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on June 18, 2005
If you've played Yoshi Touch & Go for the Nintendo DS then you already have a basic idea of what this Kirby game is like. Kirby will roll automatically, it's up to you to control his movements by touching him and drawing rainbow paths for him to cross.

It will take agility and quick reflexes to safely guide Kirby through all the dangers that await ahead. Younger and inexpereinced gamers might be vexed by the multiple strategies and different ways of control. For example, you can just touch Kirby to make him roll with high speed and knock out enemies, or you can touch the enemy to stun him and then once Kirby hits him he will be taken out.

Multiple unlockable mini-games give you reason to keep on playing once all the levels have been beaten. They range from the tried and true time trail to a memory game where you have to connect the dots in the correct order. These mini games are fun and I must confess I've had more fun with them than the main adventure.

There's no doubt that the touch controls give Kirby a whole new level of interactivity, but make no mistake, this is your standard collect stars-destroy enemies-find hidden items-defeat boss-repeat, type game. If you're a long-time gamer from the 80's like me then you may find the control mechanics aren't enough to hold your interest in this type of game. I've simply played too many of them. Kirby is a stong, polished title but not nearly as innovative with its gameplay as it is with it's control.
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VINE VOICEon June 23, 2005
Kirby's new adventure seems like the completion of the effort put into `Yoshi's Touch and Go' although I actually prefer the control in YTG. Too bad Yoshi's adventure played more like a demo than an actual game and was tragically short. There is quite a bit more control over the main character, Kirby, who can be stopped, sped up and made to launch attacks. Although both the Kirby and Yoshi games involved drawing paths (Yoshi had his clouds and Kirby his painted rainbows), Kirby's path is much more flexible. Kirby can be sent straight up and even loop backwards and made to turn around. In the case of water, drawing the path is reversed as the player needs to paint above Kirby rather than below. It took me awhile to figure out the trick of maneuvering through water. In fact there are a lot of environmental effects that cause the player to have to rethink how they draw including fans, wind and even gravitational fields.

Canvas Curse ramps up gradually from a casual walk in the park to frantic fast paced action in the later levels. It's a game that's easy to pick up and go with but after a few hours the comfort level increases to the point where it becomes very intuitive. Certainly the directional pad or even an analog stick would never be able to perform the subtle twists, turns and loops that Kirby will be performing. In fact I'll go out on a limb and say that no game has ever managed to produce the kind of ballet movement that Kirby is capable of. Occasionally there can be some difficulty in seeing the screen since your hand sometimes obscures the view but it's nothing that destroys the fun.

The core game is rather short and most of the playing time will probably spent collecting coins and opening up unlockables. There are also Time Trials, mini games and Paint Trials. If you bought the DS I can't see a reason not to buy Kirby since the game uses the strength of the DS as well as any game I've seen produced so far.
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on December 4, 2005
All kirby games on different systems have different gameplay styles. on the ds one, the game lets out the gamer's artistic as kirby was turned into a ball by a witches curse. You use your stylus to draw lines for kirby to follow throughout i think 7 exciting worlds. This game always has awsome, fast pace action.

There are also fun little sub games you can play when you get bored of the main game. There are three sub games. Art Attack, Cart run, and block bounce. Each one of these are great fun for anyone.

I have already beaten the game and got alot of the medals, (figure out what medals are when you buy the game) so I don't have to play as kirby, I can play as waddle dee, king dee dee dee, or meda knight.

Overall this is a perfect kirby game and a perfect fit for the DS. I totally recommend this item to an owner of a DS. Even if your not the biggest kirby fan.
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on September 1, 2005
It's been a long time since I've played a game that's fun. I owned a PSP for a short while, it had so many little annoyances, and the games were total rehashes of other games with the exception of lumines, and lumines isn't fun.

So I sold that pile of junk on eBay and bought a Nintendo DS with Kirby. Oh my god. This game is so incredibly fun, fun as in I felt child-like joy at experiencing and playing a NEW game. I played Yoshi later, which most people compare this to, but Yoshi isn't fun.

The controls are simple, tap Kirby to go fast / special move, and draw rainbow lines to steer him. Tap an enemy to stun. That's about it. And yet, the emergent gameplay that evolves is nothing short of amazing.

It's a platformer at heart, and usually they get old quick because it's all been done, but the control scheme completely changes the equation.

I initially thought the touch screen was gimmicky, this game proves that's not the case.

5 stars across the board.
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on June 23, 2005
Although there are tons of really good DS games promised for the future, DS games that take advantage of the touch screen are few and far between. Kirby's Canvas Curse proves just how fun touching can be. Using only the touch screen, you guide Kirby along a rainbow path towards the door at the end of each level. Sounds simple, huh? Well it pick up the controls really quickly and are soon drawing lines, bashing enemies, copying abilities, and evading obstacles. Just when you think the game is smooth sailing, the gameplay becomes more challenging and you need a quick hand to pass the levels.

Each world has three or more level as well as three medals that you can collect. Collecting medals allows to swap them for unlockables, including alternate ink colors, extra units for your life, extra courses that use copy abilities, and much more.

Just when you think you are done with the levels, you're not. After you defeat the boss at the end of the world, the levels are available for play in Rainbow Road. Here you really have to prove your drawing skill in one of 2 options! In Time Trial, you race against the clock to earn medals. In Line Trial you must conserve as much ink as possible to earn medals.

After beating a level two boss, the boss level becomes available in Rainbow Run as a minigame. You can play against the bosses as much as you'd like and try to get top rank.

Overall, Kirby Canvas Curse is a great buy for your Nintendo DS. It takes a simple concept and turns it into a fun and involved game. The level design and increasing difficulty will keep challenging you and Rainbow Run ensures this games replayablity.
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on June 15, 2005
This game actually controls similarly to Yoshi's Touch and Go (for those familiar) in some respects. That game even has a few touches that would be nice in this one (the ability to blow away clouds/rainbows if you mess up rather than waiting for them to disappear). However, while Yoshi's Touch and Go never rises above an excellent control concept wrapped in a mediocre package, Kirby Canvas Curse takes an equally excellent play engine and goes above and beyond in presentation and innovation. While the story isn't exactly brilliant (Kirby follows a nondescript witch into a "weird" vortex where he becomes a ball inside a living painting), this game actually has clever levels and nifty bosses, lots to discover and go back for, and plenty of crafty surprises around every corner. The design team did a truly great job taking its established "laws" of play and bending them in each level in a way that never fails to entertain. Rather than go into minutea, suffice it to say that everything, from the map screen, to the "physics," to the music- all of it- is well designed and implemented. Rising from a dirth of quality DS titles, Kirby Canvas Curse stands out as a must play. It's an experience you won't find anywhere else.
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on June 15, 2005
I say the second must-have because Mario64 DS is the 1st.This game is incredibly fun to control and play. The way the game works is by using the stylus to help Kirby (who has transformed into a ball) maneuver throughout the world by creating bridges, walls, and even loop-de-loops for him. Of course this wouldn't be a Kirby game without the ability to copy enemy moves. Kirby (once defeating certain enemies) can take their special ability and use them to his advantage. There are tons of enemy moves to get that will help you reach certain places or defeat certain enemies easier. This game has it all, beautiful, colorful grapics, an enjoyable soundtrack, and very intuitive,interactive controls. You'd never realize how much fun can be had without using ANY buttons. Great Job Nintendo/HAL Laboratory. If you own a Nintendo DS, GET THIS GAME.
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on March 30, 2007
I am an adult gamer...I haven't really played the previous Kirby games on the GBA but I am familiar with Kirby in general so I got myself Kirby Canvas Curse and was skeptical.

Boy was I wrong! It's an excellent game! You really do use the stylus ALLL the time! I love it! It took me about 3 weeks to beat the game...almost. I've beat it 99.7 percent. I just needed one more medal at the cart run part to be 100 percent complete but the cart run is almost impossible for me to win so I've settled on 99.7 percent since I won everything else.

The game is sure alot of fun with alot of variety of things to do. There's a regular game where you try to get all the medals in all the levels. Then there is another set of game where you have to hurry to beat the time to get medals and another to use less ink as possible to get medals. Such fun! It's not that easy nor too hard. There are some levels where you have to keep trying over and over but I had fun trying.

Now that I've beat it, I've moved onto Kirby Squeak Squad and I feel weird. It's totally different. Kirby Squeak Squad has no stylus use at all which I wasn't used to after Kirby Canvas Curse but after understanding the game and playing a bit I got into it and am loving it as well.

Kirby Canvas Curse and Kirby Squeak Squad are both excellent games in their own right. Hope they come out with more Kirby games in the future.
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on December 26, 2006
If you like to play games, and you like to draw, this is the game for you. You guide kirby around and protect him using your stylus (the little pen in the back of the nintendo ds). Draw circles around him to protect him, draw bridges for him to roll over, and attack enimies by tapping on them! Hours of fun in this little game. I love it! You can never get board with kirby!
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on July 9, 2005
I've gotta say, once you are bored with Mario 64, this is absolutely THE best DS game left. Kirby fans don't shy away from the new control, once you get the hang of the great control scheme this game really looks and feels like a Kirby game, with great control, endlessly vibrant colors and enough extras to keep you coming back for weeks after you beat the game. I think it will take a long time before there is a game better than this one for DS or for PSP. Trust me. Play it.
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