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on February 13, 2010
I'm not a medical practitioner, but I am familiar with the "standard of care". After my 62 yr-old husband was given 2-4 months to live by a famous research hospital, we found a prestigious transplant surgeon who would operate. Almost 60% of his liver was removed, but two suspicious lymph nodes were found by scan (which may have been post-surgical inflammation). His oncologist insisted he start "preventive" chemo. So just 6 weeks after surgery, when his liver had barely begun to regenerate, chemotherapy began. One of the drugs was Gemzar given by IV... and mentioned in this book as a sort of placebo! Another was a very expensive drug take orally that caused numerous side effects and eventualy destroyed his liver.

A holocaust survivor is exactly what he looked like! Five months into chemo he was admitted for severe abdominal pains and dehydration. While in the hospital he experienced septic shock, exploratory surgery (that he wasn't expected to survive)and three stints in the ICU. 2 1/2 weeks later, two Drs who were on-call for the weekend, diagnosed him with liver failure. His other eleven specialists had missed it. He slipped into a hepatic coma the following day and was gone in 48 hrs.

Our medical bills totaled over $600,000, so we were fortunate to get some financial aid from the hospitals. That was 1 1/2 yrs ago and I'm still paying the rest and in danger of foreclosure. At least he got an extra year of life with the surgery, but he should have never been given chemo in the first place! The irony is that I did so much research and I've been getting "Life Extension" magazine for years, but somehow missed the offer to call them first! Their research and their founder (William Faloon) are highly respected. Make your own opinions about the author, but don't miss the point. The fact that he personally encouraged Suzanne to write this book gives the interviews credence in my opinion. It's a book everyone should read in case they ever need it.
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VINE VOICEon November 16, 2009
I am so grateful that someone who has an audience, a voice, is finally speaking out against this corruption that murdered both my parents!

The "war" on cancer has created a $200 billion a year industry that has only improved its success rate by 5% since the 1950s. A mere 2.1% of those taking chemo will be alive after five years. (If you die one week after the five years, you are considered a success!) Oncologists give hope to their patients, claiming their tumor will likely respond. Yet what they mean by "respond" is a few months added to a person's life. Yeah, let's mortgage the home, spend off the kids' college fund, all so you can live 3 months in bed, too sick from the chemo to do anything but sleep! Yet, as long as oncologists are following the protocol that gives big bucks to big pharma (and the docs also get kickbacks!!) then they cannot be arrested. It is legal. It is murder, it is robbery, it is fraud--but it is legal.

Now, here are these alternative doctors. They can be harassed for not going by "standard of care" even though they are healing 70-80% of their patients. By harassed, I mean some have to move their clinic to Mexico. They are called quacks. In the past, they even had to go to jail. ...And by healing, I mean the patient is cancer free for 20, 30 years! At a small fraction of the cost! Yet, the insurance companies do not pay for it (calling it "unproven"--even though chemo has been proven--proven to FAIL!)

When I saw all the one-star reviews on Amazon, I was reluctant to buy the book, thinking it might not have anything I didn't already know. A quick scan revealed that these people hadn't even read the book, but just had a bee in their bonnet and probably work for drug companies. The book is excellent. I have read several hundred books on health, and found myself marking something on nearly every page. I intend to give this book out to everyone I know who gets the C diagnosis.

The book contains Suzanne's own story and 2 diagnoses of cancer (1 false); several chapters on the sinister mainstream cancer business; interviews with doctors who have great success treating cancer--even stage IV, and even the tough ones like liver or pancreatic cancer; and interviews with doctors on how to prevent cancer. It's all cutting edge material. I especially liked the interviews with Dr. Burzynski and Dr. Gonzalez (who uses enzymes and is a raw food advocate).

I myself wrote a book which includes many testimonials on people who used the raw food diet to reverse cancer. You see, we already have a cure for cancer! It's called the immune system. It just needs to be supported with proper nutrition, rest, and a break from toxins. To add chemo to someone with cancer is like cleaning your kitchen with mud and trash. Hello, people! Wake up!
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on January 29, 2010
As a professional environmental biologist who has had health as an avocation for over 40 years and been critically reading about cancer and cancer treatments, both standard and alternative, for over 20 years, I highly praise Suzanne Somers for having the courage to compile the interviews in "Knockout" with physicians who have had successes in treating cancer patients using alternative methods.

Over the past 30 years, I have known many people who were diagnosed with cancer: Practically none lived for more than a relatively short time-- months or short years of continual or intermittent chemical treatments that made most of the last part of their lives physically miserable ( at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.) Had I personally known ANYONE who survived long-term after standard treatment of breast, lung, or pancreatic cancer, or brain tumors, I might have put more credibility in it, but I haven't. The only "survivors" I have known had lymphomas which standard treatments can successfully treat (a fact mentioned in "Knockout".)

Cancer is not something that attacks us from outside the body like a virus or bacteria, but rather something that the body creates in response to an external insult (radiation, toxin, e.g.) or internal imbalance (nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalances, e.g.). It only makes sense that if the body can create cancer, it also has the capability of controlling or removing it given the right kind of support from a physician: That is what the doctors interviewed in "Knockout" have been doing: supporting the body and its immune system to control or fight the cancer. Do I think that all the treatments presented in the book are of equal value in treating cancer based upon what I've read over the years? No. But most are based on good science, practical experience and success, and are highly consistent with the scientific studies and reports that I have read. It is to Suzanne's credit that she did not "pre-judge" the various treatment alternatives but leaves that task up to the readers.

I have only one criticism of the information provided in "Knockout" and that is some of the comments made about pesticides and "organic" produce. Two or three of those interviewed made blanket and inaccurate statements and assumptions about pesticides (it's obviously outside their area of expertise.) Few people know that the EPA for many years has required extensive toxicity testing of pesticides by independent, EPA-approved laboratories using standard protocols--including testing of reproductive effects over multiple generations--before they will approve a product label; that the pesticide label use requirements provide a 100-fold protection factor for human safety; that chemical companies today generally won't even pursue approval of new pesticides that are highly toxic or dangerous; or that manufacturers of the hormonally disruptive and persistent organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, were prohibited from selling them in the US some 30+ years ago. Few people know that some "organic" growers use "natural" pesticides, some of which are considerably MORE TOXIC AS APPLIED and more environmentally persistent than a good number of the commercial, standard pesticides, and which generally have not undergone the extensive EPA-required testing of standard, commercial pesticides.

Rather than buy nothing but organic produce -- which many people cannot afford -- I recommend buying fruits and vegetables grown in the USA where only EPA-approved pesticides can be used and where states are required to test and certify all commercial pesticide applicators to ensure pesticides are applied in accordance with the product label. (Violations result in loss of applicators' licenses). No such strict controls exist in some foreign countries that regularly ship produce to the US. I am also highly dubious of "organic" claims for imported produce. (I avoid buying products from other countries when I can get the same products grown in the USA, organic or not.)

That said, however, anyone diagnosed with cancer who does not examine and seriously consider at least some of the alternatives presented in "Knockout" to the standard "cut, poison, and burn" treatments (all of which can seriously compromise the very immune system needed by the body to fight the cancer), runs the risk of laying down like a lamb to slaughter in the face of standard cancer treatment. Being well informed and playing an active role in selection of cancer treatment may make the difference between life and death.

"Knockout" is a major accomplishment and a valuable contribution to all those who face a diagnosis of cancer, and one that I hope readers will take seriously. Suzanne should be highly praised for facing the highly lucrative and entrenched cancer industry head on!
Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer--And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place
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VINE VOICEon October 20, 2009
Knockout:Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer--And how to Prevent Getting It in the First Place, by Suzanne Somers, is a must-read.

The book begins with a foreword by Dr. Julian Whitaker who challenges the very paradigm of curing cancer--that is, of removing or destroying it--with surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, Instead, she writes, the challenge to curing cancer lies in stopping the cells from dividing; do that and the cancer disappears.

Somers relates her harrowing story of her gross misdiagnosis that occurred in November 2008. She woke up covered in hives and was rushed to the hospital. She was told that she had cancer throughout her body. The hellishness of the experience prompted this book, because Somers explains that if she--a health advocate, best-selling author and famous person could get so mistreated, it can certainly happen to anyone.

Shockingly, the medical community has made little strides in curing cancer in 60 years, and it will soon be the second leading cause of death in our country.

The purpose of this book is to educate us on the alternatives to the traditional treatment of cancer--surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, and to prevent cancer from happening in the first place. As a cancer survivor, this is a topic close to Somers' heart.

There are chapters on the sad state of Western medicine, and how most of us poison ourselves daily--with drugs, chemicals in our food and more.

The crux of the book are the interviews with alternative doctors. They are divided into two sections--doctors curing cancer and on preventing it in the first place.

Some examples from the interviews:

* One doctor interviewed said that mamograms increase the risk of breast cancer.

* Sugar and artificial sweeteners feed cancer and help it spread.

* Tumeric is one of the most powerful cancer inhibitors. (One note on tumeric--several years ago, I read that there is a significantly low incidence of Alzheimer's Disease in India. Studies proved it was due to the high consumption of tumeric. Lately, I read that tumeric is great in preventing inflammation, increases memory, and a whole bunch of other fantastic qualities. You can buy it in capsule form if you don't eat much of it.)

The final chapter is advice for those who do choose traditional treatment to combat cancer.

The resources include integrative health practitioners listed by state.

I appreciate that Somers interviews a variety of doctors to get all kinds of advice. For those suffering from cancer and for those hoping to prevent it, this book provides solid alternative choices to traditional therapies that don't seem to be working.

This book provides hope. Highly recommend.

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on October 30, 2009
This book dramatically presents the remarkable successes of some of the Alternative and Complementary Medical Doctors have used for the treatment of cancer. The book is loaded with valuable informatio and tips for ALL patients, regardless of what therapy they ultimately decide to use. Dr.Stanislaw Burzynski,MD discovered antineoplastons, that have had amazing success, making it a uniquely valuable discovery that unfortunately is not being used by other practitioners, since FDA has not approved it yet. Dr.Nicholas Gonzalez,MD uses of pancreatic enzymes, nutrition and coffee enemas that have shown promise, but it requires a lot of work on the patients part.Dr.James Forsythe,MD is also a Homeopathic Doctor in addition to being a board certified oncologist. He became a homeopath after seeing that patient using alternative therapies were doing better than his patients using chemotherapy radiation and surgery.Salicinium is a homeopathic that blocks sugar metabolism. Sugar pronotes cancer growth. Sugar should be avoided by cancer patients. I was amazed to find out that there are some tests for determining which chemotherapy is kiely to be most successful with your type cancer. He also uses oxidative therapies. Dr.Jonathan Wright,MD explains the use of bioidentical hormonal theraapy, in which the doctor neasures and balances the hormones so as to promote anti-cancer properties. This turns out to be very complicated and too detailed for me to summarize, but it is a very informative discussion. There are also good tips on foods like brassica vegetables such as broccoli,cailiflower and brussel sprouts that promote anti-cancer responses.
Dr.Steven Sinatra,MD a cardiologist and psychiatrist makes some keen observations about the importance of the state of positive belief in the patient that the patient will triumph over this cancer. A suprising observation was that the lung is the organ most susceptible to grief from emotional upset.What starts as a lung bacteria ot tuberculosis can end up as lung cancer, and that crying is one of the most healing emotions and relieves tension in your vocal chords and lungs,tears contain endorphins and they can heal. Compassion and touch are the healing tools of nature, the cancer patient must use them.
One of the most readily available and easily administered therapy mentioned briefly in the book is the one referred to as Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese. This was pioneered by Dr.Johanna Budwig,PhD a biochemist from Germany. It is more complicated and involved than the description, it is really a comprehensive dietary and lifestyle regime revolving around the provision of Omega-3 fatty acids in Flaxseed combined with the sulphurated protein in cottage cheese. A good list-serve is available for detailed instruction at [...] with excellent moderators to help you to implement it.
But if you are afraid to trust alternative and unconventional therapies you can gain tremendous insight into using the best proven nutritional and drug therapies described by Bill Faloon of the Life Extension Foundation. Mr.Faloon is a layperson who has extensively studied the vast medical and scientific literature on health treatments. He presents both alternative treatments and mainstream conventional treatments supported by the scientific literature, some of these are approved by the Food & Drug Administration, others are not. But too many doctors are not familiar with some of the peer reviewed medical literature in their field. Here you will find it.
The book has a large Resources sectiongiving names addreses and phone numbers for Doctors Clinics and Institutes for Doctors practicing Alternative and Complementary Medicine throughout North America,Belgium and the Bahamas.
There is also a list of Compounding Pharmacies.
The only thing missing is the footnotes to support these therapies. The section listing Books by or about Knockout doctors, especially those by Dr.Jonathan V.Wright,MD will have many of these citations. His research is always very well documented.
Arnold Gore
Consumers Health Freedom Coalition

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on November 2, 2009
Here's a bit of information that most of you aren't aware of, most especially the "dead heads" who are still living in the 1950s when everyone thought their doctor was God and that every pill and medication was a sure-cure.

Oncologists of today have a pretty slick set-up with Big Pharma. Bet you didn't know they get as much as an 86% kickback from the chemotherapy that they prescribe. They are the only specialty that has this handy little system. They have a limited set of cancer drugs that they prescribe,which gives them a percentage back of the drug's cost. If they prescribe a drug that they aren't signed up with, they do not receive the kickback. I suggest you do your due diligence on this one. Congress should be asking "What the????" and putting a stop to this practice. So if you have cancer, your oncologist has a vested interest in giving you the drug he/she makes money on. Google "Oncologist's drug kickbacks" and get educated. Those of you with limited functioning brain cells can continue to criticize Suzanne Somers all you want from your wobbly soapbox--those of us who have been down the cancer road with devastating results and have had the wake-up call to look further and farther than the nearest idiot with an MD behind their name have found information that will curl your hair. Get off your self-satisfied backsides and wake up to 21st Century reality. Those of us who know better will continue to encourage Ms. Somers and others who are willing to pull their head out of the sand and find new answers to our current health care dilemma. No one seems to ask why we continue to get sicker as a nation with all the dollars going down the medical/pharmaceutical rathole. And then there's the health insurance debacle... A story for another day.
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on December 6, 2009
Do not dismiss this as some kookie new age book. It can save your life or lives of those you love.

Super work by a personality who is both keenly interested and knowlegeable. Given the importance of the alternative approaches to preventing and treating various cancers, this book is one which every family should have and READ...BEFORE this may strike...if possible.

The beauty of it is that there are very viable and proven methods outside conventional medicine with its routine " cut and chemo" approach. Even the concept of "not curing" is brought into question, where many have safely arrested its negative developement and lived for decades beyond, by attention to health, nutrition and bioidentical harmone support. Finally, there are serious questions about some surgical approaches actually causing cancerous cells to begin circulating , resulting in spreading tumors.

This book has both questions, not always possible to answer, and new answers not possible to ignore. Plus, it is a fine personal narrative of considerable experience with medical practices. some obviously of the "cookie cutter" variety. She has experienced first hand the numbing verdict where one prognosis fits all, and the end result is short term hopelessness and traditional treatment's expensive but wasted efforts.

However you do it...used book...paperback now...library...borrowed or it. Then decide.
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on October 25, 2009
It is great to see another book that may save lives of cancer patients. Books such as Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce, Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Dr Patrick Quillin, and Killing Your Cancer without Killing Yourself by Dr Allen Chips have helped pave the way to overcome the strong voice of the powerful drug companies that make a lot of money from cancer treatments that have not always been successful. As a cancer survivor who was given 6 months to live when diagnosed with lung cancer 33 years ago and who used laetrile and other alternative interventions I see the value of alternative treatments. And as a registered nurse with two masters and a doctorate in public health I also believe I am qualified to evaluate results of cancer research. I recently finishing a 4 1/2 month series on cancer on my radio show that included experts in traditional and alternative treatments as well as many survivors who used traditional and/or alternative treatments and the value of alternative treatments was reinforced for me.
Using interviews with doctors and her own experience Suzanne's book discusses ways to prevent and cure cancer using alternatives to traditional treatment. Many of these include easy things to add or reduce in the diet such as avoidance of sugar and the addition of tumeric and these are well documented by research in Dr Quillins book identified earlier and in the Definitive Guide to Cancer coauthored by Dr Lise Alschuler, President of the American Naturopathic Association. Great work Suzanne and thank you for caring.
Carl O. Helvie, R.N., Dr.P.H, , Host, Holistic Health Show
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on November 19, 2009
I decided to read this book after watching Suzanne Summers on TV with Larry King. Suzanne was very passionate about her conviction but the program left me with a number of unanswered questions and I hoped that reading this book will clear some of mine doubts...

Unfortunately I cannot say that I am now, after reading this book, much smarter than I was before. To start with, Suzanne's story at the beginning of the book is bizarre to say the least. Could that all be true? Could so many doctors be so wrong all at the same time? Possibly, but maybe Suzanne omitted some facts detrimental to the story to make it for a better read. We will never know...

Some of the reviewers do not hold punches and simply call Ms. Summers greedy salesmen "selling snake-oil, and laughing all the way to the bank!" I don't think so. I think the opinion that "she is selling unproven remedies not recommend by any accredited institution" can only be spread by the proponents of so called "conventional" medicine - the establishment. Keep in mind that there are Charlatans in both conventional and alternative medicine who will exploit patients.

The main problem that I have with conventional medicine is that it is focused on treating symptoms but it is absolutely failing in prevention of diseases. The oncologists may be relatively good in treating some cancers but they offer nothing in the way of prevention. I cannot say conclusively that Suzanne is right in her approach but she at least brings our awareness to the potential prevention protocols.

I think this book deserves careful reading. I am not saying that I agree with everything Suzanne Somers says, she may be wrong, but her findings definitely deserve proper consideration. I have studied some of the doctors she is promoting, and I find it very hard to disagree with Dr Blaylock. He is not promising any miracles and he backs his opinions with solid data. I encourage you to get a good look at them. I was surprised to learn that Suzan failed to mention in her book Dr. Tombak. His book "Cure th e Incurable" sheds a lot of light at a number of "incurable" diseases, cancer being one of them. You will find that there indeed exist successful alternative treatments of diseases written off by conventional medicine as incurable.
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on February 23, 2010
Even if you, like another reviewer, don't believe everything Ms. Somers recounts anecdotally, please keep reading. This book is unlike anything else on the market. It's unlike anything else on health and the "c" word cancer I've ever read. Somers, along wtih the doctors and nutritionists she interviews, provides VALUABLE information about how we can help ourselves get healthy and stay cancer-free.
I do believe one day we will all look back at chemotherapy as we do now at the practice of bleeding - almost killing the patient to save him.

Even if you start doing just one thing Somers recommends - a diet, less red meat, taking one of the supplements mentioned in the book, it's a start.
I began taking Melatonin at night, and for over a month now I'm sleeping deeper and am more rested when I wake up. That one tip has improved my quality of life.

As many other reviewers have said, it does not escape my notice that cancer is big business. Big money is being made by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and oncology practitioners. And yet, people are still dying, and no major breakthroughs have been made in decades. Why do you think there is a new cancer hospital or cancer wing opening up every year - they're moneymakers.
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