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on April 4, 2013
Has got the TV just few months now .. Bought during black friday 2012 .. Hardly used it as it was a bedroom TV .. found yesterday that it stopped working .. the power button goes on .. and thats it .. nothing happens ..
Tried the support number in website .. something says number does not exists .. other times just rings ... tried to use the contact form in there website (submits with error) .. finally emailed them .. but looking into the other updates related to warranty not too hopeful ..
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on February 22, 2013
Since others have really tore into it, I'm not going to go into a lot of depth on this TV.
The good points:
It is inexpensive for a 43" LED TV
Picture quality is good with HDMI cables
Small profile, though bigger than the slim TVs.
Not bad looking.
Pretty light weight.
Simple controls and remote.
Easily recognized by universal remote.

The not so good:
Not very many hook ups for AV equipment
Base does not swivel.
Speakers are pretty bad.

The sound is barely tolerable, but you can tweak it somewhat through the TVs equalizer to make it a bit less tinny. Since a lot of people use external speakers, it may not be that much of an issue. For normal TV watching I managed to adjust the sound to the point where I can tolerate it without making me cringe (the wife thinks its fine.) I have a surround setup for movies and I *could* use that for the TV too, but it would be one more remote to use.
The lack of inputs may not affect the many people either, but I have an older DVD player that doesn't hook to HDMI and this doesn't have S-video, plus I have older consoles systems that I hook up to it (SNES, Genesis, PS2 and they work fine with it).
I hate it when new equipment makes me modernize my perfectly good old stuff!
I give it 4 stars for the sound being pretty bad and lack of inputs, but after living with it for a couple months it seems to be a good purchase. I hope it lasts!
Also, one problem that I have with LCD, plasma, LED TVs is the lack of screen protection. Some of the old glass CRTs had a protective piece of glass in front of the screen and they were far more resilient to impact than these new ones, and none of the modern TVs come standard with them. My other TV was permanently damaged by a pretty low impact to the screen (a marble thrown in the air and not at the screen). Not enough to break the glass behind, but enough to cause a vast amount of pixels to become stuck. So, I purchased a piece of clear plexi-glass, cut it to size and mounted it to the frame with velcro to protect against any accidental impacts. I highly recommend something similar to those who have kids.
EDIT: Still working well as of July 2015. Sound is liveable for basic tv. Seems to have been a good purchase for price and I'd recommend it to anyone esp if you can get it under $300.00.
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on November 9, 2012
On a budget but you want a new/secondary HDTV? This is it!

BELIEVE the reviews that say this tv has "Beautiful" and AMAZING 1080p/visuals, because IT DOES!

I have always bought name brands(Samsung/LG/Sony), but apparently this tv uses samsung screens or something of the sort. But what convinced me to buy this were the good reviews and a few pictures presenting the quality of visuals. Quality is GREAT.

Looks just as good as my 32inch Samsung(if not better) and my buddy's 43inch LG.

+Wonderful 1080p visual, like any big name brand.
++Energy efficient($11/yr on some energy scale thing)
+++Its 39 inches(diagonally) of awesomeness!
++++Can plug in audio jack for speaker systems/headphones
+++++HDMI, 2 ports as well as 1 USB port

-Only 2 HDMI ports, if you need more than two
--Sound quality isn't all that great, I use a 2.1 speaker system w/bass(CYBER ACOUSTICS) to improve sound greatly, and it is great!
---USB option not playing movies, not even reading my external harddrive
----Remote(stock) may be slow to respond
-----Limited visual/sound options

PICTURES, will be posted later today, I am on my phone and can't post pics/videos.

Also, I use this for my XBOX 360 and HD Cable. I followed another reviews tip on bringing down the sharpness to about 25-35 for better picture quality.
review image review image
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on November 7, 2012
I bought a used 43-incher, sold by Tradeport. It was only $275 plus about $40 shipping (no tax), which is a good amount below the new price. It was not in perfect shape, but it works fine and looks great. The only problem with it was one of the tabs of the top of the plastic frame was popped out, and the screen was warped slightly outward there. This caused a bright line (from the backlight bleeding through) to show up at that area along the top edge of the screen. All I did to fix it was remove a few screws from the plastic frame and pop the clip back into place. Now everything is perfect except for a little piece of dust that got down into the screen. I can only see it when I am less than a foot away, so no problem there. Otherwise, the thing is in new condition, with the plastic wrap still covering the glass base. Shipped faster than expected and came well-packaged in original box.

As far as features go, this TV is pretty basic, but that's exactly what I was looking for. It looks really good for $300. The settings/remote are easy to navigate, and it plays well with external speakers and PC hookups. If you're messing with the picture, don't get "brightness" and "backlight" mixed up. If you turn the brightness down to about 40 and the backlight to 100, you get good blacks and nice bright colors. I had never heard of TCL before researching this one, and I don't know much about their customer service, but this TV is of solid quality, and I have no problem recommending it. I give it 5 stars despite the frame tab issue because I expected as much buying it used.

Concerning the customer service, I was pleasantly surprised. I had a question about hooking up my computer to the TV using an HDMI cable (wasn't displaying full screen). I submitted the question via their website, and I wasn't sure it would work, so I also called them. I got through on the phone quickly, they took my question, and said they would call me back within a day or so. The next day, I got a response to my email, as well as a call back about my question. They were extremely patient and helpful. I had given them my graphics card model and they figured out it was a problem with that, not with the TV. I adjusted my overscan on my computer as they suggested, and voila, a perfect image! They were basically helping me troubleshoot my graphics card, which has nothing to do with TCL. Impressive service.

I have heard bad things about people who need physical service done (warranty work) and long delays in replacement parts and such. However, I suspect this has more to do with the authorized technicians then TCL itself, as well as the fact that this company is not quite as well-established as other brands like Samsung or LG. They seemed eager to help though, and I definitely will consider TCL for future purchases.

15 months later, still going strong with no issues. Glad I bought it!
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on August 4, 2012
I will keep this short and sweet. I just got the TV and the picture is AH-MAZING! For the price it almost (note almost) like a name brand LED TV. The only issue I had was the stand assembly... oh dear that process was really something. The screws provided were too big (honestly, they look like either mounting screws or wood screws, eh... whatever), I did try to make sure they were straight before using a screwdriver, but no dice. So thankfully, I found some smaller spare screws around the house, and (check this random bit of hoarding out) some old Ikea washers that I neglected to use and that worked out. (Don't worry, that Ikea thing didn't need those washers anyway...)

Despite having to think of MacGyver's "turn obsolete objects into deadly weapons of escape" background music in my head to find screws and washers around the house to fasten the stand on to the bottom of this TV, the 39-inch set is pretty freaking sweet!
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on November 7, 2012
Update: 2012-12-09: We got the TV back. Rather we got A TV back. It isn't the model we had, it is the 'replacement' model, newer, and it is not compatible with the laptop we use for it. However. It is back, apparently they read the review ;-> I must say that the picture on the replacement is very crisp. No dead pixels out of the box, but we will see how long it lasts. I WILL update the review if we have further problems.

My original review stands. Four months is too long to wait for service on a warranted consumer product. If they weren't going to fix the original it should have, at the very least, been replaced within the month. Ludicrous. Perhaps they noticed the flurry of one star reviews...

Update: It is November 7, 2012: Our TV has been at the 'repair shop' (warehouse? Garbage dump?) now since the first of August 6, 2012. That makes it 3 months.

In talking to my husband last night he said "I bet the reason these TV's are so inexpensive is they bought up all the discontinued parts sitting around in China, assembled the TV's and sold them dirt cheap." So what if they break? They are disposable! Trouble is they don't inform the customers that they are throw-aways. Instead they talk about their warranty! And their Customer Service!!!. The disposable TV theory makes sense to me particularly given the treatment we have gotten. I am putting this review on EVERY TCL TV even though we only bought the 42 inch version.

In looking at other reviews (and not just on Amazon) TCL has this same ho-hum attitude about customer service for ALL of their TV's. I promise to eat crow if we ever see that TV again, but I don't think I'll be burping feathers any time soon. I would bet money we will never see that TV again. I'd appreciate any comments where people have had satisfactory customer service - it might restore my faith that I will see that TV on the front porch in the next couple of years.

My original review written in October still stands:

When we set it up, we were very happy with the picture quality, there were a few dead pixels, but that doesn't show up much and we weren't concerned. But the whole panel died after only 6 months. We aren't big TV watchers either. The thing was on less than 5 hours a week.

So we contacted TCL (after several tries to get them on the phone), they gave us the number of the repair shop we were to send this TV to. After several tries, I got them on the phone. They agreed to send us a box to ship it in (a whole other fiasco, but that's not to do with the TV).

We received the packing box (after a couple of weeks). We packed it and sent it to them Fed-Ex the same day.

Now the Big Wait begins. After 3 weeks I called (again, several times, for several days before an answer). Oh, its here, it is in our shop and they are working on it. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks because we are So Busy!!

OK. Fine. We wait some more. Three more weeks. I call (yes, again, several times over a period of days before I get an answer). NOW there is a problem getting the part. But it should be in 'any time now'.

Hmmm. So I wait some more. Another 3 weeks. I call (here we go again! several times a day, for several days -FINALLY an answer). This time someone let the cat out of the bag and told me that the 'panel' that my TV needs is on 'back order'. They have a warehouse full of TCL TV's waiting for this part. She was honest enough to say that it could be 3 months or 3 years before it is received. They simply do not know.

Of course it is not the repair shop's fault. I am mad at them for not being more forthcoming, but it is TCL's fault for not providing proper warranty service - TCL simply does not care about customer service.

I will update this review as things change, but things probably won't change. This week I am due to call again. I am nothing if not persistent.

So, you can go ahead and buy a TCL TV, and you might get lucky and get one that works for a while. But then you can send it to the repair shop so it can keep mine company - in the 'warehouse full of TCL TV's needing repair'.

Fair Winds,

Cap'n Jan
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on September 3, 2012
I was a bit skeptical given the price and relatively unknown "TCL" brand, but another user review mentioned TCL uses Samsung displays, so I did some research. I couldn't confirm that, but I did find that Samsung and TCL formed a partnership where each owns a 10%-15% stake in the other's production facilities, and that TCL manufacturers 2.55 million LCD displays for use in Samsung TVs each year. That gave me some comfort in TCL's quality, so I took the chance knowing I had Amazon's return policy as a safety net.

Fairly standard, though the glass stand was not secured properly and came loose during shipping, partially ripping the plastic wrap around the TV. Thankfully, there was no damage.

Build quality:
The glass stand is heavy (perhaps half as heavy as the TV itself) and supportive with rubber feet on the underside. It does not slide, even on inclines, and the TV does not sway or wobble - it would be difficult to accidentally knock it over. The plastic around the TV itself is solid and does not seem likely to break without being hit or dropped. However, while it seems sturdy around the edges, the plastic does bow around the VESA mount in the back when pressed on - though it does not seem to compromise the strength/integrity of the TV.

Picture quality:
Out of the box, the picture quality was just 'ok' - colors were too bright/washed out and everything seemed pixelated. After I switched display modes to 'cinematic' and lowered the sharpness, along with some other tweaks, I upgraded my opinion of the picture to be 'very good.' Imagery is natural-looking with great white/black contrast, and fast-motion video (such as action movies and NASCAR) is smooth without pixelation or streaking (despite the 60Hz refresh rate). Plus, I have found no dead pixels, no backlighting leaks, and no significant image distortion when viewing at very wide angles around the room. Nevertheless, strong lighting contrasts within small regions (such as in dimly-lit scenes of horror movies) appear somewhat washed-out. And I would have preferred a matte display as this one is glossy seemingly without an anti-glare coating, so bright lights in the room can cause a distracting glare at certain angles. Still, these caveats are relatively minor and are to be expected in this price range.

Sound quality:
I was quite surprised how good and strong the sound was out of the box. I purchased this set fully expecting to pick up a sound system as well based on other reviews, but the downward-facing built-in speakers are loud and rich enough that I'm not going to. Thus far, I haven't had the need to turn it up above 40% in an average-sized living room to get an immersive experience. The only issue I've encountered is with the simulated surround sound feature - there is a very noticeable vibration/reverberation during louder scenes, so I disabled it in the settings and haven't had a problem since.

I'm running everything through a new Google TV box, so its USB audio/image (sorry, no video) playing abilities, channel labeling, sleep timer, etc. are of little concern to me. However, it does have the standard manual picture (brightness/contrast/sharpness/backlight/color/tint/temperature) and sound (equalizer/balance) settings. In addition, it offers auto-volume leveling (based on the content), dynamic backlighting (based on content), and a dynamic light sensor (based on room lighting). I was surprised to find the TV had the latter since the model comparison chart here on Amazon said it didn't have that feature - but it does (sensor is in the lower left corner) and it seems to work well! Volume is steady and backlight transitions are very smooth.

The included remote is light, easy to use, and offers good range, though I use the universal remote from my Google TV instead. I know others have had issues using their cable/satellite remotes to adjust the TV, but the Google TV remote easily controls power on/off, volume, and mute, which are the only native TV controls I need most of the time. For settings and input change, I still revert back to the included remote.

TCL's 2-year warranty is longer than any competitor's, and does offer the possibility of in-home service (at their discretion). Unfortunately, they only pay the cost of shipping back from the repair facility, not to it, if they elect not to do in-home repair, which seems to be the industry standard. Thankfully, a SquareTrade warranty covers all shipping costs in addition to extending the coverage term. ~$10/yr is reasonable to enhance the default warranty and ensure the TV's longevity, though hopefully I never have to use either.

- The ultra-slim bezel looks great, as does the glass stand, both of which are nice selling points. It's hard to tell from the product photos, but the glass stand actually has a black coating on the bottom, so only the outer 1/4" is transparent, which looks quite good.
- This model is more energy-efficient than every other TV I looked at and generates very little heat after extended use, making it even more budget-friendly.
- It takes 10+ seconds for it to turn on, during which it briefly displays an oversized TCL logo, but once powered up it is pretty responsive.
- Unplugging the TV occasionally resets the picture settings while leaving all others intact - a mild inconvenience.
- The power light in the bottom left corner is on when the TV is off and off when the TV is in on - very counter-intuitive.

Bottom line:
This TCL has its quirks, but it's quite a good HDTV, especially given the price range, and one I'd definitely buy again. If you're considering paying the premium for a more recognizable brand as I did, give this TCL a try first. If you don't like it, send it back - Amazon will even pay the return shipping! What do you have to lose?
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on November 25, 2012
I bought a TCL L40FHDF12TA model with 2-year warranty one and a half year ago. Frankly speaking, I doubted the warranty when I bought it due to the negative reviews on its warranty. However when my TV went wrong one month ago, I had to give it a try. It is true that you might need to call their number several time and wait for as long as 30 mins before you can talk to representatives. However their representatives are nice and helpful.

I was instructed to ship my TV to A&D Electrical supply in California. If you have your original shipping package, then the shipping cost is on TCL. Otherwise you may need to pay $50 for shipping. Fortunately I still kept mine. Three weeks later, my TV was sent back to my home and its problem is gone. I am happy that I can watch TV again on Thanksgiving.

Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase. Without the 2-year warranty, I might need to buy a new one.
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on October 20, 2012
I purchased this product as a replacement for a failing Samsung, and am more than satisfied at its performance.
It was easy to set-up, though the heavy glass base-plate was awkward to attach. As mentioned in several reviews, default sound was not-so-good, being a bit tinny and/or "hollow" sounding. Fortunately, audio set-up adjustments made the sound much more life-like...
"Warm-up" takes a bit longer than other televisions I've owned -- about twice as long as average.

Overall -- a good value for the price...
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on April 28, 2013
I was pretty stunned to see the quality picture this television had to offer. I had some minor troubles, but they were easily fixed.

First off, I had a hell of a time getting the stand on it till I realized the screws were self grooving screws and I needed to screw them directly into the plastic slots without the glass stand first. Also, I had my Playstation 3 plugged into HDMI 1 and not even 20 minutes, the picture when using the PS3 would go to grey static with no sound. I realized I saw it say "HDMI/DVI" next to the slot and tried my DVI to HDMI cable I bought ages ago for my computer and moved my PS3 to HDMI 2 and voila, no problems ever since!

So here are a couple things to consider when purchasing:
1) Screw the screws into the slots without the stand first to create the grooves, then unscrew them and apply the glass stand.
2) If you have problems with a device via HDMI going to a quiet grey static screen, switch to the other HDMI port and use the top one for a computer or other device that wont fuzz out.

Other than my couple of problems, I've really been enjoying my new 39" TV. I'm using it to write this review right now!!
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