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on October 19, 2009
I was excited to get this book, but when I started looking at the ingredients in the recipes, I decided it was NOT the book for me.

lotus root rounds
daikon rounds
unflavored mochi
hemp seeds
umeboshi vinegar
brown rice mochi
mellow white miso
dried wakame
fennel bulb
umeboshi plum paste

I could go on and on........I just pulled those from random recipes.

If you want to constantly be buying rare ingredients, it might be worth it for you...but I think it would not be very practical for me because I live in a remote area and my local stores do not carry these things.

People who love this book may disagree, but for my family and the practicality of our limited grocery selections, I am returning this book.
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on January 23, 2010
If you are already strictly vegan and don't have the means to purchase expensive, hard-to-find ingredients, think twice before buying this book. There is no "new" information in the introduction that can't be found in numerous other vegan handbooks, and her recipes are impossible. I tried one recipe, the peanut butter cups, and they were a hit, but didn't set up well and the measurements were off.
If you are interested in veganism, I recommend "The Vegan Handbook" which provides more information, easier to follow and find recipes, and actual scientific information. It may not have pictures of a Hollywood starlet, but it will give you reliable, better written, and important information than Silverstone provided.
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on April 25, 2011
I was hoping to order a new book of healthy recipes. Unfortunately te first half of te book is her preaching her beliefs. One of which is that there are health vegan cats. As someone in the pet care industry, I know that this cannot be true. Unlike dogs, cats are pure carnivores. When people put cats on diets against Reid nature, cats have gone blind and will eventually die of organ failure. After reading her statement on animal diets, I could not read any more. Cook books are not for preaching. Try are for telling us ways to cook food. I would not recommend this book to anyone.
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on September 23, 2010
I was so excited to get this book, but the receipes were very disappointing and not realisitic for someone like myself that wants to become a vegan, but without a hollywood food budget. Everything contained something I'd never heard of or couldn't find in even stores like Whole Foods, or was extremely expensive. This is not for you unless you have a lot of gourmet and specialty markets in your area (PS - I live in a major city and couldn't find what she was referring to).
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on April 10, 2011
I am vegan and I was really expecting some good recipes and meal ideas. There are really not many recipes in this book at all and they are nothing really new, they seem to be old stand by recipes and a few have the addition of an exotic ingredient or two.

There is no nutritional information included with the recipes which really disappointed me.

I don't mind trying new foods at all, but truthfully, I can't locate the most of the more exotic ingredients. I guess I could drive down to the city....300 mile round trip, but with the price of fuel, it really isn't worth it.

Not at all what I was hoping for or expecting. My copy has been donated to the library.
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on June 12, 2012
I really wanted to like Mrs. Silverstone's book - but it rubbed me the wrong way on nearly every account. I received this book from a friend after I became a vegan. Even though I am a ethical vegan, this book seemed particularly preach-y and uninformed to me. Several of the other vegan cookbooks I have explain reasons for becoming a vegan and the practical side to doing so in about 20 pages, it took Mrs. Silverstone over half her book. In addition, the advice she gave was either inane (eating only organic, ditching your microwave based on one 20 year old study, etc.) or downright dangerous. Even though I love my diet, it is not a substitute for modern medicine! Eating vegan (even superhero) will not cure long-term diseases like MS and lukemia, no matter how much we wish it might. Additionally, your dog and especially your cat cannot eat vegan food. Again, I would love for my animals to share in my meat-free existence, but I must contend that nature designed my pets to eat meat, and not entirely plant based foods (ironically, Mrs. Silverstone mentions her own dogs' health problems later in the book). Finally, the superhero diet is probably not healthy when followed strictly. I understand that what we should really eat is a pretty debatable subject, but many things that are universally agreed upon are expunged in the superhero diet (such as fruit, many vegetabes, and most forms of sugar). Mrs. Silverstone contends that you may be grumpy, exhausted, and shake-y when you first start the superhero diet -- let me assure you this was not the case at all when I converted to veganism. Vegan diets are only possible if they are well-rounded and diverse.
Now, the recipes. Again, I was really really looking forward to finding some new tasty vegan recipes. First I had to eliminate over half of the recipes just because I could not find one or more of the ingredients. Next, many couldn't be made because of the ridiculous cost (not a Hollywood star here, just a normal college student). Those that were left were either insultingly simple (how to cook rice) or didn't turn out right at all (everything I've tried so far). I don't actually know who could use this book - but if you're a beginner, consider trying another vegan cookbook (like 1000 vegan recipes by Mrs. Robertson or "Skinny Bitch").
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on June 28, 2013
I am very glad that this was a Kindle Prime lend--I would have been very unhappy had I paid for it!

It was interesting to read about becoming vegan, but there were some things that I found very strange!

She recommends that people eat food in season that is available in their area--and then turns around and lists strange vegetables, fruits, seasonings and other items that are difficult to get outside of a large city--and not even native to most areas in the United States.

She lost me completely when she recommended cutting out all of the nightshade foods, including my very favorite tomatoes and peppers.

Not happening. I'm glad I got to read it, as it presented some interesting concepts, but...ugh!!! No, thanks! I'll just stick to the fruits and veggies I can get all year, regardless of whether they are local or not--and no strange Japanese sea vegetables and seasonings that are nearly impossible to get in some areas!
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on October 18, 2015
I sure hope this books improves. I am a long-time vegetarian and I wanted to have a collection of good books to recommend to others interested in starting a vegetarian diet. After only reading a few chapters, I think the only way I could in good conscious recommend this book is if I rip out everything but the recipes. Of course, I haven't even gotten to those yet, so that is still tentative.

There are plenty of reasons for people to adopt a plant-based diet, this book offers almost none of them. From claiming that foods from warm climates won't provide energy to people in cold climates, to claiming that fearful animal emotions upon slaughter might transfer to the eater, I am not sure what I was expecting from the star of Clueless, but as a non-scientist, the least she could do is stop selling snake-oil to the general public.

The only good part of this book so far is that I purchased it secondhand from a thrift store
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on March 7, 2010
I really thought this was going to be a lot about specific preparation guides and recipes. That's only half the book, frequently using ingredients I don't have a snowball's chance of finding - I'm disappointed.
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on March 31, 2010
I was eager to read this book because I can't have much animal protein due to polycystic kidney disease. I thought this would be a good healthy way to help me think of some more options when making meals.

There are recipes, yes. But the recipes do not have nutritional counts. I can't eat anything unless I know the sodium and protein counts.

Also, even though she uses a different name for it, she uses a LOT of soy sauce: the one thing they can't make lower sodium without COMPLETELY changing the flavor.

I had read the reviews about the "weird" ingredients & that part rings true as well. Not a lot of 'sea vegetables' to be had here in Wisconsin.

I would recommend this book as an interesting read only, NOT as a resource. I can't believe she didn't have a nutritionist review her recipes before publication. I am actually thinking of mailing this back to for a refund.
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