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on August 22, 2006
I have celiac disease, which is essentially an allergy to wheat protein, and I've been GF for 5 years now. (Why does that sound like I'm at an AA meeting?) When I first started baking all my own breads, cakes, etc., from scratch, the books said that I needed a bread machine. I bought one and it didn't work so well with the GF "funny flours." A book finally told me to forget about the machine, buy a stand mixer and use the oven. Brilliant!

I bought my Kitchenaid and haven't looked back. I use this thing at least twice a week, sometimes every day. I don't know how I lived without it. My mom just bought one after she saw me calmly measuring stuff and dumping it in while the mixer mixed all by it itself. (She's been suffering with a handheld all these years.) Stand mixers also mix more thoroughly than handhelds. They also can mix chocolate chip cookie dough all the way to the end of the flour additions.

I've had my Kitchenaid for about 5 years now, though 3 moves, and it's still as sturdy and reliable as the day I bought it. The paint is still perfect. Not a scratch. Certainly not a chip. It's beautiful and lustrous. I have Onyx Black. While I like the look of the Onyx a lot, it's obvious if there's a little flour dusting the top of it. This makes it convenient to clean, but if you don't use it very often but do want it out, you might want to choose a lighter color that won't show dust.

Caveat: It's heavy. B/c I use mine so much, I display it on my counter, drag it forward, use it, wipe it off with a damp rag, and push it back. (And wash the bowl, of course.) But it's worth it's weight in gold. They are a lovely appliance. Not like a frumpy toaster.

Also, a previous review somewhere said that it left dry ingredients in the bottom of the bowl and didn't incorporate them. There's an adjustment screw that you have to fine-tune before you use it. Instructions are in the booklet. I adjusted mine before I used it for the first time (I compulsively read instructions,) and never had that problem.

Buy yourself a proper mixer. You'll be so glad you did.

TK Kenyon
Author of Rabid: A Novel and Callous: A Novel
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on October 11, 2002
I shopped around a long time before I bought this mixer. Based on other reviews and the great reputation of KitchenAid, I finally took the plunge. While it's a lot of money to shell out for a countertop appliance, I've found that it's been worth every last cent. No more scraping the sides of the bowl with a spatula, no more unmixed flour in the bottom of the bowl, and it is pretty and sleek enough that I can keep it sitting on my counter!
The pouring shield makes it easy to dump ingredients in, and not get them poofed back in your face! I occasionally whip up batches of decorator's cake icing, which requires 2 pounds of confectioner's sugar. On my old mixer, everything within a 1-yard radius of the mixer would be covered in with a layer of sugar. Not any more. The pouring sheild keeps the mess contained to the bowl and the underside of the mixer head. I wanted a mixer with a tilt-up head instead of the bowl-lift mechanism on other KitchenAid models. It's designed well so that tilting the head back doesn't even knock the pouring shield off with the beater.
I make a lot of focaccia bread, and mave always hated the 10 minutes of hand kneading. So I dumped the dough in my kitchen aid and ran it at the lowest speed with the dough hook. It came out beautifully. Not sure how I ever lived without this.
The only problem is that with the black model, it ends up looking a little streaky if you just wipe it down with a sponge. Be sure to wipe it dry, too! My boyfriend, the cuisinally challenged, put the regular beater attachment through the dishwasher, and it came out with some sort of powdery-looking deposits all over it. Working on getting that cleaned off.
Overall, I would highly recommend the Artisan mixer. It's powerful enough for the heftiest mixing jobs, and was thoughfully designed with the practical cook in mind.
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on October 7, 2004
First, the mixer works great. Everything most home-bakers could ever want. But I strongly suggest you select a smooth finish. I got the Krinkle Gray. (Don't know if thats still available.) It looks very 'professional', but it's hard to keep clean. After the first batch of bread dough, the mixer was nearly white, and it took some serious scrubbing to get the flour off the textured surface.

As to the mechanics of the mixer itself, very few complaints. The tilt-head makes it possible to remove the bowl without dismantling the beater (unlike the lift-bowl models). I mainly use the dough hook, and have found that the motor tends to bog down just a bit on extremely heavy doughs. But as I always do the final kneading by hand anyway, its not a major issue; just a little more hand work.

If I ever buy another stand mixer, it will definately be a KitchenAid. Thing is, this mixer will probably outlast me by decades.
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on January 29, 2007
I ordered this for my wife as an x-mas gift. I normally wouldn't have given an appliance as a gift but she really wanted one and suggested it. Thinking it would be similar in quality and reputation as one her mother and grandmother had, we were both disappointed.

After getting the mixer out of the box and cleaning the bowl and mixing attachements, we put in a couple of eggs and added the wisk attachment. The recipe called for beating the eggs before other things went in. When we turned on the mixer it had a very loud squeaking noise. It sounded horrible and hurt our ears. We tried it at different speeds but got the same results. It sounded like metal scraping against metal without anything to reduce the friction.

Kitchen Aid was great at sending us a new one. They had me hold the phone to the mixer while I turned it on. I told the lady from Kitchen Aid that I was shocked but she took it in stride and said that it happens often.

The new mixer arrived 6 weeks later. They were back-ordered on all colors. We ended up getting a color that my wife didn't really want in order to get it sooner. The new mixer doesn't squeak when you turn it on but it does make a horrible grinding noise at the two lowest speeds. It seized up 30 seconds later without mixing a single recipe.

I know that a lot of people love these mixers based on their previous reputations. My advice to you would be to keep the receipt as you'll likely be returning it. Also note that Kitchen Aid is known to post reviews here in favor of itself. Be wary of reviewers who refuse to post under their real name. I'm a real customer, not an employee being paid to write reviews.

What a disappointment!!
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on May 11, 2004
I got this mixer for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it!
The first thing that's great about it is how stylish it is, and how great it looks on my counter. Everyone who comes to my apartment always comments on how beautiful it is, and I've found myself buying other kitchen gadgets to match it.
The second thing that's really great is how solid, heavy, and well made this thing is. It sits firmly on the counter and tears through most things I've mixed in it easily. It does tend to "walk" around a bit when kneading bread dough, but that just requires keeping an eye on it. Even the bowl, paddle, whisk and dough hook are heavy and solid. I was also impressed with the KitchenAid warranty and reputation.
Now, the really important thing - the exceptionally great job this thing does mixing. So far I've used it to make many batches of cookies, and loaves of bread (it's got the capacity for two sandwich sized loaves at a time - any more than that and I think it would splash flour around), twice backed potatoes, and muffins, and I've used the whisk to make meringue and angel food cake. I've used it for just about everything I bake, and not only does it do a better job than either hand stirring, a hand beater, or my old stand mixer, it's faster and easier to boot. I think where this baby really shines is the bread. The powerful motor can handle kneading the sticky bread dough for 8 minutes at a time, and the dough comes out perfect. One thing I especially like is the fact that Rose Levy Berenbaum's "The Bread Bible" gives mixing times and speed setting for KitchenAid mixers specifically. That book was probably the deciding factor in my desire for this mixer.
If I could give this mixer 10/5 stars, I would. It really is an outstanding peice of kitchen hardware.
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on March 10, 2008
I was excited to own the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer. Several of my friends own this Kitchen Aid Mixer. Also, many of the Food Network cooks use this mixer. I used the mixer a few times the first year after I purchased it.
Due to an unfortunate situation, I didn't bake or use my Kitchen Aid Mixer from Feb. 2007 until Feb. 2008. The mixer sat idle. When I tried to use it this year, the motor would only work on high settings and then for only a few seconds. I contacted Kitchen Aid and they reminded me that my warranty is over. I explained the mixer was hardly used. It seems like I really got a bad product. Kitchen Aid states that they stand behind their products. They didn't do well with this one. I wish I hadn't thrown away my very old mixer of 30 plus years, made by another manufacturer. It still worked.
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on June 3, 2013
I loved this mixer until today. I have owned it for barely 2 yrs and have used it no more than a dozen times since I don't do much cooking. Today I turned it on (or tried to) to mix a cake, and it would not run. The help line told me that a module has probably gone out and it will cost me $32.50 for round trip shipping to have them diagnose and give be a repair estimate. If I decide the estimate is more than I want to pay, it will cost me another $25 for their diagnosis.

KitchenAid used to be an excellent product, but after a similar experience with one of their coffee makers, this is my last KitchenAid product. Unfortunately, Sunbeam is no longer in business. My mother-in-law's mixmaster is still working after about 50 yrs of use.
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on October 30, 2002
I've been in food service for twenty years and have used commercial mixers on a daily basis. I finally decided to buy one myself and chose the Artisan series Kitchen Aid. What a treat! It gets the job done, no messing around, no fiddling with ingredients. It's quiet and powerful and just...does it! I'm 37 and have complete confidence in this mixer outlasting me. Is it expensive? Yes, it is. But its worth every single penny and will pay for itself, many times over.
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on August 27, 2015
I recently moved into my own apartment for the first time and was blessed to be gifted with a beautiful Ice blue Artisan KA mixer by my employers. My mom is a professional baker and has two KA mixers, one that's over 10 years old and one thats about 6 years old. Neither have ever given her any problems and are still going strong, so even though I've heard KA isn't what it once was, I had high hopes.
Immediately upon opening my brand new mixer I could see two (very very tiny) dents in the body of the mixer. I noticed them but they were so small that at the time I shrugged it off. Upon testing the mixer out was so disappointed. The switch that changes speed was so stiff it felt stuck, and I had to use 2 hands to change the speed. There was a horrible unusual grinding sound coming from the motor, most audible in the lowest speed. Even my boyfriend, who knows nothing about mixers, said it sounded broken. And to top it off, the whisk attachment was covered in what must have been grease (you can see this sticky white film on the beater in my photo).
I had such high hopes for my new beautiful mixer, and was so let down! I will be exchanging it for another ASAP...I will update this review when that happens.

UPDATE: I exchanged my mixer. This mixer performs much better but there is still a grinding sound when it hits one certain speed, AND there are several body imperfections. There is a nick out of the paint on one side, and a scratch in the paint on the top. The band that goes around the body that says "Kitchenaid" also doesn't fit properly and sticks out a little bit toward the back. This one is going back AGAIN!! I am so so disappointed in you KitchenAid! Unless Bed Bath and Beyond (where these have been from) are purposefully selling returns/rejects of some kind, then the quality really has gone downhill! Will update again when I get ANOTHER replacement.

UPDATE: Kitchenaid customer service was wonderful and sent me a replacement immediately. The mixer they sent me works wonderfully and has no defects. I'm now left wondering if Bed Bath and Beyond was purposefully selling defective mixers? I can see no other explanation. Raising my rating to 2 stars and will raise it again as long as this mixer earns such a rating down the road.
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on December 11, 2003
This mixer is one quality machine! Most people use the phrase "built like a tank" to describe it, and there's a lot of truth in that. It's the Volvo of stand mixers. It will probably outlast you! I love my mixer and have had no problems whatsoever with it. I'm so glad I bought it. It seemed frivolous at the time even though it was on sale, but it has served me well. This makes cooking so easy, you will throw out your hand mixer!
You have to be careful to wash and dry the metal attachments immediately, otherwise they discolor. While the stand mixer is pictured with a "pouring shield", there was no pouring shield in the box with my mixer. I'm sure I could have complained to Kitchen Aid and they would have sent one out immediately, but I really didn't buy the mixer for the pouring shield. I have been able to live quite happily without it.
Also, for the reviewer that was having problems getting the paddle to reach the ingredients at the bottom of the bowl: If you tilt the mixer head back, there is a screw at the crook there. If you tighten the screw the paddle moves up, loosen it and it will move down. This will allow you to adjust the paddle to reach the bottom of the work bowl. Good luck!
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