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657 of 690 people found the following review helpful
on April 19, 2002
Sorry to be so Gushy...but I really LOVE these speakers. Having owned high-end speaker systems from Logitech, Labtech & Creative, I have always enjoyed good sound for games and music. As time has worn on, I began to play more music and fewer games on my PC. As a result I began looking for a quality 3-piece system to replace my 5-piece surround system.
I searched through all the companies I had purchased from before, when I stumbled across the Promedia 2.1's... and let me just say....
... These speakers are CLEARLY head and shoulders above all other 3-piece systems - in both power and sound quality.
You MUST hear them to appreciate the difference.

- Amazing sound: clear highs, full mid-range and rich tight bass.
- Power that rivals many home systems (200w-total)- Satellites (35w ea) - Subwoofer (130W)
- Convenient headphone and auxiliary input jacks.
- Convenient and separate controls for volume and bass.
- Very attractive casing.
- Very easy setup
- THX certified (which means you will hear things you won't hear on other speakers).

* I cannot think of anything major, but a few drawbacks might be...
- Speaker system does not have a power switch on the satellite, it is located on the sub-woofer, which is not easy to get to (as it is typically tucked out of sight). However, the problem of shutdown is easily addressed with a power strip.
- [Costly,] compared to other systems (...though they are WELL worth the difference).
- Has horn tweeters, which are too "bright" for some folks... though I LOVE them.

Everything I play through these speakers sound great (DVD's, MP3's, Digital Camcorder movies, tape player etc.)I do not believe a better 3-piece system exists on the planet.
If you are a gamer or home theater enthusiast, I would encourage you to look at this systems "big brothers" (the 4.1 & 5.1 Promedia systems) as they are even more amazing (and pricier) for games and movies.

If you are in the market for a great speaker system I HIGHLY recommend Klipsch to you.

--------Updated 4/21/12------------------

Okay so after 10 years of constant and strenuous use my system gave up the ghost. The other night the sub-woofer blew, in large part because I played back a converted home movie that had high distortion...which of course wrecks speakers.
My bad!

Now onto the good news.
The next day, I went to Best Buy to buy a replacement system. Much to my delight there was my beloved Promedia 2.1 and the much hyped Logitech Z623 Speaker System side by side. The Best Buy guy was obviously a fan of Logitech, cuz he waxed on how the z623 was an ultra efficient design that had such a clean sound and great power. I thought awesome... perhaps after 11 years someone had overtaken Klipsch for the best 2.1 system under $200. I happen to have my iPhone with me sporting a bevy of play-lists. A little Rock, Country, Jazz, Hip hop and a high energy dance-mix.

So let the comparison begin.

On paper both systems spec out a lot alike, in price, configuration and advertised wattage.

The Logitech z623 is a solid system. It is nice looking has good power, clean sound, nice controls and on/off button. It performed well with jazz and instrumental arrangements like symphony and saxophone. It may have a little better sound image the the Klipsch on those genres of music...however is it better overall system then the Klipsch?

Not in my book!

The Promedia system is still considerably louder, had stronger punchier bass, cleaner highs and has a way of really filling the room that is more exhilarating and satisfying. If you like Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Dance music and you like it LOUD, then the Klipsch system is still King of the Hill.
So of course I had to go with Klipsch, how could I not after all the good history we've had together? Here's to another 10 years of dependable service and beautiful music together.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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235 of 246 people found the following review helpful
on December 26, 2011
I know there are a lot of reviews on the Promedia 2.1's which is great that Klipsch is finally getting a little recognition from the public, the down side is that most of the reviews are people coming from laptop speakers or the generic crap that came with their dell tower...

Ive been in professional audio for more than fifteen years both home and mobile audio, so It takes a lot to impress me. The Pro Media 2.1's did impress me, for the price. Can you compare these to top end Home Audio setup? Even though many do, the answer is no you cannot. As far as computer speakers go (non recording quality) these really are about as good as it gets at this price point. You could get a better system if your willing to drop $4-500+ but compared to other "commom consumer" products are concered Klipsh has always been a leader in SQ and very underrated at that. Keep in mind we are talking about consumer shelf products here, soon as you take a step up into the Audiophile world your taking a huge step up in price.

So now the good bad and ugly...

Sound Quality 8+

Again for the price these are well balanced and Klipsh seems to be one of the very few putting out consumer items that has an understanding of how audio is actually put together. They seem to focus on whats sounds proper rather than what looks cool. Remember what happened to Harman Kardon?? Yep they are still producing the clear see through computer speakers. Bose is still Bose... They have a few solid products but pretty much have been on cruise control for the past decade based soley on a name and reputation built in the 80s-90s. Anyway back to the ProMedia's, well balanced and highs are bright but not overwhelming especailly coming from Horn tweets. Satellite speakers have a proper mid range driver and seperate tweeter, instead of looking "modern" with some crazy design Klipsh built the design around what a proper speaker needs to sound good. To some that equals an ugly system, To me it just equals a proper system. Bass it tight and response is accurate.

Bass 9

Bass is very good on the pro media's. Its the kind of bass thats perfect for obnoxious teenages who want to drive thier parents nuts. In other words there is a whole lot of it to go around, so much so it NEEDS to be dialed WAY down just to keep the sound quality high. Persoanlly I find its best run at about 15-20% without the need to Ever go over 50%. Basically what this means is that Klipsh went a little overboard with marketing to a generation of gamers and obnoxious teenages who think the 30 to 60 hz range needs to be set on permanent +24db. This is the only reason I didnt rate the Pro Media 2.1 a 10 for bass, the good news is that those of us who want a balanced flat response range can turn the knob way down and get it :)

Output 10

Were talking pure Db's now! However keep in mind my ratings are based on expectations and competitors in for this price range ($100-200). Very big sound from such a small setup, these should satisfy most of us who dont enjoy bleeding ears from small room setups. Gets rather lound with minimal distortion if your Eq'ed properly, would be very easy to clip the subwoofer if you didnt know how to set your bass properly for high volumes. I read a few reviews that said the bass sucked because it distored, if your able to distort the sub on this system THAT easily you either dont have a clue about setup or need to forget buying computer speakers altogether and get yourself a small stage PA system... Simply Put the Pro Media 2.1 gets louder than any other computer system Ive demo'ed to date.

Now for a few flaws... Yes every good thing has its flaws :)

-Design might be an issue for some people, not the most atractive desktop setup, if thats what your after.

-No power switch, System stays on all the time, so do not forget to turn your volume knob all the way down when your done. Otherwise you run the risk of blowing your spouse or animals through the wall if your out for a midnight internet surf and forgot you left the volume at 60%...

-Not that the speakers are "unbalanced" but at low volume levels the current is not high enough to power the left satellite to the same volume level as the right side. The trick to help this is to lower your preamp output and increase the speaker amp output.

Overall I would rate the system 9+ based on its value. Its not High end audio but in the world of computer geeks and casual listeners, is prob the best there is.
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212 of 228 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon October 30, 2006
Once THE speaker of choice for every hard rockin' audiophile with a big enough garage, Klipsch fell off the landscape for a while after being sold to a corporate conglomerate that didn't know the real value of what they'd bought. But after another buyout by a small group of genuine audiophiles, Klipsch is back on top, from a sound quality standpoint -- and it shows in the ProMedia 2.1 THX.

I have my trio connected to a new Mac Pro desktop unit and the sound is absolutely magical. Yes, there are more complex set-ups, with 5 or 7 speakers spread out across the room, but if you just want the magic without the madness, the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX is an incredible (and very affordable) solution that's quick and easy to configure in about 5 minutes.

Of course, there are other 3-speaker desktop systems by makers like Logitech, Cyber Acoustics, and Intec, but here's the difference: Klipsch is a true speaker company that connects great speakers to your computer, while those others are computer peripherals companies that one day decided to make speakers. NOT the same thing. The only brands that are true competitors to Klipsch in this area are Bose, Harman Kardon, JBL, and Altec Lansing. I find that the Altec Lansing and JBL 3-speaker sets both sound nasal and "tinny" on the high end, while the Bose and Harman Kardon sets sound great, but are more expensive. So, after a good look (and listen) around, I went with Klipsch.

In any case, this is an incredible sound set-up for your computer-based music player and should not be overlooked. Enjoy.
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77 of 84 people found the following review helpful
on January 30, 2007
I purchased the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX solution last week after reading the reviews here. For the most part, the reviews are accurate.

Short Version: These computer speakers are definitely worth the price I paid (about $150 locally at Best Buy).

Longer Version: The primary use for the speakers is for music, mostly MP3 (high 320 bitrate, "CD quality" rips). There is the occasional CD and game, but mostly the MP3 library. I listen to MP3s from literally every genre there is, including oldies, country, jazz, classical, and rap/hip-hop, but the majority of listening is metal, hard rock, and classic rock.

Wanting to step up from my "budget" Harmon-Kardon 3-speaker system I considered this Klipsch solution, as well as the Bose Companion 3 and 5. Due to the USB-only option on the Bose Companion 5 it was quickly ruled out.

Having the search narrowed between the Klipsch ProMedia ($150) and the Bose Companion 3 ($250) I headed off to Best Buy, knowing they sold both and had them in stock. As luck would have it, they were set up for demos side-by-side. I first listened to the Klipsch, then the Bose, then repeated both. My wife and myself were both immediately convinced that the Klipch offered a much fuller and richer sound. The Bose had little midrange and was to tinny sounding. The choice was obvious, and the Klipsch was $100 less.

Brought them home and set them up immediately. Definite quality look and feel to the speakers, subwoofer/amp, and even cabling. Documentation is minimalistic, but setup is not that difficult for the general user.

The system sounded very good upon initial trial. I played parts of 10-20 MP3s of varying genres, all at very high volume. If you max out the volume there is some distortion (despite what some others have said). But, in most situations I find it unlikely that anyone would max out the volume on this system. They are designed for the listener to be located a few feet away, in front of the speakers, not for a whole-house sound system.

The sound range is excellent on these speakers. The design is well though out. The product is definitely worth the $150 and certainly on par, or better than, the Bose offering. The Bose does "look better", but are you buying speakers for visual or sound?

Based upon my initial impression, and assuming these speakers hold up well over the expected life-span I would definitely recommend them, and would buy them again myself for another computer if needed.
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233 of 264 people found the following review helpful
on July 2, 2007
Wonderful sound - Cheap DIN plug

One little 3 cent plug turned my $150 amazing sound speaker system into a pile of trash. Since then, I've been reading tons of people in blogs with similar problems and very few solutions. The plug is so flimsy that, it broke when I moved the subwoofer to clean under it! Once broken, nothing works! The replacements are so few, some people wait for months for them. There are several people making a killing on EBAY who promise to fix your DIN plug!

On the company's web site, they still refuse to see there's a problem, despite the number of people with faulty plugs. Their overpriced replacement items fly off the shelves!! There are WAITING LISTS for this one item!

Next time, I am buying something else!
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23 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on April 2, 2012
This speaker set sounds great don't get me wrong. BUT... there is one HUGE flaw in the design that they have not sorted out after all of these years. The DIN Plug. Once this goes bad your entire nice system is utter trash. What sounded great is now dead because of one input to the sub that powers the entire unit aside from the AC. Wiggling the cable to try to get it in the perfect spot to get sound. Because of this issue I have decided not to purchase another set. All you have to do is google it. This is a known issue... FOR A LONG TIME.
review image
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57 of 64 people found the following review helpful
on August 14, 2007
I blew a ridiculous amount of time listening to them in the store, reading reviews and what not and it never really helped me decide. I ended up buying all 3 and hooking them up so I could test drive them. Then returned the ones I didn't keep. Hopefully someone in the same situation I was in will benefit from my review. If you can't decide I recommend buying the ones you can't decide between and test them yourself.

Klipsch Promedia 2.1, Logitech z-2300, Bose Companion 3

Previous Speakers- Creative 6.1, think they were the original inspires.
Sound Card- Creative x-fi
Primary use- Gaming with limited music
Volume- maybe max out around 10%. Live in multifamily complex and don't need a lease breaker to live up to its name.
Ear quality- I'm no sound engineer so all references to quality of sound are just what MY ears heard.

6.1 V 2.1:
You will not find any 2.1 system that rivals even a cheap 5.1 or 6.1 set. No way around that. In downgrading you are compromising from the start. If you have the space/cash/mounting locations go with 5.1 or higher. [This may or may not be an appropriate or accurate statement. See comments below]

The Klipsch had the best overall performance when it came to sound. Second was Bose and third was Logitech.

I was not at all impressed with the Logitechs. They had a nice booming sound but no matter how much I fiddled with the EQ could I get a clean consistent sound across the board. Highs sounded watered down, Mids sounded muted and the Lows were...booming in a good way. Granted I'm sure this had a lot to do with the fact that I wasn't turning them up very loud. When I cranked them up they sounded much better but that's not the situation I needed them for. If you are throwing a block party the sound quality might be great.

The Klipsch definitely had the best overall sound. It seemed to have a little trouble with definition on the highs and the extreme lows but far out did the other two with the mids and the lows. When I say trouble I mean nothing noticeable if you didn't have multiple speakers hooked up at the same time. This could once again be attributed to the fact that I'm running them at such a low volume. As far as the extreme lows, I don't think either of the other two systems even had those lows to listen too.

The Bose handled the highs with crystal clarity. They do have the "tin can" effect that other reviewers have mentioned but adjustment of the EQ was able to compensate for that. The mids had to be corrected with the EQ but once setup right they were adequate, nothing to write home about, but better then the Logitech and not as good as the Klipsch. The lows thumped nicely and seemed to fit well but on extreme lows it seemed to be more of a single rumble as opposed to individual sounds.

The Bose significantly outshine the other two sets when it comes to desk real estate. The footprint of each satellite is about 2.5x2.5 inches. Headphones might take up less space. The Logitechs and the Klipsch take up about the same amount of space on the desk. Slightly larger than your average desktop speaker but not so large that you can't fit them on the desk.

All three sets had the same set of controls and inputs on them, namely bass, volume, and a miniplug out or two.

I preferred the Bose when it came to the controls. The little wired remote puck thing works excellently and sticks to the spot you put it. The volume control consists of turning the outside of the puck and works excellently. One added feature is the top of the puck is a touch activated mute button. Useless really since the volume is so easy to adjust but nice all the same. The bass control for the Bose is located on the back of the sub near the top. The sub sits under my desk so it's easy enough to adjust by just reaching behind it from the top and turning the knob.

Second would be the Logitech set. They also have a wired remote similar to the bose. Has a couple knobs on it a large (not as large as the bose puck) one for volume and smaller one for bass. They seemed to turn smoothly and work great. The one thing I didn't like about the Logitech remote was that it was very light and didn't really stay where you put it. Some double side tape or a rubber pad would easily fix that.

This is one spot where the Klipsch comes in last. I read that the controller could be removed from the speaker but didn't see an easy way to do it and didn't want to muck them up since I would be returning 2 of the 3 systems. The Klipsch controls are located on the right speaker similar to your normal OEM speakers. There is a volume and bass knob. The volume knob didn't seem as smooth as the other two systems and tended to jump as opposed to smoothly increase and decrease the volume. This might just be that it's a small knob and harder to make precision changes.

The power button is never a concern of mine because I leave everything on all the time but for those that it is an issue: Logitech had a power switch on the sub and "sleep" button on the remote. Both the klipsch and the bose have the power switches on the back of the sub. None of the power switches on the back of the subs are easy to get to or locate so if you can handle just putting it in sleep mode I'd recommend the Logitech.

I don't mean the build of the actual cones but of the housings, stands, etc. I don't know enough about construction of or speaker materials to make a judgment on the cones and drivers.

I think the Bose probably won in this category with the Logitech coming in second and the Klipsch bringing up the rear.

Both the Bose and Logitech went together well and everything fit tight. Everything seemed to be appropriately built with acceptable tolerances in terms of stands and housings. The Logitech's satellites were mostly plastic with cloth speaker grilles metal grilles on the sub. The sub was particle board I'm assuming with a metal grille. The Bose satellites were all metal including stands and grilles. The sub was particle board I'm assuming with a metal grille. Moving the speakers around and doing whatever over the course of testing them seemed to have no side effect on the operation of these two sets. Everything on each system seemed to use a heavy enough gauged wire that I was not concerned with damaging them as I yanked them through the rats nest behind my desk.

The Klipsch fell short on the build quality. They used comparable materials as the previous two, plastic satellites with cloth grilles and what I'm assuming is a particle board sub with a metal grille. The stands for the satellites were cockeyed causing the speakers to lean at some odd angles. Nothing that your average person would notice but someone in QC should have caught that. The little ps2 looking cable that connects the controller to the sub didn't fit securely or snap into the sub. Is to be expected of this style cable but on the other two systems I didn't have any concern if it connected appropriately. After initial setup of the speakers the left satellite went out on me and I had to jiggle/turn the miniplug plugged into the back of it. This is nothing new to miniplugs but I would have liked to have had the system setup for a good year before I had to start jiggling stuff. None of these matters are real deal breakers but I noticed no problems with the other two systems. It causes me to question what else might not be done as right as it should be done.

One thing nice about the Klipsch is that the connections for the satellites are normal speaker wire with a miniplug on the end. Should be fairly easy to rig up your own connectors if the supplied separation distance isn't enough for your needs.

If you want the best sound you can find, go with the Klipsch hands down. If size is your concern go with the Bose. Most other items noted are personal taste and opinion so you can make your judgments of off my previous information.

I kept the Bose. They look incredible, save my desk space well and at low volumes with an adjusted EQ they seem to sound good enough to do the job. I love the puck controller as well. I know many people dislike Bose but I think they have a nice product in the Companion 3's. It should probably be priced between $75 and $150 but an extra $100 spaced over an estimated 5 years of use is only $20 a year.
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76 of 87 people found the following review helpful
Since I bought my first stereo system in the late 1970s, most component purchase decisions have been about looking for the right compromise between performance and price. In this case, the combinations of Klipsch's tradition of great speakers and an in-store audition made me disregard the price point, and --after months of monk-like-denial of other little wants-- plunk down the significant $ these requre. If price is your ONLY consideration, then hese speakers have some excellent competition from Logitech (and soon, from their own company, when the GMX D-5.1 are released in Feb 2003). But: These are equal to --or better-- than best home stereo speakers I've ever owned. And at that level of performance (even with adding of a 5.1 capable sound card if you don't already have one), then these are at a modest price point. Like loud??? Crank 'em up. Not only will you risk your hearing, but you'll be amazed at how damned crisp the sound was just before deafness set in. Issues: The subwoofer is not for confined spaces. The "control tower" user interface has some issues (the power button is inexplicably located on its side, and the smaller center/rear/sub adjustment knobs would be improved by either some backlit labels and or a configuration that visually establishes their relationship): these are minor points, but surprising oversights in a speaker system that wil require most of four hundred dollars to buy. But: put in your favorite tunes (interesting note for P2P lovers whose music may be mostly downloaded: Klipsch indicates in their manual that these speakers will reveal the loss of fidelity in the MP3 format. Be prepared!), turn up the volume and all is forgiven. These rock. Period.
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75 of 87 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2002
I absolutely love this system. They sound excellent with hard hitting bass and responsive highs - and that's what's so sad about the situation, because I'm returning my second system now and they're gonna be sending me my third, since they only last about 9 months. When I called this time for a return authorization number, the customer service rep said, "What's wrong, the subwoofer works but all the other speakers don't?" They must know about it then. When I got my second system, they said they fixed the problem - obviously not. This is a very expensive system and it gets excellent reviews so the thought of purchasing it is very tempting, but the other reviewers are right, it won't last long, so keep that in mind. Also keep in mind that it costs about [$$] for UPS shipping back to the company since its so heavy, with a 2 month turn around time, so factor that into your descision. Although the system can put out alot of power, I don't play my music very loud at all and the system is protected from surges. I think there's a design flaw somewhere. Plus the volume knob is very touchy - going from 10 to 23 to 24 to 35 with the turn of the knob. Not very percise - you'll find yourself turning it back and forth trying to get to where you want to be. In conclusion - excellent sounding system, if you only need it for a short time.
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40 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on January 19, 2006
Yes, these speakers are as great as they are made out to be in terms of sound. However, two weeks after I bought my first pair, the left speaker went out. After checking all the wiring and messing around with it, I realized that the speaker worked fine, it just wasnt recieving any signals from the sub. So I took them back and replaced them with another pair. The ones I have now have worked great for a year, but now the same thing is happening again. No signal coming from the sub to the left speaker. I am just getting tired of having to replace these, because they are really wonderful sounding speakers. I don't want to get a different pair, but I will because I don't feel like going through this everytime I get a set of these.
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