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on November 2, 2011
The Kingston Wi-Drive is an idea whose time has come. It works well and makes viewing movies and other multimedia files via your iPhone/iPad very easy.

However, there is one hidden drawback that makes the device far less desirable: it is formatted in FAT32 and thus will not allow any file larger than 4gb to be copied over. Let me repeat that so that it is very clear: you cannot copy a file larger than 4gb to this device and there is no workaround for this limitation. For those of you that are in the IT field, you understand what this limitation means. For those of you not tech-savvy, what this means is that the largest size file that you can copy onto this device is about 4gb. Now that may not sound like a big deal, but when you have a studio-produced movie file often the size of the file exceeds 4gb. For home movies, song files and other basic multimedia files this is not a deal breaker. But if you are using the device like I am, for watching Hollywood movies, then you will run headlong into this limitation.

I contacted Kingston support to confirm that there is no workaround to this problem and they did confirm that this is a fixed limitation. The drive cannot be reformatted to NTFS due to the configuration files for management of the wireless connectivity. What really is frustrating is that Kingston chooses to hide this issue from the consumer. No where is there any mention of this little restriction, and I believe that this type of fact should be clearly disclosed in the product description.

Otherwise this is a great little device. It's small, light, easy to work with, and the streaming of the files has so far worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, the file size limitation severely reduces the number of production movies that you will be able to copy to the drive.


November 13th, 2011:

Please click the COMMENTS link below to see a reply to my post and my subsequent reply to that post. A suggestion to use a freeware application named Handbrake resulted in my ability to rip the original HD files over 4gb into reduced-size files optimized for my iPad. Once I ripped (reformatted) the files, I ended up with a file that was less than half the size that I could move to my Wi-Drive. There was no loss of quality and I now can watch all of my movies via the Wi-Drive.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon October 29, 2011
Have you ever found yourself wishing you could extend the storage of your smartphone or tablet? If so, Kingston has stepped up to provide you with a solution. The Wi-Drive is a wireless storage solution for your device--and it's a good one.


- Easy to set up
- Supports all native iOS file types
- Android support coming in November '11
- Acts as a bridge to extend Wi-Fi connection
- Connectivity for up to three devices
- Small and sleek design


- Bridge mode currently doesn't support unadvertised Wi-Fi networks
- Can get pretty warm

The Wi-Drive comes with a Getting Started guide, a wall plug for charging, and a USB cable

The Wi-Drive is basically a flash-based USB storage device that comes in 16GB and 32GB sizes. Since it uses flash memory, rather than a mechanical drive, the Wi-Drive is incredibly slim and light.

The exterior is made out of a glossy plastic that looks great, but attracts a fair amount of dust and fingerprints. At the top of the Wi-Drive is a standard mini-USB port for connecting it to a computer and for charging. On the right side is a small power button and a pinhole reset button.

Despite the thin plastic material for the housing, the Wi-Drive feels pretty well-made. It does creak a bit though, if you put pressure on the plastic housing. I also wish it had non-skid feet on the backside to keep it from sliding around.

Setting up the Wi-Drive is pretty simple and involves just three steps: 1. Connect the Wi-Drive to a computer and transfer files over 2. Install the free Wi-Drive app 3. Connect your device to the Wi-Drive over Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Drive can be connected to a Windows XP computer and higher, Mac OS 10.5 and higher, and Linux 2.6 and higher. No drivers are needed as the Wi-Drive just shows up as an external USB drive. For maximum compatibility, the drive is formatted in FAT32. When I connected the 16GB model, it showed a formatted capacity of 14.3GB. Once connected, I transferred over some music, photos, video files and documents to the Wi-Drive.

After transferring the files over, I downloaded the free Wi-Drive app from the App Store. The Wi-Drive only supports iOS devices currently, but I'm told that Android support is coming in November. Out of the box, the Wi-Drive is configured as an open Wi-Fi network. I went into the iPad's network settings and the drive showed up in the network list as "Wi-Drive."

If you want to keep the contents of your Wi-Drive private, you can change the device name (SSID), disable advertising (visibility), and set a password using WPA2. You can also set up bridge mode so that you can connect to the Wi-Drive and a Wi-Fi network at the same time. Without configuring bridge mode, you'll only be connect to the Wi-Drive itself, but not the Internet. Unfortunately, the firmware in the Wi-Drive doesn't support unadvertised networks yet, but I'm told that it's in the works.

The Wi-Drive is very easy to use. First, you connect to the Wi-Drive over your device's Wi-Fi connection, then launch the Wi-Drive app and browse the drive for media. Tap on the media you want to view or hear and that's pretty much it. You can even transfer files from the Wi-Drive to your device, if you feel like keeping something locally.

I had no problems with music, videos, photos, or documents. All the streaming content was smooth and free from lag or stuttering. If you want something that just works, the Wi-Drive is it. The only issue I had was that the drive does get a little warm so you might not want to store it in your pants pocket while it's in use.

Battery life is rated at 4 hours and the power button doubles as a battery indicator. A green LED indicates 51-100% battery life remaining. An orange LED indicates 25-50% remaining and a red LED indicates less than 25% charge remaining.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is dead simple to set up and even easier to use. The form factor keeps the drive conveniently portable for use on the go and with an Android app coming soon, the popularity of the Wi-Drive is bound to go up. If you're looking to add storage to your smartphone or tablet, the Wi-Drive is one of the easiest and coolest ways to do it.

* Review unit provided by Kingston
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on November 24, 2011
I received my Wi-Drive in late November and have found that it works as advertised without problem. Contrary to earlier reviews, I have found that the unit does work when charging from the wall charger, possibly the firmware has been updated from earlier versions. There is also a beta app available for Android devices in the Android Market. (Not yet available for the Kindle Fire in the Amazon app store.) I have also found that the signal range is very good and easily exceeds the advertised 30 feet. All in all, a great product to increase your mobile devices storage.
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on June 14, 2012
I've had this drive for over a month now and decided it was worth writing a review. The first one I received was unfortunately defective...however, this turned in to an opportunity for Kingston to show just how amazing their customer service is. They made short work of the turnaround and the replacement works perfectly. In fact, it works even better than I imagined. The range is absolutely incredible. In the building where I work, I can turn it on and have it sitting on my desk; about 40-50 feet away a co-worker can pick it up at full strength and stream a movie, and about 100 feet away around a corner (with a stairwell blocking a direct line-of-sight) another co-worker can pick it up at almost full strength. We all three were able to stream different movies to watch. I'm not sure what kind of range this device has, but I'm extremely impressed thus far.

The other thing to point out is something I couldn't find any info about prior to purchasing; it appeared that you could only stream files from the drive to a device, but it's actually possible to copy them to the "Local" drive (i.e., the phone, iPad, etc.) and watch them without have the Wi Drive on or with you. So...while it may not be allowed to have it on during a flight, one could definitely download movies from it to the device during a layover.

Everyone that has seen it (or accessed) is very impressed with the size and capability. For anyone with a 16Gb iPad or iPod, this would be a great way to have extra files with you. (I've used it for video, music, jpeg, and data files)
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on June 10, 2012
I have a 32Gig version and a 16Gig version. Both work great. I have not had the issues others have had. I found the set up to be easy with no issues. The internet passthrough works, although, I rarely use it. Movies for the grandkids and for long flights work great. Ok so the rest of the reviews talk about the device, I'm going to let you in on a couple of things I've found out that will make this device even better.

First, if you want to use the wi drive and charge at the same time, just start up the wi drive and wait for it to boot up (wait for the blue lights) and then plug it in. The device will charge and you can continue using it wirelessly. It works on the charger and it works on macbook pro and air usb ports. So you can charge and use at the same time.

Second, you can use for other storage too. This device will work with webdav. Access using webdav and you can wirelessly access all aspects of the drive (yes you can read and write files) and would not be restricted by file types. Accessing with using webdav makes this a better device than it already is.
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on May 23, 2012
I purchased the Wi Drive from when I travel to provide me with additional storage to both my Galaxy Tablet and Kindle Fire. My wife and share these devices, so having some extra storage for videos or photos was important. Before I get to the actual reeview, let me say I wish I had purchased the 64GB unit. I purchased the 16GB one.

The unit is easy to tranfer videos and pictures was very easy. Simply connect the Wi Drrive to the PC using the USB cord supplied with the unit. It registers as an external drive. These worked perfectly, but, as with any USB transfer, it took a long time.

Prior to using the Wi Drive with either Tablet, you need to go to the appropriate App Store and download the free Wi Drive App. Both the Amazon App store and the Google Play have the app. When you connect to the Wi Drive the tablet's wireless connection is substituted with the Wi Drrive connection. There is a way to bridge the connection and maintain both wifi connections, but I did not find that necessary..

Once the link appears, and you tap on it, you have access to the individual files on the drive. I have used the Wi Drive to stream videos to both units, shown photos and read documents.

I am extremely pleased with the Wi Drive, my only regret is not purchasing the larger 64GB unit.
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on October 17, 2011
This is a great solution if you are wanting more space for your iPod or ipad. I received one of these not knowing what to expect and I was blown away! Extremely easy to use interface and drag and drop functionality. This thing is awesome for road trips. Between apps and games I had hardly an acceptable enough amount of room for my music and now I am able to fit my whole library on this thing. Looks really cool and is a perfect slim size. This is the way to go if you need more space and don't want to spend a large sum of money on another device. Another really cool aspect of this thing is using multiple devices to connect to it. My girlfriend and I both connect to this before bed with our ipads and watch movies together as well as read epubs from it. I have connected to this with 3 devices at once so far and have not had a skip or a hiccup. Definitely recommend this to anyone that wants an easy way to share files with others or just give your device a refreshing upgrade! Very easy to use for the not tech savvy type of person! Buy it now you know you want too!!!!
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on June 30, 2012
I just got my 16GB WI Drive. Within in 20 minutes of having a charged battery I loaded two folders each with about 130 videos and 7 GB(golf instruction videos.) You can do this in Windows Explorer by just dragging the folders you want. A tiny blinking light indicates the transfer is in progress. For me, one folder is for Kindle Fire (MP4) and one is for Iphone/Ipad. You change the wifi setting on your phone/tablet to to receive the Wi Drive. Go to the WI Drive app and the videos are all there. It handled the multiple level sets of folders just fine. This is how you could set up separate play lists. They play quite well without any interruptions or distortions. .

The WI drive is small (about the size of a smart phone but much thinner and lighter) with a slick, black top and easily fits into a shirt pocket. Push the wifi button and shortly the small blue lights indicate the wifi is working. Remember that a Kindle will not play a movie larger than 2 GB. When done change the wifi setting back to your regular wifi network. On the Fire, you need to hold the Kindle vertically, so you can see the save button on making a change otherwise it is hiding under the keyboard. I don't know how long the battery lasts. See what you want to load to determine what size drive you need. Right now two 16 GB drives are $10 less than one 32 GB drive.

update 9-4-12. I have watched videos for more than 1 1/2 hours with lots of battery left. The drive gets warm afer extended use. It is a bit slow to turn on and to start wifi.
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on June 20, 2012
Kingston 16gb Wi-Drive Wi-Fi Hard Drive Review

Does exactly what it's supposed to
Virtually no buffer time
Stream to multiple devices simultaneously
Small and lightweight

Short battery life (about 3 hours)
Unable to transfer files back and forth between hard drive and portable device

For iOS users (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) this is virtually a must have device since you can't add any additional storage to your device. For Android users, it's still a great product but since a lot of Android devices have removable storage, it's a little bit less of a "must have" accesssory.

It should be noted that while the battery life isn't as great as I would have hoped, it can be used while charging. This means you can plug it into your cigarette lighter via an adapter (not included) and charge while using. Just make sure you have it already on and your device locked onto it's wi-fi signal before plugging it in otherwise it will turn the device off when it begins charging.
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on May 1, 2012
I paid $49.99 for this little device because it is actually cheaper to buy this than to buy an extra 16GB for the iPad. This device is so simple to use. Just:
1. Copy the songs or photos to it.
2. Charge it up.
3. Download the Wi-Drive App for your iPhone or iPad.
4. Turn on the device.
5. Turn on the wireless in you iPhone or iPad.
6. Once connected, launch the Wi-Drive App.
7. Select to play songs or just browse for photos.
8. Green indicator- has plenty of power. Orange indicator- still has good amount of power. Red indicator- has very little power; needs to be charged soon.

Based on personal testing, it works with iPhone4, iPad 1, 2, and 3rd generation. My only concern is how long the battery will last in this device. Other than that, it is a great device to add additional memory for cheap.
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