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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Playstation 3
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on February 7, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
First off the many graphical glitches the demo had aren't present in the game. Kingdoms of Amalur is a good game. Its art style is similar to Fable with more of a deeper RPG feel. The game has everything needed to keep players busy for many hours. There are multiple side quests, several ways to build your character from mages to warriors and rogues. The real fun of this game is the battle system and many weapon types. The combat isn't boring like some games get. The games crafting and smithing system work well once you level them up. You only get one point at a time so you have to decide what area you are going to focus on. This means you won't be both a master smith and alchemist at least not early in the game. Your level in each area determines what items you find to use so it's a bit restrictive. The dialog system is odd as sometimes you get a dialog wheel and other times you get one word to click on. It works but doesn't feel quite like you're having a conversation. The characters I've encountered have more to say so you get some background on why you are doing the quest un like Skyrim where people just said hey go get this for me. I recommend the game because its battles are fun the story has some detail and you can play how you want. The developer claims there's over 200 hours of quests and I believe them since there are quests everywhere.

Update: You can redistribute your skills and change your character build for a reasonable fee. If you no longer want to be say a mage you can switch your skill set to something else. I am finding the merchants prices on items and to be a bit high on items though. Gold isn't made so quickly like some games so you need to spend carefully. The game has many spells you can learn but you can only map 4 at a time. It would have been nice if they made a way to map more spells for use.

Update: There's a lot of side-quests lore and collectables in the game. The main story is not its strongest point as most of what's going in the world is learned by exploring new areas and doing quests. You can't really power level to max all skills nor do you need to. The weapon smithing and gem crafting are fun when fully leveled up. My only 2 gripes with the game are its inventory system is severely limited for space and the menus are clunky to scroll through. The 4 spell limit is a bummer too because it forces you to really choose what spells you like. (The way both Dragon Age games used the R2 button to double scroll the buttons would have have really helped this game out.) I do really enjoy playing this game and recommend it to anyone who enjoys Rpgs.

Many ways to play the game mages warriors or stealth rogues
Play how you want...steel, sneak and many quests allow a peaceful or combative solution.
Detailed alchemy crafting and smithing systems
Fun battle system
Many side quests
Beautiful environments with a huge world to explore
Good story and voice acting.
100+ hours of play time
Doesn't lock up my PS3

Restrictive leveling only 1 point per level to spend on skills like smithing alchemy sneaking persuasion etc. It takes several points to max an area so you'll want to focus on being either a mage rogue or warrior. This can be changed for money but you still wont be able to max all skills until at very high levels
Some of the graphics on the characters look like they needed more polish
Sometimes the camera goes off into la la land in conversations.
Load times are around 20-30 seconds when entering buildings (it varies some go fast some are slow)
Some slowdowns with graphics engine when a lot is going on.
Camera can blind you at times in combat
I encountered a nasty glitch that made the whole TV screen twitch every 10 seconds and it would not go away until a previous save was loaded. My character got stuck in a spell cast mode during a battle so I lost a half hour of play time.
Only able to use 4 spells at a time
Some minor graphical hiccups occur in some spots
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VINE VOICEon February 10, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
I play games for a variety of reasons. I play them to relax, to get lost in a world, to hear/play a good story, and I play them as a way to escape. This game fits the bill on all of those accounts perfectly. As a mature (read: over 30 years old) gamer, I have a different set of expectations that have grown and changes as I have gotten older.

This game first appeared on my radar as word of R.A. Salvatore being involved trickled out onto the web. I have played another game he was involved in, "Demon Stone" for the PS2. As with that iteration, this one is well written- the story takes the cake. Intrigue, plot twists, friends, foes, allies, and antagonists all take center stage in a tale that is fun and engaging here. The main quest is a good yarn in and of itself, but veering off the well beaten path takes you to other villages, characters, problems, and areas that you would just as easily miss if you don't look around. Superb writing, plotting, and setting. The story might seem kind of contrived and a mash up of genre staples...but Salvatore weaves it all together into something wonderful. I would have to say this game is like "playing" a very ambitious fantasy novel.

The combat is easy to master, but still presents a challenge as enemies scale to your level, the fighting can get intense, and there are several moves and tactics that unlock as you level up that make all the zipping around the screen fun and satisfying. The weapon and spell effts are nice, realized well, and graphically pleasing. Intense colors, good sound design, and a freedom of movement lends itself to combat that doesn't feel stale and challenges you to mix it up and see what happens. McFarlane's talent really shines through in the creature design and world art. From things that are creepy to silly- there a quite a few vistas, creatures, plants, and areas to look at. It is very pretty, vibrant, and busy. Other areas are appropriately dark, somber, and decayed. All in all- the game looks as good as it plays, and in may ways, the setting of Amalur is a character in and of itself.

Collectors of in-game stuff rejoice! As this game is packed with all you would come to expect from Rolston- the mad genius behind some "Elder Scrolls" games. There are scraps of paper, books, lore stones, items, journals, lockpicks, chests, loot, and tomes to collect, read, and discover. The info is doled out well and comes at a pace that encourages exploration. There are several times (as I am not done with the game yet) where I have been distracted with a side quest just because I want to know more about what is happening in the world around me. It lends itself to a very fleshed out feeling, a world fully developed, alive, and teeming with secrets to discover. Again, this game is superb in its presentation on all of those accounts.

Getting down to the technical details, there are systems that feel familiar, yet lend their own flair to the game. Crafting, weapon/equipment repair, and reagent gathering are all things that have been done before. They are integrated well with this game and the feeling of familiarity is helpful at keeps the learning curve from getting too steep. There is not a physical manual included with the is added to the disc. I don't find that I miss it, as info in pretty easy to come by and the interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Taking the best parts of past games, throwing in new ones, and whipping up a recipe for something new is a welcome addition to both the genre and the world of video games in general. I haven't experienced a single glitch, hitch, or mess-up with the game on my system. Load times are forgiveable and don't take forever- but then again, with the amount of content and data I don't expect instant load times. The world is vast, expansive, and feels that way as well. With that, fast travel isn't a "must have" but is something that I use quite often, just to traverse the distances that soon become very apparent.

Others might say this game is too similar to "Fable" or some other megalithic MMO out there. While I see some of the similarities, I also see that 38 studios has crafted an entirely different, yet familiar feeling, monster. They have poured passion, heart, blood, sweat, and tears into this game- and it shows. Its massive, teeming with things to discover, and presented in a beautiful package. Combat, crafting, exploration, leveling, and play styles are all as fluid as you would want- they (the devs) have really tried to make an expansive and all-inclusive game- and they have come as close to perfection as is possible at this point in my opinion.

So- buy this game if you are looking for some amazing value for your dollars. Buy it if you want to see where I predict the next generations of RPG's will be going. Buy it if you want an awesome story, amazing playability, and some great art. Buy it if you are looking to really get into a game and not be finished in 10 hours. This is hands down- one of the BEST games I have every played. Simply amazing- worth every penny spent and then some.
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on February 8, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: Standard
For those that do not know, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a new intellectual property and is the first in what is hoped to be a new line of RPG games. The game was created by 38 games/Big Huge Games and published by EA. There are quite a few properties that are out there populating the field that it wants to become part of. This game has quite an all star group that have helped to create the game and I believe it has earned its place in the gaming world. Also, for a while there, the RPG field was bare and dry especially on the XBOX and so I welcome the change to explore a new and interesting world.

Todd McFarlane, the genius behind Spawn and other adult themed comics has provided inspiration for the artwork. The storyline was written by R.A. Salvatore who has published 20+ books in the field of Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Executive Director was Ken Rolston, the lead designer of the Elder Scrolls III Morrowind and Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.

The graphics on this game are beautiful and colorful. Over the past few months I have finished playing Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Dark Souls and it is refreshing wandering a world that is bright and colorful. It reminds me of some portions of World of Warcraft such as the Blood Elves on the Horde side. You can see Todd McFarlanes influence on the art department in the multitude of characters you encounter.

The trend for RPG's have aimed for the hybrid of Action-RPG with most falling on RPG elements and action as a second thought. This game has chosen to put Action in the forefront. The combat resembles the God of War: Collection series. When you are at a certain point, a lot of button mashing is required to score the kill and extra experience that comes from it. After the extreme difficulty of Dark Souls and continuous dying, it was nice to be able to enjoy combat that I felt I had an actual fighting chance of winning.

The game originally was going to be an online MMO. You can sense that in the way that the world is created and interactions with the characters. It feels like an online MMO in a way but without the interaction of other players. The world is a liner sandbox world. It resembles somewhat a game such as Fable: The Lost Chapters or some of the Final Fantasy X games. There is a lot to explore in the world around you, though, so there is plenty to keep you busy.

Communication is a lot like Mass Effect where you rotate to the conversation choice. You can have negative or positive communications but I have not really seen many that affect the outcome or interaction with my character too terribly much. I may find more later on.

There is pre-order download content. I received the game in the morning. Unfortunately, the codes for the DLC (mainly items to help you start off with) did not arrive via email until around midnight which made their use moot.

Overall Impression:
I am an old school RPG player ever since I received my first free copy of Final Fantasy 1/Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) with my paid subscription to Nintendo Power back in the day. The trend for RPG's has to continue to the action-RPG hybrid element which I feel it has successfully achieved. With todays world, simplicity is the key. The character creation and leveling I feel has been watered down. Not at the level that is the Fable series or other RPG's but it has been simplified. You really cannot go wrong in how you create your character and you can truly customize the character to your playing style. The bugs that were present in the demo have been cleaned up quite a bit although there are still technical issues here and there (not on the same level as the demo)

I highly recommend this game. There are simply not enough good RPG's out there even if the field seems to be filled with them. There are a lot of mediocre titles that dot the landscape in-between Elder Scroll and Final Fantasy releases. I believe this Game, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a worthwhile RPG to invest ones time and energy into and is a world that truly deserves to be lost in. I wish someone would re-visit Betrayal at Krondor (Enhanced CD-ROM)
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on February 11, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
Game's Info:
(Players): 1 offline
(Required Hard Drive Space): 4.GB
(HD Video Output): 480P, 720P

Game's Features:
Add-On Content / Trophies
I will now give the "PROS" and "CONS" of the game and even add a "MID" as in stuff I didn't hate but also didn't love, but you or others might feel different about it...

A great free world to run around in
Has a lot of way you can play it as a Rogue, Warrior, Sorcerer or if you want to them all.
The game play is clean and controls well and easy get use too.
Has a lot of kinds of items, monsters, people and quests to do in the game.
you can make your own character from the ground up and fit the way you like to play him/her.
Creating items like Potions and equipment is the most fun I ever had in making items in a game.

The story in the game seems pretty good but nothing that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.
Graphics and sound are pretty good as well, but not jaw droping.
The game is pretty easy at first, but as you get deeper in the game it will start getting harder.

I've had few problems with the Camera in the game here and there...
Lockpicking is WAY to "easy"
The sound in the game can sometimes can be late for when the sound was supposed to happen.
{My Thoughts}
I'm really enjoying this game, there hasn't been a game like this to come out in a long time. If you ask me I think you should really give this game a try... it maybe not as big and pretty as a few other games that has came out, but I think this game is a gem of it's own and please reamember this is the first game that "38 studios" has ever came out with and I think they did great job and I'm looking forward to see what they will do next. :)

Thank you for reading, I hope it helped you and if you have any questions about the "Game" just ask. ^^
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Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
For starters, this game is gorgeous. I was swept away by the atmosphere and stunning environment. The game is big, smooth, fun to run around in, and generally first. I look to games like this to unveil a good story line over time. This never happened in this game. The central conceit of the main character being 'fateless' is interesting, but not wel developed. Quests are myriad but essentially meaningless. Each individual quest is relatively short lived, and even the quests that try to build into the story don't feel really interdepende t. For me, the quests devolved into a reason to run around and pick up loot while looking at the incredible graphics. This heldme for about 20 hours of gameplay...not bad. But it never got more interesting, and there was a ton of content left to play but i ran out of patience. My wife liked it, and kept playing, but soon I turned away and went back to Mass Effect. Combat is fun, music is good, graphics are peerless, and story is nonexistent in anything more than a rudimentary fashion. I expected more from this was so close to a home run. I'll keep my eye open for improvements if there is a sequel.
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on February 11, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: Standard
Skyrim was the first "real" RPG I have played in years and the first game I have ever played over 60+ hours. I played the original Paper Mario and even Super Mario RPG on the SNES. But I usually stuck to the likes of Diablo, Dungeon Siege and Action Games. I played Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2 a bit but not in depth.

I have to say that I feel this game is a great mix of Skyrim, God of war and Diablo.

Skyrim - For the sheer size of the world. It may not be as "open" but it is still huge.
God of War - For the combat. This what I liken it to not that the combat is on the same level as GOW, but that the animations and feel is.
Diablo - For the sheer amount of loot that you find.

I have found I really enjoy the games graphics. They are not as detailed and real as Skyrim but they are amazing in a different way. I really liked Todd Mcfarlane's comics back in the day and I feel that some of his style has really rubbed off here.

Being about 10 hours into the game I find myself wanting to play it while I am at work and that has always been a key indicator if I really like a game.

Is it the best RPG ever, probably not, but I am having one heck of a time trying to find games (in my palette of games) that are as fun and with the amount of loot.

I can easily see myself playing this game for 70+ hours (that is where I was at with Skyrim).
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on February 9, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: Standard
I really didn't expect to like this game, but after seeing so many sites praising it I decided to give it a try. What I found was far past my expectations. This game may have the best combat I've ever experienced in an rpg! At first, it may seem a simple button-masher, but as you unlock new abilities and combos, the action gets far more exciting! Unlike in Skyrim, I actually wanted to fight every enemy I came across.

This game doesn't skimp on the rpg elements either. In fact, I was overwhelmed with the wealth of features when I booted it up. There's a crap load of content in this game!

The graphics disappoint from a technical standpoint, but the art style is immaculate once you get past the drab first level. I really want to know why devs always make us slog through a linear bore fest in an open-world game.

It's really hard to think of something negative to say. The story's good(if you're into high fantasy), combat's tight, and the rpg elements are top notch. The only thing that was a little disappointing at first was the difficulty. Even on hard mode the game is a cakewalk.... unless you're like me and you like to explore in areas with enemies that are a much higher level than you. Then you get your ass whipped.

Conclusion: buy this game. Don't hesitate, just hit that add to cart button and camp outside your mailbox. I wasn't disappointed with KOA: Reckoning and I doubt you'll be.
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on February 15, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: Standard
I've been following this game since the first gameplay videos came out and I have to say, I'm mightily impressed. Previously to getting this, I was/am a HUGE Elder Scrolls/Skyrim fan. I've still not beaten the main quest in Skyrim though - I get 30-60 hours into it and I re-roll a new character because I want to try something new and Skyrim (like all previous ES games) 'locks you in' to a pretty serious commitment to the skills and perks you choose. This leads to some 'fail' characters that you don't know are fails until you've sunk some SERIOUS time into the build.

The most refreshing contrast to this lock-in is Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning! If at any time you decide that maybe investing all your skill points into lock-picking (completely unnecessary in KoA:R) and all your ability points in useless abilities, you pay a fee to a Fateweaver and you can re-roll your whole character except your race and gender. Of course, this gets more expensive the more often you do it so you can't abuse it.

Alright, on to the rest of the actual game: the game looks like a mashup of WoW (colorful, slightly cartoony, 3rd person), Elder Scrolls (ignore the main quest if you want, constantly seduced into taking interesting side quests), and God of War (fast, 3rd person, dynamic fighting). This COULD have turned out to be a very ugly, unholy love child had any of the elements been neglected. I'm happy to report that they have not. Combat CAN be frustrating using slow weapons in some situations where enemies can 'stun-lock' you into getting constantly hit. The solution is to alternate slow weapons with fast distance-creating weapons like chakras or magic before winding up to crush skulls with hammers or great-swords. The game lets you equip two weapons at the same time with each mapped to a different face button, allowing some nice juggles by launching an enemy skyward with a hammer, sword, or staff and then hitting them with a bow or daggers while they are in the air. The combat in this game is simple to learn, but timing, distance, dodging, and special moves keep you from being able to just 'press x to win game'.

Now for the story - at first I thought it was just boiler-plate high-fantasy tropes. The tropes ARE there - ridiculous elven names, dwarves with facial hair seemingly strictly out of Victorian-era dandy envisionings, archetypical steampunkish gnomes, etc. That said, it stands above WoW and takes itself seriously enough that you don't feel like an utter idiot for going along with it. Some of the storylines are rather pointed - such as the Summer Fae (immortal elves) who spend eternity playing out the same ballads/stories over and over again. Due to the nature of the main character, these stories begin to change - invigorating some and terrifying others. Yes, there are fetch-quests, kill-the-bandits/monsters quests, and all the other types of quests you've grown accustomed to if you've played any modern WRPGs - although none of them are such soul-crushing grinds as those on offer from WoW. There is also loot a-plenty, with familiar color-coded names to denote item rarity, a la WoW. However, loot is function of the game - it never BECOMES the game. Because of the dynamic nature of the combat, you will not completely live and die based on your equipment stats. Similarly, there is crafting as well, but there are no grinds for materials - they come about by either finding them, buying them, or tearing down unwanted equipment for components.

Amalur does almost nothing new, but it does take some of the best aspects of WRPGs, rolls in a little Action/Combat, elevates the story by working well WITHIN standard high-fantasy tropes, and delivers a progressive stat-based feeling of increasing power while forcing you to actually develop action-and-timing based combat skills.

KoA:R also succeeds in severely reducing the headaches of modern WRPGs. You won't spend time 'gaming' the leveling system in order to achieve dominance as in Oblivion/Skyrim, you won't spend hours grinding the same monsters for random quest-item drops as in WoW, you won't spend the entire game furiously engaged with wave after wave of mindless cheap-shot enemies as in God of War. And if, 20 hours in, you deeply regret throwing eight points into a weapon you now hate, a remedy is a minor gold-penalty away.

A word of caution for those of you who have tried the demo and found yourself feeling rather 'meh' - the game really grows organically more and more fun after the first few hours. If you're on the fence, I suggest you clear a day off your schedule, rent the game, and give it at least a good ten hours before deciding. The demo scared me into thinking my pre-order was a mistake until I put about that much time into it. Now I'm hooked!
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on February 11, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: Standard
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a new franchise by Big Huge Games founded by Curt Schilling. Kingdoms story is of the usual fantasy rpg type with different types of elves, humans, magic, good, and evil. There is a lot of comparison between Kingdoms and a recent fantasy rpg called Skyrim. The reason for this because Ken Rolston one of the guys that worked on previous installments of the Elder Scrolls games worked on Kingdoms.

One of the first things that you would notice when you play Kingdoms is the combat in the game. The way you control your character in combat is very simple and smooth. It almost feel like the combat from more traditional 3rd person action platformers such as God of War or the Castlevania reboot. This type of combat is not what you would traditionally associate with an rpg. After spending more than 200hrs in Skyrim I can honestly say that I prefer this combat over Skyrim's combat. The size of this game is immense giving the player a whole full scale world to explore. Kingdoms is listed as being an open world game, but that is bit of an illusion. You can go anywhere, but you can not traverse everything. When you view the local map or the mini map on the game screen there are many areas that are not accessible such as where landmarks or trees are located.

The story is very interesting in the sense that every character in this story is tied to fate and their fate is laid out for them from the very beginning. Well the character that you control in the game is resurrected from the dead and therefore has no fate. He can choose his own destiny. The cool thing about this is as you play the game and craft your destiny if you do not like your destiny you can visit a fateweaver and have them unravel your fate and start a new one. Behind the scenes there is an evil group of warriors called the tuatha that have come to start trouble and a civil war that is brewing. So that is the main premise and meat to the story. Along the way you meet various npc that give you fetch quests and side quests that allow you to join factions. Those are your typical rpg elements that most people are familiar with.

The game graphics are steeped more into fantasy that Skyrim which gives it a cartoonish look. That I don't mind at all, I don't need every game to look the same. The world in Kingdoms is extremely colorful and the art style gives it a very dreamy appeal. The musical score is excellent and I have ordered the collectors which comes with the game soundtrack. It is a great mix of epic and fantasy music. The voice acting is varied and not a lot of copycat voices. The lip syncing is off a bit though, but it wouldn't be the first time lip syncing has been off in a video game. The enemy A.I is very average at the most. Large groups of enemies will give you a challenge especially magic based enemies. The weapons in the game and there are a lot of them, are really cool and give you a fighting chance. Switching out weapons is just a press of the button very easy and user friendly. Weapons have weight behind them and make you feel powerful or swift depending on what type you are wielding.

Overall Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a well made game with a lot of attention to detail. for a new I.P I thing Big Huge Games did an excellent job with crafting this fantasy world. I hope gamers out there that are always hating because most games are sequels and there are few original games out there give Kingdoms a chance. I hope this game is successful enough to allow subsequent games to be made from this fantasy world.
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on February 15, 2012
Platform for Display: PlayStation 3Edition: StandardVerified Purchase
So, let me begin by saying I had such high hopes for Skyrim when I bought it. However, as everyone knows by now, Skyrim turned out to be such a massive glitch/bug fest the game just became unplayable. It was so disappointing....gratz again to Bethesda on that. Of course, with that said, it had a lot of content that still had so much potential, but was shadowed by the flaws.

Enter Reckoning.....absolutely beautiful game overall!! Environment has so much detail and overall runs SMOOTH!! I've almost finished the game now, and in that entire time, I've only had TWO glitches. They were both the same - for some reason my character got stuck and couldn't move. The game didn't freeze, my toon could turn around and do spells and whatnot, he was just "rooted". To fix, I had to restart to an earlier save point, but no biggie - very few games are "flawless" in that respect. Other than that, for a game with such an expansive environment and massive content, kudos to the devs for producing a game that runs this good. Well done.
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