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on January 22, 2012
I've had this lock for about a month now. Installation was simple. The smartkey feature made it easy to re-key it to match my existing Kwikset locks.

Programming is fairly simple. You can program and operate it Without a Z-wave controller system. Without a Z-wave system you can manually program two access codes. With a Z-wave controller system you can program up to 30 codes. The lock creates an "Alarm" device as a sub-device on your Z-wave controller which relays a long list of events you can use as triggers.
For example, when a user code is entered to unlock the door and it's night, I have the entryway light come on. When the door is locked from the outside, I turn off all lights in the house.

You cannot operate it with a handheld controller. You need to have a computerized controller like Mi Casa Verde or Homeseer and your Z-wave interface or USB stick needs to have the latest firmware. I had to update my WDUSB-10 USB stick in order to make it work.

While this lock has only 5 buttons vs the 10 buttons on the Schlage lock, The Schlage lock allows only 4 digit combinations where the Kwikset allows 4 to 8 digits.
4 to 8 digit codes from 5 buttons = 390,625 permutations
4 digit codes from 10 buttons = 10,000 permutations

Update: I recently bought another one for my garage side door. The product has been updated since the first one I bought. The new unit is functionally identical but the build quality seems much better now. Not that it was bad before but this one seems sturdier overall.
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on June 17, 2011
This lock works great with the MiCasaVerde Vera2 Zwave controller. Without the controller (inside the lock itself) it only supports 2 codes. With the controller the options become much more interesting with the addition to time dependant codes etc... This lock works well, see my review of the handset lock if you are thinking about one of those (as they don't work so well).

One big word of warning. This lock is a Kwikset authorized dealer only item. You cannot even get them at Home Depot or Lowes. If you buy one of these here, make sure you are buying from a Kwikset authorized dealer. If you are having problems and try to call Kwikset they will not talk to you if you purchased them outside of the dealer network. I had this problem with the marketplace vendor I purchased my locks from.
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on July 24, 2011
I wanted this Kwikset Z-Wave controllable lock so I can remotely program codes to allow guests in my second home located hundreds of miles away.
If I need to allow a contractor in the home, for example, I can use my Z-Wave controller (MiCasaVerde Vera 2) to program a temporary code that is good for a pre-determined period of time (i.e. July 27-July 30). Every time the contractor enters the code, I receive an email telling me the code has been entered or that the lock has been locked. I like the Kwikset lock because the deadbolt is actually turned by a tiny motor in the lock. The lock is powed by four AA batteries. The unit reports the battery level to the controller and I receive an email when the battery gets below a certain point. Kwikset says the batteries should last one year under normal use. The lock is installed on an exterior door, protected by a small porch. I have not experienced any weather-related problems.
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on January 14, 2014
I have been using this for almost a year now. It worked fine for about 3 months then started to error out on a regular basis. About a month ago it just stopped completing the locking or unlocking cycles like it was jammed up. After taking it apart the insides are all plastic including the worn out gears.
If you're going to use this lock as an emergency only, you might be ok, but if you want to use the lock daily then you better get something more robust.
I just purchased a replacement lock made by Schlage that has stainless steel gears. If I would have been aware of the plastic gears I would have never even tried this one.
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on October 26, 2012
I originally used this for our main entry door at the office. It was an easy way to allow our staff in and out of the building without the hassle of using a key. We are constantly going through that door so this keypad really helps with the frequency of the use of the door. It lasted two years of at least 100 entries per day... we used that door a lot.

So in our home we used our garage door as our main entry. We always left the garage main door open which left the smaller garage entry door exposed for anyone to walk into our home. We used that door so much in the evenings that I wanted to protect that door by locking it without the hassle of carrying our keys with us around the house. So I added this in our home. My wife loves it as much as I do! Here is why'

1) Easy of entry... type in a 4 digit code and the door lock unlocks.
2) Safety... The door lock can be set to LOCK the door 30 seconds after using the code to get in. This gives us peace of mind that the door is always locked... so no worries about if "we locked the door" or not.
3) Ease for letting family of friends in the house.... sometimes you may be in a jam when you can't get home when you need to be... to feed the dog, accept a package, allowing a family member to enter your home to pick something up when your not home, etc. So having a keypad lock allows you the flexibility to give out the code so someone you trust can access your home. Plus you can easily change the code afterwards if you need to.

One other very cool feature... if your other locks on your home use the same style key as this lock does then this lock can be very easy programed to use the original key to the home... thus making the keys this lock comes with unusable. I was able to key all the locks on my home to use the original key on my brand new home.... without the need of a locksmith or the hassle of ordering all matching locks. The "smart-key" feature is a very cool one that is truly necessary in most applications.

All-in-all, I have used 5 of these locks... in our office, in our old home and now in our new home. This lock gives you the freedom to work around the house without carrying keys around while having the peace of mind that your entry ways are always locked even if you forget to lock a door.

One note; Many of our neighbors thought of this as being "fancy" and/or "high techie" at first... but once they saw the actual functionality of these locks they chose to use them on their homes.

I hope this review helps you in your purchase!
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on May 21, 2013
I just purchased and installed this lock. I was replacing an existing "non-smart" deadbolt and the holes were already in the door; but, what should have taken 20 - 30 minutes turned out to take an hour for two different reasons, both of which were unnecessary - hence the deduction of 2 stars from what could have been a 5 star rating.

The first deduction was because one of the holes was not properly threaded and installing that 2" machine screw required a power drill with a screwdriver bit and several partial in and out operations to recut the thread properly. If this were an isolated incident to only my lock I would not have even mentioned it; but, since I had read about this problem in other posts, it was worth pointing out again; as shoddy quality control is always worth pointing-out, when encountered.

The second star deduction was because of the poorly written instructions during the final stage of installation. When I had the entire unit installed, I tested locking and unlocking the deadbolt manually to make sure there were no obstructions, to find that the deadbolt DID NOT RETRACT ALL THE WAY! So after several disassemble and reassembles with no luck, I vaguely recalled one rater at this site had mentioned something about this. So I read all of the ratings to find that one comment (thank you, thank you, thank you), which said this was OK and that during the left-right handed adjustment (which was the next step), the deadbolt travel would automatically adjust itself. Nowhere in the instructions was this mentioned - which, had it been there - would have saved me at least 30 minutes of time wasted unnecessarily - a simple sentence in the instructions at this point is all that was needed.

Let me state that I am very pleased with the lock (so far) and the ease of interfacing with my VeraLite - and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is doing a home automation project. One further word of caution ... as with all ZWave products, the price can differ by 100%. What you do with your internet searches, will result in significant savings to the pocketbook.
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on August 2, 2014
I took a while deciding which type of electronic deadbolt to get in order to match our already existing set of polished brass Kwikset locks and door handles. I decided on the Z-Wave version of this lock, which is the 910, as opposed to the non Z-Wave version, the 909, which looks identical but just doesn't allow for remote locking/unlocking via smartphones. Suffice it to say, you do have to fully install the unit to completely test it. Testing it simply with batteries on my workbench showed that it powered up, but the Z-Wave wouldn't function properly, and we found that this was because the deadbolt needs to feel the resistance of the bolt moving out and stopping...otherwise, it actually goes around and thinks that it has a problem and doesn't register it's status properly. The unit installed fairly easily with only a few minor modifications to the depth of the striker plate in the door jam, and the clearance around the door's internal area where the electronic receiver assembly was mounted. I had to shave a little off of the door's window trim that initially wouldn't allow the receiver assembly to mount flush to the door. Once installed, the Z-Wave unit paired up well to our "Wink Hub" which is sold at Home-Depot and Amazon, to name a few...which we actually purchased also on this Amazon site. So far, after reading several positive and negative reviews of this lock, we haven't had any battery drain problems and it appears to be working quite well. My only 2 problems with it are that the large receiver cover that mounts over the the electronics on the inside of the door, is all plastic...a little cheaper than I would have expected for what should be a fairly good quality lock. Lastly, the only other problem I have, which we can live with, is the electronic/mechanical "whirring" sound that is made when it electronically locks or unlocks...a bit louder than we initially expected...but our bedroom is far enough from the door that it won't wake us up. I guess the upside of the sound is that we can hear it in the rooms within about 20 feet of the front door and would know if someone is coming in or not...could be a plus, but if you're going in and out and don't want to make much noise, this one is not so quiet.

Overall, I really like the unit so far, but the true proof will be in how long the batteries last. One of the chief complaints I read about this particular lock was how short of life the batteries had on many of these...which people complained were between hours and days to just a few weeks...which really bothered me. So, I called Kwikset locks to find out why so many people had this problem. Kwikset technical support explained that if you install this unit, with the Z-Wave function, but decide not to pair it up with a "Wink Hub" or similar home automation transciever, then the Kwikset deadbolt continues to use the battery while it continuously searches for a home automation transciever to link up with, and once it's completed the link, the searching signal stops and the battery is only periodically used...instead of continuously. Well, we will know this in a few weeks or months if our batteries begin failing, but if not, I believe we found the electronic deadbolt for us. I hope this review helps someone who is on the fence with buying one of these electronic deadbolts as we were. If we find out anything different, we will attempt an update to this review.

With our likes and dislikes of this unit, we have to be fair and assess it with a 4 out of 5 star review..although I would probably give it a 4.5 so far, but didn't want to overstate our review. Thank you. Paul
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on October 30, 2015
We have had 3 of these locks for about 3 years now and have seen all the good along with the bad.

Here is the good: The keyless entry has transformed how we enter our house. No more digging for keys and no more locked out of the house issues with or adults. The kids actually are better at using it then we are! Little brats. The night light function works well but we recommend turning it off (more on that in a minute). I personally like the beep confirmation but we also recommend turning that feature off. The zwave feature has actually turned out to be one of my favorite features since I can just press a remote button at night that locks all the doors. No wandering the house at night to check all the locks. YAY! The lock itself has been durable and sees a lot of use. We also have taken advantage of the rekey feature of the locks. This too works well and is nice for key clutter.

Overall all these features work well, and we would give it 5 stars if not for the bad... So, in no particular order here are its negatives: On the back of the keypad portion of the lock there are six little screws holding the number pad together. We had those screws come loose after about 2 years of use. When they come loose the door lock itself stops functioning unless you press the whole works together and hold it just right. My husband took the whole thing apart retightened the screws and reinstalled the lock only to have it do it again! He just repaired it a 2nd time and this time he used lock tight on the screws. If it does it again we may switch to another company. It is one thing to have the batteries die, but to have the entire lock stop functioning is a deal breaker for us. Battery life is a major concern with these locks and the promises that the companies make for battery life is unrealistic. The longest we have gotten any batteries to last in any three of our locks is about 8 months. The way to do it is to set all the dip switches to off. So no beep, no auto locking and no lights. That beep really sucks the battery life down on locks that are used frequently. We went from about 3 months of battery life to almost 6 just by turning that beep confirmation off. The kind of battery also makes a very big difference. I highly recommend using the best quality lithium batteries. We have had the regular batteries last as little as 2 weeks! Which is just unbelievable. Then there are those little annoying dip switches. You have to get them all the same on every lock or it can be confusing to use on of the different entrances to the home. This really makes the zwave seem like just a last minute addon since most well designed zwave devices allow the setting of these features remotely. Oh...and bring a magnifying glass since they are so tiny.

So after all that I can only give this lock 3 stars. Everyone in the family agrees that had battery life been better and the lock didn't stop working all together at our main entrance then it would be a 5 star door lock.
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on December 14, 2012
I wanted a lock that I could fully manage from my computer and home automation/security system. With homeseer you can monitor who's codes are locking/unlocking, if there's failed attempts (and alert you), find out when battery is running low, check locked status, lock/unlock, enable/disable, all remotely. It's very convenient to not have to wonder if your forgot to lock the door - and being able to login and check/lock if needed. It's also nice to have be able to allow codes access for say one weekend during certain hours while you're away from home - but need someone to check up on/take care of pets.

Apart from the zwave interface, other pros are:
*This lock seems sturdy and strong, not cheap metal.
*Having codes is very convenient, my wife is constantly loosing her keys and getting locked out. Not anymore!
*Has a dip switch to set if the status led blinks every 5s, automatically locks the door after 30s (love this - as people always forget to lock the doors in my house), beeps and lights when buttons pressed.
*Looks good and elegant, not some cheap toy.
*SmartKey is convenient to rekey, don't need a locksmith.
*Reversible door handle sides
*Strong deadbolt shaft, in conjunction with a good strike plate and door reinforcer makes a decent security lock (minus smartkey).
*Venetian bronze finish is nice, and matches Kwiksets door handlesets that are Venetian bronze.

Some cons are:
*The batteries haven't lasted me more then 3 months. For a family of three, I'd guess it gets locked/unlocked maybe a dozen times a day.
*Cannot use rechargeable batteries
*SmartKey holes can be picked easy if you have the right tools.
*Need to have a nearby device to beam signal for zwave. I'm assuming it doesn't have a strong radio transmitter/receiver so it saves power.
*Price is a bit high, hard to find a good deal on. The zwave chipped units cost almost 75$ more then the non.
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on May 3, 2013
I bought this lock because I had used the same lock without Z wave for years, and have been extremely please with it's performance. The lock was very easy to install and program, the batteries last a little over a year, and the lock has never failed, or given me a problem. When I saw that the new Lowe's Iris system was going to support this lock, I decided to try it out. Even though the Iris software says "support coming soon" the lock pairs with the system, and works at it's simplest level. I suspect better intergration will happen when the software officially supports this lock. At the present time you can lock, unlock and view the current lock status from the app the lock also writes to the log file when locked, or unlocked and the corresponding time. At the present time you can not program in multiple users, and the lock does not report which code was used to unlock the lock.
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