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on September 7, 2010
First, the good stuff. Kindle 3 has a very readable high contrast screen. The form factor is small and light enough to be a book replacement. Purchasing and downloading content is simple and convenient.

However, I had a series of problems which eventually led me to return my Kindle.

After unpacking and charging my Kindle 3, it refused to connect to my wireless network. I have a variety of other devices ranging from a Nintendo Wii to an iPod Touch and two computers that work just fine on my wireless network, but the Kindle couldn't connect after many attempts. I eventually gave up and turned it off. When I turned it back on several hours later, it had mysteriously connected to my WiFi network with the exact same settings that did not work earlier. I have noticed that several other users have ran into the same problem.

The next problem I noticed was that something was rolling around inside the casing. This is obviously not a good sign. Then, my Kindle 3 started freezing. The first freeze happened while using the experimental browser. As this is an "experimental" application, I wasn't too concerned. After a power reset, the Kindle came back up. The second freeze happened while playing Shuffled Row, which is a good game. After this freeze, my Kindle refused to reboot after many power reset attempts. (Yes, I did try keeping the power switch in the "turn-on" position for up to 30 seconds as suggested by the manual.) I eventually gave up and put it down. However, after a few minutes, the Kindle started to reboot itself. The was another freeze while reading a book, which was fixed with a power reset. I tried to contact Amazon for service, but it looks like the only way to get Kindle customer service is through a phone call.

And then my Kindle froze again while reading a book. This time, nothing would reset the kindle. When this last freeze happened, the battery was charged about 75%. At this point, there was no option but to return the kindle. There are some comments among the negative reviews here that the usual return process does not work. In my case, I was able to follow the regular Amazon return process and print a return label. So my Kindle is back to Amazon after less than a week of use.

Judging from other reviews that had similar experiences as mine, Amazon appears to have a specific quality control problem with this latest version of the Kindle. People may be more tolerant of the reliability other electronic gadgets, however, it is unacceptable for a product that is primarily intended to replace paper books to have issues like freezing and/or rebooting. After all, I never had a "paper" book freeze or reboot on me so far. Receiving a product with defects that should have been caught during testing before shipping pretty much destroys the "Kindle experience".

UPDATE (October 31, 2010): Since I do like the Kindle concept, after reading about the improvement in stability with the latest software upgrades, I purchased another Kindle WiFi. Everything was great for almost two weeks, no crashes. However, yesterday, the second Kindle also ended up with a frozen screen. After following through the instructions on Amazon's Kindle troubleshooting page and talking to the customer service, there was no way to get the Kindle out of the frozen state, so this one is also going back. The fact that this situation can happen to the same customer twice in a matter of few months indicates either a serious quality control problem or component reliability problem.
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on September 8, 2010
I'm on my third K3. I had a K1, never got around to getting a K2, and was delighted to order a K3.

The form factor is excellent - small, light, the contrast is gorgeous, they finally have reasonable storage.

However, the first one crashed and froze and crashed and froze until it turned itslf off, although fully charged, and won't turn on again. Replacement #1 has strobe effect - it sort of stalls out and blinks rapidly. Replacement #2 freezes and restarts every time I try to turn the page. On each restart it has a different number of items listed. Sometimes it restarts just sitting there. So 3 out of 3 have been bad. This is the first day I've had #3, and the battery has gone from fully charged to 30% in 5 hours, wireless off.

Amazon now says it's a software issue, which absolutely makes sense, but it's hard for me to understand how issues of this kind got missed on testing. This isn't (or shouldn't be) new to Amazon. I expected issues like this with the K1, because that really was early adoption, but that thing just soldiers on, short battery life, dinky memory and all - at least it *works*.

So now, per support, all I can do wait and see if the update they're pushing in the next week will resolve all this stuff, and dread whatever new problems the update will bring.

At this point, the bloom is very definitely off the rose, and I'm not throwing away the box the latest K3 arrived in, because right now, I don't believe Amazon can make this right. I very much regret how much of my content is tied to Amazon's proprietary format, and the only reason I'm waiting this out is because I've got 2 years of purchases in the Amazon format that I don't want to walk away from, but I'm getting there. The longer this goes on, the closer I am to throwing in the towel with Amazon.

It's a lovely little device to hold and look at, but none of the ones Amazon has sent me work, so be very sure that you're willing to invest hours in calls and emails to support with no substantive result before you buy.

The folks at Kindle Support are being sweet, but honestly? I got the first K3 less than a week ago.
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on September 18, 2010
My unit worked well for 3 days. Screen was very nice and 3g worked fine.
On the fourth day it suddently froze and never came back from this state even after trying "sof" and "hard" resets (holding power switch for 15 sec, after a full charge) I'm very disappointed and will return the unit as soon as possible. Hopefully to get a better one.

It seems to be a frequent problem, I wish I had waited a few months before buying the unit...

Addendum: I returned the unit, the whole process of return/refund was very simple and relatively fast (about 10 days) using the printable return slip available online. Amazon still deserves a couple of stars for their service. The kindle on the other hand....
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on September 14, 2010
I was very excited when I got my device. But my excitment soon turned into agony. It froze within a week of purchase. I followed the instruction on troubleshooting. It came back to life only to freeze again in a couple of days. Now it doesn't restart even after sliding the switch for 15 seconds or more!! Will return the product. Very disappointed Amazon.
Also, I read an increasing number of reviews about the same problem. I hope amazon fixes the problem soon otherwise there is a wide selection of devices out there and sticking to kindle is not a must.!
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on September 22, 2010
The product is amazing. I enjoy it very much. It brings same feeling as reding the paperback editions only better.
The screen is crisp and the contrast is good. You can read it it even in low lighting, which I actually do, with no strain for the eyes.
The only set back that I see so far is the assembly of the backplate to the face. On the left side of the Kindle, as I hold it, in the back you can actually feel the margin of the faceplate and it is annoying. It gets my hand caught in it every time I pass my hand there. And it is sharp too, the lip is actually to small to cut your finger, but bearly. Should pay extra attention to quality control on the product. It lessens the joy and overall feeling I have for My Kindle.
Worth buying anyway.
I got a leather cover and keep it in it.

Update to the earlier review: 4-10-2010.
The Kindle died in my arms. I could not believe my eyes.
It began with typing itself some passwords and then the power button would not work. I could not wake it up. And there was a sinister metallic rattle inside the case.
Weird. In the space of a couple of minutes it exhibited all those symptoms.
But as I am still inlove with it I will not downgrade the rating. Amazon already shipped the replacement which I will get in 2 days. How cool is that. At least they seem to care about my unfulfilled love ;))
A special THX to the Customer service team as well. They were awesome on the phone.

Update to earlier review: 14-10-2010
Just received the replacement on the one that didn't woorked. Well, this one is no better.
I have decided to give up on it. Enough is enough. I have demoted the review to 1* as I can't really be bothered with this product.
The 2nd one had the same issue on the backplate edge and it keeps re-initiating itself and freezes on spot all the time. Can't wake it up from sleep and then can't put it to sleep.
I think the product needs more processing power. Seems that way to me.
Not to be recommended. Wished it would, but nope.
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on September 5, 2010
My first kindle. Loved it right away. But it keeps freezing on me. Just locks up while reading a book. Not even a pdf or anything "difficult", just a regular e-book available from the kindle store. You have to reset it by holding the power switch down for 15 seconds, and then waiting about 2 minutes for it to start up. There's no excuse for amazon shipping a product like this, it gets 1 star from me.
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on August 30, 2010
I will preface my review by saying that I bought my wife one of the original Kindles and she absolutely loves it. I played with it enough to know that, when the price came down, we might become a two Kindle family. Then, when the price did, I ordered early for a release day delivery. I was fully prepared to write a positive review (or no review at all, because I am easily distracted), but I post this partly to see if anyone else has the problems I am having.

First of all, it refuses to connect to any wireless network. This is disconcerting when I look at my wife's Kindle--right next to me on the couch--reporting a 5-bar connection. No matter where I take the Kindle, suburban and urban locales alike--it cannot find 3G connections, Edge connections, nothing. Oh, how it tries, but the best connection I have ever gotten is 1 bar that quickly disappeared. Once I set up my home wi-fi, I was able to surf and purchase, but I paid $50 for that 3G connection, so it irks me that it doesn't work. (And I worked my way through all the troubleshooting steps for anyone concerned that I am criticizing without merit. It simply won't work.)

Second, my battery life is just plain not what's advertised. I fully charged the device, unplugged it, downloaded 4-5 books, read none of them (I am old and go to bed early), turned off all wireless, and picked up the Kindle again two days later. Less than half of the battery life remained. Scroll up to the product description to see that this is not even close to what's promised.

For clarification, I don't think Amazon or other reviewers are lying. I think I just got stuck with a malfunctioning unit, and I am very disappointed.

To add insult to injury, I also ordered an Amazon Kindle leather case (the $35 one) and they sent me the wrong color. I know, now it just sounds like I am a cranky consumer, but I have to tell you, that's exactly how I feel. I have always had positive experiences with Amazon and its products, but this has been one of the most underwhelming shopping experiences I have ever had.
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on September 2, 2010
Just received my Kindle. I like the size and light feel of the device, reasonably good contrast screen, most importantly, the long battery life. I bought this device primarily due to the new added feature of able to open PDF documents. This allow me to refer to some papers which I want to keep handy at the side, without worrying about charging the device frequently. The long battery life also make it convenient for reading while travelling.

So, I downloaded several PDFs to it. The first thing that happened is that Kindle choked on the PDF with scanned images - it froze and had to be reset. Page flipping is slow, very slow. Looks like my expectation is too high - the processor in Kindle is just not up it with images.

Update: The Kindle froze several times over the last two days - signs of either bad quality control or bad design.

Update: I am trying to think of some good use of this "useless PDF e-reader" device, not wanting to go through the trouble of returning or selling because I am located in Singapore. After purchasing several titles, I was told by the portal to update my country setting. When I updated it to Singapore, it did not allow me to buy any items. Setting it back to United States will only repeat the update country settings. Looks like not only the device is badly design, the portal is also badly designed for people using it outside of United States.

So, I now have a practically useless Kindle, which a) Does not open PDF well b) does not allow purchase with a country setting other than United States c) Ask for country to be changed when set to United State but using outside of United States.

Having being so disappointed by this product . I just purchased a 64GB WiFi+3G iPad yesterday, and is happily using it for what it was advertised for. Downloading title to iBooks is such a joy, watching the title appearing on the graphical shelf, and making page flip is so pleasantly responsive with no shadow like those in Kindle. Contrasting the user experience with Amazon's ...

Update (Sept 8): I got an email from Amazon informing me that they fix the outside of America usage problem.
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on September 3, 2010
Having waited for a whole month for my Kindle to arrive, I was thrilled with it, and spent the day reading. However, while looking for books to buy on the kindle store on my home wifi network it froze. After a hard reset (holding the power slider for 15 seconds), the screen went blank, and that is how it has stayed. A rollercoaster experience, and probably not one I would recommend others trying. Wait for a few months until they have ironed out the problems and then think about it.
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on October 23, 2010
Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, 6" Display - with New E Ink (Pearl) Technology
Why doesn't Amazon test their products before shipping them?

This is a complaint about the reposition 3G Kindle I received last November 12 because my first one was defective and kept freezing. I'm kind of happy because it hasn't frozen so far; but the 3G does not work. Actually the 3G sign never even shows.

When I am out of reach of any Wi-Fi network and try to connect to Amazon or any other site, I get the message: "A Wi-Fi connection is required to complete this task. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or try again later". And Whispernet is ON!

The area I am in is mapped as OK on your coverage page. I've already tried -to no avail - all the procedures below, advised on your help page, even the restarting bit:
Check battery (if low, charge before completing following steps).
Check that wireless is enabled (Press Menu then Turn Wireless On).
Check for wireless strength.
Check "All My Items."
Check wireless coverage map.
Try restarting Kindle by pressing Home > Menu > Settings > Menu and select "Restart."
Sync and check for items

There is another reposition 3G Kindle you sent me which is stuck at customs since Nov 11. If that one does not work properly either I think I'd better give up. The funny thing is that in the defective one I returned the 3G connection worked well when it wasn't frozen...
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