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on April 25, 2009
Kryptonite STD U Lock seems to be a very decent lock but it still can be "infiltrated" by a knowledgeable master thief/master lock picker in probably under 1 hour time. I'm not too worried since it is sizable, hefty looking and very heavy (4 lbs), so it looks bigger than what I saw on other bikes in the bike rack and my bike is only valued at $500. Plus most bike thieves are just simple crooks with a few tools (a bike crook in public with a 20 Pound Sledge Hammer, hacksaw, 42-inch bolt cutters, 12-inch screwdriver, 20-inch crowbar, and claw hammer will be very obvious and suspicious working for one hour on a lock).

Most bike thieves have limited time, looking for an "easy" and quick target. If you beef up your security with the bulky Kryptonite STD U Lock, odds are he'll go for a bike with a cheap lock (cheap chain or cable locks are a certain way to get your bike stolen in the bike rack). Many bikes are stolen because they're not even locked ("I'll just be a sec!"). Many bikes are also stolen because the locks are used incorrectly or left open/unlocked by mistake.

Kryptonite STD U Lock. The keys are very flimsy and forged with cheap metal so I won't be surprised in 12 months that they snap or are damaged. The Lock holder (cheap plastic) didn't work on my bike as the Lock is too big to fit anywhere so I just snug it into my rear rack.

Comes with a cable (be warned, it can be cut quite easily so don't use it as a "main attachment" to a pole, bike rack, etc, just use it to secure your rear or front tires with the U Lock attached to a pole, bike rack, etc, or run the cable through both the seat and the rear tire with the U Lock fastened to a solid object).

You should use a cable lock ONLY to secure your front or rear tire to the bike frame or bike rack. ALWAYS attach the U Lock to a solid, fixed object (lamppost, pole, road sign, fence, bike rack, etc). A cable lock is NOT a primary security tool to secure your bike. Never rely on a cable to anchor your whole bike, it can take someone a few seconds to cut through a cable lock. Always use a high quality U-lock or hefty chain as your MAIN locking device and cables as secondary devices.

In spite of AT LEAST 5 known attempts by petty German bike thieves to break through the Kryptonite STD U Lock, it's held up and has been an eminent tool in my bike lock collection (my secondary cable/cheap Chain locks securing my front tire have ALWAYS been cut).

In all, it's not bad for medium to low bike crime areas but don't use it ALONE for overnight, expensive bikes, big cities, dangerous zones or in dark desolate areas where a thief can use high powered tools or torches.

If you need more Security (you also will need to put up with the hassle of more Weight) go for:

Kryptonite New York Chain With EV Disc Lock Chain

OnGuard Brute STD 5001 U-lock

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-lock

OnGuard Beast Chain
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on April 23, 2010
I like the lock. It's for a cheap ($100) bike. When I get a more expensive bike I'll buy the New York Std (yellow sleeve) lock.

I think the Kryptonite locks are a good value. But, the "protection offer" is almost insulting to my intelligence. You have to read the box carefully to realize you're only getting an *offer*, not protection. You can buy protection for 1-2 years. And, the terms of protection are so ridiculously tedious that you wonder why they even offer. The terms sound like they don't want you to use it.

Here's an example: You have to register your keys and serial number of your bike within 15 days. Why a time limit? I bought my lock before receiving my bike. Why should it matter to Kryptonite that I bought the lock 2-3 months ago?

Also, you can't transfer the lock/insurance to another bicycle. Why would Kryptonite care about that? Unless it's just a gimmick to sell more locks?

For a claim, you have to submit the broken lock. What if the thief takes the evidence with him?

I've heard that NYC messengers who ride expensive bikes buy two locks. They take one to a welder to cut/break. They register the keys (and buy protection) for that lock. They use the other other lock. If their bike is stolen, they submit the broken lock which they never used.

I can't blame them for doing that. Kryptonite sets the conditions that you almost have to do that if you want to protect a $1200 bike.

I would give the lock 5 stars. But, because of the fishy "protection offer," I only gave 4.
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on January 9, 2010
Now that I have the Kryptonite U lock and cable, I feel very comfortable leaving my bike parked at a bike rack on my school's campus where bike theft is common. It took a little practice getting used to locking and unlocking quickly as well as figuring out the best way to carry it while riding my bike (it's a bit heavy), but I would buy this same product over and over again and recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their bike safe from theft.
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on September 3, 2009
This lock works well. It is a little heavy, and I could not attach it to my bike anywhere, so I carry it in my pack. The cable makes it much easier to lock my bike to various racks, and makes it so I can lock up my friends bike at the same time. I would buy this again.
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on June 17, 2009
I live in New York and as it's well known, bikes don't stay long in the same location! I left my bike for more than 3 days locked with this lock and found it right I left it when I came back! The additional cable is good and nice for the price. Hate the so called eazy mount though...
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on December 28, 2011
Bought this as a first lock for my bike. For urban commuting in suburbs and low crime areas, this seems to work great. Most other bikes I see have only cable locks, with a few having U-locks. I've read too many accounts of people getting their bikes stolen to use cable locks, and being a worry-bug I don't think I would ever use the cable lock. Was also looking into purchasing the mini U-lock instead but there are a lot of bike racks in my area with large/fat bike rack diameters. No issues with it so far after 2 months opening/closing it, it is heavy on my bike but definitely worth it.

Only potential con is that the bar on the U-lock doesn't look very thick, and is pretty long, so it's pretty easy for bike thieves to gain leverage on it and cut it easily.

Kryptonite's misleading anti-theft protection (This last section applies to Kryptonite as a whole and not just to this product):
Lastly, the "protection" they offer you is worthless. If you read the fine print, they only pay the insurance deductible, NOT the price of your bike. This means that you MUST have your bike insured to even get them to pay a deductible. Another caveat is that in order for Kryptonite to pay the deductible you also need to send in the "sawed" or "broken" lock. If you can imagine, sometimes bike thieves would take the evidence with them, leaving you with nothing. I think the way they advertise this is very misleading and deserves to be mentioned/made public as much as possible to inform innocent consumers/purchasers.
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on April 17, 2013
when I was deciding on where to attach the mount, I tightened it down in one spot (not too tight) then decided to move it... fail. the screw somehow cross threaded when I was backing it out, and would go any farther in or out. thus, the mount was too lose to use, but wouldn't come off. had to cut it off, scratching my bike's paint.
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on April 4, 2013
sigh. a crackhead stole my bike 2 days ago and this was the lock i had on it. now, we all know crackheads are pretty determined when it comes to stealing your s***, but i reckon they will had some trouble with the U-lock portion. i had used the cable with a seperate lock and key to get my bike attached to a tree. then i put the U lock through the frame, cable, and the wheel, essentially locking the frame and front wheel to render it unrideable. after a mere 5 hours of being outside, 10 feet from the door to my workplace, i found just the cable cut in two on the ground. i did not find the u lock anywhere. my guess is someone (maybe a crackhead, as i found out later theres tons of them who are notorious in that area for stealing s***, even dresses out of cars) saw it, then came back w some good clippers, clipped the cable, and walked off with the bike, to fiddle with the u-lock at home.

why do i still think this is a decent lock if my bike got stolen with it?

(im guessing) they couldn't crack the u lock. at least, not when they initially took it, because it was discarded like the cable) i think. well, eventually they probably will crack the u-lock, but i'd like to think it will give them some hell.

i'm buying it again, this time promising myself to use the U lock to get the bike onto a structure and then the cable through the tires and frame.

DO NOT USE THE CABLE TO LOCK THE BIKE TO A STRUCTURE OUTSIDE, especially in the Bronx. s***, dont even lock your bike up somewhere outside in the bronx, take it inside!
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on July 8, 2013
A bike thief picked the lock and took my bike. How do I know? Because my helmet was re-locked to the pole in a different manner than I had used when I locked my bike. Don't bother.
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on August 4, 2010
The U-Lock portion is strong enough to deter thieves, and the cable lock that goes with it is long enough to connect your tires to the U-Lock and bike parking rail. The mount is a pain to install and I do not use it. The Velcro tab on the cable lock is a nice touch that allows you to wrap it around the U-Lock for storage. The hole doesn't seem very sturdy, but it should last *knock on wood*.
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