fumbled in almost every scene. The characters are neither sympathetic nor interesting, rendering their fates unimportant. The killer is played by Jean-Michel Antoine, who had memorable roles in A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE, MY NAME IS NOBODY, THE WIND AND THE LION and THE BEYOND. Despite his striking appearance, Antoine is disappointing here, even allowing for the mediocre dubbing. Established as a homicidal sex maniac in the first scene, his character is barely developed, becoming less interesting as the film progresses. The 'twist' ending is, frankly, feeble. While director Luigi Cozzi comes across as an interesting guy, with a genuine love of cinema, this is not reflected in THE KILLER MUST KILL AGAIN. Mario Bava and Dario Argento bring both flair and passion to their best giallo films. Cozzi can barely manage technical competence.
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VINE VOICEon May 30, 2005
the Giallo genre is one of my favorites,and i am pleased as punch to be able to add this to my collection.

other reviewers here dont seem to think much of the plot -

me,i found this to be comparable to many,many other giallos in terms of story,acting,production values,etc...

if you consider yourself a dedicated giallo fan,dont hesitate you need this for your collection.

if you have never even heard the term before,maybe skip this one and head over to the new release section at Blockbuster
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on January 1, 2009
This is a good giallo flick from Italy and Luigi Cozzi,
who went on to direct some decent (for their very low budget) science fiction movies in the 1980's. It is heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock and a story from the tv show: "dario argentos 'door into darkness" in which the director helmed a episode. This isn't the typical black gloved unknown killer flick instead it's a straightforward thriller in whick a man blackmails a serial killer into killing off his wife. Then the killer must chase down a couple who steal his car with the body in the background. The Michel Antoine, who plays the killer is perfect in his role as is the
excellent George Hilton as the crooked husband. He is a underrated actor who excelled at every genre he attempted including westerns in the 1960's. The photography is first class and the rest of the cast makes this seem like a higher budget movie than it was. This isn't a great giallo but it is a good one and the print looks great. Mondo macabre delivers with this one and puts other companies to shame for their shoddy prints they fling out at us. One can only hope they go after the many hundreds of giallo flicks that have yet to be released anywhere on dvd. Lets hope Luigi Cozzi comes out of retirement to direct another thriller someday as the Italians have totally given up on sci fi. They can still give us great thrillers though as they don't cost that much to make in comparison.
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VINE VOICEon October 23, 2007
Don't go into The Killer Must Kill Again expecting your typical Giallo, while there are influences from filmmakers like Mario Bava and Dario Argento this movie strays from what we normally see. There is no killer wearing black gloves and we find out who the killer is very early into the movie and follow him around through out. Giallos often have a reputation for having a lot of gore and a high body count.

While the latter might be true a lot of Giallos aren't as gory as they are made out to be. The Killer Must Kill again features very little gore and also has a low body count. There are only a couple of people who are killed in the movie; now all this may not sound all that interesting. But this movie rates as one of the very best Giallos I have ever seen.

Like I said this isn't your typical Giallo it has some moments, but pretty much everything you know of the Giallo isn't seen here. The Killer played by Antoine Saint-John has an amazing screen presence and is very creepy. He plays the part so calm and cool, but we know he is a total psychopath.

The Killer Must Kill Again is driven by suspense and tension and director Luigi Cozzi nails that and made a movie that can stand proud next to any horror flick. From the start of the movie until the end Luigi Cozzi builds the suspense and tension. Never once did I find the movie to drag in any parts.

A majority of the movie deals with the killer trying to find the couple that stole his car with a corpse in the trunk. They don't know anybody is after them or that there is a body in the trunk. You might think that would burn out and get old after a while, but amazingly Luigi Cozzi keeps the pace moving at a great pace and always finds a way to keep the suspense and give us an eerie feeling.

Like many Italian horror movies The Killer Must Kill Again is very well shot and very much adds to the tension. There is a rape scene in The Killer Must Kill Again and it has to rate as one of the most disturbing I have ever seen. Rape scenes in movies normally are due to the subject matter. But here while the killer rapes a girl we have this really nice and soft music while there are cuts to two people having sex. The rape scene due to that was even more horrifying than most I have seen in a movie.

The screenplay by Luigi Cozzi, Daniele Del Giudice & Adriano Bolzoni I thought was excellent. The characters are very well written for and have plenty of depth to them. They aren't the typical cardboard cut out characters.

The way Giorgio played by George Hilton comes across the killer is a bit too easy. It's simply by chance; but hey other movies have done things like that prior to The Killer Must Kill Again so it really isn't a big deal. A lot of the times in Giallos characters are introduced into the movie and they really don't have much to add only there to add to the suspect list and sometimes there are some pretty crazy plot twists in the Giallo, but not here. The movie is very straight forward and to the point.

The Killer Must Kill Again is a nice change of pace from the typical Giallo and in my opinion one of the very best this genre has to offer. The title should be The Killer Can't Catch a Break; first he gets caught dumping a body he's blackmailed into committing another murder then has his car stolen with the corpse in the trunk. Murder sure isn't easy.

I love the cast to this movie. I've seen plenty of the actors in other roles and it was great seeing Cristina Galbo. I'm a really big fan of her she is so talented and simply stunning. Her career was brief, but she left a lasting impression on fans of cult cinema.

In closing, The Killer Must Kill Again is an excellent and creepy and suspenseful movie. While it lacks in the body count it more than makes up for in tension, which never once lags. The Killer Must Kill Again isn't for everybody some felt it was a little too slow, but I very much disagree.
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on June 2, 2016
will probably appeal mostly to giallo enthusiasts. a giallo that doesn't really follow the tropes of the genre. a must to giallo lovers.
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VINE VOICEon May 25, 2009
Famous for his fantasy films that starred Lou Ferrigno ("Hercules," "The Adventures of Hercules," and "Sinbad of the Seven Seas") Italian exploitation director Luigi Cozzi brings us the superb thriller "The Killer Must Kill Again." As the title suggests, there is a psychotic mad man who will kill, and keep on killing, in order to get back the car that was stolen from him. Inside its trunk is the corpse of his latest victim.

Michel Antoine does an excellent portrayal of the creepy, vile serial killer. He is hired by the equally slimy, but extremely handsome and charming, Giorgio Mainardi (giallo king George Hilton of "The Case of the Scorpion's Tail," "The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh," and "All the Colors of the Night" - all of which were directed by the genius of Sergio Martino). The lovely Cristina Galbo ("The House that Screamed," "What Have You Done to Solange?" and "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie") is relentlessly pursued and horribly accosted by the serial killer.

The tension in this movie will have you sweating bullets as you watch the killer pursue his potential victims. The seascapes are gorgeous. There is a vast contrast between the wealthy, ultra-modern décor of Giorgio Mainardi's home and the decaying ruins of the seaside village where the killer stalks his prey. A gruesome rape scene is quite disturbing and not for the feint of heart; it reminded me of the brutality depicted by "The Last House on the Left."

Will the serial killer be caught and his reign of terror come to an end? Will Giorgio be arrested for plotting the death of his wife? These are a couple of the questions that labeled this film as a "giallo" (Italian mystery). Regarded as a classic, "The Killer Must Kill Again" has been given the royal treatment by Mondo Macabro. Resplendent with plenty of extras (including full length commentary), it has been presented in a pristine widescreen edition with optional Italian mono and English subtitles. This is a must have for collectors of Italian gialli; it has been hailed as one of the best of its kind.

Also released by Mondo Macabro, and highly recommended, is "The French Sex Murders." This is a lesser known giallo but highly entertaining with its ultra-bizarre plot and cast of international stars.
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