Customer Reviews: Kodak ESP-5 All-in-one Printer
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on August 17, 2008
I am thoroughly impressed with the ESP-5. I was foaming at the mouth when Kodak came out with their first line of "All in One" 5300 series printers, but after having read many marginal reviews I decided to pass and fight it out with my Lexmark X7350 until the next Kodak generation arrived. I'm glad I waited and put shortly... Kodak has ARRIVED!

The Kodak ESP-5 prints great looking full frame 4x6 and 5x7 lab quality prints. The sheet feeder is both reliable and accurate. I print a lot of labels and reproducible alignment is important. The ESP-5 does a wonderful job in terms of reproducibility and color quality. The blank paper feed on my Lexmark is unreliable at BEST! The Kodak has been 100% in terms of mechanical reliability. Color rendition is basically "WYSIWYG" when compared to a calibrated monitor.

The scanner works reliably and produces great resolution scans with accurate tonal quality.

I am also thoroughly impressed with the Kodak Perfect Touch technology software included in the Kodak Home Center. The enhancements such as color restoration and sharpening work fantastic. Please look at the Humming bird picture that I took and enhanced with the included Kodak Home Center.

And last but not least is the cost of the refill cartridges. Thank goodness I'll no longer have to run down and buy another expensive Lexmark or HP ink cartridge. Kodak has a great product with a great marketing strategy... i.e. Sell a decent printer with reasonably priced inks, unlike Lexmark and HP who basically give you the printer for $40 and make their $$$$ on overpriced ink that they purposely engineer so that you can't refill and reuse them. (I still can't grasp Lexmark's and HP's "One Use" License concept...)

Simply put. As soon as you use up that last expensive Lexmark or HP ink cartridge either recycle your old printer or put it in the nearest dumpster and run and buy yourself the Kodak ESP-5!

Footnote 1: I downloaded the latest Kodak Home Center software and ESP-5 firmware upgrade before I printed my first page, so I can't attest to the original software version that came in the box. Seems like all manufacturers always have an upgraded version waiting on their website. This approach worked flawlessly for me, so I'd suggest you do the same.

Footnote 2: I'm running Windows XP (latest service pack) and have had no software problems.

Footnote 3: I am in no way associated with Kodak, Lexmark or HP. Just trying to provide an honest unbiased review based on my experiences.

Footnote 4: The ESP-5 came with an USB cable and bonus Print Artist software. Printing directly from the SD memory card slot works great.
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on October 7, 2008
Setting up this printer was pain free. All the steps were listed on the set up guide, and there is no drama, or trauma involved. Then, the oddity struck.
1. You must press the On button twice to get the set up started when prompted. If you press once, the On button will simply blink over and over. Pressing twice will turn on the screen.
2. It is fairly loud printer, but vibrates less than some of HP AIOs I've owned.
3. Scanner is very decent, perhaps a notch better than ones found in most HP AIOs.
4. Print quality on plain paper is good enough. You can tell that it is inkjet, but not bad overall.
5. Scanning via Photoshop is great, but there is two options in the "import". Choose "Kodak ESP 5 AiO" for simple setting, and choose "WIA-Kodak ESP 5 AiO" if you want more flexibilities (including options to reorient/level the document using Photoshop).

And here comes the flaws.
1. Trying to change the print setting in the web browser will crash the browser. Updating the printer software did not help, nor is there any troubleshooting to exorcise this problem. Simple click of "Print" will print out the document from the web browser, though.
2. Feeder is single roll, and off-center. When the feeder rolls to take the paper in, it tends to overshoot one side, causing the print to look slightly crooked. Not a problem for casual printing, but definitely No-No for serious printing matters such as Resume, or even Photo.
3. Every now and then, the printer status icon will blink "Not connected" while printing out the document, when it is clearly connected (and printing out properly). I believe it might be due to the lack of matured print software, and hope to see this problem solved.

All in all, average printer, better scanner, but terrible software.
Used Windows Vista SP1, Adobe Photoshop CS3 (and lots of memories) to test out this printer.
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on December 21, 2008
I purchased the ESP-5 based on a coworker's experience with Kodak All-in-One printers. The biggest selling point was the cost of the replacement ink. Having spent a small fortune on HP ink over the years on two HP printers, I was ready for a change. The set-up of the Kodak was pain free and the initial printing of pictures went off without a hitch. I used HP 4X6 photo paper that I had left over and was impressed with the color and quality of the prints. Then things got ugly. Addressing an envelope caused a paper jam. After clearing the jam, the printer no longer printed properly. After running through the trouble shooting diagnostics, I got an error message stating that the problem required calling the Help line. First call was a waste of time. The 'techie' wasn't listening, but reading from a script that was not in his native tongue. Second call went slightly better, 'techie' said it sounded like a problem with the print head. She said she would send a new print head and ink cartridges overnight. I did receive them the next day. This didn't cure the problem. Third call to Kodak lasted about half an hour. After telling the 'techie' to not talk, but listen closely I explained exactly what wasn't happening. His solution was to send me to the Kodak website and download new firmware. Lo and behold, my printer is now behaving like a well mannered child, doing everything it's told to do. Prints are of excellent quality, copies are good, scans are good, too. In summary, if you want to save money on ink replacements and have patience, then the Kodak printer is a good buy.
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on November 7, 2008
After smashing(literally) my Lexmark X7170 from frustration, I needed a new printer. I wanted an all-in-one, but mainly just wanted a good quality photo printer. I got this for $120 on sale, which is a good deal, but I wouldn't pay more than that for this printer. It's very lightweight, with a simple, stylish design. It takes up very little desktop space compared to most all-in-ones. It's very easy to install and set-up. Be aware that when I bought it, it did not come with a usb cable. I used my old one, no biggie. Additionally, it only comes with a "sample pack" of paper: a few sheets of type paper, and a few sheets of 4x6 photo paper, that's it. I started w/the 4x6. The paper pickup on my Lexmark kept failing to work properly, picking up multiple sheets/jamming/etc, which is why I smashed it. The pickup on the Kodak works fine, never jamming or picking up multiple sheets. However, the printer would continually say wrong paper size. I selected 4x6 from the menu, but still nothing. On a hunch, I flipped the paper over, and it worked fine. Of course, it printed on the wrong side of the paper! I never did get a 4x6 photo printed right. Next I went to 8x10. I used some generic photo paper, and some high-end Kodak paper to compare. Without a doubt, the generic paper looked washed out, the Kodak looked much better. The colors were deeper and more vibrant. This isn't unusual, as all printers I've seen recommend only using proprietary paper. There's the reason. Some things you can do:add watermark(confidential, draft proof, etc) You can print black and white or color, switch from portrait to landscape. This printer uses 6 colors, so it's better than cheaper printers that only use 3 or 4. There are a few things I don't like. It takes a long, very noisy, time to initially warm up and get ready to print. You must make sure it's fully on, b/c if you send a print job to the printer too early, the printer will say it's out of paper. I wanted a good quality photo printer, but on larger photos, the pics can look grainy. It's not that bad, but nowhere near professional quality, and not worth the printers normal retail of $180. Only buy this on sale. Even when fully warmed up, it takes a long, noisy time to start printing. It almost seems like my Lexmark right before the paper would jam, or it would say tray empty. Just as I want to shove the paper in farther, to hit the pickup, it starts printing. I have so far printed many photos and typed pages, and the ink is still half full. Ink conservation is supposedly an advantage of Kodak printers, and I'd say that's correct. Scanner and copier quality is very good, not great; again what you'd expect from this class of printers. There's no fax. For the occasional photo printer needs, this is a good printer for the price I paid. For professional quality photos, spend more on a better printer. The included software is also very basic, so get Photoshop etc. I only print occasionally, so this printer works fine for me.

Edit as of 7/5/09. I now give this printer 2 stars, not my original 4. That's b/c I have just trashed it. I use my printer very sporadically, so it took me months to run out of ink. Once I replaced the cartridges, I have had nothing but problems. Every time I try to print something, I get the following pattern. Attempt one comes out looking faded, w/print gaps everywhere, like the printer is almost out of ink. Attempt two, the page is almost blank. Attempt 3 comes out over-saturated w/ink and blotchy. Attempt 4 comes out w/ink smeared all over the place. Finally, attempt 5(altho sometimes not until 6 or 7, but usu 5) prints normally. I give it 2 stars instead of 1 b/c the original ink tank worked flawlessly, so at least I got that out of it. Since I am not about to go thru 5 sheets of paper, and 1/3 of the ink tank every time I need to print something, I am now in the market for a new printer.
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on February 9, 2009
I am on hold right now with Kodak trying to return my FOURTH replacement printer. Do NOT buy this printer. I am an experienced artist who has many years of experience using printing equipment and was very excited to learn about this printer. I did some research and noted some mixed reviews but, ordered one. On all three printers that have failed, I immediately experienced paper jams. When I tried to remove the jam by removing the very poorly designed back panel (as directed by KODAK to do so) on the first printer I was unable to print again because the entire printer carriage locked. On the next two printers the paper immediately jammed again (by the way, I am using KODAK paper) and the wheels that rotate the paper through the printer fell off in my hand. Kodak is now sending me my forth printer. They refused to give me a refund. Each of these "replacement" printers is supposed to be a new printer. I think they really have all been reconditioned printers. So, if you want to order this printer and take your chances go ahead, here's the number you'll need to to get your replacement printers: 1-800-421-6699. GOOD LUCK!
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on June 19, 2008
The Kodak ESP-5 printer has a major flaw since "non-Kodak" glossy photo paper like Epson, HP, TDK etc. can not be properly printed on this printer. Because the high gloss nature of these papers (in contrast to the porous and very slightly textured Kodak photo paper), the ESP-5 "polished plastic feeding rollers" can not grip and feed these papers properly, resulting in skewed printing. e.g. the content does not precisely print parallel to the edge of the paper. Buyers of this printer have no choice but to use exclusively the more expensive Kodak photo paper.
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on May 1, 2009
This is the worst printer I have ever purchased. It continually requires calibration, ceases to print entirely, prints only color, issues error messages, software is slow to format, is so very noisy and when it works produces quite good quality prints.
Kodak should be ashamed to manufacture this product and Amazon to offer it for sale.
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I bought this stupid printer and all I get is errors, paper jams and no help from the morons at Kodak help. I took the 1st one back and got a 2nd one same problems. This machine is a piece of absolute crap and perhaps recommend giving it to your enemy to drive them up the wall.
It also waste ink Save yourself the trouble and buy something else.
I will NEVER buy another Kodak item as long as i live
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on August 10, 2009
This has got to be the worst printer I have ever had the misfortune of bringing into my house. And the sad news is it is the second one of the same thing and just as crappy as the first. I don't know if it prints as many pages as Kodak pushes because I haven't gotten much use out of either machine. It grabs too many papers at once and prints half of the content of a page on each piece, it smears and skips, rattles and rolls, and this on a month old printer. Don't ever try to print envelopes on it because it wads them and then when you pull it out messes up the precious little roller--or whatever it is that pulls them in. That's why the first sorry excuse for a printer stopped working so I bought a second one to take the first one back in it's place only Kodak won't let you return the worthless items from the store you bought them from. It's a Kodak policy I was told.

I am purchasing a new printer to go back to school with and I will never, ever, again purchase a Kodak. In fact you couldn't give me one I would take. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Just too bad I had to learn the hard way. But at least 100 people will know not to ever purchase a Kodak printer. It has left such a sour taste in my mouth that I will probably never purchase a Kodak anything.
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on March 10, 2010
I was up late one night and saw a Paid commercial for the Kodak all in one. Save money on ink it said!! Save money on pictures it said!! Save money on your printer it said!! I was hooked, and I bought it. Boy did I ever. Yes, you save money on's about $14 a cartridge instead of $36...but you use three times as much of it. When I first got it, the print head was broken, and I should have sent it back then. It's constantly not recognizing new ink cartridges, or having to realign the print head so it prints test papers everytime we want to use it. I got a new print head from technical support, but like I said, I should have just sent it back. When it's first turned on it makes TONS of noise, and sucks up all the paper in the tray causing a paper jam. I HATE HATE HATE this printer. I wish I could use it for target practice, but I have to wait until the 2 new ink cartridges I just bought are all gone. The way this printer gobbles ink that should be about a week. I'll never buy another Kodak printer for as long as I shall live.
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