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on December 11, 2010
Great size. Great controls. Originally we had the top-ranked Cuisinart brand with digital controls that did NOT turn itself off. With kids in the house it was a safety issue. Unsurprisingly, that other oven melted its own power cable when it didn't turn itself off. THIS unit is just as large, has great controls AND turns itself off.

The toaster function works very well, and the settings are accurate: medium is medium, etc. We've also noticed that this convection oven is SO MUCH Quieter than the other top-ranked model we owned.

Another GREAT function is the ability to clean the crumb pan FROM THE FRONT. Our last oven could only be cleaned by turning the oven around on the counter to access the crumb pan. On this oven the crumb pan can be pulled right out behind the front door.

It comes with two shelves in case you need them, and it also comes with a VERY STURDY broiler pan. We were surprised at the quality of the accessory pan.

1) With kids in the house the auto-shutoff is a MUST-HAVE.
2) It is very easy to clean
3) Size is fantastic
4) Controls are good. Heat is even and accurate.
5) Pan accessories are high quality.

Buy one today!!
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on December 9, 2010
I bought this last weekend at a local store. The convection toaster is very stylish and the dials feel solid. It actually comes with two racks and since it is a convection oven you can bake two 12" pizzas at the same time. We tried it with a 12" pizza and fries and it came out perfect. We have a Fridgidaire convection oven but we plan on using this more often as it heats up very quickly and uses less energy.

The first unit I got made a very loud and annoying humming like the convection fan was not aligned. I returned it and the second one is very quiet and barely noticable.
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on November 23, 2010
This counter top convection oven does a great job of baking and broiling. Convection baking takes either lower temperatures or less time. But the results are good. Have not tried the toaster function yet.The oven is sturdy and not flimsy like some other table top ovens that I looked at. A quality product. The dials are easy to use and the timer is a nice feeture.
I would recommend to a friend
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on July 4, 2011
HOW TO REPAIR: My THIRD free replacement oven died the same as the others - no power - but this one did last just over a year, so no more free replacements. In case you are qualified to work on electrical appliances, here is how I repaired it quite easily. USE THESE UNSAFE INSTRUCTIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Remove the cover and unplug all the wires from the cheap little made-in-china circuit board. Make a note of which wire is plugged into TIMER IN (labeled on the circuit board, right next to the white relay). Connect this wire permanently to the black (hot) wire coming from the plug (I crimped their connectors together with pliers and taped it). Make sure all others removed connectors are safely stowed/taped but left unconnected. The oven should now work normally in most modes, but perhaps not broil. However, it now has NO SAFETY SWITCH, which prevents fire in case it doesn't shut off as it should. To replace this, I used a 'Woods 59008 Decora Style 60-30-20-10 Minute Preset Wall Switch Timer' (I wired it into an outlet box with an extension cord). So I turn on the wall timer, then turn on the oven timer. The wall timer works as a failsafe. So with the cheap transistor circuit completely removed, the oven works fine, and cycles normally with the thermostat. Should last years. Thanks KitchenAid!

ANOTHER UPDATE: After about 6 months, the replacement stopped working too. So now I'm on my THIRD one of these. Clearly KitchenAid has quality control problems. At this rate I'll be getting free ovens for the rest of my life from them (since each replacement comes with a full warranty). This one had a similar problem - I think they have a kill switch in it that shuts it off after its been on for too long, but this kill switch malfunctions (by design?) after a certain number of uses and then you have an oven that doesn't turn on. I probably use this more than average so I don't make it a year. Nice quality!

UPDATE: After 4 months THIS OVEN STOPPED WORKING - would lose power once it heated up and often would not turn back on until it cooled down. I used the oven 2-3 times a day, so my guess is the planned obsolescence circuit thought my year warranty must be up already (ha ha on them). KitchenAid offered advanced replacement but shipped it to an incomplete address causing a hassle to their 'hassle free returns'. Replacement oven is clearly refurbished - fingerprints, dents, minor scratches. To their credit, they do offer a full one year warranty on the replacement. Too bad their quality has dropped so much that they can't make an oven that lasts longer than 4 months.

My original review is below...

PROS: Nice looking. Controls are simple. Nice large, deep, enamel-on-steel baking pan (enamel is the healthiest kind of pan unlike poisonous aluminum or non-stick). Nice large glass door. Good size - with the two supplied racks you can cram a lot in there. Nice covers over the heating elements - keeps them clean and protects potholders from burning. Easy to slide out and clean crumb tray.

CONS: Heating element is too low wattage - as a result this oven takes longer than my old non-convection Oster oven and I have to set the temp higher. Fairly slow to warm up but once it's going it cooks well and evenly. Toast is also slow but does well. This would have been a great oven if they hadn't gone cheap on the heating element. Also, after a couple weeks of use the fan on this unit now sounds like a truck engine - pretty poor quality control. The knobs are a cheap plastic but thus far are okay. The baking pan arrived with a small dent and chip in the enamel, even though the box was undamaged, but it's on the rim not where food contacts it.

TIPS: Like most ovens it gives off terrible fumes when first used. I put it outside (sunny day only!), set it for max temp, and let it run for an hour to burn off the fumes. Then I aired it out and brought it inside and the odor was reasonable after that.

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on May 30, 2011
I replaced an old (but still working) Black & Decker toaster oven, expecting superior performance from this much more expensive KitchenAid oven, but after several months of use this oven has its own performance issues that have me only giving this 3 stars. The markings on the dials are surprisingly difficult to read. It's also very easy to get burned by the door frame on this unit. From Day One my unit had a hot spot in the left rear corner - the same exact problem as my much cheaper B&D oven! So frustrating. For $100+ bucks I shouldn't have to turn the tray partway thru baking. Pros are that this oven is very attractive on the countertop and does not have the pullout hooks on the door that I had grown to hate on my old B&D oven. This oven does a fine job with baking/roasting items which are unaffected by the hot spot. Yesterday I roasted a small turkey breast in the oven and it worked fine. If I had it to do over though, I wouldn't pay this kind of money for this unit again. Yes, it's a KitchenAid, but you're paying for the name. The unit doesn't perform much better (if at all) than my old Black and Decker.

June 2013 update: I cannot in good faith let anyone order this for $129.95 (today's price) without once more beseeching you to resist the pull of that KitchenAid name. In my opinion this oven is SO NOT WORTH this kind of money. Now enjoying a Waring convection toaster oven (that I paid less than $50 for), you could not pay me to go back to this KitchenAid oven. For the money I paid for it several years ago, it's in the top 5 of my most disappointing kitchen appliance purchases.
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on January 22, 2014
Bought this unit because of the name - Kitchen Aid, I mistakenly was under the illusion that it was better quality and paid the much higher price for a toaster oven believing it would be a quality product. It is NOT! Lasted 17 months ... now the ONLY thing it will do is work on the "toast" function, which in my opinion is very poor, dries the bread out to cardboard before it browns it. DO NOT BUY this unit! I just disassembled it and removed the outer metal case.... a terminal on the top control is MELTED (has a black wire that feeds down to a small logic board), the rubber insulating boot that covered the terminal is melted and burnt. Glad the thing didn't catch on fire!!

UPDATE: called Kitchenaid and even though I had the unit for 17 months and technically was out of warranty, I expressed my concern of a "fire hazard" due to the melted contacts .. they are replacing it at NO CHARGE and I have to return the faulty device with a PREPAID return,
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on October 17, 2011
I purchased this KitchenAid oven for its convection features & larger capacity. Unfortunately, it's now broken after 8 months of daily use. But I've grown to dislike this oven for several reasons:
* Four dials: 1 Function (Toast, Warm, Bake, Broil); 2 Temperature; 3 Baking Timer; 4 Toast Timer. Unnecessarily complicated. I missed just turning on the oven with one dial or one button.
* If you forget to set the Function dial to the proper task, the oven doesn't turn on. For example, if you have the Function dial set on "Bake" and then turn on the Toast Timer to make toast, you'll come back 5 minutes later to a cold oven, because to make toast, the Function dial needs to be set on "Toast." Sure, after some time you'll get use to it, but there's a learning curve and even an experienced user is going to forget to set the Function dial first. Irritating when you're rushed in the morning and trying to make the kids' breakfast.
* Inneffectual toaster - it took a long time to make toast and the toast did not brown evenly.
* My husband and I both burned ourselves several times on the edges of the stainless steel door.
* BROKEN AFTER 8 MONTHS - we used the oven several times daily, mostly for toast (though we also use it for frozen pizza, fries, bacon, & rolls). Now, ironically, the toaster function is broken. I set the Function dial to "Toast," turn on the toast timer, and nothing happens, the oven refuses to turn on. I can still make toast in a process that involves using the "Broil" function & turning the bread manually, but do I really want to bother? Now that I've been doing it for 2 weeks straight, the answer is a definitive "NO." It's a big pain in the rear.

For those who are still interested in this oven, its redeeming qualities:
* Appearance - an attractive appliance, with a well-designed exterior and nice stainless steel finish
* Capacity - I was able to roast a small chicken in it (though it barely fit - it brushed against the top heating element on its way in)
* Easy access to crumb tray
* Quiet convection fan
* "Warm" function holds hot foods nicely

I guess I should have spent the bucks for the Breville oven to begin with because now I'm out a hundred bucks for a toaster oven that lasted less than a year (I notice now that the price is thirty dollars higher, I must have bought it when it was on sale). I've noticed the lifespans of all my appliances are getting shorter. No longer do they last 10-15 years like my little ten-dollar hand mixer. Now, you're lucky if you get 5 years out of an appliance.

UPDATE 11-29-12: I've noticed quite a few reviews stating this KitchenAid oven breaks down within a year. STAY AWAY! Since then, I bought the Breville (using a coupon at BB&B), and love it.
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on October 19, 2011
There must be a better way to take one of these for a test drive before purchase. I examined reviews of countertop ovens with convection and without convection for several weeks. Cost was not much of a factor. Value was. I was more than happy to pay $300 if worth it. This is an important appliance. Never be penny-wise pound-foolish on something you are going to have performance expectations about every day. I finally just made a decision and went with this.

First impressions on my counter--not in the store. It looks very attractive. Metal/stainless on all sides. I thought it might be an eyesore on the counter, but it is not. It is not monstrous like so many others that had a larger capacity. It is smaller than my microwave.

Performance. Initial temperature settings were reasonably accurate with the oven's temp dial---sometimes on the money. I used an internal oven temp gage to test. However, this changed after after test #3 in which there was a variation of over 50 degrees! In other words, the temp fluctuated during baking, and it did this no matter how much I dinked with the dial.

I baked cookies, a pizza, a moderate-sized roast, and toast on my first night with it. Cooking results were good. I was pleased with this. However, even with cookies, the right side of the rack would come off the track every time I pulled it out. Upon examination, it seems to fit well, but I think something happens to the oven wall with the heat. Several times, I pulled the rack out, and it fell off the track on the right side. Yes, it did this with the much heavier roast even though I was very careful. This is NOT good, scary, and perhaps dangerous. I could imagine a quiche spilling out all over. This is the primary reason why I shall return this oven. I do not think this is a manufacturing defect but a design one. I will experiment a few more times, but I'm not expecting this to change at this point.

Other issues that I read about but thought not important now are: (1)I do not trust the temp gage; 2)There is no light and that would really be useful; I found myself frequently opening the oven to examine how baking was progressing as I could not see from the glass door; (3)The aluminum dials are difficult to read; (4)The toaster timer is annoyingly very loud; (5)The door does not open completely flat; (6) you can't bake without convection; and (7)The toaster does take forever there truly is no comparison to even a basic $15 toaster.

That said, I'm not sure what to do now. There were issues with every model that I looked at. I feel as if I will trade one set of issues with another brand. Sad, this oven model is very attractive at any price point. I do think the actual oven works better than "OK" and that is the most important outcome. However, that darn rack coming off is just not going to cut it.
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on August 22, 2011
Mine lit on fire within the first few minutes of running it. For those who want to chance it, I'd recommend placing it far away from anything flammable (or even use outside first) and watch it vigilantly the first few uses. Thankfully I noticed the smoke, waited, observed as it caught fire, then doused it. I took it outside, tried again and the upper back burner re-lit and continued to produce flames.
I'll admit that I actually read the other review that said their unit caught on fire and thought 'yeah, maybe there was something too close to the heat source- i'll give it a shot'. To the credit of the manufacturer they are replacing it and getting the unit back to figure out why this one caught on fire.. but I'd guess these aren't the only two instances... so be careful if you decide to buy this!!
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on March 3, 2012
I did a lot of research before I bought my KitchenAid Convection Countertop Oven. This is the second one I have owned. I sold the first when I moved a few years ago and finally got around to replacing it. I use my convection oven for baking. Your bread, cookies, and cakes will be so much better and cook about a third faster in a convection oven. They're also great for cooking frozen pizza.

A word to all the people who are unhappy because their convection oven is a slow or not-so-good toaster. Well, it will make toast but honestly, get a toaster or a toaster oven. Toast is not a strong point for convection ovens. In my opinion a convection oven is the wrong tool for making toast and it's not a good reason to buy one.
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