Customer Reviews: LG Optimus Dynamic L38C (Straight Talk) (Black)
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on May 10, 2013
This is a neat little phone that I would like to keep but can't because of the terrible memory system. After spending much time with StraightTalk's (WalMart's prepaid service provider) and LG's customer support, I have concluded that there's no way to fix the memory system. The problem is that the memory quickly fills up and requires manual deletion of data and the clearing of caches several times a day. System memory fills up while leaving 5 GB's of internal and SD card memory completely unused. Uncontrollable updating of bloatware makes the problem even worse. The phone problem is made more frustrating by the lack of knowledge the very polite StraightTalk customer support personnel have. Tried two phones before giving up.
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on March 15, 2013
This phone is great. its easy to use, fun, and not too big or too small. It has lots of apps you can download. There are a few flaws I would like to address though : first, the keyboard is probably meant for someone with small hands. I am a woman so its pretty easy for me to use. Second, its a Google-heavy phone. It has built-in Google+ and things like that (I am a yahoo person so I don't really use it) But for people who use Google, awesome. Third, the camera on this think sucks. its easy to use but the quality is very bad. I know its just a phone camera, but still. Finally and I think most important, the storage space on this thing is ridiculous. I downloaded Netflix and soundhound and its already telling me I don't have enough space. Google+ and the other pre-installed apps update by themselves. Its pretty annoying when I have to keep going back and uninstalling updates for things I don't even use. I wish I could delete Google+ but I cant. I've only had this phone for about 2 weeks so maybe I just haven't found out a way to get more space, but I'm not even sure how id go about that. Overall, its a good phone for simple use and maybe an app or two (Netflix does take up more space on my phone than anything).
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on June 20, 2013
Before I begin my review, allow me to point out that the phone I purchased goes through Net10, NOT Straighttalk. However, the phone I bought was the LG Optimus Dynamic, not Logic. The two look identical, but go through different carriers. The Logic is GSM and goes through AT&T. The Dynamic is CDMA and goes through Verizon. I live in a Verizon-heavy area, so I went with this one.

Now, on to my official review--

The first flaw I'd like to point out is the ridiculous price. This phone (through Net10) retails at an average of $79.99 pretty much everywhere. That Amazon would have this phone anywhere over $100.00 is just plain asinine. I bought this phone at Kmart when it was on sale for $59.99, so I bought it for nearly $100.00 less than here.

The biggest gripe everyone has with this phone is the memory. It literally filled after installing two apps. The biggest problem is that the phone wants to install everything on the internal memory. Even rooted, the phone couldn't handle most apps. It was just too damn slow.

I wanted to like this phone. Really, I did. I have small hands, and this was the perfect size for me. I loved the shape and overall feel of this phone. I bought the white one and I loved the color. It was a great little phone, before I turned it on.

Youtube was incredibly laggy on this phone, even when connected to wifi. Facebook didn't even load. If you're a big Amazon music person, like me, forget it -- Amazon Cloud Player isn't even compatible with this phone.

Overall, I'd rate this phone as a poor piece of crap. I got rid of it the same day I bought it and got the Huawei Ascend Y. Much better phone.
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on March 17, 2013
I just bought this phone from Wal-Mart for $80.The price on Amazon is crazy. I like my apps & widgets,unfortunately the space on this phone is zero. As another reviewer stated I think I have been able to download about half of the apps I had on my other phone & it's telling me I have no more space or they aren't compatible which is crazy because my other phone is at least 1yr older & a slightly older android version so can't figure that out. So much space is taken up by the apps that were already installed & can't be uninstalled it's maddening. I have 2 weeks to decide if it's going back so I will search to try & find out if there is a way to free up space but I'm not expecting anything at this point. Other then that I do get excellent service & Straight Talk is so cheap you will never use a contract phone again. So basically if you're not worried about apps & games or widgets it's a good phone at a good price on the Straight Talk website or in Wal-Mart. If you expect more from your phone this may not be the way to go. Update: July 28th 2013- I still have this phone, however I have since moved and I now have no service at all. I do live in a very wooded area now, but my boyfriend has a very simple, cheap phone that isn't a smart phone and his service is better then mine. I plan on buying a new phone asap.
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on May 6, 2014
This is a great phone, I bought mine at Wal-Mart last month, I knew before I bought it that it had memory issues, I tried running it stock configuration and immediately experienced the pain of the low memory, Not a problem, there are forums online that have the solutions and they were easy to follow, You just gotta gain root access to the device and follow the how to's in the forums, this may not be for everybody but the directions were so easy to follow that anybody should be able to do it with minimal knowledge of computers and smart phones, I have mine running smoothly with over 30 apps and plenty of space for updates and more apps, The camera isn't great but it isn't terrible, the Mp3 player is great, The phone is loaded with a few apps that are useless like google+ and google play music, who needs new music there hasn't been any good music released in over 15 years anyway, Youtube works great, there is an option to talk2text rather than typing, Voice search on google and more, I am having a blast with this cheap little phone now that I found the solutions to the memory problems others have complained about, It really isn't that big a deal if you can read use a computer and follow a couple how to's. It did require a little work but it was worth it considering how inexpensive the phone was. Only con would be that the screen isn't larger, Overall I am pleased, voice quality is excellent, If you have a smart TV you can pair it with the phone and use it as a controller for youtube and watch on the big screen, I also found an app to control the tuner and volume of the television, for the price I paid this phone does so much and there is so much more yet to be discovered,
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on July 23, 2013
I didn't buy this phone through Amazon, as they are charging way more than anywhere else. I picked mine up at Walmart for $79. My BlackBerry had just breathed it's last breath, I had ordered and sent back a Nokia Lumia 521 due to malfunctions, and I needed something to get me by until the Nexus 5 comes out later this year. Enter the Straight Talk version of the LG Optimus Dynamic. It's a great size and weight, and even though it runs an outdated Android version (Gingerbread), it's still quite user friendly. Getting apps from the Play Store is super easy and integrating with your G+ account is great. There's one big problem, you don't have enough space to run or keep updating any of those great apps. This phone was poorly thought out as far as space goes, and for most people it won't be enough. For me, I'll stick with it for a few months. I can live without a few apps until then. The camera is also pretty craptastic, even in outdoor lighting. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this phone though, as you won't be able to utilize it's features to their full potential.
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on July 8, 2013
I got this phone a month ago and I've already had to have it replaced. After 2 weeks when I'd go to call someone or answer a call, as soon as I'd push send, the screen would go black. So if I needed to 'press 1 for this or 2 for that' I couldn't because my screen wouldn't come up, I also couldn't end the call, I could only hold down the On/Off button and restart the phone. VERY VERY ANNOYING! So I called straighttalk and got another one, had to get the same one unfortunately and just thought about taking it back but I had to keep it because it had been past the 15 day return policy. So now this is my SECOND dynamic and it is anything but dynamic, don't let the name fool you. It has no phone storage, some apps (popular, good apps like Pintrest) are not compatible with this phone. The storage is TERRIBLE, I have 4 apps, 4!! and it says my space is full and wouldn't let me receive anymore texts if I didn't delete something. I can't even add all most contacts because there's not enough storage, I've only got 10 contacts in the phone... Yes, I've tried clearing the cache AND moving the storage around, and most apps also won't move. The phones memory capacity is 157 MB, it has 1 GB in Internal storage, which most apps won't move to and it comes with a 4GB memory card which is only for pics and videos. Even the service isn't the greatest. I'm incredibly disappointed in this phone. This phone would be great for a teenager, but for an adult, if I were you, just go ahead and get it right the FIRST time and buy another phone. You won't regret passing up this 'deal' because I assure you it is not a deal.
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on September 8, 2013
A lot of people are having problems with this phone and its memory but I have not had that experience . I've had the phone for 6 months and I have 18 APS on the phone including pandora , CBS sports, opera mini browser, zedge, etc. You have to move the APS to the SD card and not all apps will go there so you have to choose somewhat wisely. On opera mini the web absolutely flies on 3 g and Pandora works fine. The camera is not great but is also actually not bad. Also, the phone is a nice size and durable. I highly recommend getting go smspro and perfect keyboard for this phone. If you had an iPhone you probably don't want this phone but for cruising the web, making calls, listening to music on Avery cheap phone this thing is awesome. With the 45 dollar cricket deal you have a cheap awesome smart phone option. This phone is cheaper at wally world. I think you can get one for under 40$ now. HAVING SAID THAT, they have a better phones on straight talk now for 80$ I believe
review image review image
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on December 16, 2013
I purchased this phone from wal mart with the straight talk sim already installed. I ported over from an older phone without issues. At first I was really happy, then I tried to install apps. The first one went fine, then the second didn't load. System memory low. This would be a decent phone with more memory. It comes with a 4GB SD card that the phone doesn't even try to use. I seriously question the reviewer who says they got 18 apps on the phone. I'd want to see a video of that. I don't believe it. There is no way to put apps on the SD card. System memory is 200MB. A couple of apps and that's gone. Internal memory is 1GB, phone doesn't use it much at all, SD card 4 GB goes unused. If you take pics, it goes on the SD card, but not apps. I had an HTC Droid Incredible 2 that blows this thing out of the water, and now, used, they are going for the same price. Anyone looking into this phone should look into the Incredible 2, since they aren't made anymore but are 2011 technology, prices of used phones are at the same price as this phone new and it's 10 times the phone.
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on November 12, 2013
First let me say I did not buy this phone from, I have always wanted an Android phone which I could sync with my desktop and laptop, which this phone does, it imports your G mail and Calendar from your desktop which is great. It connects to Wi Fi very easily and remembers your info so you do not have to reenter your password. It has triple minutes,texts and data for life and it runs on Verizon towers which is a plus. My main "con" for this phone is that the screen is small for texting and when you receive a call you are required to "swipe" from left to right to answer, now for me, a Senior citizen with arthritis in his hands this is VERY difficult to do. I contacted LG directly and was told that there was no way that I could change this feature. To this point I have not had any problems with storage. All in all, I will probably be going back to using my LG 840 G which I am very happy with. I am not happy that I just spent 100 dollars on a phone I probably won't use. TY
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