Customer Reviews: Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card SDC4/8GBET
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4.6 out of 5 stars
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on November 14, 2011
WARNING! ONLY PURCHASE FLASH MEMORY FROM REPUTABLE ONLINE SELLERS LIKE AMAZON LLC. This card is sold by both Amazon, and multiple other marketplace sellers for cheaper but for a reason. If you try to save a buck and go with a market place seller then you will probably regret it. ALWAYS avoid said "Bulk packing". That is a FAKE product, PERIOD! After visiting the official Kingston website for this card you will see that Amazon is a "preferred online partner" for the sale of this card. That absolutely DOES NOT include marketplace sellers. I can't stress enough the caution required to buy genuine flash memory. So please remember, only buy flash memory sold by AMAZON LLC. You will be able to see who is selling easily. Anyways, onto the review. I bought this for my HTC Flyer. Imediately after opening I ran a benchmark test using CrystalDiskMark and everything came out clear with true class 4 speed (4mb/s) a tested capacity of 7.4GB. I plugged it into my HTC Flyer and have noticed a huge increase in the speed of data transfer. (Upgraded from 2GB class 2) Otherwise I expect this card to perform admirably and I just ask that people be more careful in their online purchases.
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The Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Card works flawlessly with all my memory card readers: Kingston Mobilite,Kingston microSD Card Reader, and SD Card Reader. Windows (XP) has no trouble recognizing it as a removable drive.

- Device Compatibility
Using a microSDHC to MS PRO Duo Adapter, I am able to use the Kingston 8GB microSD in my Sony Cybershot DSC-W170 Camera -- it works like a charm; the camera has no trouble capturing pictures and videos (at a frame frate of 30 fps and a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels). All of my devices, such as my Garmin nüvi 360 and my HP iPAQ 111, are able to recognize the full capacity of the SD card.

- microSDHC Format
microSD cards of 4GB or larger are known more specifically as microSDHC cards. This 8GB Kingston card is therefore a microSDHC card. Beware that some older devices are NOT compatible with the microSDHC format. Such devices will only work with microSD cards with capacities of 2GB (such as this Kingston 2GB microSD card) or less.

(The technical specification for the SDHC/microSDHC format supports capacities ranging from 4GB - 32 GB. microSDHC cards of 16GB, such as this Kingston 16GB microSDHC card, is the largest capacity available as of this writing.)

- Class 4 Speed
This SD card is rated class 4 (data transfer rate: 4 MByte/sec, or 32 mbps) - sufficiently fast for the majority of electronics. A decidedly small number of electronics, most notably some camcorders and high-end cameras, require a class 6 SD card (the fastest transfer rate as of this writing). Transcend makes one that's rated class 6.

- Frustration-Free Packaging
Kudos to Amazon for their Frustration-Free Packaging efforts in using only recyclable packaging materials and in keeping the amount of packaging used to a bare minimum. As a giant in the e-tailing industry, Amazon's move will no doubt serve as an impetus for getting the rest of the e-tailers to follow suit!

The Kingston memory card is compatible with devices that support the microSDHC format. It is a fast (class 4) memory card with plenty of storage. Definitely recommended if the specs meet your needs!
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on January 1, 2011
Yes folks, unless you are absolutely sure about the vendor's reputation, I would say that most of the flash memory cards sold on line are fakes. This really is a huge problem since most of the buyers are unaware of this. So, what exactly is a fake? These are usually inferior graded flash memory that has been used to "upgrade" to an apparent higher capacity card with a name brand manufacturer's sticker on it. This type of counterfeiting is no different than selling bogus Rolex watches at greatly discounted prices. But the bigger and more insidious problem with bogus flash cards is that the customer is not aware of it, unlike the phony Rolex's where the buyer usually knows that they are knockoffs. The card may fail right away, or as more typically happens, they will work for a while and then fail...leaving the owner not a clue as to what went wrong. I purchased a Kingston flash card before our trip to Asia. Everything was going fine until we had snapped just over 100 photos. We were in Shanghai, right after our run through of Japan. The camera would not snap any more pictures indicating that there was a problem (I don't remember the actual message). In addition, we couldn't view any of the photos we had already taken. We thought at that moment that disaster had struck and we had lost all of our precious photos. A savvier member of our traveling group suggested that I might bring the card to photo/electronics shop, as they might still be able to retrieve the photos from the defective card. So here I am running around Shanghai trying to find the proper place to have surgery done on our flash memory card. We finally found a place, but it wasn't cheap. We paid $145 to retrieve the photos, and except for a few, we were able to salvage most. Considering what we spent for the trip overall, it was worth it. But it was also an expensive lesson. Before entrusting your photos to a flash memory card, make sure that you have purchased it from a reputable dealer. And regardless of where you might have purchased it, test the card before using it. There a number of software applications you can run from your pc to do this. I now use "h2testw" to test my flash cards after purchase and before using. It's a free download, just google to find it. You can also get more info on this problem by googleing "fake flash memory cards". I'm posting this on Amazon, because of a previous poster reviewing and reporting his discovery of the fake card he received from this vendor. This vendor is still here, and apparently still selling this memory card even after the buyer reported it to Amazon. So, let the buyer beware, and do his due diligence when buying these items.
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on December 28, 2010
I received this card, order fulfilled by Amazon, it worked once and then stopped. So I called Kingston, after reading them the number printed on the card Kingston informed me that it was fake.

I contacted Amazon and they told me that they would give me a refund. I told them that this is not enough, because other people are receiving counterfeit merchandise.

Raj, my customer service rep tells me he'll report it and they'll stop selling it. After he told me he'd send me another one...What another fake one?

So if you order this, I would suggest verifying with kingston that it is genuine product before use.
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on September 29, 2008
I didn't see any reviews for this product, so I wanted to let you know that the 8GB (7.4GB usable) works on my BlackBerry 8310.

Interestingly, although the BB showed 8GB with the new card, I only saw 4GB (3.2 or 3.4GB usable) when I first connected to my laptop and the computer asked to format the card when I enabled Mass Storage Mode (I used this mode to drag and drop into the BB). I could only see 4GB on my work computer as well.

However, after standalone reformatting the card (to FAT32) on my friends Compaq both of my computers (and phone) now properly see it as an 8GB card. My computer and phone information is below.

laptop: Win XP Pro w/ BB Desktop Manager
work computer: BB desktop manager with win2k pro
phone: curve 8310 with firmware: v4.2.2.170 and AT&T as provider

I'm looking forward to using the expanded storage!
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on March 8, 2012
I made sure that I purchased this mention only from LLC seller. Not from a third party seller on Amazon.

Although I received the item well before the estimated arrival date, upon receipt I called Kingston to validate the card. After providing them with the various card identification numbers, it was determined that the card was a Counterfeit! It was Fake!
They asked me to contact the seller (Amazon in this case) and get the item returned.
I contacted Amazon the next day, and they were more than happy to have the item returned with free return shipping via UPS. They told me that writing a review is the only way to let Amazon and its customers know about this issue. Hence the review.
Try to avoid purchasing this item.

1 star for the card. 5 star for Amazon's customer service.
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on November 17, 2010
I had the same problem as another poster, got a san disk adapter with a kingston card. The size was 16 gb, but the transfer rate was about 400 KB/S, 3 hours to transfer 1 GB!! Thought I was ordering from amazon, but was filled by a "komputerbay". This smells like a fake card. Attempting to return the card, Amazon tells me it's for money only, can't get a replacement card. All I want is a class 4 16 gb card that WORKS! This is so irritating I can't describe, by far my worst experience with Amazon, I guess it's time to start being careful with orders from them too.
Anyway, stay away from this one unless you feel lucky, I did read the other reviews and it looked all good.
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I purchased this Kingston 8 GB microSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card about 10 months ago. The price I paid was nearly 2x higher than right now, but at least the speed rating was (relatively) honest back then.

One disturbing trend I observed recently is that: many flash memory manufacturers seem to be playing games with speed-class ratings of their cards. By definition, a 'class-4' card means it must sustain a MINIMUM write speed of 4MB/s; a 'class-10' means 10MB/s, and so on. But I have tested some so-called 'class-10' cards (Kingston SD10G2/16GB and PNY P-SDU32G3010-EFS2) which can hardly achieve MAXIMUM 10MB/s under the most favorable test conditions. This Kingston Class-4 microSDHC, on the other hand, performed exceedingly well in my benchmark:

- For smaller files of 1MB to 15MB, this card can achieve write speed between 6.5MB/s and 10MB/s
- For huge file size of 1GB each, its write speed is 9.4MB/s
- The read speed is consistently high at ~16MB/s, regardless of file size

That means this Kinston microSDHC card easily exceeded the requirement of a 'class-4' card. It would probably be called a 'class-6' (or higher) in today's market. I consider it a great value, especially at the present low price of just one buck per GB. I only wish all manufacturers can continue to give honest speed class ratings to their memory cards.

The capacity of this card, as reported by my computer, is only 7.45GB. This is actually normal because computer people define one 'Giga' as "2 to the power 30", which is about 7.4% larger than 1 billion. So 7.45 Giga-Byte comes to just about 8 billion bytes, which means '8GB' to marketing people.
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on January 30, 2008
I bought the Kingston 4gb micro SDHC card for my Blackberry 8830. At the current time, my particular Blackberry cannot accommodate a card larger than 4 gb, due to OS software that is not yet up to speed. The Kingston card is every bit as good as the more popular brands, with the exception of having a lower price. Be aware that using the included SD adapter is great...HOWEVER, if your laptop or desktop SD reader is not rated to read HC (high capacity) cards, then you may not be able to view the contents of the card or make changes using your computer(s). This happened to me, so I purchased a $10 USB SDHC card reader, and now I can use these higher-capacity cards in both my older laptop and desktop SD drives. Of course you can transfer data via a direct connection with your cell phone, for example, but it usually takes longer to do it that way.
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on November 20, 2010
Definetly Not a class 4 and that's according to the several speed tests/benchmarks i ran.write speed was around 2-3MB/s and read speeds fluctuate between 7-11MB/ was no faster than my old class 2 card that came with my EVO.
Also why do I get a Sandisk adapter with a Kingston card???!hmmm...kinda fishy if you ask me.

The item did not come in its original packaging but rather in a small clear plastic case like the off market chinese knockoffs you find on e-bay.
So in conclusion;if you are looking for a speed upgrade to your exisitng class 2 card then do NOT get this will be disappointed...i know i am.
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