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on November 27, 2010
For those of you who don't want to read the rant, here's a quick breakdown:

Pros: (if they worked)
-Bright, vibrant colors
-8 blinker settings (one of which is just all on, no blinking)
-No AC/DC power converter (compared to Bethlehem Lighting LED Christmas lights, among others)

-Extremely poor wiring caused dangerous electrical shorts which burned out all the red and yellow lights on one strand (and could have burned someone or started a fire)
-No female plug on terminal end--you can't string these lights together
-Every light is soldered and heat-shrunk directly onto the strand (no sockets), meaning light replacement would be prohibitively difficult and time consuming for the average person
-Blinker control box forgets last setting when power is removed, and defaults to demo cycle-through-every-blinky-setting mode. It also seems to have a mind of its own and occasionally decides to switch to a blinking mode after hours of behaving nicely.
-Indoor only

So here's the story:

I set out to buy myself some LED Christmas lights this year in hopes of avoiding the shattered glass and constant searching for dead bulbs that comes with traditional incandescent Christmas lights. I figured, even if they're more expensive, it'll even out in a year when I don't throw out all my Christmas lights and buy new ones out of frustration. I was, it would seem, sadly mistaken.

After digging through Amazon sellers and countless Christmas decoration and LED wholesalers for an hour, I arrived at these lights and another set from Bethlehem Lighting as the best value for my dollar--at least on paper. When they arrived, these lights stood out as considerably better than the Bethlehem Lighting set (which arrived with the blinker control box already broken, but wasn't worth the shipping cost to return). However, without that failure of a product to compare them to, these lights wouldn't even have warranted the two stars I so generously gave.

When the lights arrived, I only plugged them in briefly to make sure they worked, so it wasn't until I started decorating a few weeks later that I discovered that these strands don't have a female plug on the terminal end, so you can't string them together. Not a huge problem, but a bit of an oversight, considering Christmas lights have had that feature for longer than I've been alive. I also found that the push-button blinker control at the end of the strand is extremely poorly constructed and also fails to retain its settings, so it sometimes--but not always--reverts to blinky demo mode when turned off and on again, and sometimes does so at random after having been on for several minutes. These were minor annoyances, however, in comparison to my next issue.

As I hung the lights around the periphery of my apartment windows, I noticed that they felt quite hot in places. I found that odd, as LEDs should give off very little heat, if any. I soon found that they were so hot in places that one could easily receive second-degree burns from brief contact. I unplugged them and decided to examine them more closely. Further inspection showed that all of the red and yellow lights on the strand were extremely hot beneath the heat shrink tubing at the base of each diode--either from poor construction causing a short, or perhaps a faulty resistor (I never bothered to cut away the insulation to see if they're wired that way or not)--and, when I decided to plug them in once more to do some exploring with a multimeter, I found that the red and yellow lights would no longer light. Fantastic.

Unfortunately, since I tried to be on top of my game this year and bought my lights early, by the time their glaring faults came to light I was well outside the minuscule return period afforded by the seller. Of the two strands of this type that I bought, one is completely dead (and wouldn't have been safe to use anyway) and the other works intermittently and gets warm but not dangerously hot (yet).

Thankfully, I learned of a sale at Lowes where I was able to buy 50-light strands of GE brand LED Christmas lights (with a three-year warranty and all the usual 'features') for three dollars apiece. Very nice.

At any rate, that took a lot of words to say "Don't buy these crappy lights." Thanks for reading all the way through.
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on December 11, 2009
This light set has a controller with seven differen sequences for the lights including steady on plus the default to cycle through all the blinking sequences for a total of eight settings.

The problem is that it doesn't react to the button properly when trying to set the blinking pattern. All three sets I ordered take multiple button press before it will switch to the next sequence (which I may be doing wrong because there are no instructions). However, after taking a couple of minutes per set to get the sequence I want, I found that I CAN NOT SHUT THE LIGHTS OFF BECAUSE WHEN I TURN THEM BACK ON IT WILL REVERT TO THE DEFAULT SETTING.

IMO, this is a fatal flaw. It take 5-6 minutes to set all three of my strings to the sequence I want only to have it reset when I turn my tree off at night.
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on December 6, 2009
Having read the reviews, and being aware of the way the lights don't change color but still you could change the pattern and all the other variables, I bought them. The lights are pretty and bright- just stuck on an annoying epileptic seizure inducing pattern. the important thing was I forgot about "made in China" it should be "low quality from China" I wont go into what "Made in China" used to mean when I was growing up- We really dont have a choice anymore on things like this.
the controller for changing the lights did not work right out of the box- inspector 34 missed this one. I am sending it back and warning others not to waste their money.
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on November 16, 2009
these were advertised as color changing lights but in fact all they were are flashing lights that come in four colors. To be true morphing(color changing)lights each bulb needs to change to four different colors, not just
flash just one color. Very misleading advertising.
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on November 21, 2010
The lights are each an individual color, not color changing. The different lighting patterns are not very pleasing. The morphing patterns flicker irritatingly.

Worst of all, after less than hour of use the wiring in the 2nd light of the string melted through and gave me a slight burn and shock when I picked it up. Now the whole string is ruined, not that I would dare use it with bare wires anyway.
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on December 5, 2011
I purchased three strands of lights. After taking the lights out of the boxes and plugging them in to test them and test their flash abilities, one of the strands began to smoke. Upon observation, the wiring going to one of the LED's was burning through the plastic casing.

This is a potential fire hazard! I recommend for anyone who is wanting LED lights that flash and have multiple flash settings to avoid purchasing the "Mult Color Changing RBG 100 LED Christmas Light string 2021" from LEDwholesalers LED Christmas Lights.
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on December 5, 2010
When I first got these lights, I was really excited! They were nice and I really enjoyed how you could manuely change the lights to a different setting with a button. I thought they worked great. Then, I put them on my christmas tree. Perhaps I didn't read the fine print (It was in French) and perhaps they weren't meant for Christmas trees, however, I noticed smoke coming from my tree. A few of the bulbs had gotten so hot that it had melted into one of the branches of my tree, causing the needles to melt as well (we have an artificial tree). I'm just really glad that I saw this and we were home, as I'm afriad it would have burned down my house had I not. I suppose these might be good to hang on a window, but I wouldn't chance it. I returned them immediately.
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on August 20, 2011
I have ordered this product twice. The first time I received the wrong item. I'd ordered blue led lights on a dark wire and received warm white on a white wire. This company does not make it easy to return items so you have to go through a hassle with Amazon to get it back (can't just print a return label like normal). After finally getting that issue resolved, I decided to try again. This time I got the right product and also added an order of the multicolored lights (pictured) to the order. These lights stopped working in less than 1 week - as another reviewer pointed out, the red and yellow portion of the strand was shorted out. Dumbly, I tried again with these lights and ordered two of the multicolor. When I received them today, once again the order was wrong and can't simply return them easily. I'm through punishing myself with this item. Don't make the same mistake - it's not worth the time or the money.
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on January 2, 2011
Ordered four strings for Christmas. One string stopped working after 10 minutes and another started smoking immediately after being plugged in. Would advise others to stay away.
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on October 6, 2009
(October 6, 2009) The review I read here stated that these lights were red, green and blue. Mine also do yellow. They look nice enough for a Christmas tree, I don't think they're "boring". The packaging doesn't say if these are safe for outdoor use, though. I will cover the little box that sets the lighting pattern with plastic to keep moisture out, just to be safe.

Update (Christmas 2010): The button on the control box doesn't always work now. I guess they aren't as good as I had thought, but only because of that. They are still working otherwise, and are very bright. After pressing the button MANY times, I can still set the desired effect, but last Christmas I just let them run however they started. I'll still use them until they die, but they seem pretty sturdy. I use them outdoors, and they still work, since I cover the control box with plastic and lots of electrical tape. I don't think they were intended for outdoor use, though.

Update (December 7, 2012): These are still working - outside, even. I keep the control box wrapped in plastic and electrical tape to keep out water. The button to set the lighting pattern doesn't work very often, though. The control box is a piece of garbage, I guess, but DOES work. You just can't set the pattern very easily. The lights are BRIGHT, though. So, considering that I used indoor-only lights outside for 4 seasons, and they still work for the most part, I would still give them 4 or 5 stars. What the heck, make it 5.
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