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on October 1, 2012
The objective of the game is, as the "Critter" to escape from the labs through a maze without being detected. The music and sound effects are very good. The tune is very catchy and the graphics and animation are exceptional. The concept of stealthily escaping sounds easy but gets progressively more challenging with each level. You must collect the gems on each level and complete your challenge which might be to escape without being detected or to escape within a certain amount of time. The objective is different on each level.

There is an interactive tutorial to help you get a feel for the game by showing you 2 different ways to navigate(using a D-pad or by line drawing), how to use speed boosts, and how to attack. Don't skip over it. Both navigation methods take a little getting used to but worked well once I got the hang of them. I especially like that the D-pad basically appears wherever you rest your finger on the screen. You can customize the look of your character and as you earn points buy power-ups that will allow you to become invisible, get speed bursts, turn into a large monster for attacks, and glide in the air with a Superman cape. Also, you can pinch to zoom out to better see what's going on in each level so you can plan your escape strategy.

The controls feel a little twitchy at first especially if you don't play these kind of games often. I got a little over excited a few times, made some quick lines for escape (which were bad moves) and got whomped by the guards-->Level Over! The game doesn't make you feel bad about failing though and rewards you with praise if you do well. You can go back and repeat levels if you didn't achieve the objective or collect the gems.

It's a pretty large app at 48.9MB but it saves to an SD card. The only permission is to write to external storage and there are no ads or IAP's.

Your progress is auto-saved and there are over 100 levels so I think this will be fun for quite some time. Plus, the Critter is a very cute and likable little fellow. It's an an adventure game based on the concept of "stealth". I really liked this game and think it is one of the best apps we're had in quite a long time.

Gameplay was smooth and and minor control issues do not detract from the many positive features of the game in my opinion. I had no problems with downloading and the game played well on the Fire HD.
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on October 7, 2012
I have really been enjoying playing Critter Escape -- much more than I would have expected. The simple 2D cartoon drawing that is used as the "icon" for the game doesn't begin to address the in-depth graphics, and the twists and nuances of the game. As in many "level" games, it's not terribly difficult to "solve" a game, which unlocks the next level. However, it *is* difficult to solve it with three stars (the ultimate goal). If you're like me, you'll want to reply "solved" levels until you get all three stars -- which might be a bit longer than you first thought.

Very good interaction, with only some slightly "lagging" movement on-screen when trying to direct the "critter". Along the way, you'll find plenty of "tricks" and ways to improve your score, and get those three stars. I like this one a lot, particularly for the diversity -- it's unlike anything else I've played. (And I play a LOT of these kinds of games.)
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on October 1, 2012
5 stars for low permissions and good graphics, controls lacking, I have to move my finger over the play area sometimes to make it move right. Big file too, glad for a worthy phone with lots of memory.
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on October 1, 2012
The game is extremely polished and lots of fun. however, I get the feeling that the majority of the difficulty comes from using a touch screen as an input device - if this were on a console or Pc it would be much easier.
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on December 7, 2012
This game presents itself as a take on stealth/escape games, where you must draw a path for the critter to escape. You sneak past guards and cameras and gain powerups that supposedly make the game more interesting. It was fun for the first few levels but quickly becomes repetitive and won't stay on your memory card for very long.
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on October 2, 2012
this is a fun little game with extraordinary graphics. i would take away half a star, if i could, for the sloppy controls though. i was asked to choose my control method at the very beginning & i chose drawing, but i can't figure out how to get back & try the d-pad or whatever. i'm wondering if that allows for more precise control. the drawing method is fun, and it works, but it's not very precise in terms of actually following your finger, which leads to the critter going out of his way a lot. i think this would make it really hard to play on a phone.

fortunately i am on a kindle fire & the imprecise drawing has not cost me any stars or levels yet. it's easy enough to get around. i like how easy it is to re-play levels so that you can fulfill the challenges & get all the stars if you want to.

i don't know how long this game will keep my attention, and it takes up a ton of space so i will have to uninstall it eventually. but right now it seems pretty great overall & definitely the best FAOTD there's been in a long time. it makes up for some of the really crappy ones amazon has been posting lately.

i think the best part of the game is that you get to be sneaky. it's just as fun as real-life sneakiness. the second-best thing is the critter who waves goodbye or sighs at you, depending on what you do. he motivates me to keep playing. third-best thing is the graphics, and lastly the sounds, which are also pretty great. against all that the imprecise controls hardly matter at all, hence me rounding up to five stars. this game is definitely worth the 99 cents if you didn't get it for free. just make sure you have enough space on your phone...
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on January 8, 2013
The graphics on this game are fabulous, plus it's so much fun!! The levels are challenging so far, but the Critter is adorable. This is probably one of the most enjoyable games I've played on Kindle. I hope they come up with more games in the future.
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Game play:
The game has a critter training mode to teach you how to move, speed up, fight and be sneaky. The graphics are well done and they are entertaining. You have to sneak around the facility and try to escape without being caught. There is a ghost mode and several other powerups you can get throughout the game. It is challenging to play and enjoyable. The graphics and sound are first class and really done to perfection. The character you are playing has a really cute personality. Each level has three things it wants you to accomplish, they are escape, get the jewel and complete the challenge.

Home screen
* Play
* Information - credits, postings for PlanetMuck and Kiz Studios
* Film - intro video and this includes 11 more locked media files you're your future review
* Settings - music, sounds and set controls to joystick or swipe

What I like:
The graphics and sound are spectacular and I love them. The animation and controls work well and I like the method of dragging your finger along the path you want to follow. The game is fun to play and challenging and it keeps you thinking on how to win.

What I don't like:

80% plus of the reviews to start the day were fake and this is uncalled for. This is a good game and it doesn't need self-promotion to taint people's opinions of the app.

Kiz Studios collects user information and device data and they may choose to contact you if they so desire and you have requested such information. They will also collect your email address and other data to share with their partners and use it for marketing and demographic studies.

This is an excellent game and it is really fun to play. It features the best graphics and animation sounds we have seen in a game so far. I don't really understand the need to advertise to people that they are collecting data by telling you to read their privacy policy. I subtract one star for their privacy policy terms and the collection of data. The fake reviews are disturbing and I hope this is not a true indication of the developer's intentions to pump up the ratings to entice people to buy the game. They should delete the reviews. Such self-promotion actions make people not trust the developer's intents.

I rate this game as 4 stars and if I find out more involving data collection I will revise my review.

The game is a massive 48.9 MB in size uncompressed and 272KB is stored in the application memory while 53.047 MB uncompressed is stored in the area reserved for your books and personal data. This is enough storage to hold 61.18 copies of the Kindle book Hunger Games.
Permissions modify/delete data in storage.
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on December 10, 2012
I don't want much, and this didn't deliver it.

The puzzle/maze aspects of the game could be interesting, but dealing with the annoying scrolling of the screen, which can lead you to fail a level, ultimately makes this a "no thanks, I'll pass" type of thing.
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on July 8, 2015
Critter Escape is so fun to play because you get to collect diamonds and boosts and when you level up it gets harder and harder. When I see the elf I'm like trying to run away from them. I really like the game.
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