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on June 16, 2012
I do like this walker. So does my son. I got this one because it doubles up as a walk-behind and it doesn't have the 'x' shape frame that could potentially collapse. However, it has it's flaws.
1. It's a bit wobbly. My son is light for his age and still manages to make it wobble from side to side when he gets excited in it. If he was a big heavy baby I might be more concerned about this because it doesn't look sturdy.
2. It's rather bulky and as such he bumps into everything. He can't walk more than a couple of steps without bumping into something.
You'll need a LOT of room to get the most out of this.
3. It doesn't turn easily. But my son figured it out quick enough.
4. Finally it doesn't teach him how to walk so be warned you're not helping your baby learn to walk by getting this (or any other walker I suspect) as really all they do is sit and push, occasionally standing then collapsing back into the seat. It is useful though if you have a baby whose not content to be still and you need a fee minutes a day to entertain them in some other way. I don't recommend leaving them in it for more than 30mins a day though.

Edit: now my son is old enough to use this as a walk behind I no longer feel satisfied with this purchase. It's not very good as a walk behind because it's too bulky and so hard for a little child to steer. We never use it. Instead he preferred to use a bright starts walk behind toy that also turns into a ride on toy. This one is much lighter and smaller and so he can steer it better (although it wasn't much good when he was only just learning to walk!). To be honest I think the best thing for learning to walk was holding both my hands and walking on grass so he didn't hurt himself when he fell, then gradually switching to one hand, then encouraging one or two steps alone at a time.
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on September 10, 2010
I bought this for my 8 month old despite reading less than positive reviews on several websites. It works great, was easy to put together, and baby loves it. It works great on hard surfaces, but also baby has no problem navigating it on our area rugs. I haven't tried it on carpet, but from other reviews I read, no walker is that great on carpet. The front wheels pivot while the back wheels are staionary, which means baby ends up periodically stuck in a corner unable to get out. She loves the toy that is removable on the tray- the noises are pretty comical too (train whistles, old car honks, etc.). I haven't been able to get her out of this thing since it arrived yesterday- she protests loudly and wants back in. The toy is also very easy to remove which faciliated a quick feeding this morning without dragging her high chair out. Love it!
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on September 6, 2010
I was going to return this item and even wrote a bad review for the product. We realized that we were putting in the screws for the back wheel incorrectly (which would cause the back wheels to pop out). If you flip the screws the other way, then this will make the wheels stay in. This product is very good and this review negates my previous review.
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on September 22, 2011
My baby's daycare has the Kolcraft Baby Sit and Step 2-In-1 Activity Center Sesame Beginnings ([...])and I really like it. She told me she got it years ago, so I didn't expect to find the exact model but was hoping that they still made the Activity Center. Well, they do, BUT they only have it in Flower Power-- a pink and purple girly version. They state on their website that there wasn't enough of a demand to continue making a boy version. Ridiculous. So why not make a gender neutral version like the Sesame Beginnings or for your Tiny Steps? Even if I had a girl I would want to buy a gender neutral version.

Anyhow, disappointed with the Tiny Steps.

Pros: Fairly easy to assemble. You may have a little trouble with snapping the seat in though. Folds down flat for easy storage.

My baby does seem happy walking around with it, but I think it's just because he's "walking".

Cheap plastic.

As a walker: I bought it SOLELY for the walk behind feature. I would not use this as a walker. I wouldn't trust my baby to sit and cruise in this thing. It's hard to explain--you have to see it person to fully understand--but the way the seat is inserted, I don't trust the support strength of the seat. To use as a walker with baby sitting in it, you flip the walk behind bar over and snap the fabric seat in. Yes, the snaps are 360... but nonetheless does not seem secure to me.

Also, the back is open and doesn't have a buffer so your baby could walk backwards into something and hit his head.

As a walk behind: The idea seems good. I thought that it would be great that there's such a large buffer around the baby as he walks both on the sides and especially in front. However, the Tiny Steps model seems higher than the Activity Center model and the walk behind bar for the Tiny Steps model is further away from the front/tray than with the Activity Center model. Both these things makes it more difficult for my short baby to see where he's going. Also with it being so high, there have been several times where my baby has lost his grip on his feet and then ends up slipping underneath. Since the walk behind bar is higher, he does end up dangling from the bar until he lets go. At least the walker doesn't tip over or back when this happens. Maybe my baby is too light still to cause that to happen. Since Activity Center model is lower, if he slips it's not an issue because he just lands on his bottom.

Of course it goes without saying that you need to monitor you baby at all times while in use.

Also, the non slip padding on the bottom of the front makes it difficult for baby to push the walk behind on our flat area rug. Once he hits the wood floors it's easier, but the rubber non slip padding doesn't seem to do much to prevent it from going to fast.

It's just bulky and difficult to maneuver unless you have a wide open space in your house. Baby wouldn't be able to maneuver this thing around all the furniture himself.

Lesson learned, I should have tested this out at BRU with my baby before purchasing. I'm going to see if it's even worth the trouble to return. We'll see if it's as easy to take apart as it was to put together.

Update 9-29-11: Didn't have to take it apart. Since I didn't install the toy bar or seat, I just folded it down flat. Even with the wheels attached, everything fit right back into the box. Since it was purchased directly through Amazon and not a third party, it was an easy return. Account has already been credited.
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on January 5, 2012
My 6-month baby used to cry while we were eating and leaving her alone on the side. With this walker, she can sit by herself and play with the toys for 30 minutes. One thing that I am not satisfied with the product is that the wheels do not work well with carpets. My baby cannot move it by herself. I am not sure if my baby can learn walking on carpets.
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on February 14, 2012
We had a Kolcraft walker for our granddaughter --about 8 years ago-- it worked well and she enjoyed lots of use from it and we gave to a friend to use for their child(ren) and they gave it way to another family -- so lots of babies got to use it. Needed to replace that walker for a new grandchild. Decided to get another Kolcraft, since it lasted through quite a few babies. The quality of the product has gone down from the first one we had. I am also disappointed by the fact that there is no height adjustment on this walker and the quality of the materials is much less sturdy looking. Overall, it just did not have the quality I had seen on the first one we had. The plastic frame seems to be lighter. The wheels are plastic balls on a plastic stem that snap into the frame and are not sturdy looking at all! The back wheels do not rotate this may cause some frustration for some babies. The seat is secured using only some light weight plastic tabs and 4 snaps -- that's all that is holding it on to the frame. I am hoping since this is for casual use when this child visits, it lasts....sure does not look like it could at this point. Sadly, it looks like these products are joining the disposable crowd...just not making things to last...not looking to be able to pass this on as I did the last one. Will not buy from this company again without doing a hands on product first! Very disappointed by the quality.
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on February 4, 2015
I have called kolcraft to inform what happened with my 10 month old son. The blue back bar that the snaps go around can be dangerous. I suggest if anyone owns one of these bulky walkers to plsss not lift the walker up by the bar as,it will snap easily out of place and can cause your childs head to go forward fast and hit his head or nose on the toy bar. My story: This is my 4th kid, and all of my children have had walkers, all with no problems accept this one which was bought for a gift. I never really liked this thing as my son has mastered walking forward in it from the beginning, but it doesnt turn very good. He has to use his body weight to push it over to make it turn in the direction he wants it to go. Well one day as i was vacuuming, he came to were i was at and got hung on the cord, so i lifted tge walker up a bit to get him over the cord and the back bar popped up and his face popped into the toy bar. He instantly lost his breath for atleast 7 seconds as i had picked him up i was in a panic trying to get him to breathe. I thought at first it scared him, but im convinced it slammed his nose into the bar, cause i saw no red marks on his forehead. I have called kolcraft about this, and they have never heard of it. I know it has happened to others, cause that blue bar lifts out easily with weight. So far its been a,week and after pics being sent, now they want a video for their engineers. What else do they need?! An injured child, or death to occur before they realise the danger of this thing. I have ordered another walker for my Son. Will be in today. Ive read good reviews in the chicco walkers.
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on March 2, 2014
My granddaughter is 10 months old, not quite walking yet, but probably will be soon. She can zoom around in this which keeps her happy. Mom likes the fact that it converts for a lean on stand walker as she grows a little more confident. Doesn't roll well on carpeting, but then the carpet is where she can crawl around.
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on March 19, 2012
I ordered this product from Amazon and received it a week later. When I got home from work, the product is already setup and my baby is already playing with the built in toys. The only thing that is left for me to put in are the wheels. I usually do all the assembly stuff as my wife does not like dealing with reading manuals and figuring things out but she put this up quickly while holding the baby in her arms. It is lightweight but feels sturdy. I like the fact that the seat is designed so that the baby can actually stand up and walk if he wanted to unlike most walkers now where the seat is designed to have the baby sit and not stand (the hole is at the bottom and not angled to the front as most walkers are designed).

The back wheels does not swivel so the baby can only go straight or move to left or right while moving forward but not go sideways. Not sure if this is a plus or a minus because my baby is only 5 1/2 months old and is so far content on just playing with the toys. The bottom have some friction strips for safety purposes that will prevent the walker from moving on some floor types. If you have a high carpet, you can easily remove the strips but I don't think that the company will encourage removing it for safety purpose.

As far as other reviews claiming that wheels just pop out, I don't see it happening if installed correctly as the back wheels pin are blocked to prevent it from sliding out and the front wheels are hard to pull out once locked into place. I can see some people may not be installing the wheels correctly and not locking the front wheels properly as I had some trouble pushing it in all the way completely till it locked into place. Also, the back wheels pin will only go one way and that is the head should be positioned on the inside facing the little plastic part that blocks the head once installed. To insert the pin, you will have to bend the plastic a little to let the pin slide in but not out. If it is not done properly, the wheels can fall off as the pin will slide out of the holes.
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on April 21, 2014
This thing is a two in one walker, and for that alone it already beats the price of half of everything out there. So far my son loves it. He uses it everyday and always enjoys playing with the toys included. I've even added some of his own to the sides which he is always trying to reach. If I had to buy another walker, I would buy this exact one again.
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