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VINE VOICEon April 26, 2010
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Before reviewing the specifics of this product, it's important to briefly discuss the context, which is that there is no perfect earbud/in-ear set of 'phones for iPhone/iPod. All models are a compromise of sound quality, durability and comfort, and these Klipsch's are no exception. In comparison to the very best in-ear 'phones I've ever used, they have some advantages and disadvantages.

The sound quality compares favorably with the various Shure Sound Isolating earphones that I have used in the past, with a smooth quality, naturalness and clarity that is better than the Shure models, which are very clear but in comparison have an artificial touch to them. Bass leaves an impression without force, the same for any type of earphone. Noise-isolation is far inferior to the comparable Shure models, though, which effectively limit external noise. Wit the S2s, I can hear the sound of the keys clacking, crisply and transparently as I type this review, all while listening to the Rite of Spring.

Construction quality is also a mixed bag. The design seems to indicate that these will be durable - the actual horn on the Shures tends to crack after 18 months or so - but the handy lapel clip attached to the wires fell off and disappeared after I had used it once. They are far more comfortably in the ear than any other type I've used. It's inevitable that fatigue will develop when wearing anything like this long enough, but it comes far more slowly with the Klipsch.

Tested these with an iPhone, iPod Classic, MacBook Pro and iMac, they work equally well with all the hardware. Taken together with the price, these are a better than average value, if not the final answer to all your earphone questions.
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on June 5, 2010
I purchased this product based on price and Klipsch's reputation.

The sound is excellent! Great mids and highs, the lows are good but not super bass. I believe that more bass on these phones would distort the great mids and highs. I listen to all types of electronic music including drum and bass and these phones sound great.

They are very comfortable but I will admit you will need to give yourself a little time for your ears to adjust to these type of head phones. Be a little patent and your eardrums will be happy.

The mic works very well, I have been walking home from work for the past three weeks and walked through windy conditions and people have not had a problem hearing me.

I rated this product five stars based on price and performance. This is the best buy for around $40.

Works great with HTC Incredible. (ANDROID FTW)
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on April 3, 2010
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the first time I used IN EAR headsets and I must say it took me some time (a couple of hours) to get used to the concept, but once I did I really enjoyed them. They are lightweight and can be used for long time without too much problems.

The audio quality is not that impressive especially the bass, but for 40$ they are more than decent

They do a good job in blocking external sounds but they don't block them completely.

The worse part for me is that since the ear pieces go inside your ear they act like a `noise funnel' directly to your brain which means that any rustling of the cables echoes loudly inside your head, so I wouldn't recommend them for sports or activities that cause the cable to move around too much.

They have a clip to attach them to your jacket which is nice but most headsets have these.

Also, they have a mute button which is not all that useful since you still have earplugs in your ears when you mute the music so I prefer to remove them completely when I want to interact

In terms of compatibility, I tested with several phones, and the only one it worked well with was the motorola droid, all other phones including all generations of iphone, nexus one, g1, nokia smartphones and samsung galaxy did not work.

the additional ear plugs were of no use for me since the regular ones fit perfectly.
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VINE VOICEon March 10, 2010
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The KLIPSCH IMAGE S2M NOISE-ISOLATING HEADSET solved my problem! I am on the phone nearly 8 hours a day every day. I have a Bluetooth headset that I love, but as much as I love it, the battery life is not sufficient. I have been looking for a set of comfortable earbuds to wear once the battery in my Bluetooth dies. The set that came with my phone has very large earpieces that give me significant ear pain and a throbbing headache after about 20 minutes. I get very uncomfortable and unhappy when I have 2 hours left on my telecon.

I jumped at the chance to try this KLIPSCH IMAGE S2M NOISE-ISOLATING HEADSET. In the picture, the earbuds looked quite small. The advertising said that they would fit my ears properly, provide noise isolation, and have good sound quality. And I have to say, it delivers on all these promises.

As small as the KLIPSCH IMAGE S2M NOISE-ISOLATING HEADSET are in the picture, they come with two additional sets of ear tips that are even smaller. The smallest pair is perfect for me. They are comfortable, stay in, and mask the external sound. The mike is easy to use with the touch of a button. I can hear my co-workers clearly, and they tell me that I sound crystal clear.

I do, unfortunately, still get a little bit of ear pain. Not much and it takes awhile, but there is still some. But overall, these are very nice, sound good, and are much more comfortable than the alternatives.
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VINE VOICEon February 23, 2010
Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm using the Klipsch Image S2m Noise-Isolating Headset on a 2nd generation iPod Touch. I have previously used only the standard ear buds that come with the iPod, so that's my only basis for comparison.

The Klipsch headset comes with a small, velvety carrying pouch (which snaps very securely shut) and three pairs of soft rubber eartips, in three sizes. There is a clip affixed to the cord, so that you can attach it to your clothing (but this can easily fall off the cord, so you have to be careful). The cord is about six inches longer than that which the standard iPod headphones have. On the cord that leads to your right ear there is a button which, when pressed, pauses the music. That is, it doesn't just temporarily turn off the sound going into the headphones; it actually pauses the music player, which is extremely convenient. (Usually, if someone starts talking to you while you're listening to music, you have to either pull out the ear buds or fiddle with your iPod to pause. This is a big improvement.)

Unlike the standard Apple ear buds, the ear tips on the Klipsch headset fit inside the ear canals. I don't have a problem using regular ear buds--though it's less comfortable in one ear than the other--but on the whole I find these ear tips more comfortable. My only negative on the comfort front is that it's actually a little ticklish having them in.

The ear tips are very easy to put in, and they're very secure once they're inserted. They do block out a lot of noise, which is both good and bad: it's good for the music, but bad if you'd like to have a better sense of what's going on around you while you're wearing them. The sound quality, as far as I can tell, is very good--but I'm also happy with the sound from the Apple headphones. These seem to me to have more bass, however. A big negative, though, is that I'm getting a lot of cord noise. (This is apparently called "microphonics," and is a standard problem with using in-ear headphones.) What this means is that if the cable rubs against your clothes, say, when you're walking, you'll hear it, and it's very distracting. The amount of noise seems to depend on what the cord rubs against. A walk outside with it scraping against my winter coat was annoyingly noisy. But wearing a regular cotton shirt on a treadmill, it wasn't very noticeable. (Though there is a dull thud in the background with each step you take.) This may rule out using the Klipsch headset while walking outside in a coat, though I'll have to experiment more with positioning the cord to see if I can reduce the noise. In short:

-- Comfortable
-- Easy to insert
-- Single-button control extremely convenient
-- Sound great (more bass than standard iPod headphones)
-- Block out background noise
-- Comes with handy clip

-- Slightly ticklish
-- Block out background noise
-- Cord noise!

-- Reviewed by Debra Hamel
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on August 20, 2010
I was hoping these were decent sounding, though mostly bought for the integrated mic so I could use with my iPhone 4 (company phone) and Droid X (personal phone) to make calls. Works with both but the sound is absolutely the worst I've heard in any headphones that cost more than $5. I broke them in for 24 hours as often is recommended for headphones, but that didn't improve the sound. I've tried high end headphones, UE Triplefi ~$400, other more moderately priced UE's, Shures, stock Apple, all the way down to cheap Coby's. These are the worst for sound. No bass and very tinny. The Elago E5's, also available from Amazon at the same price, are great sounding for the price, have the integrated mic, are better made, just as comfy, way better in every way. Though other Klipsch products I've tried seem decent, stay away from these unless you can pick them up close to free. I'll use them for phone calls, no music, but only if nothing else is available.
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on July 17, 2010
I have been wanting to by the bose but have been too cheap. I settled for these and let me say, it was well worth the money. I cannot speak about how these compare to the bose, or other high end headphone, but for the price they are a super buy! I own a landscaping business and have used many noise canceling headphones through the years. I've recently settled for the phillips in ear headphones because they stayed in so much better than any other. They discontinued them (or i've not been able to find them in stores). I decided to just take the plunge and get the bose since i would be spending >$50 anyway. I found these and thought for the price, i would give them a try. I could not be happier. These are by far and away, some of the best headphones i have ever had. I love them. The mic sounds much better than the iphone mic that comes in the box.
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VINE VOICEon April 29, 2011
I tend to go through several sets of headphones a year since I primarily wear them to work out and on long walks, and I tend to be rough on them. Only time will tell if these hold up - as my most typical scenario is I break the wiring and lose sound in one ear. However, a few intial impressions:

1. Fit better than any of my other ear buds. They have slight smaller earpieces that fit very nicely - and the buds are longer than a standard headset and curved, so they are easier to insert in your ears. My guess is that this design will also hold up longer, as the wiring into the bud looks more substantial.

2. The sound is quite good for the price. This is partially due to how well they fit, but they also seem to have a nice mid-range.

Overall, a great product.
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on August 21, 2010
Picked up a pair of these yesterday on sale for $20. I have had a long running quest for the perfect yet not pricey headset. My requirements: good fit (I have small ear canals), comfort, great sound quality, good microphone, button to answer/ hang-up/ play/ pause.

I'm really happy with the sound quality from these. I'm hearing a lot of detail in the music that I don't pick up with other headphones. As far as sound goes, I have some ifrogz EarPollution Timbre with a Walnut body that give a warmer sound. I like them, but they don't reproduce the details like the Klipsch does.

They are pretty comfortable (I'm using the smaller caps), although since they stick out so much you can't for example lay on your side in bed.

I am told also my voice is very clear with the mic on the Klipsch S2m.

The length of the cord is great. Also, I'm pleased the 3.5mm connector is 90 degree angled. I use it with my phone in my pocket most of the time and this will for sure prevent wear and tear since it doesn't stick out 3/4" from the phone (an iPhone 4, but I'm sure it will work fine with any other 3.5mm audio jack phone.)

So far, I highly recommend it.
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on April 1, 2011
This is nearly everything I want in a travel headset.
I got it to replace the unusable set that came stock with my phone, which have nearly penny-sized rigid speaker bits that park somewhere in front of my ear canal and so let all ambient noise in.

This set blocks about as much sound as I could wish for. In planes, trains and automobiles I can enjoy music and films without cranking up the volume to 11, and I'm not distracted by the annoying loud bloke next to me in the cafe. The mic works fine, although I usually unplug to take phone calls "hands-on" because these block my own voice so much that I feel the other party can't possibly hear me, even if they assure me otherwise. Also, my phone's noise cancellation mic is disabled with a headset.

There is obviously only one button, whereas my stock set had forward and back buttons. I can emulate the "skip forward" button in all Android media players by double-pressing the single button, but "back" is a no-go. The smaller mic/button tumor on the cable is a decent tradeoff.

The cable is good; very flexible and not sticky. Length is about perfect for trouser- or jacket-pocket-carried players. The compact right-angle plug is nice, especially when my phone's mounted geek-style horizontally on my belt . I think the whole set is smaller than just the plug of my Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone.

The clever snap-top baggie is more useful than I expected, because the ear seals like to pop off in your pocket otherwise, which drove me up the wall with my old Sony set. Apropos rubbers, I use the largest of the three, and the small look they might fit a fetus. Eventually when these wear out I will use drillified foam earplugs.

Why should you get it? You want to hear well everywhere you go, and you are fortunate to travel enough that small packing matters. Spending more than $50 on something you could break/lose so easily is silly. Only posers use over-ear phones for traveling.

**** A year later, still going ****
I don't always use these, but when they do, they work.
Only under a helmet they don't work because the "body" of the earbud is too long and so gets pulled out when removing the helmet.
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