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on November 26, 2013
First off, KZ Shadow Fall is just a gorgeous game. The type of game you throw into your shiny new console to show your friends what the PS4 is capable of. I know of a lot of reviewers have commented on the graphics in this game and for good reason, they are astounding. That being said, there is also plenty of substance to go along with the style. This game is CHALLENGING! It's sort of an Open World FPS. That certainly adds to the difficulty. There are many different areas in each map to explore, and you may find yourself getting lost in certain levels because of how large and detailed they are. So, if non-linear is your thing, Shadow Fall will please you. Now as I said the levels are very detailed, well, so is just about every other aspect of this game. You have a device called O.W.L. who follows you around and helps you in a number of different ways, whether it be providing a shield, hacking an alarm, joining in on your action packed shootouts, providing a zip-line for fast travel and other uses as well. The O.W.L. is revolutionary for FPS's in my opinion. It's one of the things that makes this game feel Next-Gen. I also strongly recommend the online multi-player. Very, very fun. I felt compelled to review this game because of all the negative 1 and 2 star reviews. I think the level of difficulty may turn some people off, but I welcomed it. Not sure what else people want out of an FPS? This game has it all. I'm having a blast playing it and I think any true FPS fan will too. Enjoy!
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on July 25, 2015
Am I weird? I really like this game. I had a ton of fun. I've played through it several times. It's just fun to play.

My biggest complaint is that there wasn't much level design for the slidey-rope thing. There was that early outdoors level where you HAD to use it, but then the rest of the game it was like they forgot. I'm certain they just didn't have the time to think all that out since it was a launch title.

I really freaking love the sound design in this game. I play with a surround sound system, with high-end headphones plugged into my controller, or the virtual 7.1 PS3 wireless headset. My favorite level for sound is the derelict space ship. So cool. The 3D audio was so good. Whenever the womans voice came over the ship's intercom I could hear it reverberating down the halls. I loved those slower isolated levels a lot. Reminded me of Dead Space.

It's my favorite Killzone by far. I really liked the first Killzone, even with all of it's bugs and performance problems. There was such a good game idea there that they never realized. Then KZ2 came, and that was alright, it was cool and "nextgen" but they dropped all the cool alternate paths, different characters stuff. KZ3.... I hate KZ3. It's probably just me, but I didn't have fun and it was so frustrating. KZ4? Love it. Feels so good. Fun to play. Lots of different levels. I think it's a great launch title too.

I'm not into multiplayer. I love single player campaigns. I really like campaigns like the Half Life series and Dead Space, among others. Co-Op is great as long as it doesn't diminish the campaign. I LOVED Halo 1&2 for co-op. Played so many hours on all difficulties. So many hours.
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on November 11, 2015
I knew nothing about this game and had no expectations for it. I bought it sight unseen just to hold me over between new releases of my favorite games. I haven't played the game as multiplayer or co-op so this is just my review for single player.

- Astounding graphics and scenery. Fortunately, there is sufficient time between enemy encounters to take it all in. I wasn't expecting this at all.
- Movement is smooth and intuitive. Sprinting, climbing ladders, jumping, kneeling are all seamless. You don't snag on small objects because the game thinks they're larger.
- You can complete the game without constantly You-Tubing. I got stuck on a couple of "last stand" encounters but otherwise played it without seeing how others did it. And there is usually several approaches you can take.

- The single-player experience is quite linear. There's no returning to previously visited areas and no real sense of what area you are in relative to the others.
- Occasionally, weapons zooming was backwards. It wouldn't zoom when I squeezed L2, then zoomed when I let off, but this was rare.
- For single-player, the game was a little short -- perhaps 25 hours’ worth. The multiplayer, co-op, and any additional content may extend the experience.

Fantastic game! Had an absolute blast playing it.
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on December 16, 2015
Killzone Shadow Fall blew me away! I never thought it would be a great game being that it was a launch title! I normally have to use YouTube walkthroughs to get through a lot of video games because sometimes it's not clear where to go or what to do. Not with this game!! I was able to get to the last chapter without using a single YouTube walkthrough.

The graphics are astounding in this game! I've never played a game on PS4 that had such amazing visuals. The particle effects once you reach Vekta City showcase what the PS4 hardware can do. If not for anything else, get this game for the graphics! I was also impressed with the Owl drone that accompanies you on your journey. You can send the Owl out to machine gun down enemies! It was a unique aspect to this game and it utilizes the touchpad controller in a novel way.

I deducted one star because the last chapter was kinda tricky. It's the only real stealth chapter and I had to consult YouTube to get me through it. This game has a rather lengthy campaign and I was impressed with how long it took me to get through it. This was hands down one of my favorite games for the PS4 and I'm an older gamer.

Get Killzone!
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on April 22, 2014
I will not go into great detail, but for those who played older Killzone games, it is different.

The handling is a bit more wonky (Best way to describe). Less cover and more running and gunning. The story is also lacking compared to first three games (as well as portable versions).

Overall though, after campaign, the multilayer is pretty engrossing. You can spend hours trying to master the classes and the stages and game modes.
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on January 17, 2015
*note this review does not include the multiplayer as I don't have the capability to play multiplayer at the time of me playing this*
Hello all
let me say I am very pleased with this game, this is the second game I have gotten with the PS4(watch dogs was the first at Christmas) I really like this game, I will say this that while you do get a kind of refresher on killzone story at the beginning I would advise people to play or to have at least played the first series first. I wont reveal anything but the story kind of mixes cold war stories with science fiction. sufficed to say that it is a good game guerilla games did a great job with the story and more than once you will be shocked t what happens. The only main problem I have is the ending, I did not like how it ended and while it make up for this with a second ending it still gave me a anti climatic feeling one where I asked my self if I had wasted all this time on caring for the character you pla. Still if you can over come this it is a great single player experience the only reason I gave it four stars is because I cant play multiplayer right now. still a good single player experience
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on June 28, 2016
Good game on a good console. Graphics were good, interesting mechanics that put us in mind of the grappling hook of Just Cause though lacking the freedom of that mechanic. I like a simple game and this had a bit too many controls for me, having to use that silly touch screen on the controller marred the experience a little. Aside from that, everything seemed quite well thought out and cohesive in it's story, with one exception. If you are a killzone fanatic, you gotta love the cold capitalistic nature of Stahl, yet this Stahl goes and gets all nationalistic in his death throes. That did not fit for me, I was hoping he'd die with the respect of being the heartless industrialist he was. Buy it, play it, it's fun.

An afterthought, I have to praise this company for not having any perks or mechanics that require an online "experience". If it were only couch coop, the game would be the best recent title.
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on February 6, 2015
I liked the previous Killzone games especially Killzone 3 which blew my mind. Looking at trailers, this game looked gorgeous so I decided to give it a try. Here are my thoughts.

-Gorgeous mind-blowing graphics/scenery: This is the reason I loved this game.The graphics in this game are absolutely mind-blowing. The Vekton city, the vivid colors and lovely scenery are just amazing. This made traveling through the campaign very enjoyable experience.

-Gameplay/OWL: I will be honest. In the beginning I found the gameplay to be slightly frustrating as it is a bit different than the previous games. Especially the stealth part. But later on, I really enjoyed it, especially because of the personal drone you get in this game named OWL. It is one of the best and the most useful companion you can have. With OWL and different weapons you get throughout the game, you can use different strategies to defeat different types of or groups of enemies. This makes the gameplay strategic and fun. Once I got used to it, really enjoyed it.

-Story (the good): I felt that previous Killzone stories were very black and white (good vs evil) which is not necessarily a bad thing. But I liked the story in this game a bit better as it portrays the good and bad of the both humanoid races (Vektons and Hellghasts) that are at conflict with each other and draws a relationship between them. Very heartwarming.

-Decent voice-acting/drama: There are three characters in this game that are very well portrayed through decent voice acting. They have done good job drawing relationship between these three characters.

-Campaign\Story (the bad): The beginning of this game absolutely makes no sense whatsoever. If you know the ending of Killzone 3, it just doesn't make any sense what happens in the beginning of this game. I understand it is just a fictional game but this is an absolute miss. Also the stealth portion of this game is very frustrating. In addition, there are parts of the game where it is very confusing to find your way to move forward.

-Multiplayer: It was totally bland. I tried a few different modes but very few players and pretty simple and boring design.

I had high expectation of this game after playing Killzone 3 but as you can see from the CONS., I am a bit disappointed. But with the reduced price, I would definitely definitely recommend playing this simply to enjoy its gorgeous campaign and strategic OWL based battles.
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on May 26, 2015
I am not entirely thrilled with it but I am not disappointed either. Graphically it is amusing, the character depth is terrible as is the story line. It seems there's no personality in any of the characters, almost as if it were rushed.
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on May 26, 2015
WoW,Is what I 1st said when I saw in game footage!This game will def blow you away in the graphics department people lol.Just stunning/realistic facial expressions&the lighting OMG!You must SEE this game in motion thats all i'm saying.The story is very good on this Kz game I'll admit,much better than the older ones(I own them all)by the way.I picked this up dirt cheap on Amazon as usual.I'm really starting to feel my Ps4 in truth,I have had it for almost full month&It has sat mostly un-used til recently.I've purchased way more game lately,so I'm getting in a bit more time to get in the"meat&potatoes"of what its capable of&I am def impressed!!I've had Xbx1 since way last year.And its a very good system to own as well guys.I game more on the X1 because I own more games on it,but enjoy both.I want both for exclusives as I refuse to miss out lol.I haven't tried online KZone yet but downloaded the free Dlc online goodies&hopefully get to try it all asap*But give this game a chance as I did,its well worth the $$$$ because its always on $ale all over or get it used!
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