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VINE VOICEon November 7, 2006
Kinley Macgregor has written an entertaining, warm, romantic story. I loved it and I am glad to see her return to the roots of her best writing.

Varian is a dark, brooding, intensely attractive male. He is half dark and half light due to his heritage. Lancelot is his father and Narishka, one of Morgan's allies is his mother. Because of his mother he has never been trusted as one of the Knights of Avalon. Arthur made him a knight against the wishes of every one of the other knights. He has learned not to trust anyone and never to love. He is the Merlin's assassin. His mother is determined to turn him to the dark and provide information and help in overthrowing Avalon.

Merewyn was a beautiful princess. She made a deal with Varian's Mother to escape marriage to a man she detested. But as with all bargains with the Adoni, she lost everything. For hundreds of yrs she has been condemed to a hag's body and a servent to Narishka.

When one of the Grail Knights, of which there are only six, is killed. Varian is sent by Merlin to find out who killed him and what they found out from him. ONly Varian can cross the borders of Camelot and AValon easily because of his blood. He is captured and tortured by Morgan and his mother.

Narishka offers Merewyn her beauty and freedom if she will capture his attention and force him to join Morgan's Circle of the Damned. Merewyn jumps at the chance, but when she finds the kindness and nobility in Varian she schemes and takes a chance to help him for his promise to help her escape from Camelot.

Joined by the mandrake, Blaise, they make their way into Val sans Retour, the valley of no return. Many adventures and forgotten people make for a wonderful journey only to face the army of Morgan again.

I loved it. Such a wonderful journey I didn't want it to end, and there are few books that good out there now. Do not miss it. I can hardly wait for her next book in this wonderful series. I have to say I usually do not like books set within the arthurian legend but this one is totally fantastic and the first book SWORD OF DARKNESS was also excellent.

Last but not least the cover is awesome. This is what a knight should look like not so pretty but handsome with a very rugged face. I loved the cover.
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on November 3, 2006
I actually liked the first novel, Sword of Darkness, more than Knight of Darkness because Kerrigan was such a rascally demon that it was entertaining to see him as evil. Also, Seren from the first novel also had more personality then Merwyn of this novel who got caught in a bad contract when she tried to trade in her looks to get out of a betrothal.

Varian has almost the same tortured backgroun as Kerrigan except he supposedly grew on the good side, but was treated poorly by his father Lancelet, Galahad's mother who bore Varian, and his biological mother who is from the bad side.

Morgen, the evil scorceress wants to find the grail. The grail is protected by 6 secret grail knights. Morgen assigns Varians mother the task of finding the grail. To do this, she wants Varian to finally join her side after she abandonned him at 7 on his father's doorstep many centuries ago. To help in converting Varian to the dark side, she bargains w/ Merewyn to seduce Varian, and she will give Merewyn back her beauty. After centuries of being a hag and a servant, Merewyn agrees. But is the price of her agreement to high? Afterall she was tricked by her first agreement of freedom in return for her beauty the first time. The story progresses into the Varian, Merwyn, and Kerrigan's old mandrake, escaping the clutches of Varian's mother and Morgen only to get stuck in a valley where there is no escape.

The overall story was good, but the heroine, Merwyn, was still concerned about her looks all the way until the end. She didn't really learn her lesson on vanity until it was too late.

The most hilarious part of the book however was pit of despair scene. I don't ever remembering such a funny scene in all of the authors previous books. Merwyn babbling on and on how Varian was such a bore, and her other companions were so dumb that the ferret was the smartest one of the bunch were vastly entertaining. I'm surpised all her companions didn't gag her.

I was disappointed that Kerrigan didn't appear in this novel, I would have expected for both Kerrigan and Varian to have a lot in common.

The one thing that bothered me from the first book and continues to bothers me in this book were the constant pop culture references and all the Monty Python dialogue. For me all the pop culture inuendo really doensn't fit in this fantasy avalon world. This more than anything dropped my rating to 4 stars because it just plain irritated me.
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on December 28, 2015
I read this one in no time, and I wish I had the next one to read!!!! This one is Lancelot's son with a twisted black Fay. She walks a line between the dark and light. His father, Sir Lancelot detest him, as does, it seems many Knights of Avalon, but King Arthur and Queen Guinevere did not. Find out what happens to Varisn!!! Truly a huge page turner!!!!
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on October 27, 2014
I have never read any of sherrilyn's books under her pseudonym. I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved every minute of the book. it was easy to follow and understand, as I'm unfamiliar with king Arthur and the folklore of that time. it was full of adventure. there was a well written plot and deep character connection. the development between the characters kept me interested and the romance was believable. it was a walk through the adventures of knights and faeries, with light hearted humor and enchanting romance.
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on January 20, 2013
The story structure is pretty much the same as any other of this series. Male lead character had an terrible life; believes himself to be unlovable and undeserving. In comes female (virgin of course) lead character. First both characters clash and can't stand each other. Stuff happens and they have sex and fall in love after 5 seconds of meeting each other. Not bad writing, but very predictable.
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on February 4, 2015
I have mixed feelings about this book. I’m not sorry I read it, but I wasn’t excited about the story. I almost gave it a two star rating, but after the halfway mark it did have some scenes that really worked for me and ended up boosting my star count for the title.

This was another book written by Ms. Kenyon under a pen name, and while I can see her in the text I can totally understand why they went that way when releasing this book. The last one I read, Sword of Darkness, was more similar to her current Dark Hunter series then this one. Kinda. I think this book just bugged me in spots.

So what didn’t work for me… There was too much reference to pop culture again. Enough, half the characters didn’t get the jokes and it just made the story lose credibility in my opinion. A little is okay, but this was a case of too much of a good thing and it weighed the story down. It died down about half way through the story, just around the time it picked up for me. I also had a tough time bonding with Merewyn. She wasn’t a typical heroine for Ms. Kenyon and I spent much of the book not caring for her much. I liked Varian, but didn’t love him. If Blaise wasn’t in the story it would have been a much more difficult book for me to get through.

It wasn’t a total loss though. The characters did come around and grew in substance. They learned their lessons and became worthy of each other. There was an interesting man, Faran, that was in the last book as well. He had only a few short pages, but I so hope that he comes back in future books and we get to learn his story. We met up with the hero and heroine from the last book at the end and it was nice to see how they have fared.

Over all I’m just not that excited about this little series by Ms. Kenyon. I’ll continue to read the next book and love the direction it is taking in the Dark Hunter world, but I think one reading is going to be plenty. Those that are thinking of reading this because of Son of No One… Not sure the call on that one. On one hand it is nice to have the back story, but you will be fine without it.
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2006
I try to stay away from all that Arthur and the Roundtable rubbish. There are so many out there that it has just become repetitive and boring. Yet, the cover of this book really grabbed me in the local bookstore and so I bit my tongue and bought it. I have to admit I was pleaseantly surprised. These books are nothing like the King Arthur we know. Especially, since Arthur is dead and so is Geneviere. (Thank goodness, I really despised that two-faced tramp). Granted, in the book, the whole Lancelot/Geneviere thing was all a misunderstanding thanks to a few gossiping men. This book takes on all new characters and basically covers a war being fought between good and evil. The two main characters find themselves stuck in the middle of a tug-of-war between the good and evil.

Those of you interested in reading this book might like to know that I have not read the first in the series and it did not effect the reading of this one in any shape or form. This is definitely a stand alone book. Also, I would recommend it to anyone for a refreshing fun read.
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on March 23, 2013
I've read the dark hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon so I thought I'd give some of her other series' a try. I loved the Lords of Avalon series. It continues in the same writing style but with a medieval setting. (I ordered all of the others in this series too)
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on November 3, 2006
This, the second book in the Lords of Avalon series was very good. As good as the first one, there is something to be said just for that. Sometimes a new series can run out of steam during the second book. However, that's not the case here. Ms. MacGregor has created a rich alternative universe for us to tour. I love how she has taken everything we thought we knew about Arthur, his knights and even Camelot, and completely turned those ideas upside down. The Lords of Avalon, (the men themselves), are wonderfully in the grey area of good and evil. After living for over 1500 years, even the best of them have some really nasty traits. This creates some great conflicts for them. The villains are not all black and white either. They are deliciously evil and some are downright psychotic, but are they all as they seem? I look forward to finding out.
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on August 23, 2013
I love Kinley MacGregor and her alter (but real) ego, Sherrilyn Kenyon. These books are completely different from her Dark Hunter Series, but all the better for that. When I see a new book by Kinley MacGregor I get it for my library, because each time I read it (and I do re-read them) I see something I missed the previous time I read it.
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