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on October 27, 2000
The pouring shield is a definite convenience on my mixer, making it easy to add both wet and dry ingredients without stopping the mixing process and raising the beater, whisk, or dough hook. It removes extremely easily from the bowl once you figure the trick of getting it on an off, and it cleans quickly with a swipe of hot, soapy water or a run through the dishwasher, much like all Kitchen Aid mixer attachments.
I'm a little torn on the rating. I'd like to give it four stars, but I've only given the shield three stars because of a few inconveniences listed below. I'm happy it came free of charge with my mixer and I would probably buy another if mine ever became damaged. For someone without the pouring shield, I would certainly recommend they consider buying it, but with the following things kept in mind...
I've found that when making anything, be it bread or cookies or whathaveyou, you really should consider adding absolutely no more than 1/2 cup (dry US measure) of ingredients at a time to the bowl. Best if you add less to the bowl a few more times. Every time I've made bread, if I try adding 1/2 cup flour or more during the last mixing stage, even the low speed of 2 results in ingredients splattered up onto and under the pouring shield.
In addition, the convenient separability of the pouring shield can fast become an inconvenience if you're not careful. If anything splashes, I've found that it splashes right into the little hinges that make the pouring shield separateable from itself. Once your ingredients are in the hinges, they're down the side of the bowl, onto your countertop, and probably onto you.
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on December 30, 2000
I've gotta say, I really think this thing is more trouble than its worth. My mom bought this for me, and it rarely got used. Somewhere along the line, she forgot she gave me the first one, and bought me another one. So the older one sits in the cupboard looking very lonely keeping the second one company - still in its box. Here's why: first off, the shield comes in two sections, and they aren't all that easy to attach to one another. Now you would think that if they don't go together easily, at least they'd STAY together, right? Nope. Mine keep coming apart. Now, if you get the bowl pretty full, say with a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough, forget it - the thing is utterly useless. Once the dough rides up in the bowl, the shield becomes dislodged, making you want to chuck it out the nearest window. I like that it keeps the flour out of the entire kitchen if you add it while the mixer is going - but it gets stuck in the little "ramp" anyway, making you shove it all down with a rubber scraper. It would also be nice for something liquid and particularly sloppy. But all in all, I find it a waste of time and money. Fortunately it was my mom's money, not mine. (By the way, she has one and loves it. Can't figure out WHY exactly, because she has the same complaints I do. She just must like washing a couple more dishes...) If you want to spend money on a USEFUL Kitchenaid accesory, buy an extra bowl - one with a handle, and a set of lids.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon November 18, 2000
This is a cool feature for this mixer.

I use it with mashed potatoes and chocolate chip cookies. It is essential, if you want to whip mashed potatoes and keep them in the bowl. With chocolate chip cookies the batter is so thick if you didn't have this on when you were adding the chips, they would wind up in orbit.

I find this guard easy to put on and easy to use.

The ramp for ingredients makes it handy to add stuff on the fly. It would be nicer if this feature had a wider opening and was steeper angled. I find I often had to push stuff down it. Also, when adding flour from another bowl, it was tricky to narrow the flow down enough to meet the width of this chute opening.

My pouring shield did not come with the mixer, I bought it separate, at that time for $14.00, which I thought was pretty pricey for a piece of plastic. However, when you use a mixer of this capability, you really need it.

Occassionally, if you over fill the bowl, it will lift this guard right off. It is held on by gravity alone, which generally is enough. It is a guard, not something that makes the mixer idiot proof and sometimes I'm that idiot that pushes the limit.

I posted this review over 10 years ago...Yikes. But, I stand corrected. Technically the shield does not stay in place by gravity alone. If you have the right and left sections properly assembled, there is a snug fit with the top of the bowl. However, this is only that; a snug fit and gravity keeping this shield in place. Heavy batter or a fuller bowl can relatively easily lift this shield up. I find the shield mostly keeps in just added flour which has a tendency to fly up. The chute on the shield is most helpful when gradually adding ingredients. You need to use a spatula, to get that last bit in the bowl though. Since this addition is so much later than my previous review, I would like to point out, both shield and mixer are still going strong.
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on June 25, 2001
I used this "Pouring Shield" before my sister (who owned the kitchenAid mixer) moved out, and now I'm deciding whether to buy a KA mixer of my own, but in any case, I don't think I will purchase this "Pouring Shield". I ran into two problems with this product: 1, It comes apart too easily, which can be a nuisance when trying to lift it temporarily so as to reach in with a spatula to scrape down any unmixed ingredients from the sides of the bowl. And 2, it has an inexplicable gap in the lip at the back of the shield which allows stuff to spray out the back onto the mixer, the surrounding counter and the bottom of the cabinets over the mixer. (The gap seems inexplicable to me because it's not as if the edge of the bowl is anywhere near to touching the post of the mixer).
Now, my mother has had a KA mixer since I was in high school and it had a "Pouring Shield" that was in one piece (thus eliminating the falling apart problem) and it didn't have that gap in the lip at the rear, so it worked very well for our purposes. I wish the KitchenAid company would start making the old ones again.
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on February 5, 2003
Got this item for my mixer but it doesn't work as well as I thought it would. Of course, as my husband says, I can't boil water without destroying the kitchen so it could be just me...
I like that the shield comes apart in two pieces; I can store it inside the mixer bowls when not in use, I sometimes forget the shield before I start but can hook it on without having to remove the beater and, in two pieces, it fits in the dishwasher better for clean up.
However, it is tricky to hook it together if don't put it on 'before' you start mixing -- taking it off is a breeze though. For me, the opening is still on the narrow side so that I usually spill down at least one side (especially flour) although not nearly as much as before. And often you have to push the ingredients off the spout into the bowl with a spatula.
If you are a super messy cook like me then this item may be good for you. If you're not then I wouldn't bother with it at all.
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on May 21, 2004
I can't actually say how well this product works, because I didn't get to use it. The information above states that it fits all 4 1/2 and 5 quart KitchenAid stand mixers, but in fact it does not, and this is Amazon's mistake, not KitchenAid's When I recieved it, I found that it is much too small for my KV25GOX model mixer. When I looked at the box to see if I had made a mistake, I found that it clearly states that this accessory fits all 4 1/2 and 5 quart stand mixers *except* model KV. So if you're still interested in this product, make sure it's compatible before you spend your money.
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on November 20, 2001
everything that the others said is true! it falls apart it wont stay put. The person who likes theirs must have gotten a "defective" one in that it works the way it's supposed to for her(?) I have had better luck keeping things in the bowl by just going at lower speeds then slowly increasing and things don't splatter. Otherwise I use a damp handtowel like I did with my mother's ancient kitchenaide, which by the way is still gowing strong!
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on March 16, 2006
The professional 5 qt. series has a wider bowl than the regular 5 quart. I was given no info. that it would not fit this model. I was dissapointed as I feel this attachment would be helpful
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on November 2, 2001
After reading the reviews on Amazon for the pouring shield I was pretty sure I wasn't going to purchase one. But I really wanted to have some way of keeping the flour/ingredients from getting all over the kitchen. Without the pouring shield I find that when adding flouring into the bowl while mixing it is really hard to get it in easily while the dough hook, etc. is moving around. So I broke down and purchased one and I'm actually very happy with it. I am pleased with how the flour/dry and wet ingredients can be slowly added down the shoot--I use a measuring cup and slowly release/pour it onto the shoot. Even if it takes a while to get the ingredients in, it is a smoother process than without the shield--and a lot of recipes call for adding ingredients in slowly. Also, I don't find it that complicated to put it together so that hasn't been a problem. I like the assurance of knowing the ingredients are staying in the bowl!!
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on October 11, 2006
I wanted a shield to allow easy addition of ingredients to the mixer, but this one is not designed well enough to facilitate it.

The shield comes into two parts, held together by the rim of the bowl and two small tabs. It easily falls apart when removing and is hard to get back on without taking the whole thing off and putting it back.

The funnel portion is not long enough to allow ingredients to be poured. Often, the component added spills or gets on the mixer.

The rim of the bowl is too big as well. With the whisk attachment on the mixer, you cannot swing the top without hitting the rim. You have to perform a complex manuever of lifting the top a small amount, and then rotating the shield so that the pouring section aligns with where the whisk is stopped.

This product needs a serious redesign to serve its function.
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