Customer Reviews: KitchenAid Architect Series II KEMS308SSS 30 Microwave Combination Wall Oven, Convection, Self Cln
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on September 5, 2011
First of all, it is extremely stupid to have a convection oven that you cannot set to a temperature and expect it to stay at that temperature, right? That's just intuitive. Well, the idiots at Kitchenaid must think we're all idiots since you have to set the "original recipe" temperature and the recipe time in order for the convection oven to work at all--then if you find you need more time, guess what, you have to do it all again!!

Second, the convection microwave oven is impossible to clean. Any baked on grease must be SCRUBBED off because the convection microwave cannot be used with a lot of heat (burns out the electronics (I guess Kichenaid hasn't heard of insulation)), so it is not SELF CLEANING.

Third, the heating element that comes on with the "crisp" feature cannot be turned on except when using the "crisp" feature. The crisp feature is the only way you can use both microwave and convection together--so you have ZERO control over both the heating element and microwave power...Again, VERY POOR design especially if you WANT TO COOK.

Fourth, none of the "programmed" features work very well with the microwave. Potatoes are undercooked, reheated plates of food are BLASTED into mush, Popcorn is underpopped with a lot of partially popped or non popped kernels.

Fifth, in this century, can you imaging a microwave power of only 900 watts?

What is nice about it? Well, the combination did save us space in the kitchen and we could choose other appliances that "went with it" when we remodeled (that is, the handles all look alike). IMO, that's not enough reason to get this poorly designed and horribly engineered cooking appliance that is nothing more than a larger "easy bake oven". SHAME ON YOU KITCHENAID. NO WONDER AMERICAN APPLIANCE COMPANIES ARE GOING BANKRUPT--YOU ARE THE REASON PEOPLE DON'T BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS.

Just to be clear, we had kitchenaid products for 19 years prior to the remodel. THOSE products actually worked well. This new "Kitchenaid" generation, however, is NOT WELL DESIGNED NOR WELL BUILT. Highly recommend that you "Stay Away" from this product.
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on October 27, 2010
ZERO STARS. I don't know how this can actually happen in the U.S., the most litigious country for nonsensical lawsuits, yet KitchenAid has somehow managed to not have a class action lawsuit filed (that I know of) against them for marketing & selling ovens for years that have a known, documented, non-fixed, built-in flaw that stops if not destroys the oven. It's as easy as Step 1, engage the self cleaning feature Done. Than's it. You've now hit the "self destruct" button on your oven. Your recourse: NONE. Perhaps not enough people have pooled together nor had the where-with-all to sue KitchenAid. My wife engaged the self-clean self-destruct feature of our "SUPERBA" oven for the very first time today. Now the oven is dead. I went online to discover hundreds of stories, cases, reports. KitchenAid, if called, will actually tell you to "not use that feature" and use "Easy Off" instead. Can you imagine if Ford or GM had a button on a car that read "Lock Trunk" but it instead ignited the car? And customer service retorted: "Don't use the trunk." Would there not be lawsuits, recourse, outcry, accountability? Please never ever buy another KitchenAid product again. While researching, I found that their dishwashers have loads of upset people wondering why there is no class action lawsuit on their behalf. BTW: KitchenAid has noted that the term "Heavy Duty" is simply a product name or is not a description of the product's supposed "stronger" fact, the product is not capable of heavy duty. The oven alone, when in self cleaning mode, gets so hot that it blows its own thermostat. Good thing the folks at KitchenAid don't work for Nasa! Of course, that would make them "rocket scientists" and that surely will never be the case. I pray we can get a class action suit off of the ground. How dare any company be allowed to continue to carry on this way.
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on September 16, 2012
We had an expensive small self cleaning wall oven installed in 2008. First time we used the self clean feature the oven failed. Repair man of many years experience told us he has spoken with the engineers about the problem and there is no solution that allows the user to use the self clean feature. The fuse blows damaging the inner workings. Repair man replaced some parts and the oven is usable but we are back to the old days re cleaning. A GE model in the same location lasted with one major repair nearly 20 years. I suspect that wall ovens are especially likely to overheat when as in our case the oven is against a brick wall. Too bad I didn't check first because the Kitchen Aid wall oven seems particularly prone to the problems described here.
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on December 14, 2013
As a customer I bought new 8 years ago. I had to replace the microwave door springs 3 times with repairs costs of $150.00 each. The springs broke again, but we just live with it. The springs are to light duty to hold the heavy door so we don't try to repair any more. Convection heating in the microwave is not engineered well as you can't use it due to food that splatters into the heating element. When you turn it on it smokes something awful. There is no way to access it to clean it. There is more... If you turn on the self-cleaning oven, the oven gets to hot and fries the heating sensor and the oven completely fails to work. This has happened twice before we found out what caused it. Repair cost $300. 00 each time this happened. Now the magnetron heating element has gone out. I estimate $300-$600..00 to repair I am not happy with this brand as it clearly could have been engineered better. As I believe these are simple fixes in the product. In reading the other reviews it clear there is systematic product defect that needs to be addressed. Hope this helps others in making good choices. The cost of a combo unit an the longevity in use you want a brand of quality. Just wish I had this info when we purchased.
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on November 11, 2012
I just read the other reviews and I wish I had read them sooner! I used the self clean feature on my oven last night and now my oven doesn't work. I tried contacting customer service, but they are closed on weekends. I will get more information tomorrow. If what the other reviewers have said is true and using the self clean feature causes the oven to blow a fuse then shame on Kitchenaid!

I am very frustrated!
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on December 3, 2013
I purchased this combo in 2008 along with furnishing my entire kitchen in the Kitchen Aid Architect series. The microwave has been out twice ($520.00), and I have only used the convection microwave feature once because it got much too hot! The oven is now out, both dish drawers have had to be repaired, the refrigerator's ice maker has been repaired....and all of this for appliances that are rarely used! I hardly ever cook, use the microwave and the top dish drawer the most. I also have the gas cooktop and it heats poorly. Done with Kitchen Aid!
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on November 18, 2013
First the hinge in the oven door breaks then after five years use the tension spring in the microwave door breaks. To replace it you need to need to take much more than the door apart to get at one screw that holds the door frame onto the door. The screw is above the vent. The screw could have be moved slightly to the left. Who ever engineered this product must have been paid by the service department. The the oven and microwave work well. But if it breaks you pay.
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on February 13, 2015
They need to change the name of the company to KitchenJunk. I do not use the convection oven for routine cooking, therefore, in the first four years of ownership, I only cooked 2 turkeys on two Thanksgivings. That's it, total. I used the self-clean function the first time, no problem. The second time? The self-clean function destroyed (burned up) the hinges to the tune of a several hundred dollar repair. So, I never used the oven again and now, it doesn't work at all! Motherboard is burned out. Microwave still works.

KitchenJunk needs to be put out of business. My repairman said he can't get a tech on the phone (they just don't answer) and when he does, no one really knows what they're talking about. I will never buy this brand again.
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on November 28, 2013
We installed this or very similar combination oven during kitchen remodel. One nice feature that it takes less space then two separate appliances and have one control panel for both. We have not have problems with oven cleaning (and we've done it multiple times) but in general this appliance was nothing but trouble. The bottom oven is fine, it is functional and holds temperature well. It has thermometer that can be put into the poultry/meat and cook until poultry/meat reaches desired temperature, takes any guessing out of the recipe.

Now the troubles. The microwave can be used as microwave but do not try convection features of top microwave they do not work and if you cook something in top microwave for real, you'll never been able to clean it. Given that you can buy convection oven for $400 and microwave for $100. You overpay ridiculous amount of money for having these two combined. And they are poorly combined to say the least.

The spring inside microwave door has failed 4 times, once a year I buy new one from sears parts, disassemble the door, replace it and next year it breaks again. One day the glass on the bottom oven door just all over sadden without anyone being in the kitchen cracked into small pieces and fell on the floor. Looking at the design of the handle, it is clearly flawed. Each time you open the bottom oven it puts some bending force on the glass in the door, eventually glass give up.

This appliance is the end of my (and my kids) relationship with KitchenAid. I'll never buy anything made by KitchenAid and if asked will recommend to stay away from anything with KitchenAid label.
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on July 23, 2015
A $3200 wall oven ought to be good....Not. Microwave went out in 4-years and no warranty. They boast a 5-year warranty for parts, but read the fine print. Nothing is covered. They should be ashamed for this deception. My repair is $771 and I can buy a countertop microwave for $140. These wall ovens are pretty, but junk. Kitchenaid used to be quality appliances - not any more.
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