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on October 1, 2007
For the past few weeks on trips around the state, I have been taking basic snapshots with my cell phone camera, and then picture-messagin them to the web. But after a few hundred snapshots this can start to add up ($$$), and cell phone cameras are not exactly the highest quality.

So, last week I set out to find a very simple, basic, low-cost digital camera. Browsing through Amazon, there were plenty of cameras to choose from. And ultimately, I decided to stick with the tried-and-true Kodak company with their Easyshare cameras. And in particular, I settled on the lower-end of the scale - the Kodak C613.

And then, over this past weekend, I went out the eastern High Sierra and snapped away with about 150 photos.

Overall, I was pleased with the camera. It's nothing fancy - just your basic point-and-shoot camera, which is exactly what I'm looking for. There are about a dozen different settings you can play around with, but for about 90% of the time the "auto" function is just fine. I'm not the type that is trying for "high art" photography - I don't have the patience nor the skills for the high-end stuff. I just want to center the photo on the screen, click the button and that's it. And this camera is good for people like me.

Got back home, and hooked up the camera to the computer with the USB cable, and downloading all the photos was a snap. I haven't tried using the Easyshare software (and I don't really plan to). I was also very pleased to see that the quality of the pictures (once on the computer) was quite a bit better than they had originally appeared on the camera viewscreen - more detail and brighter.

Problems - I was surprised at the tiny internal memory - it can hold only about a dozen 6 Megapixel pictures (or several dozen smaller-sized pictures), so I immediately went out and bought a 1Gb card for the camera - this is an absolute MUST. Now I can store thousands of pictures without worry.

It runs on AA batteries, and they lasted through the weekend and no more. I would turn on the camera for about a minute, snap a picture or two, then turn it off until the next shot. I did this at least 100 times over the weekend, rarely leaving the camera on for more than a couple minutes at a time. I don't know if this is normal operating time for the batteries, but it would be a good idea carrying around spare batteries.

The manual that comes with the camera is a complete joke. Totally useless.

The button layout and operation is a little non-intuitive, but I figure it will just take a little bit of time getting used to it, that's all.

The only feature I wish this camera had is a "timer" function, so I could set it down and take pictures of myself in front of a big mountain backdrop, for example. As far as I can tell, no timer.

And finally, twice the camera would not start up when I pressed the "On" button. But all I had to do was open and close the battery cover - and it was fine - I assume it's just a very slight short where the battery is/not touching.

So, after one weekend trial, I give it a tentative thumbs-up. It's nothing big and fancy - but then again it's not supposed to be. Just a simple, low-cost point-and-shoot camera for the simple photographer.
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on August 16, 2007
This my first camera and I'm quite pleased with it. It's got some nice features, including closeup, zoom, adjustable ISO and image stabilization but it's basic operation is very straightforward. The auto-shot produces lovely snapshot photos right out of the box. It's small without feeling fragile. The Easy Share software is a snap to use. I was actually impressed with how easy the software is to use and with Kodak's online gallery.

I'd recommend this camera for anyone new to digital photography who wants to take good shots right away while having room to learn and explore new camera concepts.
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on September 1, 2007
I am a fairly serious digital SLR hobbyist photographer and have been hunting for months for that "right camera" for the spouse. I can now say I have found it. (and it's not a canon!)

I have to say I was mighty impressed with this little sub $120 camera from Kodak. Even before turning it on I quickly realized after a quick scan of the controls--this was the camera for my electronically challenged spouse!

It has nice, easy to see and use buttons for the common tasks. Nothing hidden away in layered menus. "Delete", "Review", "Zoom Controls", it's perfect!

I also was thrilled that it tells quite clearly on the on-screen display exactly what you are about to do when you change modes or push buttons. So there is never any confusion.

It takes regular "AA" batteries which is fantastic! My wife is one who never remembers to charge anything! Cell-phones, game pads, bluetooth, etc. So this was very welcome. Slap in some light weight lithium "AAs" and if she runs out...a quick trip to the local Rite-Aid, gas station or whatever and she's up and running again.

Even though small I appreciated the on-board memory so that at least out of the box you could take some pictures. Instead of leaving grandma clueless. Of course it also excepts SD and is wise to fill it obviously.

The camera fills the bill nicely with very good quality snapshop images, records fairly decent and usable 640x480 video with sound too! Everything my wife has been asking about. The video mode won't replace a dedicated camcorder but it will be do the job in nearly 80% of the situations where just a picture won't do.

I usually shutter when thinking of installing the software that comes with cameras but I have to say the Easyshare with web support is HIGHLY SUGGESTED. Not only does it suck in the pics from the cam but allows you to very easily make a web gallery. This is great, again, for those that are computer challenged and want to share pics with family. The wife loves it.

So why not 5 stars and just 4? It lacks a direct view viewfinder and has no built-in spesker to listen to the audio from video clips. Both minor but enough to drop the rating to 4.
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on September 20, 2007
well i read some of the features (finding actual reviews for this is a chore, any "reviews" are basically the same things Kodak would release, no real pros and cons or actual experiences.

the pictures come out nice sofar.. first thing i did was i bought a 1g card.. and you can forget about alkaline batteries... no life whatsoever.. i tried the ones it came with. thought, okay.. worked for a night, and the camera would not start the next morning.. went and got 2 lithiums and a set of rechargeable Ni-MHs, working fine since..

i mainly wanted this camera so i could take clips from my martial arts to study, share, and watch.. granted, i know this isn't a camcorder.. i don't need super resolutions. but id like my audio and video to sync up, beyond like 2 feet away, regardless of the quality. its frustrating hearing movement when there is none currently. i've used a Kodak camera (a couple years old too) before to record matches.. and everything was fine. the video quality itself isn't bad on the camera. good for montages though.. next item on my wish list will be a SD mini camcorder.. then there would be no excuse :)

the booklet that comes with this camera is extremely basic, doesn't really tell you much of anything you cant figure out in 5 minutes, unless you are totally inept when it comes to technology. so you can pretty much ignore it.. the camera describes what each setting does when you select it, which is very helpful..

it also cant make up its mind how much video it has left.. blank it says somewhere around 40 minutes.. you take a clip for a few seconds, it thinks you have around 73 minutes..

I didn't load their programs or anything.. i hate packaged software you dont really need. i got lazy and loaded the connection software however. i also dont like how it doesn't show you how much battery you have left..

an eyepiece would be great, so you arent constantly using the screen and drawing battery.. really should have that on a camera.. but its whatever.

all in all its a good camera, nothing fancy, easy to figure out. the video is okay if its close up, use anything but alkaline batteries, and an eyepiece would be perfect.
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on December 6, 2007
My boss bought this camera for our communications department at work, and it's the fourth Kodak camera I've had experience with - and my least favorite so far.

My biggest complaint is that this camera has VERY poor color. I have to edit everything in order to use it for our newsletters. All the pictures turn out very dark and grayish - partially due to the poor flash. If you were to buy this camera in hopes of capturing precious memories of your children, I think you would be disappointed. Outside photos would probably be fine - but inside photos have been very poor.

The limited zoom is also a hindrance.
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on August 9, 2007
It's very easy to use. It's my 10 year old son's and he was able to figure out the whole thing in minutes. It takes good pictures and is small and portable.
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on March 25, 2008
This is my first digital camera, and I'm very happy with it. Here's why:

- Easy to use. Once you select the type of picture you're taking (such as close-up, landscape, portrait, action, low-light, bright outdoor, etc.) the camera sets things like shutter and ISO speed automatically. Even if I take a picture with the sun in the picture (such as a sunrise) it still comes out well.
- Produces good-resolution photos, at least for smaller size prints. A 3 x 5 printed image on photo paper looks to me almost indistinguishable from a good photo taken on film.
- Many features, such as a blur warning icon, zoom, self-timer, auto focus (by holding the shutter down halfway), video, various flash modes. Everything I expected in a basic digital camera, and then some.
- Small size and weight - fits easily into a jacket pocket.
- Good-sized LCD screen on the back, with a relatively easy-to understand series of menus you can navigate through to change settings, edit/delete photos, etc.
- Easy to connect to a computer via a USB port, and the Kodak software that comes with the camera is straightforward and has useful features of its own. For example, you can enhance the color of your images, correct red eye, crop, zoom, and reduce the file size of an image to make it optimal for sending it as an e-mail attachment or posting it on a web page.

- The two AA batteries that came with the camera were used up quickly, after about five days of occasional picture-taking.
- The instruction manual, while it is clear, well-illustrated, and easy to understand, has only minimal detail, and didn't answer all of my questions. However, the printed manual points you to an online manual on the Kodak website that has much more information.

I find this camera to be a very good value when I compare price to features, and I haven't had any problems with it so far. If you buy this camera, I would recommend buying a Secure Digital 1GB memory card (relatively inexpensive, and dramatically increases the number of pictures you can store), as well as rechargeable AA batteries.
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on February 15, 2008
I bought one of these for each of my kids (ages 12 and 17) for Christmas. I didn't want to buy an expensive camera that I would be upset about if they lost or broke, but I did want something that would be easy to use and take decent pictures. After Christmas, my daughter went on a trip with her school marching band and my son went on a trip with his Scout troop. They took about 600 pictures between the two of them, in pretty much every conceivable setting (indoor, outdoor, flash, low light, bright light) and I've been pretty impressed with the picture quality. Neither of them has complained about the camera being difficult to use, and they like the optical zoom. The only thing that keeps me from giving this camera a five-star rating is that I've had some difficulty downloading the pictures; it seems like both times my son has gone to download his pictures, we've messed around with it for a while, and it wasn't clear to me what it was we finally did to make it work. I'm also not crazy about the Kodak photo management software, but you don't really have to use that if you don't want to. Also, you will want to buy an SD memory card in addition to the camera because the built-in memory is minimal. That is something that wasn't made very clear when I bought it. Bottom line--an inexpensive, reasonably easy-to-use camera; good for snapshots or a kid's first "good" camera.
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on July 28, 2007
Great camera for the price. It does everything a camera should, and then some. It is small, however not small enough the comfortably carry in your shirt pocket though. Because of this, I only give it 4 stars. But on the other hand, what do you expect for a $120 camera?
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on March 7, 2008
I got this camera at Christmas. It worked fine for a few weeks, then began to exhibit a problem where the camera would turn off on its own after taking a few shots, or would not power up after replacing the batteries. A web search revealed that this is a fairly common problem with this camera.

The camera requires two AA size cells and I initially thought the alkaline batteries I was using just weren't up to the job. Lithium and NiMH batteries have their advantages, but the Kodak web site indicates that alkalines are suitable. I tested the used batteries with a voltmeter and they showed almost new condition. They worked fine in other devices, so excessive power drain did not seem to be the problem.

An inspection of the battery compartment door revealed a design problem that may be the cause of the shutdown problem. The door is not a simple plastic flap. It has a metal plate and two tiny brass spring tabs that are the actual battery contacts. A plastic tab protrudes near the positive contact. I suspect its purpose is to prevent powering the camera if the batteries are inserted backwards. The problem is that this plastic tab extends too far and prevents the brass contact from making good contact with a properly installed battery. My solution was to use a hobby knife and carefully lift the brass terminal ever so slightly. I have not had any shutdown problems since. I can see how the brass contact could be bent down again with repeated door openings, so it is something I will be watching for in the future.

I have since tried Lithium and NiMH batteries and they all work fine. Lithiums last longest, but have the highest cost. The camera clock must be reset if the battery compartment is opened for more than a minute or so. The camera does support the high capacity SDHC memory cards. I have a 4GB SDHC card and can confirm that it works. I tried the EasyShare software, but found it cumbersome. I just remove the SDHC card and plug it into a card adapter on my PC where I can drag and drop. The memory card slot is located in the battery compartment and I have to remember to check the camera clock every time I replace the card or batteries.

The camera produces video in the Quicktime MOV format, which is not compatible with a lot of other viewer applications. I use the SUPER freeware convertor program to get the video into a more portable format.

Otherwise, the camera works great and all its features make it a great value.
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