Customer Reviews: Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - supports aptX
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on January 25, 2013
I do have some criticism of the BTC450, but I also love it.

I bought the product to use in my car with an iPhone 5. My car already has Bluetooth, but it only supports HFP and not A2DP for music. I use the BTC450 for audio streaming and for a siri button on my dashboard. Although the BTC450 HFP works better than my car's stock bluetooth, I would rather use my car's bluetooth because it displays the caller's name on the navigation screen.

I did extensive research on similar products, and for the price this is the best product I found. Belkin, Gogroove, Scosche, and Griffin all make bluetooth products but they all have their shortcomings. The only product I found that seems better than the BTC450 is Parrot's Mki9000 series lineup. Parrot's lineup seems to outperform the Kinivo, but at a starting price of $150.


1. The BTC450 auto connects. This is huge...especially if you are traveling from place to place. Having to remember to press a button to auto connect every time would be extremely annoying. The only other product that did this was the Griffin Bluetrip, but it lacks accessible buttons.

2. Music sounds amazing. After reading reviews of bluetooth technology and the not so good audio quality this product puts all those worries to rest. I cannot tell the difference between audio quality from a wired connection or bluetooth. The only difference that comes into play is the bass. For some reason the BTC450 overcompensates for the bass which makes it louder. Not a problem because you can always turn it down.

3. Phone quality is superb and outperforms my expectations. Although I rarely use it, but when I do use it I am placing a call with siri. The quality of the call outperforms my car's stock bluetooth.

4. It works great with siri. I read reviews of bluetooth devices not being able to communicate with siri because of microphone quality. Not a problem. The BTC450 handles siri with ease.

5. The design is elegant and simple to use. It looks great in your car. The mounting strip is very strong. I remounted the same strip more than five times. The buttons are easily accessible and seem to be able to hold the test of time. The length of the cord and the car charger were designed meticulously.

6. The last and a deal maker for me is being able to use my car's bluetooth and the BTC450 simultaneously. Initially, I was having problems using both at the same time. Siri wouldn't work, music would skip, and sometimes it wouldn't play. However, I think it had to do with trying to use two devices with the BTC450 at the same time. Unfortunately, you can only use one device at a time and it only auto connects to the last paired device. Fortunately, over the last two days my iphone, the BTC450, and my car's bluetooth have been all working flawlessly together. I can switch between devices while still being connected to both. If music is streaming I can receive or place a call with my car's bluetooth, and when the call is done music will resume playing. I can place a call with siri and transfer it to my car's bluetooth with no problem while music is playing. Once the call is done, music resumes playing.


1. The BTC450 only connects to one device. I read a review in which you could connect two devices simultaneously using different profiles, but after consulting with Kinivo support and trying haplessly myself I could not get it to work. The only other product I found that can do this is Parrot's Mki9100 and 9200 devices. Bummer!

2. As stated before, I was having problems using my car's bluetooth and the BTC450 with my iPhone 5 at the same time. Even after I removed the second device from the equation, for a couple of days it was not working, but over the last two days it has been working great. I am glad it is working because I would have returned the product.

In concluding my review, the BTC450 exceeds expectations and I highly recommend buying this product.

Update 1/13/2014

The BTC450 also works with the iPhone 5S. I have been using the product for a little over a year, and I still stand by my initial review. The BTC450 is so useful in your car. I use it everyday.

Additionally, The USB charger did stop working, and Kinivo replaced the entire device immediately at no cost.

Update 7/29/2014

DMD posted a comment stating Kinivo made a new device supporting two devices. It is called the BTC455. Just wanted to share this information. The link is below.
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on January 24, 2013
I am very pleased with this purchase. Originally I was going to purchase the Belkin model, but the price of it was increased. I decided to purchase this one since it was cheaper and just hope for the best. I am pleased to say that I have been using this for a week now with out any issues. Audio quality is great. The device has a forward and backward track buttons on the top and comes with 2 adhesive pads to mount it to your dash (1 is an extra). The center of the device acts as a large play/stop/call button. Press the center button once to play or stop music, or to answer a call. Press it twice to call the last person you talked to. Pairing the device with my android phones was really easy (just hold the center button down for a couple of seconds). The device is charged through your cigarette lighter, but has a usb input in the back of the charger so you can still charge your phone with a micro usb to usb cable (assuming Droid phone). The microphone on the device seems to work great (I have had no complaints from people regarding the quality of the call on their side). The only minor problem with this device is that only one device can be paired with it at a time.

This device coupled with a Bluetooth Autoconnect app, means I can literally just sit in my car and begin to play music from my Phone without taking it out. This has significantly reduced the cable clutter that used to be required for me to connect my phone. If you have an aux jack in your car and are looking for bluetooth adapter I would definitely suggest this one.

- Forward/Backward track buttons on top
- Easy set up
- Very litter effort to connect to the device each time
- Good Microphone phone
- Excellent Quality and no skipping
- Cheaper than alternative
- Ability to charge your phone and the device at same time
- Relatively small and non-intrusive to add to dash

- Can only pair one device at a time

Update 12/4/13: I've been using one in my car and one in my wife's for almost a year now and they are both still working fine.
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on July 8, 2013
I plugged the device into my car, told me Samsung Galaxy S4 to connect to it and it was working instantly without needing a manual.

No one will ever read this because there are so many better reviews, just want to say I love it, and you probably will too.
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on November 9, 2014
Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit is an essential gadget for those who listen to music or make phone calls in cars without bluetooth built in. By plugging the power jack to the cigarette lighter and another cable to the auxiliary jack, your car becomes bluetooth ready at a very affordable price. While older without an aux jack would need to resort to something like a FM radio transmitter, I had such a pleasant experience with this Kinivo bluetooth kit and would recommend getting this for everyone without hesitating.

Taking each pieces out of the package, I can see the main bluetooth device with a power jack, an extension aux cable in case it doesn’t reach, and adhesive 3M stickers to stick the device on your car. There’s no need for any extra papers since everything was on the box including contact information, great!

By looking closely at the round device, you may be able to tell what the texture feels like. It’s got a rubberized soft touch texture that makes it very pleasant to touch, but is extremely light when held in hand. The round front face has a slight lift, and it’s a multi purpose button that I'll get into in a bit. Previous and Next buttons are located on top of the device, nicely flushed and easily accessible with the index finger when affixed properly.

The nice thing about the power jack is that it comes with another USB jack built in so you can charge another device such as your phone or GPS. This is great because many cars may only have one cigarette lighter and your other gadgets might need some extra juice at times. While I really wish it could output 2A for many power hungry gadgets but it’s definitely better than nothing.

For a car like Honda CR-V, there’s one cigarette lighter in the front bottom, and another jack in the middle console along with an aux jack. Before even untangling the folded up wires, I hooked up each jack and gave it a try. After turning on the car and having bluetooth on, I enabled the discovery mode by holding down on the main Kinivo button for a few seconds until it started blinking in blue and red rapidly. From there, it was in matter of seconds that it showed up on the phone and got connected with two beeps indicating that it’s good to go.

I have absolutely no complaint for the Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit, and that’s how good it is. While it would’ve been even better to have 2A out of that USB jack but streaming music with this over bluetooth works so smoothly and quickly out of the box. With this, you can walk into your car, turn on the engine, and it’ll be connected in a few seconds. Then without even pulling out the phone, pushing the middle button will get your music started, such a piece of cake. In fact, it will connect and play music faster than you can take finish a bite of that cake!

– Reconnects automatically
– USB port available for charging other devices
– Easy buttons (main middle, previous and next track buttons)
– Pleasant aesthetic (rubberized finish)

– None

– 2A output for USB

Check out the full review on Normal Consumer. Thanks for reading!
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on May 2, 2013
I have purchased this based on an extensive review by B. Berkowitz, so I will only add/clarify a couple of points to that great in-depth review.

I have a similar situation, i.e. a car with Bluetooth support, but only for phone calls, with no way of streaming music from my Android smartphone. I wanted to get rid of clumsy audio cabling and listen to music via Bluetooth using the Kinivo adapter, but at the same time continue using the original car BT connection to receive/make phone calls. This dual setup is important, because that way the phone connection works in ALL Radio modes, not only in the AUX mode.

PRO No. 1: The device is fully compliant with this dual-mode configuration.

It is important to emphasize that a BT-enabled smartphone CAN be connected to multiple Blutooth devices simultaneously, and this will be causing no conflicts as far as each device provides a different SERVICE (in Bluetooth lingo each separate service is called a PROFILE). One can easily check all services the device provides going to Settings - Bluetooth (Android) and clicking on the Settings icon (looks like a pinion) located to the right of each device. There are TWO PROFILES available for BTC450: Phone Audio (used for initiating or receiving phone calls) and Media Audio (used for listening to music via Bluetooth). By default BOTH of them are enabled. If one wants to use the adapter for both phone calls and music streaming, both check boxes should be left checked. But if one wants to use car Bluetooth for calls and BTC450 only for music streaming, then it is highly recommended to UNCHECK the first Profile (Phone Audio), so that there are no conflicts among Bluetooth devices. In this case the original car Bluetooth will be the only device servicing phone calls, and BTC450 will only be used for streaming music. As mentioned by B. Berkowitz, both BTC450 and car BT phone connectivity module coexist nicely, but the key here is to disable Phone Audio for BTC450.

PRO No. 2: The device is compact, has no redundant components, and has useful Prev/Next Track buttons. Personally, I think that this simple design is a huge advantage. One really doesn't need a separate display on an aftermarket part which should be as small as possible, and you can always clip your smartphone to the windshield and see all required song-related info there. Also, some people criticize BTC450 for having no backup battery, but in my view it is absolutely redundant in case of car audio, where one always has power when listening to music through the car audio system. While the display or a backup battery are just not needed in real-life situations (just adding weight/cost to the system), the Prev/Next buttons are useful, because it is easier to press one of these compared to reaching for a tiny onscreen button on the smartphone.

In my case the device got connected and started working immediately and effortlessly, and everything is working as expected.

1. In my car the power socket is always on, so I expected the device to be always on, that could potentially result in a quicker battery discharge over time if left plugged in.
In reality the device stayed on while my phone was within reach (including overnight at home, where it was within the reliable connection distance), but when I spent an hour away from the car, the BTC450 actually went to sleep. It didn't create any problems, I just pressed the main button once, and got reconnected immediately.

But this probably means that the device does NOT stay on endlessly when the phone is removed, but rather goes into an energy-saving sleep mode. So one still needs to activate/reconnect it when returning to the car (which is very easy).

For cars where 12V plugs are only switched on together with the ignition this should not be a problem at all, as far as they should be auto-connecting to the phone when powered on.

2. My only minor suggestion is to provide a removable power connector plugged into a separate USB socket. At the moment one has no other choice but to use the 12V connector included, and the BTC450 power connector is attached directly to the 12V adapter. In case smth. happens to the adapter, or one needs an adapter supporting a higher current, this would complicate things. If a standard USB detachable power cable was used for BTC450, any dual-USB car adapter would work...
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on April 15, 2014
So not all cars have Bluetooth, but many have still have AUX jacks. This product is for those cars.

First, it does work as expected, and its design is thoughtful. Plug it in to a 12 volt car plug and it even provides a USB port to charge your phone. The forward and next buttons work fine, and the big button in the simple does what you want: pause, launch Google Now, whatever.

Having said that, the wire from the adapter to the headphone jack is very thin, and unfortunately attenuates background radiation into your music. While I don't have this problem using other hardware or my phone directly via a headphone cable, the Kinivo will have a faint whistle in the background, which can be minimized by keeping the cable away from the dashboard.

For $40, Kinivo should have paid the extra 10 cents for some insulated cabling.
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on March 25, 2015
It was very difficult for me to give this item a star rating because there are a lot of great features but some pretty bad ones as well. So, I have broken down each of the Kinivo's major functions and given them individual star ratings.

Ease of set up: FIVE stars. But you have to have both a cigarette lighter plug in and an aux. cord input. Overall, was incredibly easy to set up with my iPhone 6. Directions are very clear.

Look of product: FOUR stars. There are cords that hang. The cords are black and thin, but they're annoying. However, I do love how small the actual device is. Once it's mounted it blends well, especially with our dash which is black.

Sound quality: TWO stars. Here is where my ratings begin to decline. I wanted so badly for this to sound just like my phone when it is plugged directly into the aux. cord, or a CD, but it doesn't, even though other reviewer's said it does. Because of the bluetooth connection, there is a HORRIBLE high pitch buzzing in the background that gets louder as you turn up the volume in the car. I've learned to turn my phone's volume all the way up to minimize the buzzing, but if you want to listen to music louder than your phone plays, you'll need to adjust the volume in the car. The buzzing is just awful. It's drowned out when songs play, but if a song gets quiet, or when a song ends before the next one plays, it's there and so loud.

Phone quality: ONE star. This is horrible. Because of the buzzing, talking on the phone using this device is absolutely impossible. After trialling many times, I've realized that the person on the other end of the phone can hear me just fine, but I can't hear them. In order for their voice to be loud enough for me to hear, I have to turn the volume WAY up, and that's when the buzzing just becomes unbearable. It sounds like the person I'm talking to is underwater, or at the end of a very long tunnel using a normal voice. Before when I plugged directly into aux. I had no issues with phone calls and made them frequently while driving so that I could be hands free. Now I don't even bother.

Bluetooth connectivity: THREE stars. What is great about the Kinivo is that you can have multiple devices set to pair with it, but it can only play from one at a time. My boyfriend and I both have our iPhones paired with it but when we are in the car together, one of us has to shut it off so that the other can play their phone's music. This doesn't bother me at all. I also love how whenever I start the car, the Kinivo beeps and lets me know that it has successfully connected with my phone, without me having to do anything. That is great. BUT, here is what really bothers me--when I have to make a phone call, after the Kinivo has paired with my iPhone, I tell my phone to use speaker (because of the horrible sound quality) since it automatically defaults to the Kinivo while it's paired. Okay, this is no problem, my phone listens. But here is the problem...when I'm done with the phone call and put my phone back in Kinivo mode to listen to music, the sound doesn't play. It's just silent. The song is playing on my phone and my phone says it is paired with the Kinivo but absolutely NO sound is coming out....aside from the buzzing of course. So I'm left to un-pair, then re-pair which I don't like doing while I'm driving, so I usually just forget about it and don't listen to music for the rest of the ride.

Overall, it's a great idea and SO much more convenient than dealing with a short aux. cord. But at this point, the buzzing is just SO BAD that I don't think it's worth it. I'm a music fanatic and appreciate great sound quality. This product falls very short in the sound category, which I believe is the most important one. I bought this because I had gone through four aux. cords in 13 months and was tired of paying for replacements. Now I'm thinking that is my best bet. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to return my Kinivo or not.

Attached are some pictures of how the Kinivo looks in my 2011 Jeep Liberty.
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on February 13, 2013
After installation of this product I must say I was pretty surprised at well it performs. I've had 2 other BT devices, that did not work as well. I mostly use it for audio streaming....takes calls here and there - Audio streaming, it works perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S3, i get in the car, it starts to play music instantly....not much of a delay. Call quality from seems pretty good, while driving. For the price, this is a no brainer.

I Would recommend this product!

Update: 3/1/13

So with all of the hype about not being able to pair more than 1 device, I have discovered something while playing around with Kinivo device. So you can pair and connect more that one device at a time, the problem is that you cannot pair/connect more that one music device, which seems common with most car Bluetooth devices, included or add-on.

I paired and connected my iPod nano 7th.Gen. device and my mobile phone (SGS3)at the same time. I use the phone connected via BT for call audio only (making/receiving calls) and the iPod for my music (media audio). On the SGS3 under the BT pairing option, I had to uncheck the media audio option, which BT sees as another music device, for this to work.

While both device were connected, audio playing from the iPod, I made a phone call, the music paused while the call was connected, when the call ended, the ipod return playing the music, flawlessly like it should work.

I did run into a problem, when leaving the car and returning later, the Phone seem to always connect for both call audio & media audio, leaving the iPod paired but not connected. Easily enough I had to disconnect the phone's media option, and connect the iPod again. Not a big deal, just can a bit of a hassle. But for an add-on product, for the price, still hard to beat. I'm now FULLY satisfied with this product.
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on July 30, 2014
My Ford Edge doesn't have a super high end sound system. I just have a six disc changer with satellite radio. It does however have a line in port. After being jealous of my wife's car and the bluetooth connectivity she has with her phone I thought it might be nice to find an external bluetooth module to plug into that line in port.

This little module does work. Once my iPhone or iPod Nano are connected I can play content over the stereo. The big button works well as a play/pause button. But, when pressing the button there is a small delay before my devices catch onto the fact that it was pressed.

I have not used it as a speakerphone yet. Mostly because I hate talking on the phone while driving, I'm strange like that.

The unit comes with the button portion which I believe also acts as the microphone. A cord comes off of this and then forks into a 12v plug and audio plug. Thankfully in my Edge the line in jack and a 12v port are close to each other in the center armrest. So I simply run this from the little tray area in front of my shifter back into the armrest.

The annoying part of this module is the fact that my devices do not auto-connect to it. Every time I come back to the car I have to go into the bluetooth settings on whichever device I want to use and manually select this module. That gets annoying. And, if I forget to connect the devices before I start driving I have to wait until I'm someplace safe (like a stoplight) to force a connection.

Once connected I can't complain too much about the sound quality. But, the connection issues have been annoying enough that many times I have simply gone back to using a tethered cable.
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on August 27, 2013
I have a 2003 Honda Accord V6 Coupe and have been considering selling it and getting something new this month; however, this Kinivo Bluetooth Car Kit made all the difference. I had already put $2400 into a rebuilt transmission and had some body work done. My car is pretty nice for its age, but the expenses were piling up, not to mention it didn't have bluetooth like all the new cars. I drove a Ford Focus SE and the bluetooth sync system was awesome. Moving back to the Kinivo, I realized that this would solve my "new tech" problem. I already had a aux in (male) setup to hook into my phone, but it was ugly and I couldn't talk on the phone very well or use the phone while it was plugged in. I simply added a coupler and hooked up the Kinivo. I was up and running in about 45 seconds. I now have a complete phone, navigation, music setup in my car and I am loving it.

I can set my navigation up (I use Waze and Google Maps) with my iPhone 5, and Stream Spotify while I am driving. My nav app automatically lowers the music and tells me where I need to go. Spotify does the same but pauses the music when I need to take a call. It's better than Ford SYNC in my opinion. Also, this was the only bluetooth car kit I could find that has forward and back buttons. This is very convenient when on the road and you need to change a song.

The Kinivo has some great features such as: Play/Pause, Answer/Hang Up with the press of the button. A longer 3 second press will prompt siri and have you ask her a question. If you double click the Kinivo, it will redial the last person you spoke with. It's an awesome gadget and I highly recommend it!

If you want to bring some life back into your old car, or even add it to a new car that doesn't have bluetooth, I would recommend doing so hands down. Heck, the dealership probably charges $1000 for a tech package, that you can put in for $30. Get one today.
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