Kindle Fire HDX 7", HDX Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB (Previous Generation - 3rd)
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on October 29, 2013
I really wanted to love this tablet. I love the variety and price of books available in the Kindle store, so I thought I would step out of my Apple cocoon and try a Kindle Fire for an e-reader. I was so excited, but within 1 HOUR of owning the Kindle HDX, I quickly became really, REALLY bummed with it and decided to return it right away. For the price, you would think you would get a decent quality tablet, but there were some major red flags right away.

I will start with the GOOD news first (and the only reason why I give this item 1 star):
- The MayDay feature is amazing. GREAT job by Amazon on this one! The tech supporters were friendly, helpful, and excellent with customer service. I used this feature a couple times, and each time a tech person responded in about 10 seconds. Obviously, as more Kindle HDXs are sold, and the tech department gets busier, they will be slower in their response time, but that's fine! It's such a great feature, that it's worth waiting 20 min for. Even though I was ultimately disappointed with the Kindle HDX, I was really impressed with the tech support available. This is one major feature missing from Apple.

Now, for the BAD news:
- Froze 3 times on me in about ONE hour. That's ridiculous. I didn't download anything on there except for a couple books, so there's no real reason for the damn device to keep freezing on me. That's the biggest red flag for me with this device. One hour in, and the damn thing keeps freezing, so I can imagine how much worse it's going to get as the device gets older and I download more things.
- Kept getting error messages when the device would automatically update after turning it on. First of all, I don't want it to automatically update when I turn it on, but I guess there's no way around it. And to top it off, brand new and it's not even updating correctly? C'mon Amazon!
- Apps wouldn't come up correctly after it froze and turned back on. So after the device kept freezing and I turned it back on (3 times), on the main page where you can see the big books, apps, etc... that you can scroll through, the pictures of the apps wouldn't show up. It just came up as gray boxes with the Amazon "box" logo on it. Again, I shouldn't be having these type of basic loading issues one hour after opening the box.
- There is NO WAY to create "collections" in your books library. Say what??? I've been reading my Kindle books on my iPhone through the Kindle App, and I'm able to organize my books into collections. But the Kindle Fire doesn't allow me to do this? This is the most asinine thing I've ever come across! You'd think that you'd get more features through a Kindle Fire than you would on the Kindle App for a different company's device. Using MayDay, I talked to a tech who confirmed that yes, you can't organize your collection on the Kindle Fire, but that there were other third party apps that let you do this. She also said that maybe, with the new software update coming in November, the Kindle Fire may include this feature, but it's a "maybe". I'm sorry, but this is a huge no-no for me if a company can't get their s*** together enough to offer basic organization of your library on their own device, when it's a feature already available in an app for a different company's device. I know I'm repeating myself, but I'm just so shocked that they can't even get this kind of basic necessity worked out...
- THE WORST PART FOR LAST: the BLUE HUE around the edge of the screen. I read a lot of reviews about how horrible this is, and I thought that I would still give it a try. I thought that maybe the blue hue isn't visible when you change to the "sepia" tone for books. Um. Yeah... No, it is still very visible, and it is as annoying as everyone else made it out to be. I can't concentrate on reading anything bc my eyes kept looking over at the blue hue. My eyes unconsciously kept floating over to it like a mosquito to a bug zapper. While I was trying to read, I caught myself thinking, "wow, that blue hue is ridiculous, it's really visible, how horrible, I can't stop staring at it... so weird..." When buying an Amazon Kindle product, I expected a seamless and easy screen to read off of, and this totally FAILED. So again, when I talked to a tech rep about it, she kept saying that the blue hue is "completely normal." Um, no. I spent $250 for the device (without "special" promotions) and as the client, I will tell you what I think "normal" is. Trust me when I say that the blue hue is NOT IN ANY WAY "NORMAL". I know this is what she's trained to say, but I felt like Amazon was just trying to CON me. LIKE INSISTING THAT I'M EATING CHICKEN WHEN I HAVE THE SNEAKING SUSPICION THAT I'M EATING CAT. After looking at countless of different types of computer/device screens, we are intelligent enough consumers to know what is a "normal" screen and what isn't. A blue hue around the edge of a device does not feel "normal". Amazon should seriously listen to all the reviewers' comments about how bad this screen is and just apologize instead of trying to tell us that it's "NORMAL".

SO - after all these problems within one hour of using the device, I have decided to return to my Apple cocoon and buy an IPad Mini. Yes, it's much more expensive, but in my opinion, it makes no sense to pay $250 bucks for a device that has so many problems that make it unusable when you can spend an extra $150 more and get SO MUCH MORE that works BEAUTIFULLY. Sorry Amazon, but you completely failed on this one. Please listen to your customers' complaints about this device. We are especially right about the screen - it's HORRIBLE. Stop telling us that it's "normal."
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on October 18, 2013
SUMMARY - Overall, I really like the Kindle Fire HDX. It has a very sharp screen, it's very easy to use, and the price is right. It's the best tablet to consume Amazon content (along with the larger 8.9" Fire HDX tablet) and one of the two best 7" tablets for the price (along with the Google Nexus 7).

At the end of the review, I compare the HDX to two other tablets you might be considering, which are the newest version of the Kindle Fire HD and newest version of the Google Nexus 7.

If you own the previous version of the Fire HD and are thinking of upgrading, the two main differences are the HDX eliminated the HDMI port and added the ability the download some Prime movies and TV shows. If you are happy with your Fire HD, unless you really need to download movies and TV shows, I don't think there are enough improvements in the HDX to warrant buying it.

The Fire HDX is primarily designed to use content from Amazon, like videos and books. If you have a Prime membership, you also have access to all the free Prime videos, many of which you can now download, instead of only streaming them. However, Amazon's app selection is weak. So make sure you check that the apps you want are available from Amazon before buying this tablet.

SETUP - Some people have complained about having difficulty setting up some of the older Kindle tablets. For me, the setup of the Fire HDX was quick and easy. It only took a minute or two to get going, then I entered in my Amazon account information and I was good to go. No problems at all.

SIZE AND WEIGHT AND HOLDABILITY - At 7.3" x 5.0" x .35", it's one of the smallest 7" tablets. At only 10.7 ounces, it's light enough to hold for extended periods of time. The back is a hard rubber, which is rubbery enough not to be slippery, but not so rubbery that it's mushy.

SCREEN - The HDX has a 1920 x 1200 screen. The quality of the screen is as good as the 1920 x 1200 screen on the Nexus 7, and better than every other 7" tablet I've tried. I especially appreciate the ability of the high-res screen to show small text very clearly, which is helpful when browsing the internet.

I like bright screens, but the HDX screen was actually too bright at 100% brightness. So I turned it back down to a brightness of about 75% which is bright enough without being too bright.

The only problem I have with the screen is that it is very reflective, easily the most reflective tablet I've ever used. The reflections are the worst when the screen is mainly black, which happens often because the main screen of the tablet is black. I eventually figured out that if you angle the tablet slightly away from you, or slightly toward you, much of the reflection is eliminated.

SOUND - The speakers are in the back. I would prefer them in the front. In any case, even though the sound is going away from you, the speakers are still loud enough. The sound quality is decent, but nothing special.

WI-FI STRENGTH - The Fire HDX has two Wi-Fi antennas which are supposed to give it better Wi-Fi connectivity than most other devices that have only one antenna. I walked around my house with the HDX, the Nexus 7, and two cell phones and the HDX usually had one more bar of signal strength than the other three devices did.

When close to my router, all the devices were able to load websites at about the same speed. When I was much farther away from the router, the HDX had a slight speed advantage.

ON/OFF BUTTON - The On/Off button is on the back of the tablet on the left side. It's located pretty close to where I put my hand when I'm holding the tablet. I have already accidentally turned the tablet off three times. Really annoying.

When I'm trying to turn it on, it's quicker to turn the tablet over to find the On/Off button. I think that having the On/Off button on either the front or the side, like most tablets do, would have been much better.

Some tablets and smart phones have an On/Off button that needs to be held down for 1 or 2 seconds in order to turn off. Not this tablet. Hit the On/Off button accidentally for even a tenth of a second and it turns off.

The volume button is also on the back, on the right side. That didn't bother me as much, because I don't need to change the volume that often. And even if I hit it accidentally and make the volume go up or down, that is a lot less annoying than accidentally hitting the On/Off switch and turning the tablet off in the middle of reading a book or watching a movie.


In my opinion, this is the best thing that Amazon has added to their new HDX and HD tablets. In the past, if you wanted to download a movie or TV show, you had to buy it. But now you can download some Prime movies and TV shows and watch them when you aren't connected to the internet. They stay on your tablet for 30 days, at which point Amazon deletes them whether or not you've watched them. (If you have already started watching it, and you try to watch it away from a Wi-Fi connection, you only get another 15 days to finish watching it before it gets deleted.)

Be aware that Amazon has not secured the download rights to all Prime movies. In fact, only about 30% of the Prime movies I wanted to download were downloadable. But there are still plenty to choose from. Also, quite a few TV shows that are a few years old can be downloaded for free.

The internet at my house is somewhat flaky, always seeming to cut out for a minute or two right at the most exciting part of a movie. Now, whenever possible, I'm going to download the movie to my tablet, and then watch it from the download. That way, I never have to worry about the streaming being interrupted. So I don't find the new ability to download Prime videos only useful on the road. I will be using it at home as well.

EASE OF USE - I think that Kindles are the easiest tablets to use. The top row on the home screen has options like "Books" "Music" "Videos" and "Web." Even if you've never used a tablet before, as long as you can read, you can figure it out.

Amazon is making a big deal about their new Mayday customer service that will bring a live person onto the screen of your Kindle HDX to teach you where things are and how to use the tablet. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think most people will need it. This tablet is pretty easy to figure out by yourself.

BLUETOOTH - The HDX has Bluetooth and it works fine. I don't know what else to say about it.

SPECIAL OFFERS - If you are worried that "special offers" means you are consistently bombarded with ads, don't worry. An ad only appears one time when you turn the tablet on. As soon as you go to the next screen, there are no more ads. (Hopefully Amazon doesn't change this down the road and start bombarding me with ads.)

PARENTAL CONTROLS - There are a few different ways parents can restrict their kids' use, like limiting them to a certain amount of time, or restricting certain categories, like video games for example.

APPS - On a Kindle, apps should be spelled "oops." As in "Oops, there aren't very many of them." Right now, there are about 1 million Android apps, and on the Kindle you can only get about 10% of them.

I know some people think "10% of 1 million apps is still 100,000 apps which is plenty." Well, that depends. Let's say an app that is really important to you, like the app for your bank so you can do banking through your tablet, isn't available on the Kindle. If you thought it would be available, but after buying the HDX you find out it isn't, you probably won't be too happy.

So double check Amazon's app selection before buying this tablet.

OTHER DOWNSIDES - The HDMI port that existed in the previous Kindle HD no longer exists. (I say "previous" because the current Kindle HD also doesn't have an HDMI port.) The HDMI port was useful to show videos from your tablet on your TV. Instead of using an HDMI cable, the Fire HDX now has the ability to mirror your tablet screen to Miracast enabled TVs and devices. I don't have Miracast anything, so that isn't helping me. Adding Miracast to the tablet is fine, but I would have liked to also have an HDMI port.

There is no SD card slot, so there is no way to expand the memory after you buy it. Which leads into the next thing which is how many GB of memory you will need.

16GB vs 32GB vs 64GB VERSIONS

I downloaded several HD videos at the highest HD setting (there is more than one HD quality setting) and they took up about 1.7 GB of storage per hour of video. I realize that other HD videos may be a little more or less GB per hour, but using 1.7 GB per hour as a rough guide, here is the maximum amount of HD video you can download:

16GB (10.9GB available) - 6.4 hours
32GB (25.1GB available) - 14.7 hours
64GB (53.7GB available) - 31.5 hours

The worst standard definition videos I found took up 330MB (which is .33 GB) of storage per hour. So multiply the hours above by 5 to get an estimate of the maximum number of hours of SD videos you can download. Once again, this is a just a rough estimate, because other standard definition videos may take up a little more or a little less MB per hour.


The HDX is a fraction of an inch smaller and 1.5 ounces lighter than the HD. The difference was so small that it didn't really matter to me.

The Kindle HDX screen (1920 x 1200) has a higher resolution than the Kindle HD screen (1280 x 800). With movies and books I couldn't tell the difference. Both tablets looked equally great. The only time I noticed the difference was browsing the internet. Trying to squeeze all, or most, of a web page into a 7" screen makes the text pretty small, and the HDX did a better job than the HD of making small text very crisp and easy to read. Although I must say that the HD was still pretty good.

The HDX has a camera and microphone and the HD doesn't. Even if you don't plan on taking photos or videos, the lack of a camera and mic means you can't do any kind of internet calling, like Skype, for example.

The HDX has the new "Mayday" feature which lets you contact Amazon customer service right from the screen of your tablet. The HD doesn't have this.

The HDX has a faster processor. I didn't notice any difference between the two tablets while reading books, watching videos, or browsing the internet. The HDX is probably better than the HD for playing video games. However, since I'm not into video games, that's something I didn't try on either tablet.

The HDX comes in either WiFi or WiFi/4G versions, while the HD only has a WiFi version.

Some people think that only the HDX has the ability to download Amazon Prime Videos, but actually both tablets can do that.


The hardware is similar. Same screen resolution (1920 x 1200), about the same weight, and both have a camera and a mic.

The Nexus 7 is taller and narrower than the HDX, which makes the Nexus 7 slightly easier to hold in one hand. (By "one hand" I mean with your thumb on one side and your 4 fingers on the other side.)

The Fire HDX has a faster processor, but I didn't notice a difference in speed when actually using the tablets. The Nexus 7 has both a rear and a front camera, while the Fire HDX only has a front camera. The Nexus 7 has GPS and the Fire HDX doesn't.

But I think that the most important differences are what you can do with it.

The main features that the Fire HDX has that the Nexus 7 doesn't - The HDX has the Mayday customer support feature and the ability to download Amazon Prime Videos.

The main feature that the Nexus 7 has that the Fire HDX doesn't - The Nexus 7 has all the apps in the Google Play store, as well as GPS.

So you'll have to decide what's more important to you. Amazon Prime Videos in general and the ability to download them in particular? Or the ability to use every Android app that exists as well as GPS?


The Fire HDX is a very good tablet. It has a great screen, it's lightweight, and the price is right. All its missing is GPS, a camera on the back, and about 1 million Android apps.

Why did I buy the Fire HDX? Well, I already have a very nice Android phone, which has a camera on the back and GPS. I always have my phone with me, so if I need to use GPS or an app, I do that on my phone. I don't need GPS or a bunch of apps on my tablet.

I bought the Fire HDX because it's better than my phone for watching videos, reading books, and browsing the internet. Throw in the fact that I can now download lots of Prime movies and TV shows, and I'm happy with this tablet.

But before buying this tablet, or any Kindle tablet for that matter, you should make sure that the apps you need are available on the Kindle. There are a number of important apps, such as apps from Google, apps from banks, etc. that you might want to use. The other major Android tablets, like the Samsung Galaxy tablets and the Google Nexus 7, have all those apps, while Kindles only have a fraction of them.

If you want a high-quality tablet for watching videos, playing music, reading books and magazines, and going online, this tablet will work fine. But if you want a tablet that has unrestricted access to every app out there, you'll have to look elsewhere.
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on November 27, 2013
I like the high resolution display, the speed of the device and its light weight. But I am frustrated with a lot of issues:

1. I bought this along with Amazon's Origami case which automatically wakes up when you open the cover and puts it to sleep when you close the cover. However, the device goes to sleep shortly after I open the cover and fold it back! I think the sensors are somehow detecting that the cover got closed when in reality it is not! This is really very frustrating. I don't know how Amazon could sell the cover without properly testing it with the device. I guess a firmware fix is possible and I really want Amazon to fix this.

2. The accelerometer sensor is not properly calibrated. Even the slightest tilt will make the display go from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa. Again not a good user experience. I have used iPhones and iPads and I really like the way the accelerometer works on those devices. A firmware fix should be possible for this too.

3. The automatic brightness control setting is useless. Again the sensor seems to be too sensitive. Even though I hold the device without any movement and under a constant light setting, the brightness continuously kept changing. You just cannot use the device when the display continuously flickers.

4. I configured the email app to only manually fetch the mail. When I open the app and check for mail, it consistently fails on the first attempt. You always have to retry to fetch the mail. Need a fix for this too.

5. Many other issues like Silk browser not connecting to websites sporadically, unable to connect to WiFi randomly (my iPhone at the same time connects perfectly fine).

6. Amazon has been slow to get the apps in the app store updated to take advantage of the high resolution display. Many of the popular apps that I downloaded still had low resolution.

7. The latest software update has deteriorated battery life. Previously the battery used to drop by only 6% during the night while in standby mode. After the update, it drops by 17% for no reason!

All in all, this is just a tablet that aspires to be in the top league but fails to do so. You can get things done if you are a little patient but if you want an enriching, hassle-free user experience go for an iPad. No free lunch here.
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on October 22, 2013
UPDATE, 11/9: I've decided to mention up front that I bought this to serve primarily as an "Amazon interface" because I'm a Prime member and use Amazon frequently for entertainment and business, so I was seeking an "Amazon-delivery/storage/fun-device" more than a full-featured 7-inch Android tablet, such as the Nexus 7 2013, Google Nexus 7 Tablet (7-Inch, 32GB, Black) by ASUS (2013), which I had considered seriously also before choosing this. I opine Amazon's OS for the Kindle Fire HDX barely scratches the surface of the underlying Android Jelly-Bean possibilities (and I purchased the 64GB version to get around the lack of expandability, and plan to keep app installing minimal for this). So, here I am clarifying that my high rating centers around how well this device is serving my intended purposes as a 7-inch Amazon-app-in-tablet-form (heheh).

I could tell from reading Amazon's product description that far from all the Amazon Prime videos would be available for download (due to licensing)--still, I imagined I'd likely find enough to entertain overnight during necessarily increasingly frequent visits to shut-in tech-phobic relatives. So I was pleasantly surprised to find a greater number and variety of downloadable vids than I had expected.

So far, I am relieved to read most of the negative reviews concern the number of downloads available (versus other folks' expectations and/or needs) and/or complain about the blue/purple haze/glow around the display edge--that my eyes saw instead as a faint yellowish page background within a brighter border. The tinge isn't distracting to me, but I can imagine others being bothered--one person's OK is another's annoyance.

The wall adapter and usb-to-micro-usb cord that came with mine work OK now, but the coating on the cord feels stiff, like it might get brittle and crack off sooner or later (I hope later, if it must), so I'll wait and see. Another adapter and cord (bought from an AT&T Store) that I use for an older android tablet works fine with this, of course.

So far, wifi connecting and re-connecting have worked trouble-free on my device. The Netflix app has worked OK for me, too, but I didn't plan on using this for that service (much).

The Mayday "buton" brought help almost instantly, but I realized after a few moments of chat I was seeking and not finding a feature included with Paperwhite, not this (oops). Anyway, I hereby report I tried Mayday and it worked--as advertised, a friendly talking face appeared quickly in the lower right and even demonstrated jotting on the screen to point out stuff.

HMMM: When the tablet is in the magnetic case and I have the creased case-cover folded back flat behind the screen, the display will very occasionally turn off suddenly, I've noticed, especially when I'm shifting my grip awkwardly or changing the orientation back and forth indecisively--but moving the cover again slightly or tapping the power button brings the (special offer) lock-screen back...and so it goes...a weirdness.
UPDATE: The seemingly random occasional display shutoff/sleeping (despite setting the display to stay on an hour) appears to happen ONLY when I hold the side AND then happen to cover over (with my thumb) a spot next to the camera. Since I quit doing that, it stopped going dark suddenly and unpredictably (before the shutoff period was up)...So...still weird, but whatever.

HMMM, again: I've locked the thing up twice, so far, probably by switching rapidly among menus/apps/this&that impatiently while learning what's where: once it restarted (maybe rebooted?) spontaneously and once I restarted it (not rebooted). This hasn't happened again, since I've calmed down--I suspect that app interactions, electronic "traffic jamming" and Android-quirkiness unavoidably multi-cause this freezing/shutting-down every now and then. If it were happening often, I would suppose I'd received a defective unit, but that doesn't seem to be the case here, because it's happened only twice, thus far. At least once/day I do turn this off, on purpose, BTW, because I've discovered my other Androids function better ongoingly when I do.

Mainly I bought this to serve as a mini-entertainment center, to combine with noise-cancelling headphones and help me down-out loud voices and blaring noises within wifi-deprived venues I must visit more and more for who knows how long. My smartphone can provide wifi for my ultrabook for shorter periods (to minimize too-expensive wireless data use) when it turns out I need Internet access though a larger screen during these jaunts.

UPDATE--MAYBE WORTH MENTIONING--because it could annoy some folks seriously: Menus and settings are super-sparse compared to my other (closer to stock) Android devices. Also, the back arrow doesn't take me to the app I was just using--I must go home first. Maybe there are compatible apps to fill in the blanks (switching between apps or customizing more settings)--but I haven't looked for any yet because I am finding the simplicity refreshing, so far.

Anyway, I may revise or add on later, but just now I can report I'm pretty pleased overall. I don't feel like subtracting a star for anything I've mentioned so far--which all seems to me (based on experience and research) rather typical for tablets, usb cords and wall adapters in general, but which I realize could be deal-breakers for others with different needs, purposes and standards.
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on October 21, 2013
I have the blue/purple edge issue, but I have to be honest. I did not noticed until I started reading about it. Just hanged up with the CS and they assure that is a software feature, and that can be fixed with a software update. I work with hardware and OEMs and I really doubt this, but let's wait and see what Amazon is going to do. I have the email transcript where the CS representative assured that it was a normal behavior and that it could be fixed (if they choose to change it) I don't see any reason why they would want to have a blue edge on the screen, but sometimes developers are like that. I am going to hold on to my device until mid November and see what happens
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on November 27, 2013

I LOVE this tablet, and I really wanted it to be my choice. Sadly, it was not to be. I assessed several different tablets, making charts on hardware, performance' pros & con's etc. Here are the HDX's pros & con's and a footnote of why I ultimately chose another one.


AMAZING picture quality. Color conformity was the best of any of the tablets in the running. The Nexus 7 was a very close second but the HDX's black level added more depth. Interestingly, you lose some of that brilliance if you go up from the 7 to the 8.9.

Sound was the best of all tested models. Excellent volume, base and clarity.

The on/off & volume buttons take a little getting used to, but the dimensions and solid feeling of the device help you get used to their unusual placement. I appreciated the non-slick, rubbery feel of the HDX's covering.

The Mayday feature is a great addition, and I think other companies should follow suit. I saved myself a lot of time just by asking them a 20 second question that might have taken me 10 minutes to find searching the web.

The front camera was the hands down best out of the tested competition. It looked like a regular camera picture. Actually, if you could figure out how to maneuver it, good camera shots could be taken with the front camera.

Connectivity to everything Amazon based was, of course, excellent.

The Silk browser works smoothly, but I missed features of other browsers.

The sale price is 229 for a 32gb model was great.


The blue/purple "frame" around every white screen is not acceptable, should not have to be "worked around" and is definitely NOT normal, no matter how much Amazon wants you to think it is...

I really do love Amazon, but I couldn't shake this Orwellian feeling that Amazon was Big Brother & the Mayday button was put there to spy on us. :-) Seriously though, they lack flexibility and are "android based" but not a fully functional android. Picture a bird with some feathers clipped so they can't fly.

If I fully understood what it meant to have NO access to Google play store, I would have considered more carefully. It's not like comparing apples to oranges. Well, in this case apples to androids to kindles. Yes, they are trying to improve their app library, but they have a LONG way to go. On a side note, I found it frustrating to not be able to use the same apps as my friends & family.

Although the readability initially seems great (esp if you go to black with white writing to ignore the purple frame), you don't want to compare it with the HDX 8.9. Side by side the 7's reading screen on white looked "dirty" compared to the 8.9's crisp whiteness (same purple haze on both sadly). I kept checking the 7's settings to make certain it wasn't on sepia.


I wanted to choose the HDX, loved the movie experience on it, albeit at 7 inches. It felt wonderful to hold & performed almost seamlessly. But I could not overcome the flaws in our relationship.

I want to read books on a crisp white screen with no blue/purple border.

I want access to ALL things android, apps, browsers, features, not just "Amazon android".

I finally settled on a very close second with the Nexus 7. I'm still getting used to the feel of it but a case makes it feel sturdier. I did, however, have no trouble getting used to having all those endless apps available to me again.

Hope you all find joy this season in your tablet search!

UPDATE 5/28/14

Well, I returned the Kindle and kept the Nexus. After awhile I missed the Kindle so much that I bought another one on a huge sale day. I LOVE my Kindle, accept it's limitations and do the unavailable android things I need to do on my phone.

The Nexus became the teenagers tablet. It never felt "good" in my hands. After 6 months it died. Asus customer support was straightforward enough and they paid for shipping to the warranty dept. But now, it's been over 2 weeks since they received it and I still don't have a working tablet. No updates either. I had to hunt it down online to find out that it's status was "still in repair".

If it were MY tablet and not my teens, I'd be going nuts. ;)

So, I'm happy with my Kindle but probably wouldn't be if I didn't have my Galaxy phone to get my android app fix.
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on October 19, 2013
I waited all day for my new Kindle HDX to arrive, When at 7:00 pm it came, I was already to manage, download and put it to a workout. But there were a lot of glitches. Not all my content got delivered, I couldn't delete from device, I had Japanese Kanji on my keyboard etc.... Frustrated, I put the Kindle & myself to bed. In the morning, I couldn't find the mayday button, couldn't get the Kindle to recognize my internet connection (which it had the night before)etc. Having purchased the 1st generation of each Kindle device made, I was ticked. Finally, was able to connect, through the "help" tab in Settings (which is not as easy to find as in older Kindle Fire) But, lo & behold, I got connected fairly quickly to Heather, a live Mayday tech. She recognized right away that there was a problem since there was no video feed. She had me "update" the system. And the update fixed all the problems I had encountered. During the update, the Kindle had disconnected from Mayday Heather, but when I tried Mayday again, I got Heather again( :-) ) and this time with video feed. She was very easy going, calm, relaxed and very skillful, & not in a hurry to disconnect. A very unexpected bonus to the new device.
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on October 24, 2013
Got this today for my wife, so far I have been very impressed with how it performs. It is lighter and thinner than the old ones. I borrowed my Neighbors HD and was not a fan. This feels really good in your hand and the screen is BEAUTIFUL. Operates fast and smooth. Has almost all of the apps I want, and all of the apps my wife ever needs (I'm a nerd who uses a few apps that are obscure).

Responsive, bright, crisp, great viewing angle. I did not see a blue outline that some have reported. Plenty of pixels per inch to look great.

Having not owned a tablet with stereo speakers, this thing blows my mind. Sound is really good (not home theater quality or anything) but better than any phone I've heard. Stereo really improves the experience with videos, more than I expected

Used it once so far. Took 5 seconds to connect. The young lady was helpful and courteous, and answered my question (downloading a prime movie to my HDX for offline viewing) quickly. Turned out that the movie I was looking at was not licensed for that yet, but they were working on improving the selection of these things. Kind of a bummer, but it's day one so I expect the content to grow. For now I have several seasons of kids shows and my tv shows ready for viewing whenever we need them!

Mail App:
I have had some issues with the mail app, I can't get it to include all of the older messages from different folders other than the inbox. I may be asking mayday again, we'll see.

This is my favorite tablet size for most general uses, not a work tablet, but a great play tablet. I hope you like it as much as my wife and I do!

**Update: I was able to side load the app. Fixed all my mail app issues! :)
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on November 14, 2013
The blue glow is very distracting. I was hoping after seeing user images and reading reviews that I would be able to ignore it. It is on white, sepia and black screens for the reader. Also it seems that not ALL of the Prime Instant streaming videos were available for download for offline viewing. And finally -- the weird 15 degree angle of the micro usb port / plug in is not great design. I will stick with my old model HD.
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on October 20, 2013
I received my Kindle HDX yesterday and when reading books or anything with a white background, there is a bluish tint that bleeds in about an eighth of an inch around the entire screen. I used the Mayday function to contact support who said this is normal. So my only option was to live with it or return the device.

So according to the Amazon rep I spoke to, this isn't a characteristic of my individual device, but it is normal for the product.

So beware that the perfect edge to edge white screen that is shown in Amazon's advertising is not what you actually get.

EDIT: I added a photo to the customer photo gallery showing exactly what the blue glow looks like.

2013-10-22 Update: I've been using the device for a few days, and except for the blue glow, I really have no other complaints. So I feel like my one star was unfair. Amazon has since released an explanation. Based on my actual enjoyment of the device, I'd think four stars is more accurate.
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