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on September 8, 2014
The device works great. However, bluetooth is currently 'broken' in Windows 8.1.

You can plug this adapter in, you can connect a bluetooth device (in my case a phone), you can send files TO the device (by right clicking on bluetooth logo in bottom right corner).

If you want to send files from your phone to the computer, it will likely fail. If you google 'Windows 8.1 bluetooth fix', you'll find some hacks that you can do with the registry to get it working as it should. If you don't feel like messing with the registry (or even know what it is), to RECEIVE a file on your pc from your device, you have to first click the bluetooth logo and then click 'receive a file' (which is a step you SHOULDN'T have to do, but you have to). Hope this may help others who are frustrated.

Microsoft really dropped the ball on this one.
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on December 24, 2012
I just got this and the literature with it does not mention Windows 8. Probably because it was produced before that was released or their software was compatible. First, the instructions will tell you to delete the Bluetooth software installed on the computer, I did not do this and had no trouble, just my experience. Also the software on the CD did NOT work with Windows 8, so go to the website [...] where you can download software that works with Win8 OS. The title says update but it also of course downloads the latest drivers you will need for this.

My new HP laptop said that it worked with Bluetooth devices so I had attempted to use it before discovering that just meant that it was capable of doing so when an adapter such as this was installed. It takes up one of your USB ports so you can remove it when not using it and don't have to do anything but plug it back in. If you do have room to leave it plugged in then if you have both USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices I would use the 2.0 port to leave open the 3.0 for other things unless your Bluetooth device dictates otherwise.

The adapter is small and sticks out less than a 1/2 inch from the USB port I have it plugged in to. I have it located to a USB port near my power cord on my laptop which makes it even less of an issue as the power cord sticks out much further and also sort of provides a little protection for this device when both are plugged in. In any case I don't see any issues with it getting damaged when used on a laptop by any physical issues. There is a tiny flashing blue light but is so small and not at the end of the device but close to the USB port it is plugged in to that I don't notice it and it does not bother me, even in the dark.

So far I have just connected two of the Bluetooth headsets that I use with my cell phones. A Blue Ant Q2 and a Plantronics Voyager Pro+. Both of those have connected and worked great.

One thing that I have noticed is that when I attempted to use a second Q2 I have it would not connect. I do not know why. I reset it to have no other devices paired in memory and still no go. When I find my 3rd one of these I will try it but that is the only issue I have had and not yet resolved.

This adapter is small and does not come with any adware or bloatware to worry about, no trying to change your homepage during installation of the driver or any of that to worry about etc.. It is worth the money and is good that it is Bluetooth 4.0 while also being backwards compatible as I have already tired. There are less expensive versions that are 3.0 or less but intentionally buying an obsolete product to save a couple bucks in the fast changing computer world is not worth it in my opinion. This works and for $15 bucks I have no complaints.
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on June 29, 2015
Nice Add-On - - - - - - - - - Except it doesn't work with my I-Luv Blutooth Speaker System.
My Tablet and Smart Phone have no issues connecting to my I-Luv Speaker system; but this is
basically unable to connect.

Running an AMD 3.4 GHx Quad Core
Windows 7 Professional (64-Bit)
8 Feet from the Speaker
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on July 31, 2014
Purchased this device for my HTPC, which has onboard BT. However the BT transmitter is in the back of the PC so connecting with my Logitech wireless keyboard is spotty at best, if not downright frustrating and un-usable.
This device I purchased for the soul purpose of plugging into the front USB on my HTPC hoping to maintain a better signal from my couch.
Installation was pretty straight forward. Per the install instructions I was required to uninstall any previous BT drivers and utilities that were part of the onboard BT system. Then I loaded the disc and ran the installer. After rebooting I plugged the BT adapter in and nothing... Said the hardware was recognized but "undetectable". Settings showed that it was very much broadcasting. Messed around in the device properties for a bit (nothing to change really; it works or doesn't).
Finally I did another system restart... nothing. Then another... and walla! Keyboard connected like nothing ever happened.

So far my keyboard is detectable the instant I pick it up. Range is great and solid and I don't need to wait for it to "see" the BT signal. Its' just always there.
Having the BT adapter in the front is definitely the way to go.

In conclusion: Installation was not a 1,2 process. More like 1,2,3..3 again,4 process but it works now and works great.
For the price I'd recommend it.
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on January 19, 2013
So, I like that it is low profile, it uses a Broadcom chipset (reliable company), and that it works with Windows 8. I have only been using it for two days now though. I am using it with the Kinivo BTH 220 headset. Pairing the two was very easy. Once the headset was in discovery mode I right clicked on the bluetooth logo in the tray and clicked add additional devices. That brought up the devices menu in Windows 8 and then the headset appeared. I clicked on the headset and told it to pair. Done. When I click on the audio icon in my tray it now displays the speaker for my laptop speakers and a pair of headphones for my bluetooth.

The con... setting up the drivers. When I ran the disk it said it was not compatible with Windows 8. I then went to Broadcoms website (as recommended in the book that comes with the device) and downloaded the software. That software ran but gave me an error that it failed to initialize the Windows Bluetooth Stack, please reboot and try again. That does not work. After searching online and reading some recommendations (This has been a common problem with this Broadcom chipset and Windows 7) I discovered that the fixes for Windows 7 do not work on Windows 8. So, after at least 30 minutes now and much frustration, I decided to take the approach I should have done to begin with. I put the disk back in the drive, went to device manager, selected the device and selected Update Driver. I then chose the disk and the x64 folder and hit next. Boom.... installed. After, my computer blue screened due to a driver conflict. After rebooting though, it has run fine. I don't blame that on the device, I blame it on Windows 8.
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on December 3, 2014
Spotty performance when inserted into a USB 3 port, a bit better operation in a USB 2 port.

Random & regular periods of dysfunction requiring powering off the keyboard and the adapter to resume operation.

Using updated drivers from Broadcom on Windows 7 Pro 64B with a Logitech K480 keyboard. Keyboard worked flawlessly with other BT adapters (both built-in and USB like this Kinivo), so this Kinivo is highly suspect...

While somewhat functional, I would be apt to look elsewhere if buying another one. Too much hassle.
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on April 21, 2015
This driver throws intermittent but repeated driver_power_state_failure blue screens that then cause a complete system shutdown. I originally was running Win 8 (32-bit), and now I'm running Win 8.1 (64-bit) and I got the same error. Windows minidump indicated that it is the Kinivo bluetooth dongle drivers causing this issue.

I bought this thing long enough ago that a return is out of the question. Apparently not everyone has this issue, but a quick Google shows that it's not just me that has been having this. I would not recommend this to someone because of this issue.
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on February 16, 2015
I have been through several similar products and had a LOT of issues with those. You might say that I'm fairly tech savvy (I'm a C++/Java programmer, have setup/customized/maintained MANY Windows and Linux PCs, and have done driver troubleshooting before). Anyway, tried to resolve my issues on the other dongles but the problems I was having appeared to be from the drivers. *THIS PRODUCT* (Kinivo) worked pretty much out of the box (technically I installed from CD first and then from the web), on the first try, and I didn't have to do any deep dive troubleshooting. Had my headset working perfectly within minutes of the install! :-D

For my setup, I have full tower pc behind a plasma tv and am mostly using this to pair with a really cheap wireless headset (for chatting while gaming). It is working perfectly with the Kinivo (great sound, great signal, relatively painless setup). Decently fast shipping. Can't think of any cons.

In case, you are trying to decide between other products; here is some more info for reference:
1. Note: I will be using the links (proceeds towards non-profits of your choice). If you don't want to do that, just replace them with

2. My (admittedly cheap) BT headset is an "eForCity® Silver Bluetooth Headset". Amazon page - eForCity® Silver Bluetooth Headset

3. The first BT dongle that I tried (unsuccessfully) and had problems with was a SANOXY USB. IIRC, this was just using the basic Windows bluetooth drivers. Maybe it would have worked fine with a higher end headset... but since I was able to connect headset-to-phone without any sound issues, I'm blaming the drivers on the dongle. Amazon page - SANOXY® USB Bluetooth Wireless Adapter for HP, Gateway, eMachine, Dell or ANY Laptop/PC Running Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 200, XP, Vista & WINDOWS 7

4. The second BT dongle I had tried was the SoundBot SB340. This one had some CSR brand drivers but I also had a lot of problems getting my generic device to work correctly / not have horribly sound quality. Amazon page - SoundBot® SB340 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter Universal Plug and Play Dongle Class 2 Transmitter (Newest Bluetooth Version Available) Ready Adapter w/ 3Mbps Data Transfer Rate and 10 meters Range, Compatible w/ Windows WIN8 WIN7 Vista 2003 XP 2000 Me 32/64 ...

5. I think I could connect and pair under both of the previous options, but I had a lot of problems with sound quality, particularly with white noise. No such problems with the Kinivo (I've already used it on Steam voice chat and my brother reported that I was coming in loud and clear). For the first 2 dongles, I had originally tried from my USB3.0 port which I later discovered USB3.0 can can interference problems with any wireless devices that use the 2.4GHz spectrum. I did try from my USB2.0 port as well, but no luck there either. The only major change since the first 2 is that I replaced my old 2', non-powered USB2 hub with a 6', powered USB2.0 so that it gets out from behind the TV better. This probably helps, but I believe my white noise problems on the other dongles were driver issues as I had also tested with the TV moved out of the way and clear LOS between the headset and the old dongles (and maybe 4-5' away) .

If it works this well for my el cheapo headset, I imagine that you would get even better results with higher end headsets.

I am by no means an audiophile. I probably have a slight hearing problem (too much loud music lol). But I'm not deaf either and I am basing this not only off feedback via a recording app but also live chats with someone at the other end. Hope that helps!
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on March 6, 2015
I stream music all day to the Kinivo BTH3 headphones with no interruptions. Install was seamless. I've connected my phone to to my computer using this before as well and that worked without error. It does the job without issue day after day. For reference, it's connected to my headphones about 8-10 hours a day 5 days a week. I've had this for about 4 months now and have yet to have any problems.
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on November 3, 2015
I am very pleased with how easy it was to setup the Bluetooth dongle to my laptop. It appears to be working great with a new Bluetooth mouse and my IPhone. I would gladly recommend this for anyone who desires to have Bluetooth capabilities on a PC or Laptop that is not already equipped with built in Bluetooth.
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