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Size: 40-Ounce|Shape: Poly Loop Cap|Color: Stainless Steel|Change
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on October 30, 2008
Last month I bought a 40oz Klean Kanteen bottle and a 33oz Sigg bottle. In the end I prefer the Klean Kanteen.

Both bottles are very light and look good. The Sigg is lighter, but not so much to really matter. Sigg wins easily in the looks department with different artwork to choose from and the bottle I have has a nice textured powder coat finish compared to the KK basic look and smooth surface.

Sigg uses an epoxy to protect your water from the aluminum and tells you not to use the bottle for long term storage. Could be a bit worrisome not knowing what's in the epoxy and the possibility of aluminum contamination. I have not noticed a metallic taste from either bottle drinking straight unfiltered tap water. I prefer the stainless steel of the KK just because it's probably on the safer side.

The bottles are both lightweight and made of thin metal. I haven't dented either but I have been very careful with them. Both feel like they would dent quite easily. I have not scratched either bottle and the paint on both looks like new after daily use from work to the gym.

The KK bottle has the cap threading formed into the neck of the bottle while the Sigg uses a metal ring insert in the top of the bottle to thread the cap onto. Some people have complained that the Sigg's threaded insert is sharp, but I have not had this problem. The KK is more comfortable to drink from though. Also the wide mouth of the bottle makes it easy to put ice cubes in, which you can't do with the Sigg unless you have very small ice cubes.

I have the loop cap on both bottles. The Sigg I really have to twist the cap on tight so it doesn't leak. The KK cap seals quite easily and has never leaked. The KK also uses a thicker thread size and is easier to screw the cap onto because of this.

Some people are complaining about sweating. On a hot day with the bottles filled with ice cubes both will sweat, but plastic bottles will also.

If I was going to spend that much money on a water bottle again, I would go with Klean Kanteen without a second thought. The only advantage of the Siggs is the exterior design.

Update Dec 09: Over a year of use now and I have stopped using the Sigg due to their older bottles do in fact have BPA. Something they said it didn't have, so I won't buy another bottle from them again since it appears they were lying before. They will replace the older bottles, but you have to pay shipping.

I have 2 Klean Kanteens and both have held up well. Some minor scratches and dents, but still look quite good.
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on January 17, 2008
I purchased one of these for myself after researching the problems with polycarbonate bottles. At the same time I bought SIGG bottles for my kids because they had cool designs on them. Both brands of bottles are great and much safer than the polycarbonates. I like the Klean Kanteen much better than the SIGG for the simple reason that I can put standard ice cubes in it. I have yet to find an ice cube tray that is easy to use that will fit the smaller mouth of the SIGG.

With the Klean Kanteen I get clean water and no taste of metal or plastic or anything other than water. I fill this 27 ounce bottle 3 times during the day to make sure I get enough water. I like the sports cap, because I don't have to take off a cap and lay it down somewhere. I originally bought the bottle with a poly loop cap, but when I am teaching there is never a germ-free spot to set that lid down. So I bought a sport cap, and it is very easy to drink from.

If you buy the 27 ounce Klean Kanteen and like your water cold, I recommend a Built NY 20 oz bottle tote to use with it. The metal becomes VERY cold with ice in the water and with the bottle tote, it stays cold and your hands don't!
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on April 12, 2010
I first bought a Klean Kanteen in 2005. It was all it was cracked up to be. Sturdy, but light, water did not pick up a metal taste, it was easy to clean, and never leaked.

In early 2010, I decided to spring for a second bottle -- smaller this time, and with a nice painted color finish (not available when I got my first KK in 2005). Immediately upon receiving it, I could tell something was different. It felt thinner -- cheaper. Sure enough, I could squeeze the neck of the bottle and "squish" in the sides. I tried this with my original bottle. No way! It wasn't budging. I added water and, wow! The water had a terrible metallic taste. I never had this with the original bottle. I washed them both and filled them both from the same water source at the same time. Yup -- metallic taste from the 2010 bottle. No taste from the 2005 bottle. I started to wonder if the materials were the same, so I grabbed a small but powerful refrigerator magnet and tried to stick it to the side of each bottle. Remember, Klean Kanteen claims that the bottles are made of "304 stainless steel which has a low nickel content." (To be exact, 304 Stainless has between 8% and 11% nickel.)

Anyway, anyone with any knowledge of metallurgy knows that a magnet should not stick to 304 stainless steel. And, as expected the magnet does not stick at all to the circa 2005 bottle. But the 2010 bottle, even with the paint on it? The magnetic latched right on, even with the the bottle was turned upside down!

So, this and the metallic taste and the cheap construction leads me to believe that Klean Kanteen is NOT using the materials (304 stainless steel) they claim to use in these bottles. This is a serious accusation and not one I take lightly. But it is a serious concern. KK stakes their claim on providing high quality stainless steel. If they are using another material, they are deceivcing the public by not disclosing this fact.
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on June 1, 2008
The Klean Kanteens are likely the safest reusable drinking container in the US right now. The plastic containers containing BPA have been found to be unsafe and there are some concerns about Klean's major competitor, Swiss based Sigg, which uses an unknown patented liner of some kind inside their aluminum bottles.

The issues with the Siggs are twofold. One, we don't know what the liner is. The Sigg company won't say what it is, although they insist it's completely safe. Two, if the liner fails (which Sigg insists it won't do) you've exposed your drink to aluminum which many folks have legitimate health concerns about.

Speaking of concerns, the BPA containing plastic is NOT what is used in the Kantean lids. The idea that the plastic lids (which would have only very minimal contact with the contents - if the bottle is laid on its side for example) is somehow dangerous is only theoretical at best. Likewise, the same for the Sigg bottle lining. Both, neither or one could be completely safe. We do know that the BPA plastic is dangerous and neither bottle contains that.

Unlike some other buyers, I have had zero problem with leakage. I've also found the somewhat wider mouth to be extremely practical for using ice, drinking, and washing.

However . . . I have owned my 27 oz. Klean Kanteens for a few weeks now. I washed and rinsed them (probably six times) before I ever drank from them. The water I tested tasted and smelled like metal.

I have since washed one of my Kanteens multiple times with boiling water (the stainless steel conducts heat so you have to be careful doing this) and cold water, and none of it makes a difference. I continue to smell metal and I taste metal when I drink water. I don't think this is dangerous in any way, but it is annoying and it severely limits my use of the bottles. I've found that I can only use my bottle for flavored drinks.

My sense of taste and smell is generally pretty strong so I suspect each person will experience something different. Other reviewers have said they can't taste a thing or they got used to the flavor and don't even notice it anymore. After reading reviews all over the net, however, it's a fact that there are many of us who simply can't ignore the taste and smell.

So what to do? Me, I'll keep the Kanteens for flavored drinks, but I'm going to go out and get a Sigg for water. There's no other choice at this time.

If you have a strong sense of taste/smell you might have a problem with Klean Kanteens. Don't make the same mistake I did by ordering a bunch of these without first knowing if you'll have an issue. I strongly recommend you purchase only one bottle at first to see if you'll have a problem. If you can't taste anything then you've found the perfect water bottle.
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on September 30, 2008
After reading recent information about Sigg not sharing info about chemicals used to line the interior of their bottle, we opted to switch to Kleen Kanteen for the stainless steel. There are pros & cons:
1) obvious pro - the materials are known to be safe
2) the bottles sweat where as the Sigg did not sweat at all
3) the mouth of the bottle is large enough for ice cubes but makes it a bit more difficult to drink out of -- kind of like drinking out of a 1qt gatorade bottle --- sometimes a little bit dribbles out.
4) My 18month old loves his bottle because its the same color (stainless steel) as his dad's. We got him the sport top instead of the sippy top - and he manages just fine.
5) the slim shape fits nicely in most cup holders and water bottle carriers
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on December 3, 2008
I purchased two of these bottles in May of 2008 with the stainless steel caps. We were very pleased with them and in August I purchased another. Although the third bottle was more than 20% less than when I made the first order, the quality of the bottle has degraded by at least 50%.

It was immediately obvious upon opening the package that this was a much cheaper steel. It is thin, light-colored and rough. The inside of the older version is polished and smooth while this one is dull and hard to clean. My husband convinced me it was still good or else I would have returned it on the spot.

We've had it now for 4 months, compared with the 7 months of the first two. All get the same general treatment and this last one is MUCH worse off. The plastic on the top of the cap is cut up and gouged and cuts into your hand every time you have to open it. More importantly, the steel is dented all over and is beginning to rust. There are dents along the bottom edge as well which make the bottle wobbly and unstable. This has not been through any use to cause such damage. The older bottles, with the thicker, higher quality steel, are holding up nicely and look as new as the day we bought them.

I feel duped by a company that drew me in with a nice quality product and then lowered their standards. I will never buy anything from Klean Kanteen again. The $5 decrease in cost does not make up for the fact that I am throwing this bottle away 4 months after purchasing it.
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on July 30, 2008
This is an excellent stainless steel bottle which both my husband and I use daily. I bought the orange one; he uses the regular stainless steel. We used to buy tons of the plastic water bottles, drinking several a day, but wanted to cut down on our use of plastics. These water bottles work well in conjunction with my water filter system and the taste is clean and fresh tasting. Highly recommend them and this is a very usable size.
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on March 6, 2008
I just received my Klean Kanteen - probably the 15th I have purchased. I own a couple, and have given many as gifts. But alas, the company has done a bait & switch with the caps. What happened to the stainless steel caps??? They used to come standard. The whole idea was to have the internal part of the screw top to be steel, like the inside of the bottle - so there's no plastic touching your liquid. The exterior grip on the lid was always plastic - that's fine. But now, you have to buy the original stainless screw cap, as an accessory, that costs more than 1/3 as much as the entire bottle product. This bottle if great, but now go buy the staibless steel cap for $5.45.
Shame on you Klean Kanteen.
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on March 22, 2008
After going through about 1 standard water bottle a day I decided I needed to follow the 1st and most importaint R of the 3, Reduce.

After extensiveley searching for a nice glass water bottle with no avail I decided to try reusing glass beverage bottles, only to find the cap started rusting after about a week of use. Having quite a delemma I decided to look into metal water bottles, trying to avoid any sort of plastic. Many friends have told me I'm crazy, but I can most definitely taste the plastic leeched into the water from plastic bottlees.

After doing a bit of research and finding that stainless steel is the best material to go with I found the Klean Kanteen here on Amazon, and decided to go with it. I'm very glad I did, the Klean Kanteen is a superb product.

The Klean Kanteen is very durable, "Klean" i.e. leeches no particles into the water (I have very keen taste), comfortable to hold, packs away well into bookbags and the such, and it looks sharp. A great bottle all around.

While I do agree with the other reviewer that it would be much better if the bottle came with the stainless steel cap. It's still a great bottle, and the plastic cap works just fine. Worrying about plastic on the 1" diameter cap at the top of the bottle is just a bit silly in my opinion.

One thing I was wondering when I was buying was what are the exact dimensions? Amazon doesn't include them so here they are: 10.5" tall with cap, 2.75" diameter base.
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#1 HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon November 18, 2008
The Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Colored Water Bottles are very attractive and functional for taking water on the go. I got the 18 oz black bottle. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill and easier to drink out of. The product is very similar to the non-painted Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles sold here. All the bottles now come standard with the polypropylene loop top. The steel loop version used to come standard. All the other tops must now be bought as accessories.

+ Durable and attractive stainless steel bottle in a variety of colors
+ High quality enamel paint on the outside
+ Wide mouth makes it easy to add ice cubes or water and drink from it
+ Included poly loop cap seems durable and can be hooked onto a carabineer
+ Save money and stay green by limiting your use of bottled water
+ Container can be recycled
+ Bottle is dishwasher safe, though the cap is not
+ Smooth interior leaves water with no aftertaste; I will monitor this over time
+ Great for hiking, camping, or normal commuting
+ 18 oz is a perfect size for everyday use
+ 27 and 40 oz models may be more ideal for hiking or camping
+ The price is good considering the quality materials

- The body may be prone to dings and dents over time
- Wide threading, so screw the cap in slowly to get a nice seal
- Not everybody will appreciate the big logo on the bottle
- Product now ships with poly cap; steel caps must be purchased separately

~ Thorough cleaning requires diluted vinegar or baking soda
~ The caps should only be washed by hand, and never submerged in water
~ No metal container should be used for long term water storage
~ Bottle and cap should be separated and left to dry at night
~ Bottle may sweat, especially the colder the drink and the hotter the day
~ Health and environmental claims should always be researched independently
~ Sleeves must be purchased separately


Included with the product is a small paper tag hanging on the neck and a thin book-mark on the inside. Both tags tout the environmental benefits of this product. In fact, even the tags are "printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper."

One of the main claims about this product implies that drinking from plastic bottles may be harmful because "many plastic water bottles, including Lexan bottles, leach toxins such as Bisphenol A (BPA). Studies have linked BPA to breast cancer & reproductive mutations."

I have not personally read any of these studies, though I have heard this claim made before from other sources. I take any claims for or against a product with a great deal of skepticism. But this does give me pause and motivate me to seek out more information about this subject.

I generally use water filtered in my PUR CR-6000C 2 Stage Oval Water Pitcher which is also made out of plastic. It is a thicker and more durable type of plastic. But if this metal water bottle is better than plastic bottles that may leech BPA, am I reintroducing other chemicals by using water purified from a plastic pitcher? It's a thought that has prompted me to do more research on this. Those using most faucet-mounted filters might have less concerns. But this definitely made me rethink where I get my water.

The product also states that the stainless steel that is used in it is "100% non-leaching and toxin-free." It is also surprising that there is no inner lining or coating, though looking inside the metal does seem to be smoothed. The pamphlet describes this process as "electro-polishing." While I have not noticed any sort of metallic after-taste from a few days of use, others have reported a slightly metallic taste to the water. If I do experience this over time I will post an update.


This product works great for drinking water. It's not clear to me if this bottle can be used with all cold beverages. They do include the warning that this is not for hot beverages, so don't plan on filling it with hot cocoa or coffee. :) Can it be used for cold tea, soda, or other beverages? I'm not entirely sure, but I plan to find out.

I do also own a SIGG bottle, and the product details specifically say that soda and juice can be used in that bottle due to the lining. Some people don't like the SIGG bottles because they don't disclose what the lining is made out of. I am not going to do a "SIGG vs KK" comparison here, as other have done. I only plan on using this for water, but it's good to know in any case.

The mouth has a curved lip and is nice and wide so you can add ice cubes if you wish. The exterior is coated with what appears to be an electro-statically applied metal enamel paint. The exterior may ding, so it would be nice if they included a sleeve with it. Some are available, though it's easier to find them for the larger sized bottles.

For me, the 18 oz bottle is the perfect size for my daily commute. The 12 oz bottle is probably only big enough if you want your kids to each have their own. But for a camping trip or hiking, the 27 and 40 oz versions may each get good usage.

I'm not crazy about the prominent logo on the front. Not everybody minds such things, but I don't like when products force you to give them free advertising with huge logos. In any event, many who believe in the product's *green* theme will be happy to spread the word.


The bottle itself is dishwasher safe, though the cap is not. However, they do note that hand washing with diluted vinegar or baking soda is necessary for thorough cleaning. It's probably a good idea to do that every few weeks.

It's also probably wise to empty and leave the bottle and cap open every night to air dry. None of these types of bottles are designed for long-term water storage. So whenever possible, water shouldn't be left in them overnight.


The included Klean Kanteen Loop Cap/Polypro is so solid that it took me a while to realize it was a poly top and not steel. The products used to ship with the Klean Kanteen Stainless Loop Cap by default, which is preferred by most people. But now they come with the polypropylene loop top. They emphasize that polypropylene is better than other kinds of plastic. Still, after the hard sell against plastic bottles it's not easy to convince people with this change.

The non-painted bottle's product page lets you choose your cap, though you can also buy them seperately. They include the poly tops that come in flat and loop versions; a Klean Kanteen Sports Cap; a Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Flat Cap; the steel loop version; and "sippy-spouts" for drinking with the top on. The poly sport top also let's your drink with it on and has a lanyard to hold the cap when it's opened.

The steel loop top is the most preferable in my opinion. It's durable and light, one would expect it to be better over time than the poly top.


This product that works very well and works well. There are a few cons, though most are minor. For those that don't want a painted bottle, check out the Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottles in all the same sizes. If you don't have the room to carry the larger bottles, at least get the 18 oz to have enough for commuting to work or short hikes.

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