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on February 16, 2012
I got this for about six dollars per roll with free 2 day prime shipping and couldn't be more pleased. It is actual Con-tact brand, which matters for durability and adhesive quality.

Anyways, as you can imagine, squee-jee-ing the stuff on without major bubbles or wrinkles is a feat. It took me a few hours to do the counter tops BUT it was well worth it since I'm in a rental house I love (but cannot change the tacky yellow counters.) The final product is quite handsome, considering the total cost for all the counters was under 20 bucks. It looks like faux granite-- definitely not like the real stuff, but also not like 40 year old scratched counters with stickers slapped on top, which is essentially what it is. :)

The sink is easy to cut around, for what it's worth-- some tutorials online suggest cutting it perfectly to fit. That would drive me crazy. I cut out a hole for the sink, but a very rough one-- and then used a common steak knife to cut the precise edges once the stuff was already stuck on evenly. Overlapping bits peeled right off the sink. Trust me, the stuff has some give/stretchiness (not unlike a tee shirt) so you don't really want to measure things until it's already down.

For air bubbles, try poking them with a tack or sewing needle and decompressing slowly. For wrinkles, try slicing and overlapping the pieces. The almost imperceptible line is WAY better than a grime-catching wrinkle.. or worse: tearing the thing up in frustration.

Good luck, you won't regret this weekday morning renovation! :)
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on September 16, 2011
I have white furniture that is almost 30 years old. Since the material of the furniture is very old i wanted to cover the inside of the drawers with some beautiful design for hygienic purposes, but I also wanted it to look good. This was just perfect, it matches the deco of my room and the furniture looks new! It even looks like if it was painted. It looks beautiful every time I open a drawer. I have even covered a couple of makeup and accessory boxes I had that looked horrible! Now everything matches. I will be buying another roll very soon, I am sure I'm gonna finish it all! I am thinking of covering the white shelfs of my Ikea closets too (only the shelfs, not the whole thing!).

- Beautiful design
- Not expensive
- It's not paper, it's kind of a plastic material, almost like vinyl but it's NOT shiny. I am not sure if the glue will ruin my furniture in the future (if i consider changing it sometime) but its just too soon to tell.
- It doesn't stick to the surface THAT much at the beginning but it does over time, making it stay in place. I consider this to be a good thing while you are applying it over a surface, because it makes the work easier (you can remove it easily if you fail while pasting it).
- Easy to cut. Not thick.

- Since the paper is not thick it will probably show if you use it over another pattern, just a little bit on well lightened places. But it looks excellent on white and black surfaces (my drawers are white and my boxes were black).

The ONLY bad thing for me was that I thought it would be a little bit thicker but I don't really care.. they were only my expectations. I LOVED it anyways!

I hope you enjoyed my review.
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on October 31, 2012
This is an amazing product if you're willing to tweek it. It's needs effort and patience to be installed right.

Tools I used:

Sharp scissors, hair cutting size
Razor Knife
Large Phillips head screw driver
Large Flat Head screw driver (for prying and lifting sink)
Folded index card for smooshing bubbles
Several straight pens
Hot Glue Gun
Rubber Dishwashing gloves

I live in an old farmhouse and I have nasty stained fake wood counters, no matter what I used to clean them they looked like crap. The first thing I did was remove the "Beading/Trim" section on the back of my counter that joins the wall. Mine was nailed so I just pried it off with a hammer and put it back on the same way.

Secondly if you can; undo your sink clamps. This will allow you to stick the paper right under the edge of the sink rather than trying to cut. I threw away one big piece trying to cut perfectly around my sink.

Third, lift up sections of the sink with the flathead screwdriver and slide small long skinny sections of paper under it. When I first started I had about a 2" outline of contact paper just around my sink. Don't worry the seams won't show, which is a great plus about this paper.

Fourth put the clamps back on the sink or it will wiggle, I put my clamps on last but I should have done it fourth.

Next take large sections and stick them down. I cut long ones the width of the paper. Stick them so they are smooth. This will require one or two resticks and then smooshing down with an index card. Use a pin to pop air bubbles. I stuck the pin in at a 45degree angle, then resmoosh. Don't worry about your edges right now.

***The edges won't stick, they peel up...this is what the hot glue is for in the last step***

Put contact paper everywhere you need it, and smooth it down. If there is a great deal of over hang trim it off with the scissors. You need about 2-3" to work with for the edges.

Finally take the hot glue gun and several sticks of glue ( I had a mini gun a big one may not require so much) and put a rubber glove or garden glove on the hand you aren't using to operate the gun. The glove is so you don't get burned. First put as smooth as possible a pretty thick layer of glue in about a 10" section of the bare counter facing toward you. I cut slits in the over hang paper every 10" so it would be easier. Give the overhang bit a tug a tightly secure it to the counter over the hot glue, the smoosh it down with the hand that's wearing the glove.

Wait about a minute and glue the underside of the counter where the rest of the paper will go, this was kind of an upside down motion with the gun so you may have to hold a glue stick in if it gets low. Then just smooth down the final bit with your gloved hand.

I had to trim the final bit with a razor knife to clean it up a bit, you may or may not have to do this.

Overall this is a great product. It looks fabulous and you can't see seems or where you popped bubbles. The craptastic part is it doesn't stick to the least not mine. Mine were really rough so if you have nice smooth ones you might forgo the hot glue. But, if you had nice smooth countertops you probably aren't covering them with contact paper.

The only other issue I had with this was it took 4 days for the seller to get around to shipping. I had to email and complain and it magically got shipped and I received it next day; so keep an eye out for that.

Overall I give it 4 stars, just because I had to tweek it with hot glue. But I bought 2 packs for $14 something including shipping and it was worth every penny. It looks amazing.

I've uploaded pics of my counter and final outcome for you. ☺

PS: This is a woman's review if you're a manly contractor dude you may have a better way to do this.
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on December 9, 2010
I purchased this contact paper in the hopes of covering over top of my old ugly RED countertop and it WORKED!!!! I want to remodel the kitchen, but for the time being, I wanted a quick fix that would look nice and it did the job! I would definately suggest this product. It was easy to work with and came up nicely when there were bubbles/wrinkles to remove. I used an old credit card to smooth it out. I did have some bubbles here and there, so I used a pin to poke a little hole and smoothed it out. Also, I do have a seem since the width wasn't wide enough to cover the entire counter, but since the way it is designed with the granite look, you can't even tell unless the light shines on it or you run your hand across it (I put the seem in the back of the counter top to try and hide it better since I have my canisters, toaster, etc along the back). Yes, I had a few headaches doing this, but I also had 2 little children trying to help :)
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on April 1, 2015
I bought the dark walnut. I was kind of worried when I saw it on the roll. It looked a tad more "fake" than I was expecting. But once I got it on my counter I was soooo pleased! It looks GREAT, and much more realistic than on the roll.

As for application, working with anything adhesive can be frustrating, but this elicited only a few curse words from went on fairly easily and I found it easier to use my hand to smooth it out rather than any implement (so that I could work from feel).

Side note: I put this down after removing a previous layer I had applied 2 years ago (of light-colored "granite" which I had gotten bored with), and when I removed that layer it pulled up some of the paint on the counter. Turns out that the paint was hiding yet ANOTHER layer of Con-Tact paper that the previous tenant had put down in the...are ready for it? 1960s! I could tell from the astro pattern! So there you go...Con-Tact paper can stick on for 50+ years!
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on April 17, 2012
Hi There! I wanted to have a huge (5ftx3ft) "Keep Calm and Carry On" Logo for my office wall. What I did not want was the hundred dollar price tag that Etsy wanted for the Decal. So I ordered this contact paper, an xacto knife & printed out the image 1000%. It took some legwork, but I was able to easily cut it out of the contact paper & put it on the wall. Thus far, it has stuck very well & I get compliments on it daily.

The contact paper is a bit thin, but with careful placement, you will not be sorry you purchased this.
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on November 2, 2013
This was perfect for a DIY project in my room! I used this to make a polka dot statement wall and this was a high quality product. I already peeled off a few dots just to make sure that it wouldn't damage the paint. Yay! The roll came with more than enough for my project, so now I have to think of something to do with the paper I have leftover. :)

Here's how the wall turned out! [...]
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VINE VOICEon March 15, 2013
My new apartment's bathroom counter was one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. It was pink and really stupid looking (see picture I submitted!). I figured I'd just have to deal with it, but then I found out about this paper by searching a bit online. I was wary about how it would look at the seams, but with the pattern on the paper, you honestly cannot see where one sheet ends and the next starts. I still have a lot left on the roll, so if I have any problems in the future, I can always re-do a section. When you put it on, it takes a little work to get it laid down perfectly and without air bubbles, but with some patience, you'll be greatly rewarded. It's also easy to cut with an x-acto knife when you have to get around a sink or some other feature.

I was also worried that this stuff would look tacky and fake. I gave it a shot based on the high reviews...and I wanted to add another review in case you are unsure too. It's really great stuff, inexpensive, and looks better than you could expect (especially if what you had was worse!). Definitely $7 well-spent!
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on July 8, 2013
While this is touted as shelf paper I don't think I've ever used it on kitchen shelves. I have, however, used it forever for covering books, especially paperback ones. It takes a bit of technique to put on but you'll learn quickly because it is easily pulled off and repositioned. I do have a few 25 year old cat hairs embedded so you need to work on a clean surface. The surface of the books are very well protected and after 25 to 30 years it has not shrunk or yellowed at all. Quite impressive.
I have also used it to cover the top of a walnut desk instead of varnishing. If put down properly, it's nearly impossible to see and, in my case, it lasted over 5 years of hard, daily use.
It does have a mild frosted look before application but when properly seated you don't see that but rather it seems to be clear with a semi-matte finish. Bubbles are your major enemy but repositioning works for them.
Great stuff.
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on February 15, 2015
I used this Con-Tact paper to cover the horribly ugly kitchen cabinets in my apartment. Options are pretty limited when you're renting, and this removes pretty easily. It looks SO MUCH BETTER. It was really pretty easy to apply too. I used a credit card to smooth everything out, and a precision knife when I needed a precise cut. I had 10 cabinet doors, 4 drawers and maybe about 10 feet of the backdrop part and it took me one day. The one picture is a little grainy but you can see the wood grain, and it's darker so it doesn't look like you sloppily threw Con-Tact paper on everything.
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