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on March 24, 2011
If you've been married even for just a few years, get this movie. I've always liked the gal from Grey's Anatomy and never liked the guy from that 70's show. I have to tell you, he was fantastic, imo, in this movie. I didn't know he had it in him. The banter is so real between them. Sure I figured out the ending, but I do that a lot and the movie was so much fun, I didn't care. One poster said don't have a lot of expectations. I warned my wife and then we watched it. We've been married for over 31 years and I'm telling you, it was like watching ourselves years ago. We laughed and laughed at this movie. Very entertaining. The action is just right. The plot was just right. For once the trailers don't give it away and you can thoroughly sit back and enjoy! One that will be fun to watch again.
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2010
From my wife Sarah: An unsuspecting, nerdy and innocent but beautiful character played by Katherine Heigl and a government hit man played by Ashton Kutcher fall in love. Kutcher's character gives up the spy life to marry a woman he can trust, choosing a normal but blissful suburbian life. That is until Kutcher's handler tries to reactivate him three years later. Chaos insues in this fun and charming movie.

There are enough holes in the story to strain spagetti. If you try to think about it logically for even a moment you'll feel morally bound to hate this movie. Yet it was very entertaining. There was definitely some magic between Heigl and Kutcher, and though much of this movie was unbelievable, their relationship wasn't. Add to that some really good humor, action, a desperate situation, and the charisma, magnetism and attractiveness of the stars, and you've got a fun comedy/love story.

Catherine O'Hara can pretty much do no wrong in my book, and she was hilarious as Heigl's lush of a mom. Tom Selleck was great as her dad.

We were entertained all the way through, and found watching this movie to be a great way to relax and pass some time. I would certainly recommend this movie if that's something you're looking for.
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on October 5, 2010
If you keep in mind that this film is just a lighthearted romance spiced with a few cheap kills, you'll be fine with it. I noticed that someone compared it to North by Northwest. This film is actually more screwball comedy than a spy thriller. So, if you're seeking gritty espionage, stick with Jason Bourne. If you just want a few laughs without having to think too hard, you might just like Killers. It's a spy spoof -- have some fun with it. My biggest disappointment was that in the last ten minutes of the film, the heroine had to throw out the F word. Catherine O'Hara and Tom Selleck were fun, and Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl were cute. I enjoyed it.
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on May 28, 2011
The movie starts with Ashton Kutcher doing a great James Bond imitation as Spencer the secret-agent assassin. While staying at a fancy resort in Nice, he has clandestine encounters, fights bad guys and plants a bomb on the belly of a helicopter.

Meanwhile Katherine Heigl as beautiful by shy and straight-laced Jen, is on vacation in Nice with her parents (Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara). In the elevator on the way to her room, she runs into shirtless Spencer who is on his way to the beach and is unable to resist following him there. Spencer is completely aware that she is taken with him, but he's just as interested and he asks her to meet him later for a date.

The two fall madly in love, and Spencer renounces his spy world, marries Jen, and moves to her home in the states.

Cut to three years later. The two are still happily married, living in suburbia. Jen works for a high-tech company, and Spencer owns a construction company. But suddenly, with no warning, everywhere Spencer turns, someone is trying to kill him, starting with a doofus guy he has worked with for years and viewed as his best buddy. A $20 million bounty is on his head, and Jen is at risk just being around him.

I've been hoping for years that Ashton Kutcher would make a romantic comedy where the laughs weren't cringe-worthy, and this was it. I loved his character and the way he played him. I believed him as a spy, and I believed him as nice-guy husband who would do anything to make his wife happy--and to keep her safe.

I also thought Katherine Heigl was great. She is just wonderful at romantic comedy, and the chemistry between her and Ashton was a delight. Her evolution over the course of the movie from freaked out at finding out her husband's history in the middle of a barrage of bullets, to stepping up to the plate and fighting the bad guys with him was wonderful.

I also thought Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara were just terrific in this movie. They were funny and believable at the same time.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with this movie and I might even watch it twice--which is something I almost never do.
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on September 8, 2010
I watched it last night..twice. Lets just get the basic BAD's over with.
Catherine O'Hara - playing the drunk mom...yet again...Just like she did in Orange County. BUT..She pulls it off and is funny doing it. So it's not so bad.
Yes, it can be said it is similar to Mr and Mrs Smith. But in this story, only HE is the ex-hitman and she actually ends up doing pretty well (bumbling the whole way) but still keeps up with him, staying alive.
That's about all that I felt was bad.
Who is upset that they got to see Katherine Heigl in lingerie? Or girls, you got to see Ashton not only in swimwear, doing action scenes and he played a guy that no matter what, he just kept trying to do the right thing for his wife? His character is a GOOD guy.
Cameo's by supporting cast/comedians was a nice change of pace.
Deleted scenes, Extended scenes, Alternate scenes, Behind the scenes and a Gag reel - Are not bad. There was enough there to feel I spent my $$ ok and wasn't shorted much like many other Bluray films these days.
I feel the 3 star reviews and lower are just not fair.
4 stars in my review.
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on January 3, 2011
This was a very entertaining movie. I did see it in the theater, and thought it was a well-acted and enjoyable enactment of a wife who finds that her husband is a hitman. Though, I'd seen it before, I still was surprised when he was attacked by the unsuspecting characters in the movie and how well the wife adapted in joining in with him. Very cute and good action scenes too.
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Somehow, it had all the pieces to make a great action comedy. An assassin retires to Suburbia USA with a wife who knows nothing of his red-handed past. Irritating in-laws and a strange daddy dependency. Cheery neighbors. Going to be parents. Then, for no apparent reason, everyone from his drinking buddy, to the fedex driver, to the block party organizer suddenly shows up with laser-sighted rifles, body armor, and a real urge to drop him out of the game. There are some fun chase scenes, but this never really comes to life. Jen, his wife, rarely gets past pettish annoyance. The positive pregnancy test didn't add a lot either, despite its potential.

Well, at least I didn't pay money to see it.

-- wiredweird
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on July 1, 2011
This is a fun movie that doesn't take itself too seriously. A spy assassin dude tries to give up his life to marry a girl who is tight with her alcoholic mother and controlling father (played by Tom Selleck). There's a nice homage to the MAGNUM P.I. mustache and all those crazy spy action comedies from the old days. Just about everyone you would think would not turn out to be an assassin turns out to be one. It's definitely over the top so again if you try to compare this to a serious drama you will be disappointed. Additionally, if you don't get the inside jokes or references to the old spy comedies, well, you'll miss some vital points.

The main characters have a somewhat good to good chemistry (that would be Kutcher and Heigl). The trash talking on Ashton K is unfounded. The budget for this film was $75M and it made a bit over $98M at the Box Office.

CHARACTERS/DIALOGUE: B; STORY/PLOTTING: B minus to B; HUMOR: B minus to B; MY GRADE: B minus to B; WHEN WATCHED: end of June 2011.
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on August 17, 2015
Woman vacations in France with her parents. She meets a guy who is a hired assassin. He falls in love. Goes back to the US with her, marries her to pursue a "normal life" that he craves. One day he is contacted by the group that he used to work for. From there all these people try to kill him that he thought were just people living with him in this small town.

The movie is unusually dark I found. It isn't a "Date Night" shoot up funny chase scene type of movie. It is dark. Not many laughs. It is almost like these two people tried too hard to make things funny and they fell flat. Anyway it didn't do it for me and I love action movies and kinda like the silly Katherine Heigl flicks. I mean I guess I can separate the real life liberal mush bran Heigl from the silly parts she plays enough to watch her and like her mostly in her movies. Anyway Kutcher just prances around with his hair cuts and just seems like "I showed up for work. Lets get this over with." Tom Selleck is so old and has totally lost his charm and good looks to me. But does play the Type A military ops dad well. The drunk mother . . . umm . . . never saw the humor in drunk characters . . . just don't get it.

Anyway I seem to have remembered watching this movie a while back and be just as disappointed. Funny how I could barely remember even seeing it though. Says something.
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on April 16, 2011
This is a cute movie. My husband and I are so tired of the trash they call movies. These two are so cute. I realize he is a hit man gone good, then back again. But they do it so tastefully we both loved it. the only cursing is in the last scene, and tollerable.
I hope they make more movies together!!
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