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on August 4, 2013
This book has almost the feel of the prophetic even though it is a work of fiction. This is because Thomas had woven current realities of the shift from Intrinsic truths by many in the Christian community and extrapolated it into a very possible scenario of a wholesale degeneration of society due to its resultant relativistic nature. This is an action packed apocalyptic-like story of the battle between good and evil.

This is a well researched story. Many of the rites and rituals of the Catholic church; prayers of exorcism and supplication are described in great detail and written with the feel of a news report.

This book can be read and enjoyed on many levels. From a simple action adventure to a thought provoking look at how relativism, secularism and existentialism can affect a society to the point where even the innocent can be involuntarily corrupted by intrinsic evil.
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on August 16, 2013
Let me be honest here. I swore I would not do any reviews for the month of August to take a little vacation from doing them. Then came this book.....

For a work of fiction, this book has incorporated so very much of what is going on with the Catholic Church now, and what could very well be our future, that I find it an amazing and awesome read on many different aspects.

If anyone wants to read what the future will look like if we keep disallowing religious freedom in this world, just read this book.

If anyone just wants an awesome read, get this book.

If anyone simply wants to feel their faith renewed, get this book.

The story is very well written and contains many real world relevant facts. As the story unfolds, you will begin to see the many things going on in today's world and fear for the future of religion. Your feeling will be justified.

The characters are well described and very believable. As the story unfolds, you will find yourself so involved with them, what they are feeling and going through, that you will not be able to put this book down until you finish.

This book is about a trio of priests and the group that is fighting to bring back the Catholic Church and the Christian religion. You see, in the time setting of this book, the devil and all his minion are alive and well in the world. (Clarification here. Although I am Catholic and recognize the saints invoked to aid the group in the story, this book could apply to anyone of Christian faith.)

I don't know if this author wrote this book with so many real world facts on purpose or not, but I want to applaud him no matter what he was thinking. It takes courage to write a book with such an honest plot. I congratulate him more than he could ever know.

If I could rate the book to my satisfaction, I would give it 20 stars. Yes, it deserves all those.

I recommend this book highly. In fact, if you buy it, please pass it around after you read it, or recommend someone else buy it too. Who knows... reading this book might be able to save our freedom OF religion. Please note I did not say freedom FROM religion.
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on August 8, 2013
Epic characters, epic plot! This book is just awesome. I love the twists in the plot and it's almost as if you're with Chelsea as she runs from crazy Lumen killers, supernatural plagues and demons from hell.

A fast-paced roller coaster ride that will keep you at the edge of your seat as you plunge into action with the author's electrifying ability to write suspenseful, riveting confrontations between good and evil, while revealing the backstories of the lead characters. You can't help but root for the Archangels! Absolutely brilliant!
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on July 28, 2014
You don't have to be Catholic to enjoy this book, and I can see how it will appeal to many. Loads to enjoy here ..exorcisms, epic battles, sword fights, etc. Its complete fiction but it has ample doses of truth and realism embedded in snippets as the author brings you on a merry ride. And yet, therein lies a subtle warning of how things may turn out in the decades to come. I enjoyed the imagery and drama played out in my mind's eye. Looking forward to future books by the author!
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on June 27, 2016
My awareness of League of Angels started as a surprise and questioning find by someone in a Catholic group who was taken and a bit concerned by the cover art. After reading it, I find it a bold debut novel by Thomas Tan. I took advantage of a free promotion download and am glad I did.
Contrary to an initial impression by some in the group that it would be a warped portrayal of Catholicism, it actually turned out to be informative and paying deep homage to traditional Catholic teachings and history.
The action sequences play almost like watching a popcorn action movie with dialogue that could fit a Die Hard movie. On the other hand, the dialogue and narrative about how Catholicism suffers attacks from within and from a relativistic society could be a part of a deep and challenging sermon or discussion group. There may not be many people who would like both the action of chrism tipped bullets against Satan's army as well as the deeper theology behind it, but if you fit both groups League of Angels is boldly and bravely different and worth the reflection it gives you between the action.
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on August 24, 2013
I was slightly concerned when I started reading, as this book was definitely written from a Catholic viewpoint. Still, it is not tied down by dogma, and the key points of the story are quite good. I wouldn't recommend substituting it instead of daily devotions, and it is definitely not a book for the younger children, but anyone who enjoyed the premise of Left Behind will likely enjoy this
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on January 3, 2016
I have just finished reading this masterpiece... I really couldn't put it down... cliff hanger at the end of every chapter, roller coaster ride of battles between good and evil peppered with good humour to let the steam out of this pressure cooker of intense story. The good people are not idealised, but very human with identifiable male and female features. Their strengths and vulnerabilities are very well described and revealed gradually as the story progresses. The characters are consistently portrayed and clues about them are dropped along the way. (Several times I went back to re-read earlier parts to confirm this.) The background stories of the main characters are so moving that I cried several times. There are many important truths that can be learned and I highlighted some of them. The scenes are so well described and the actions and dialogues so vivid that I wish "League of Angels" could be made into a movie.
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on September 11, 2013
League of Angels is a chilling, prophetic vision of a tomorrow that has come too soon.

The world the author paints, a place enslaved by corporations and demons, is vivid and teeming with truth. And yet, even in the darkness of this journey, there is hope and it is a read that is at times spiritually uplifting as well. The story is loaded with high octane action that has the reader pulsing with excitement from the get go.

The archangels are the most bad ass collection of heroes since the crew that took on the Death-Star. And if need be, they can take confessions as well.

The book is also peppered with interesting insights into the rich tapestry of the Catholic faith.

If you want an exciting, thrill ride, packed with demons and the supernatural, going up against some of the most unique action heroes ever imagined, then this is the book for you.
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on October 25, 2013
This would have been great story if the author had called it a "fantasy" and changed the religion from Catholic to some made-up name. I am giving it three stars for the story, but it deserves no stars for the theology and the implication that the Roman Catholic Church has the only people that are really fighting against evil. There were a some good theological statements, and some aspects of the evil being that were good, however, the theology that allowed the battle of evil against the Church to take on physical characteristics was completely un-Biblical and absurd. It also makes it seem that the only people fighting, or even capable of fighting evil in the end times are the Catholics and that is ridiculous. There are too many other real Christians in the world for that to be true. The idea that demons can be fought with swords, guns, or crucifixes is so theologically incorrect that I don't have words to describe how false it is. There are some good thoughts in the book. One is that salvation comes through Christ alone. Another is that the evil coming on the world in the end times is in great part caused by so many people sitting in the pews and standing in the pulpits that are not real, true servants of Jesus Christ. Tares among the wheat has always been a problem and is now growing by leaps and bounds like never before. When persecution of the church starts (as it already has), the tares will betray the true believers. As a non-Catholic, conservative evangelical, the theology of this book is offensive.
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on August 19, 2013
I could not put this book down! There was so much action right from the beginning...and as a Catholic, I loved how the priests had so much faith, but were so very human as well, and kept on fighting evil with prayer even in the hardest moments. I really hope there is a sequel coming!
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