Customer Reviews: KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red
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on September 12, 2010
I purchased this mixer after wanting one for too many years to count. Unfortunately, I ended up pretty disappointed and returned it and purchased the 5.5 qt Cuisinart instead. First the mixer arrived with some minor cosmetic damage to it. Not a functional problem but still for the price it should not arrive damaged. Second it could barely mix a small batch of fondant for a cake, the motor was just not powerful enough. I do not know how it could have possible mixed a few loaves of bread. When I was done mixing the fondant I noticed the applied covering to the dough hook had started to peel off. Another small issue I had was the design of the bowl made it hard to scrape the bowl without hitting the beater and getting batter all over your hand. Not really a big deal but an annoyance. I really wanted to love this mixer but there were too many issues and I ended up returning it. I was pretty disappointed because I had heard KitchenAid is the best mixer on the market. I then read on cooks illustrated that the Cuisinart 5.5 qt mixer had beat out the KitchenAid Artisan in their tests. So with some hesitation I purchased the Cuisinart and could not be happier. If you plan on doing more than mixing up a cake mix occasionally I would highly recommend you spend the extra money on the KitchenAid Professional or try the Cuininart 5.5 qt if like me you don't have that kind of money to spend.
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on January 17, 2005
I received this as a gift. I love to bake but really only get an opportunity to use my KA once a week. That said, I have had a problem with the small amount of oil from the machinery leaking out of the head of it (I can always wipe oil off of it before baking). I called their customer service and was told that this happens when the machine is not turned on a lot...that the oil seeps into the head and leaks out. WHAT?!?! Sure, it is food grade oil (meaning one can eat it and not get poisoned)but I do not like seeing it in my freshly ground meat or spotting my kneaded bread dough.

Now, before mixing anything, I will turn the machine on for a few minutes to get the oil back up where it belongs as per the directions of the friendly customer service person. She assured me that it was okay-that seeing more than a cup full of oil was bvad but this small amount was ok. (um...ok) That still does not do the trick-I still see oil. During the month of December, I used this mixer almost every day and still had the problem. For what was paid for the Artisan, I should not have to worry about "food grade oil" seeping into my food! Not only that but it cannot be good for the gear assembly for the levels of oil to be constantly seeping out.

After calling several other KA owners and being told they do NOT have this problem, I am going to call KA back and ask for a replacement.
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on March 6, 2016
Second time buyer for this product- I have something to share as I washed the bowl today my sponge turned gray and the water was dirty black color I'm not sure what's going if I got a bad bowl? If someone or kitchen aid customer service could explain the reasoning of this?
review image review image review image
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on November 14, 2014
The mixer itself seems to work properly but there is a problem with the bowl. I washed the bowl and beater before using it. I was creaming butter and sugar for a cake and noticed the mixture was turning gray. The butter and sugar were ruined. I looked online and found that other people were having the same problem. During manufacture a polishing cream its used on the bowl and sometimes residue remains on the bowl. I tried cleaning the bowl with vinegar, then baking soda and then ran it through the dishwasher. After removing it from the dishwasher I used a Q-tip to check the surface. The Q-tip was gray. I cleaned it again and ran it a second time through the dishwasher. I checked again with a Q-tip and it again showed gray residue.

I just got off the phone with KitchenAid support and was told I should buy some Bar Keeper's Friend Cleanser and use it to clean the bowl. So I have to spend more money?? That is not good customer service, KitchenAid! You should send me the cleanser or replace the bowl.

Anyway once I get a "clean" bowl, I'll write an update.
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on August 17, 2012
I purchased this about a year ago on a sponsored link and I must say the product did not hold up that well. I wish I had purchased the professional one instead. For $ 100.00 more please take a look at them before you buy. Mine is starting to have a lot of movement in the head part and also when I make bread or pizza it actually stops when the bread dough on the hook gets a little dry. Over all it is a okay machine but if you want something to make bread dough or pizza dough like I do, get the professional one.

Update: I did wind up purchasing the Pro 600 from KitchenAid and I must say that machine handles all my needs!! The Pro 600 is really a good product, I wish that the kitchenaid adds for the Artisan collection would not say that it makes bread as the machine is not strong enough to handle the bread dough.
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on August 25, 2006
This is a wonderful product for mixing up cake batter and cookie dough. We were disappointed in its performance making bread dough. (It dances around on the counter.) We have given it to my mom, who wanted something reliable and easy to handle, and we're upgrading to the 6-quart.
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on July 19, 2014
I gave my 10 year old Sunbeam Heritage mixer to my daughter and "treated" myself to a KitchenAid Artisan thinking it would be bigger, better, and faster. Well, for my needs, it was bigger and faster but not better.

The Artisan is a very well made piece of equipment. Other than the rather cheap plastic bowl shield, this is solid as can be. The different beater attachments are very well made and very easy to put on and take off. The handle on the metal bowl is very helpful when pouring cake batter or scraping out cookie dough and mashed potatoes. If you are looking for quality for your money you cannot go wrong. If you use your mixer nearly everyday or are constantly making double batches of cookie dough and lots of bread dough this is for you.

However, if you are an average cook or baker and make some cookies here and some birthday cakes there and scrounge up the energy to make homemade mashed potatoes once in a while, you don't need the KitchenAid. In fact, it is more of a hinderance than a helper. Go with the Sunbeam, you will find it to be what you need and easier to use. It, too, is a well made quality piece of kitchen equipment

Here are some comparisons you might find helpful:

Adding ingredients is easier with the offset bowl of the Sunbeam. You do not have to stop mixing to add ingredients. Even using the shield with the KA, I still find it difficult to add anything. All the shield does is keep your mix from flinging out of the bowl.

Scraping down the sides of the bowl is easier on the Sunbeam because of the offset bowl. You have to stop the KA, and lift the head to give you enough room to use a scraper. And, yes, no matter what the advertisement says, you need to scrape down the sides.

Even though you will probably need to start and stop the mixing to add ingredients, mixing cookie dough and bread dough is much faster with the KA.

If you have one place on the counter where you can both keep and use your mixer, the really heavy weight of the KA will not be a problem. If you will need to store your mixer on a shelf or in a cabinet and take it out to use, the KA will be annoyingly heavy. The Sunbeam, while still no light weight, is easier to carry especially with the handle on top. This is a major advantage to me.

The beaters on the KA are easier to clean and easier to take on and off. But I found that the double beaters of the Sunbeam creams butter and sugar better and doesn't slap the heck out of boxed cake mixes. And, if you like to lick the beaters as you did when you were a kid, well, of course, two beaters are better than one.

The bowl on the Sunbeam is wide and low. The bowl of the KA is deep and narrow. I found that the ingredients stayed in the bowl of the Sunbeam better. But the handle on the KA's bowl is just awesome.

You cannot go wrong with either mixer, just weigh your needs against the features of each model. For me, my other daughter is going to be surprised to get a slightly used KA because I am going to "treat" myself to a new Sunbeam.
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on December 23, 2003
Thank God for Kitchenaids 'No Hassle' warrenty. Our first delivery of the Artisian was disappointing, it was horribly noisy in the first two speeds. A quick call to Kitchenaid had a replacement on our door within a week. The second one shared the same grinding gear noise. The third replacement is on it way now. Kitchenaid's customer service listened to both mixers and agreed that some thing was wrong. Will try the third one and then shop for another brand.
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on March 10, 2015
I've been dreaming of owning this mixer for a long time. First, I would like to admit it does cut down on my prep time, and it seems sturdy. But this mixer does comes with a few flaws.
1. I feel the 1st speed is too fast at times.
2. I'm left with a lot of un-mixed ingredients stuck at the bottom of the metal bowl. Therefore, I have to Stop and mix it in with a specula. That sucks!
3. When adding in the ingredients one at a time, such as egg, milk, etc...the mixer head is in the way. So, I have to remove the mixing piece which isn't always best.
4. Let's not talk about the add ons.
Overall, I'm ok with it since it cuts down on time. But it has too many flaws for the price it's being Offered at. Seriously, the attraction to having this mixer is The Appearance and the customized Color selection. But until they fix these problems, I won't buy another one. It doesn't justify its cost.
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I wanted the ease of mixing something without having to constantly hold the mixer and bowl. Something powerful that can handle the dense cookie dough I make yearly. This is definitely powerful enough for heavy, dense dough. And yes it is nice to be able to grab something else and measure while the mixer is doing its thing.

But I've had this for about 5 years now and am still reaching for my hand mixer more than using this. Why? The bowl is smaller than I often need and I've found with the bowl's design, it's necessary to stop and scrape the sides and bottom more often than using a regular bowl and hand mixer. The beater doesn't touch the sides or bottom of the bowl like you'd maneuver when doing it with a hand mixer . It's an increased hassle because to avoid getting your hand covered in whatever you're mixing, it's necessary to lift the beater up and out of the way.

It comes with a splash guard which is effective and something I can appreciate. While there is space to allow you to add more ingredients, unless it's small, the chances of getting all of your ingredients through that space--such as flour or say sour cream--aren't too good. So it's necessary to remove the splash guard both for bowl scraping as well as adding some ingredients.

I've never used the other attachments.

It's definitely a good solid machine that can handle cookie dough, but I bought it for convenience and have found that it's not.
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