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on December 9, 2005
First of all, let me just say that Kronk's New Groove is very, very funny with a good amount of laugh out loud moments. Surely that is all that matters then, eh? Well, no. Compared to the first film, the story is pretty tepid.

All of the previous characters return. Of course there is Kronk himself, along with Kuzco, Pacha and his family, the babbling squirrel and Yzma (who has now turned mostly back into a 'human' but still features a cat's tail and feline abilities). The movie tries to incorporate all of them into the story but nothing really sticks. It all just seems like an excuse for mayhem.

As before, it is told in flashback with Kronk explaining how he ended up in such sorry circumstances. His dad is coming to visit him and he's afraid of the inevitable disapproval he'll get as all he's managed to do with his life is be a Junior Chipmunk Troup Leader and run a restaurant kitchen. His dad thinks that cooking and talking to animals isn't a 'real job' and won't give Kronk the big thumbs up until he's got his own house on a hill with loads of money.

From this thin idea comes loads of deception, scheming and hijinks. And that's basically the movie. It IS packed full of hilarious moments and wonderful Looney Tunes-inspired humor like the first, but it just lacks that overall high-quality. Still, it's loads of fun and any fan of The Emperor's New Groove must give it a rent.

The DVD is in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen with Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 soundtracks. The extras are minimal and aimed at kids.
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HALL OF FAMEon December 6, 2005
I have to confess I have minimal hopes (close to none, actually) when it comes down to Disney "Part 2" movies. Almost every single one of them I have seen has dissapointed me. So, in the same way, I had very low hopes for "Kronk's New Groove", very much so, the second part of "The Emperor's New Groove". To beat the first one or be just as good was a tall order: David Spade stole the show on that one, making it a very happy surprise for most movie viewers.

Kronk, indeed being a secondary character in the first one, takes on center stage here. And while his story lacks some of the appeal that made the first one a hit, the directorial duo manages to pull off a pretty funny flick, starring the same cast of voices from the first movie (Spade, Patrick Warburton -Kronk-, John Goodman -Pacha, the Emperor's partner from the first movie- and Eartha Kitt -Yzma, the villain-, among others). The movie is packed with tongue-in-cheek moments that I found amusing and my son laughed to over and over again. Also, there is a nice lesson to the story that kids older than my two-year-old can also learn from.

Considering the extras were not that big of a deal (that loses the movie half a star), and I would have given it 4 stars for what it was to me and how it was able to entertain my little one, I ended up giving it 3.5 stars. It's not going to be groundbreaking, but it's worth the laughs you will get.
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For starters, I haven't seen The Emperor's New Groove, so I'm pretty much judging this sequel on its own merits. I liked a lot of things about Kronk's New Groove - maybe I would have enjoyed it less if I could judge it against the first movie, but maybe not. The only real negative about this one is its length - the credits start rolling after a mere 67 minutes, and that qualifies as short in my book. In a way, though, the length speaks to the whole aura of the film. Kronk's New Groove isn't about trying to impress you with the latest supercool animation techniques or framing an epic story that will be talked about for decades to come. I think it's just trying to entertain and, to some extent, deliver a wholesome message, and it does it in a fairly laid-back manner.

Kronk (Patrick Warburton) is now a chef (and, lest we forget, chief delivery boy) at a popular diner, his henchman days all in his past. He's pretty happy with his job and all of his friends there in town. Then, from out of the blue, he learns that his Papi is coming for a visit. Kronk has always dreamed of the day when his father would tell him he's proud of him - but Papi's hopes for his son involve a wife and kids and a big house on the hill (and no cooking). The kicker is the fact that Kronk actually had a house and a girl - sort of - for a while. Cue the flashbacks. First, we see Kronk get the big house on the hill after naively helping that dastardly Yzma (the still-meowlicious Eartha Kitt) with another one of her schemes. Then we watch what happens when he meets the woman of his dreams, Ms. Birdwell (Tracey Ullman) at Camp Chippamuka. Doing the right thing in the end, though, costs him both the house and the girl. So what happens when Papi finally arrives? What doesn't happen, as comic mischief ensues? If you're wondering about Emperor Kuzco, he does manage to insert himself into the film every so often - even though this movie really isn't about him at all.

There are some funny bits in this film. There's a good helping of your basic, physical humor that youngsters will like, but the jokes I enjoyed the most were ones that a lot of youngsters probably won't "get." In the case of one joke, the writer went way, way, way out of his way to deliver a grimace-worthy play on words that most folks under twenty probably won't even notice. Then there's the big dance scene with Kronk and his girl grooving to some vintage Earth, Wind, and Fire - it's just one pop culture reference after another. I loved it, but kids will probably just react to all the funny dancing going on.

Kronk's New Groove isn't going to set a new bar for animated movies, but it's a good, funny film that entertained this adult and will surely entertain the youngsters it's basically aimed at. The special features are fairly good, as well. The behind-the-scenes featurette is child-oriented, and it's pretty funny in its own right. Meanwhile, the two games, one of which puts you inside Kronk's mind, are decent and easy enough for a kid to understand and enjoy. The DVD also comes with a plethora of sneak peeks at upcoming Disney movies. Disney may not have hit a home run this time around, but Kronk's New Groove is certainly a solid double into the gap.
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"Kronk's New Groove" is a direct to video sequel to Disney's 2000 animated feature "The Emperor's New Groove," and the basic rule of thumb that at best such sequels end up being one star less than the original holds true here. Kronk (voiced by Patrick Warburton), was the chef who became the less than stellar right-hand-man for Yzma (Eartha Kitt) in her attempt to become the ruler of the mythical South American empire ruled by Kuzco (David Spade). Now Kronk is in the spotlight and gets to prove that he can get into lots of trouble all by himself, as if we have any doubts on that score in the first place.

There are several entwined plot lines at work in "Kronk's New Groove." The main one turns out to be Kronk's involvement as the leader of a Chipmunk troop, where he is teaching kids to win at any cost until he meets Miss Birdwell (Tracey Ullman) and learns that maybe winning is not the only thing. Unfortunately, he fails to pass that particular lesson on to his young charges. Meanwhile, Kronk, who is relatively happy working as the head chef at his own diner, learns that his Papi (John Mahoney) is coming for a visit. Kronk has been waiting his whole life for his father to give him a sign of approval and when he looks at the life he is leading he knows it is not likely to happen this time either. As for Yzma, she is still trying to cause trouble now that she is back in (mostly) human form (the tail is a nice reminder). Everything comes together at the end as even Pacha (John Goodman) shows up for the comic resolution of everything in the requisite happy ending.

Overall, I have the strange suspicion that "Kronk's New Groove" might actually play better for adults than for children, even though the latter are clearly the target audience. That is because I think the funniest things in the movie tend to be the references to other films, from "Pulp Fiction" to "Lady and the Tramp," and kids are just not going to be able to catch everything. Plus, the romance between Kronk and Miss Birdwell might distract kids from the point about sportsmanship that the movie wants to make. Kuzco pops up from time to time to remind us that he still needs a major ego adjustment, but he is just distracting and has his own spin-off, "The Emperor's New School," coming out next year for those who like Spade in low-gear.

The DVD bonus materials are scaled down for a direct to video DVD, with "Kronk's Brain Game" and "Pyramid Scheme" checking how well you paid attention to the movie (it took me three times to beat the latter; I feel so ashamed). There is also a short featurette on "How to Cook a Movie" that provides youngsters with the basics of how a movie like this gets made. The bottom line on this one is to simply follow the lead of your children. If "The Emperor's New Groove" is one of their favorite Disney films, then they should enjoy this sequel. But if you do not already have a copy of the original, then you can forego the sequel.
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on January 14, 2006
My whole family loved the Emperor's New Groove and so a movie staring Kronk, one of our favorite characters, seemed like it might be decent. Granted, this is a Disney sequal and not a work of perfection, but it was very entertaining, though lacking in plot structure.
This story now takes place right after the original film and Kronk is working as a chef and delivery boy for the diner featured in ENG. However, he's terrified as a visit from his unapproving father is on the horizon.
We get to look back and see how Kronk is once again blinded by promises from Ezma and falls in love with another Chipmunk(?) Troup leader. However, in the later, the romance is more ridiculous than sweet and the silly little nicknames and dances quickly erase any feeling of sympathy for either character.
BUt we laughed, right? Yeah, I guess, there were several very funny, laugh out loud moments which really makes this movie worth the rent(among those being the little "headhunter" gag which makes my brother an I laugh like maniacs (yeah, we're really odd)). However, overall, its lacking enough that I doubt I'll see it very many more times and will likely not purchase it.
I guess this is one of those things where you can choose whether or not to buy or rent this movie. IT's funny and probably a good watch for anyone, but I would think twice before buying it.
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on July 6, 2015
NOTHING like The Emperor's New Groove! Just not good AT ALL! Bored and annoyed within the first 5 minutes, hoped it would get better (it didn't). My 6-year-old enjoyed it, though, and that's the only reason I rented it - so I guess it all worked out in the end. As long as I didn't have to watch it myself.
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My prejudice again direct to video sequel movies has come back to bite me. I avoided Kronk's New Groove for several years now because I just knew it wouldn't live up to the original. And, if I'm going to be honest, it doesn't. But that doesn't mean it isn't plenty of fun in its own right.

Some time has gone by between The Emperor's New Groove and the opening of this film. We reconnect with Kronk (Patrick Warburton) who is now working at the chef in the greasy spoon diner we saw in the first film. The restaurant is doing well, but Kronk is in a panic because his dad is coming for a visit, and his dad thinks that Kronk has a big house on a hill and a wife and kids.

Through two flashbacks, we get two separate stories of how this confusion came to be. In the first, Kronk reteams with Yzma (Eartha Kitt) to sell an anti-aging potion to the elderly. In the second, Kronk meets the woman of his dreams, and she turns out to be a rival Junior Chipmunk leader. But things are looking grim for Kronk to finally get his dad's approval. Will he get it?

So let's get back to that honesty thing. The story (or I should say stories) don't hold together well. They are very predictable. The moral about being true to yourself is rammed home a bit as well. Having seen some of the other direct to video sequels Disney has done, I wasn't that surprised by these things.

However, I really didn't care because I was having so much fun watching it. The movie is even sillier than the first one. It's downright slapstick most of the time, in fact. There are also some pop culture references that will fly over most kid's heads, but their parents will love them. I watched this movie with a friend of mine (after his wife insisted it was a good film), and we were both laughing from start to finish.

They work hard to bring back all the main characters from the first movie. Frankly, that was probably the most forced part of the movie. I mean, would Kronk really work with Yzma again? Most of the characters are more cameos, and they do work. They really worked hard to shoehorn Emperor Kuzco (David Spade) in, however, and it was painfully obvious.

The animation is workable, with no noticeable flaws. It isn't anything groundbreaking; it was exactly what I expected from a direct to video movie.

Anyone going into this movie with high expectations will be disappointed. Anyone looking to laugh will be highly rewarded. Kronk's New Groove is pure silly fun, and it doesn't really pretend to be anything else.
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on July 21, 2015
I loved The Emperors New Groove - it's one of my favorite Disney movies. And Kronk is definitely the best character! But this movie is meh. Why do so many Disney sequels fall into the trap of 'three short stories strung together into one sort-of cohesive long story'?
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on July 10, 2013
Kronk's New Groove follows very closely with the format of the Emperor's New Groove, though with less success than the first one. This is the story of what happens to Kronk after Esma is gone, but there is not a clear "bad guy" or a continual story. Instead the story is a series of short stories, tied together by Kronk finding out that his father is coming to visit.
Don't get me wrong, my son enjoyed hearing about how Kronk helped the people around him, and bumbled his way through life. There are definitely some humor and fun parts. However, the weaknesses in the plot can't make up for those little bits.

My advice, buy it if you really have to have the story.
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on October 16, 2015
My 8 y/o granddaughter loved it and Laughed Out Loud throughout the whole episode and was looking for MORE!!! I even found it amusing and could finally understand while her Mom (my daughter) watched this religiously as a young girl/teenager/adult.
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