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on November 6, 2014
My beautiful chromoly Specialized Allez got stolen last night, and it looks like this lock did little to slow down the thief. I understand that there is no such thing as a lock that can stop a truly motivated thief, but conventional wisdom states that you need some sort of power tool to cut a U-lock. What is particularly troubling in this case is that it looks like it was defeated with bolt cutters. In the detailed image of the break you can see it was a result of shear force as opposed to the abrasion of an angle grinder. I believe that any lock that can be easily defeated with bolt cutters should not be trusted for any sort of medium to high crime area.

Nice mounting mechanism
Should work in low crime areas

Loses to bolt cutters
review image review image
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on September 10, 2012
Okay, let me just say this package is amazing. Not only is the lock super-tough, but the customer service you get with it is absolutely fantastic. Case in point: Mardi Gras, New Orleans, 2011. I lock my bike up somewhere not particularly safe, then proceed, over the course of the day, to lose my keys. That means no way to get my bike unlocked. Ahh, but I had registered my bike keys for this lock with Kryptonite, which is a free service through their website through which you can order replacement keys. I called them, and they were able to look up the lock number and send an order to their shop to make me a new key for FREE! Hooray. (I think its the first set of replacement keys that are free - after that a small fee applies?) Well, it ends up that their key machine broke right as I had this problem, and it was going to take a few weeks to fix. But instead of telling me I had to wait, they instead contacted me, and offered to pay to have my lock cut AND send me a replacement lock - again, for FREE - because the machine was down, but they knew I was worried about the safety of my bike! How great is that? (Especially since it was my own dang fault the keys were lost).

In the week it took to sort this all out, my bicycle remained firmly locked up in the sketchy place I'd left it (New Orleans is 2nd for bicycle theft in the nation, after New York - and where I had locked it up was particularly not safe) because this lock is nearly impossible to break (and trust me, it took the locksmith almost an hour of sawing with an electric saw to break this one that was on it, the series two with a cable through the back wheel - not exactly a feat a bicycle thief would try to pull off unless your bike is locked up where NO ONE could see them do this, and they had both the patience to spend an hour trying & the expensive equipment with which to do it. I'm not saying it can't be done - just that it seems like it'd be very difficult). I'm buying a second lock now for a new bike, and couldn't be more ecstatic about purchasing it. And how often do you get excited about spending your hard earned money on a lock? THANKS KRYPTONITE! Your products, and service, are truly outstanding in this era of big business apathy and crappy plastic widgets. I am a grateful customer for life.
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on July 11, 2014
Do not purchase this item. The lock is easy to break as mine was. Originally, I bought this because of the "confidence" Kryptonite has in its products. They state that if their locks are broken they will refund you a portion of the cost of the bike! However, this is a false promise.

My lock was broken and I provided the information to the company (police report, proof of purchase of the bike, etc., It should be noted that if you do not have an original bill of sale on your bike they will not honor this agreement so look elsewhere if you do not have it!). After daily attempts to contact them via email and phone I've come to the conclusion that the company has stonewalled me and refuses to honor their refund agreement.

This lock is easily broken! Do not purchase this company will not honor their promise! Horrible costumer relations and a horrible product.
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on March 10, 2015
As others have said this lock is easily defeated by bolt cutters. If you have a pricey bike then you’ll want something stronger to protect it. The Fahgettaboudit and E-Lock Titan are both great locks that are basically uncutable. The latter of which, even has a vibration activated alarm built in. Last I checked they were both on sale too, so they might be worth a look even if they previously were out your price range.
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on July 2, 2013
This is not a good lock if you're planning on using it in NYC. After reading all of these reviews I had no doubt that my newly purchased bike would get stolen... well I was in for a surprise when I got out of work one day to find my bike stolen in broad daylight (in front of very busy store). I've posted pictures to demonstrate how this lock was defeated.

*UPDATE* - I had posted pictures of how this bike was defeated and the seller somehow deleted or disabled all of the customer pictures.

*UPDATE* 7/31/13 - Here are URL/links to the pictures


*UPDATE* 4/4/2014 - Amazon continues to remove my links and my uploaded images. Here are the URL/links again.

review image review image review image
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on August 4, 2013
I came to this lock from another Kryptonite u-lock that had the "bic pen pickable" key systems. That lock was great and worked well for me for many years. It also had a fantastic mount that was very straightforward, though on a couple occasions the U-lock would fall out of the mount. Enough about my old lock, let's talk about this one.

It's a u-lock. Very strong, as you probably already know. I've seen videos of other brands of u-lock being cut by bolt cutters, but I haven't seen a Kryptonite cut yet, so I believe them to be of higher strength than the rest.

The issue for this bike is the mounting system. It's designed to be very versatile, and there's a good bit of complexity needed in order to meet that. There's nothing wrong with it except the lack of clear instructions. See my video for how to install the mount on your bike.
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on July 7, 2014
It's a good lock that will protect against some kid walking by and riding off with your bike while you grab a drink in a store but no promises -- especially on their end.

I had a very bad experience with their anti-theft for my bike. I had to leave my bike locked up outside at work one day. Never the less, the worst happens in a time span of about 30 minutes. I did everything they asked for but when the time came to claim they wanted me to give them the lock and "a photo of the bike locked up" before it was stolen to prove I locked the bike up correctly. They kept assuring me they were just trying to weed out insurance fraud claims but asking someone to take a picture every time they lock their bike up is beyond crazy. I made a computer rendered drawing of how I locked the bike up and when it seemed to satisfy them there, now they wanted me to mail them the lock to have it checked out. Are you kidding me? If I could find the lock I could probably find the SOB who took the bike. I explained the lock wasn't there and they then stood firm "why would the crook steal the broken lock too?" I have no idea, maybe they tossed it in the trash or in a bush? Maybe they took the lock with them to make it look like this was their bike and they lost the key?

This lock will only protect you from the 'walk by" thefts and not people who are out looking, or steal high-end bikes all the time. The police officer who did my report said he see's these things cut all the time. With today's battery powered saws and grinders that can cut nearly any metal with the right bits/blade, it's only a matter of time before it's your bike too. Their customer service stood firm with the excuse "it takes a very strong cutting bit to cut our locks". Their right, it does. A good blade runs $10-50 depending on the type and saw used, even if you kill that blade every use you still make your money back when you sell/part out the bike on Craigslist ... a high end crank or derailer set goes $100+ used.

A few years back you could break most round-key locks with a Bic pen casing. I'd hope Kryptonite fixed theirs. Check youtube. It has me wondering if this is how mine was taken because it happened so fast.

In the end, my home insurance company covered it since the bike was on my high-value item registry.
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on October 3, 2012
Edited review for the 3 month mark.

First impressions of this thing is that it is really heavy. Since I lock my bike up at a campus you need something like this. The included cable is really thick but not very long so you can't get it around your entire bike. Although much better then some peoples that I have seen. At the store I saw a bike with what had to be the thinnest cable lock ever. It was at most 4mm. Easy to cut through in a second with hand tools. I digress...

Lots of people have had problems with keys? I have had no bad experience with them yet. Make sure to insert it in all the way and it should work out. If you really are worried about quality of the key then go to a lock smith and get a better one.

The thing I hated is the flex bracket.
1. It wasn't long enough to fit anywhere where my fit would hit it
2. The instructions were a little complicated. Overwhelmed me at fist.
3. I store it in my backpack. May be 4 pounds but I don't really notice it.

Overall: This lock would need power tools to cut through it but on a college campus who is going to lug around those plus a generator since it will take alotta power. Not bad buy for the price it is longer then other U-Locks. Flex bracket instructions was little complicated

3 Month: Still have not had my bike stolen so I guess this thing is a real good deterrent from thieves. Didn't realize this when I was riding my bike at the time but my cable got stuck between wheel and was rubbing against it. Wore out the plastic a little but no significant damage. I now also put the cable in my backpack. Lasted six hours on a campus without getting stolen.

9/28/14 Update: There have been notices going up all over my campus about stolen bikes. Not once has someone attempted mine. Likely the ones with just the cables are much better targets. I sort of ditched the cable since it really was too much of an extra hassle to wind it through everything. Mostly it was to cut down on weight that I was carrying. No attempted steals that I know of yet.
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on October 29, 2014
I would say that I love it if it really prevent theft, but let's face it, no lock can do that! So I can only say that I like it. The manufacture put a lot of thoughts on this lock, right weight, rubber coating, rain protector for key hole, mounting kit. All good. If the cable is slightly longer, it will be the best, 4 foot is a little bit shy if you want to cover both wheels and the frame.
So here is my solution for mounting this lock without any interfering with the riding.
review image
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on October 30, 2013
When the key turned in the lock, it was fine. But even on my very first use, the key wouldn't turn. After enough nervous fiddling, it worked. Phew! Then it worked for a few weeks, mostly. Then it stopped working, and nothing would make the key turn in the lock. Many minutes of fiddling failed to solve the problem. A liberal dose of WD40 also failed to solve the problem.

Thank goodness it didn't fail while the bike was locked up. But I no longer feel safe using the lock.

I would not recommend this bike lock to anyone.

The seller has refused to exchange it, so I would not recommend using this seller, either.
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