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on August 13, 2012
I have owned mine for a few days now. So far i consider this a value buy. I am able to surf the web effectively. I was able to download and play several games. One game failed to launch, but I think that is more an Android thing. There are several 'cons' that I can work around but you may find them deal breakers.

Battery life is about an hour. I just keep it plugged in all the time. The power cord is short so I have to use an extension cord.

Touch screen works for swiping and single touches. It does not handle multi-touch functions well. If you want to enlarge a photo by spreading your index finger and thumb apart on the screen, forget about it. It won't happen, or at least it won't do what you expect it to do.

Viewing angles are tight. This is for personal viewing only. My son likes to watch while I play games but he has to practically put his head right next to mine to see the screen. This would not work well if my kids wanted to watch a movie in the car for example. Of course the battery life would preclude that anyway.

My next tablet purchase will be a name brand but this one will keep me satisfied until prices come down.


I have owned this tablet for about two weeks now. In my original review stated that I can surf the web effectively. This is only sometimes true. Often Chrome fails to open. I will launch Chrome ten times in a row and each time it will start to open only to quit without explanation. Then a few hours later I will try again and it will open without any problem. Two days ago I downloaded FireFox from Google Play and it appears to be more reliable.

The battery life has improved. I turned down the brightness on the screen and the battery will now last for hours without charging. The screen still looks good for playing games, reading text, or surfing the web.

Last week I was on vacation. I was able to move the SD card from my camera and put it into the tablet. The tablet displayed the pictures and played the videos without a problem. I used the tablet to delete bad pictures but waited until I got home to a PC to do any real editing. The touch screen is too jittery for that.

Overall my opinion has not changed. This was a good purchase for me. I was not willing to pay full price for a name brand tablet and I do not mind working around this tablets shortcomings.
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on June 4, 2012
The MID M1050 is a good alternative to the Ipad. If you refuse to spent $600-$800 for a tablet that will be considered obsolete in 3 months, or you prefer avoid dealing with the evil empire (apple) like I do then this Tablet is a good deal. I use mine in the truck while waiting for cargo to be loaded, unlike the Ipod, this tablet has 2 micro SD slots that accept up to 32GB micro SD cards great for storing movies, & rifftrax videos. Android 4 is a pretty slick OS, it comes with angry birds game already installed (if you haven't played it, it is addictive & requires problem solving to play) the video plays great, internet through the WIFI works good, I've even streamed Netflix with no problems. comes with the google play android app store. have used skype video chat seems to work well, the device comes with only very basic instructions, but the OS is very intuitive. It does everything I require of it very well.
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on October 22, 2012
This tablet is running a fairly recent version of Android, 4.04, Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). It has Google Play (Google's app marketplace), Amazon Kindle app, Angry Birds (if you go for that?), Flash 11.1 and a host of other apps pre-installed. It has 1GB DDR RAM & 2 GB internal storage (misleading specs say 4GB). But it also has 2 memory card slots for a total of 32GB total storage. The install to memory card option works, but it installs to the 2GB internal storage. Curiously, you can also install apps to the "Tablet," which go to a 1GB partition. I wonder if there are 4GB of RAM and 1GB is parititioned for operating RAM and the other 2 are allocated to RAMdisk partitions of 1 and 2GB respectively... It looks like you may not be able to install apps to the 2 external sd cards without some trickery. So once the 3GB is full, you may find yourself deleting apps to install new ones. But statistics show most people only really use 2-5 apps anyway. Hooked up a skype video call and it worked great. Browsing flash websites is hit and miss. For example, Toys R Us online ad is flash and it "kinda" works. You can see it all, it is just cumbersome and doesn't work like it does on a real computer/browser. But flash is rumored to be dying anyway. At least Flash and JavaScript work without crashing the browser like in earlier versions of Android. <cough> Froyo 2.2... The camera works pretty well and it records video too. However, this is not a high-quality camera. I read somewhere that it is .3 Megapixel, but I think it is more likely 1.0. If you want a high quality camera, buy a digital SLR, I did and I wouldn't dream of taking anything other than casual pictures on a phone or tablet. There is one pivotal thing that would have forced me to return this tablet. I downloaded the Netflix app from Google Play and to my dismay, it terminated immediatly upon launch. However, I called customer service from the website, [...], and their technical support guy guided me to a share with APK files (goo.gl/ZND0e). This share has a version of Netflix, in the folder labeled, "other," that works great, 1.8.... Both 4:3 and 16:9 HD streams. I have yet to get Hulu + to work, however. It will launch and plays the ads wonderfully. :P However, it buffers interminably when it attempts to play a show. The audio output level is low. You will either need to be in a quiet environment or use headphones or external speakers. This tablet does not support cellular broadband without a USB device so don't think you can just connect to Verizon or AT&T without purchasing a mobile broadband adapter. I'm happy with the speed of this device. It is very responsive and I have not seen it freeze or stall yet. The case is plastic and I don't know how well the screen will stand up to scratches and unfortunately, I don't know if there are any screen protectors out there that will fit it. Hopefully it is the same size as other 10" Android tablets. I played some .MP4 videos I ripped from DVD, from the external SD slot and they played great with the installed video player. The WIFI is excellent. I have connected it to two different routers with WPA and WPA2 encryption. It connected immediately and never dropped the connection. I didn't do any speed tests, but the Netflix video was not pixelated and you have to have pretty good WIFI throughput to accomplish that. Boo Netflix. Don't let the FULL HD fool you. This device only does 720P, even connected to an external HD output device. That's 1280x720 pixels. The device itself will only do 1024x600 but the screen is bright enough and 10.1" is small enough that it looks decent. Do believe the other reviewers when they say the battery takes a long time to charge. Relative to other devices, I agree the battery does take longer than average to charge. However, if you reduce the screen brightness, the battery lasts a lot longer than just 1 hour. Probably more like 2. And the brightness sacrifice is tolerable. I played Angry birds and Fruit Ninja that came preloaded and I downloaded some baby apps like balloon popping etc. All worked great. I didn't try any 3D games but if you want that buy a 3DS or a PSP Vita.

The bottome line... This is a very decent device for playing movies and music, streaming Internet video such as Netflix, video chat, playing MP4 content or viewing picturs from external SD or USB stick memory, browsing the Internet, playing average Android games etc. If you are a power user, perfectionist or staunch technocrat, you may be displeased with this device. But for the casual user that doesn't expect the screen to react like an iPad, this is a great option.
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on May 23, 2012
Ive paid $400+ for other tablets and they were worse than this one. Yeah this one isn't the best for video chat. Ok this prolly won't replace a computer. The battery life isnt that good... Gotcha. It's $169.99 what do you expect. This is what I do do with it. I surf the net easily, I put movies on an SD card and it plays them like a champ. I watch netflix and play rpg type games. It's not the biggest, fastest or the best but it works great if you're not trying to replace a computer.
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on June 22, 2012
This tablet is a great value for the features. It has a large touch screen with two memory card slots available. Front camera and a couple of USB ports. I purchased it for my son and I've used it a couple of times. A great alternative to the pricy iPad and Galaxy options. He has been able to download and manuver around nicely. The screen protector got damaged by my two year old before we could get it on the screen which is causing some touch sensativity issues but that was user error. Recommend this products for anyone at any age looking for the technology on a budget.
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on July 30, 2012
I would recommend to definitely NOT buy this. It takes AGES to charge (about 6-8 hours) and then the battery quickly discharges after this (within 90-120 mins) - it even lost 25% charge overnight when it was switched off! I know it's cheap but it takes far too long to charge.
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on August 7, 2012
Ordered from a company called ACCDepot which I find out also operates under the name of PigPony from the same address in Groveport, OH which I think is just a warehouse with the actual company in Hong Kong/Mainland China. They did back up their 30 day repair/replace or refund. In this case a refund. The tablet is marketed as a MID -M1050 and arrived in a box which described itself as a Super Pad 3. Its a Chinese "knockoff" of something I have yet to figure out. The tablet arrived promptly after ordering but failed to charge for the first day and half till I figured out the charging plug had to be withdrawn half way before the charging light would engage. Within the 5 days of ownership the tablet failed to charge what ever way the charger plug was engaged. With this unit I found it would not operate while on charge which was a downer. I own a 1st generation Nook e-reader which is 3 years old but did come with 176 page preloaded instruction booklet on the device. This tablet comes with a 23 page paper booklet written by someone with English as a 2nd language. Really no help at all. Seems that perhaps this unit was manufactured for the Chinese domestic market and the North American market was a secondary thought. The tablet itself seems sturdy but its markings on its tabs left me scratching my head. There are 4 tabs. WiFi on/off - Menu - Home and an unmarked tab which was the most important which was on and off for the tablet. You would think that the on and off button would be marked but in this case NO. The WiFi can be turned off on the tablet with a couple of taps but must be the Chinese way of guess work as to how to turn the unit on. To the left of center I found a pre drilled hole but no button. As it somehow something was left unfinished. If your like me a Windows Fan with a little Linux experience you will not like this product. Supposedly there are 600,000 Apps out there with 99% made for phone screens of between 4 and 5 inches. Put these on a 10 inch screen and not close to looking as good. I downloaded both FireFox and Opera browsers along with Calibre a e-book reader. They came so watered down as to be unrecognizable from the real thing. You pay for what you get. If I were still interested in an Android Tablet I would have to pay more but get more with an Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet with Jelly Bean, Google Now and Voice Recognition with 10 hrs. of battery life as opposed to less than half with this product. For me an even better choice would be Microsoft 8 tablet to be released in Oct/Nov of this year.
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on July 27, 2012
The name of this tablet is the superfly touch vi. This tablet is horrible is started freezing within 2 hours of opening the box. On top of the freezing continuing to happen, the screen also started flashing a rainbow display of colors. This is the worst tablet I have ever used. I had many problems with this tablet in just 12 hours before I returned the tablet. The more I researched the tablet, the more problems I found that it had. I think the reason the seller did not last the name of the tablet on the site to prevent these
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on October 8, 2012
This tablet has a restistive touchscreen. Meaning you have to use a stylus. a big pain in the ***. Better to go with the Kocaso M1061. It has a capacitive screen so your fingers work excellantKocaso MID-M1061 10.1-Inch Tablet (White)
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on April 17, 2013
- good format, lightweight; easy to hold
- powerfull CPU and enough RAM (1GB)
- lots of connectivity: HDMI, LAN, Headphones, USB and MicroUSB; and 2 (TWO) Micro SD Card slots!
- decent screen image and viewing angles
- the Resistive screen is not responsive, as comparing to other, older, tablets...
- battery life is... abysmal; you get to watch about 1 1/2 movies before you need to recharge...
Overall, if it had a better screen and battery, this tablet would be hard to beat!
But, then again, it most likely would cost twice as much.
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