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Format: Video GameChange
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on June 21, 2012
OK. I'll start with the one and only bad remark I have about this game. They really missed the mark with the camera on this one. It's very jumpy and erratic in co-op and takes quite a bit of getting used to. They did include a very limited right stick camera control on this game, but it's usually dependent on how far away you are from your partner. The further away you are, the better the individual camera controls are.

My son and I have been putting the hours in on this game since we picked it up on Tuesday, and it's a blast. The voice acting adds to the humor in a way that was missing when all that the characters would say were "mmmm", "aaaah", and "tee-hee-hee". The dialogue is obviously simple since the target audience is young children, but even as a 40 year old adult, I found it to be pretty humorous; especially the Batman to Superman animosity mixed with the Robin to Superman hero worship angle.

The gameplay itself is pretty standard to Tt Lego games and is similar to the rest of the games. Levels seem to be a bit longer than usual which is good. The Gotham City open world is large and contains several side "missions" to collect bad guy characters and bricks, as well as follow ghost studs from story to story similar to Lego Harry Potter. You don't collect character tokens in this game, but get them through story mode and side fights similar to Lego Indiana Jones 2. Graphics are smooth and colorful. Cut-scenes are hilarious and well programmed.

If it wasn't for the camera I would have given this game 5 stars. It's not a huge issue, but is a hindrance sometimes. We did find one area where the camera actually caused an enemy to be hidden by one of our characters during a flight sequence, so we were stuck for quite a few minutes while trying to figure out why the game wasn't progressing. Other than that, we have made it up to Story Level 11 and haven't found any bugs or problems so far. However, we haven't done any free-play yet.
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on June 20, 2012
This is a must have for any Lego game fan.

Just a heads up if you are playing for the COOP fun (PS3 version, might be same on 360):
I've played every single Lego game, and I just noticed from the options menu that they removed the Horizontal and Vertical camera options.

It is now forced. I play the game with my wife and we usually turn off the dynamic camera because we start getting dizzy from running around etc... but noticed in this new game you can not turn off dynamic... its more forced now at certain areas. So far, we both love the game, but this is the first lego game that we are having a really hard to time playing together because of the camera issue.
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on June 29, 2012
A few years ago I played Lego StarWars and the first Lego Batman to death, to the point I thought I'd never want to play another Lego game. I was actually bored with Lego Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, and Pirates otC, but I am a super fan of DC so that convinced me to give Lego games another shot. While this was in no way the best DC game, it was easily my favorite of the Lego games yet.

First to point out what needed improvement, a lot of the same issues that have plagued previous Lego games have STILL returned in this one. Problems like stupid auto camera angles that can make things difficult, random glitches where things don't trigger as they should, and the complete absence of AI in your sidekick. Flight is also really weird and hard to get used to as well, that would be a new Lego issue. you push forward expecting to float forward and instead go way too fast past what your trying to collect. Also, When I fly up in games I expect to pull back on the stick to go up, like in a plane. In this game that counts that as pushing down, and can't by changed, so I just had to get used to that.
Back to the issue of the sidekick AI, it may be worse in this then in any Lego game. He will just stand there and allow henchmen to run out and punch him to death, and won't always come to help with switches that require two people to activate. It's also annoying that when you collect a red/gold brick the game instantly saves, taking away your ability to defend yourself while you get beat to death. Although death never really matters in Lego games, since you just come right back. Lego games aren't about survival, they are more about the puzzle work.
Which is why it annoyed me a little when a video review I watched referred to Superman's flying battle as boring becuase he's invincible. HE'S SUPERMAN, If you want to constantly die then you can easily switch to Batman within the same battle, flying alongside in a helicopter, he's just human so he'll die as many times as you want.
So, I guess there's going to be people disappointed in this game becuase there is no failure, there is no game over, it's a cute, light-hearted, puzzle and collect game. If you crave death and loss then Lego is the wrong franchise for you.

My main allure to this was the addition of the whole Justice League as playable. the downside there is, this game has been so specifically weaved together with Batman and Robin's special suits in mind, that it seems as soon as you turn into Green Lantern or Flash in free play, something pops up that needs a special bat suit. Other characters like Sinestro, and Brainiac are in this as playable (YAY) but don't really have any weapon or power. There's also no online, and very little you and a friend can do with the new free roam world via split-screen. So it REALLY IS Lego Batman, not Lego Justice League, like I wanted it to be. However IF you take it like it is, as a Batman themed Lego game starring other members of the DCU, then it is quite enjoyable. The puzzles are not too challenging becuase this is a Lego game made for all ages. I don't mind NOT getting completely confused and lost in one place for hours, though there were a few times when I got stuck for a few minutes becuase I just forgot about one of the abilities of one of my available characters. I also don't expect the replay on this to be eternal, I powered through the story in about 8 hours, some of that time with friends. If you have more of a life and pace yourself with this game it could stand to last a good amount of time. Extreme Batman fans should all like this at least for a few play-throughs, though I hope Lego makes a more overall Justice League game in the future.
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on May 15, 2013
I am admittedly a huge batman fan and ever since finishing up Batman Arkham City I've been wanting to find something to scratch the itch to play through as the dark knight. Lego Batman 2 definitely fits the bill. It's got actual voice-over work with its own fun story that is enjoyable for adults and kids alike. I was pleasantly surprised by just how big Gotham City is and how much there is to explore. The hours will fly by just driving/flying/running around just messing around with side activities or hunting for collectibles before even touching on the main storyline. The bonus is you get access to a huge roster of other characters other than Batman that each have their own unique powers true to their characters. For example Flash has super-speed and Superman is of course invulnerable and can fly, has heat vision, use x-ray vision, has superstrength and has ice breath. The icing on the cake for the fans is the old-school Superman theme music that plays whenever you take flight. There's a lot of fan service to DC Comics fans both old and young that really adds that extra layer of charm that you don't always see. There are some things that are a bit annoying like camera angles that aren't always the most convenient etc., but they are by no means going to ruin your experience of the game.

Point is, if you too are a Batman and/or DC Comics fan looking for a fun game to play regardless of how old you are then Lego Batman 2 is a great purchase that I strongly recommend you pick up.
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on August 20, 2012
********* Edited Review *********

UPDATE: Since I posted my original review, the game has been patched! All glitches to the game seem to have been addressed, especially the consistent crashing issue I was experiencing. It still happens *sometimes*, but definitely well within the "okay" range. You shouldn't worry about playing this on the PS3 and messing up your console anymore.

My review of the gameplay, design, and observations still stand.

CURRENTLY: I would recommend this game as long as the price is below $30.

************* ORIGINAL REVIEW *********************

This was played on the PS3. For the main reason for the low rating, skip to #4.

The first Lego Batman game was, in my humble opinion, the best lego game. I was so excited about this sequel that I pre-ordered it.

This is going to be a short review.

The game itself if fun, in general. Better than Part I? Hardly.

1.) In free play mode, they threw out the switching between the characters that you only need. Instead of just cycling through characters that you need with a press of a button, you now have to hold triangle until a character selection screen pops up (disrupting both players gameplay), and you select the character that you think you need. THIS CAUSES A LOADING TIME. Meaning, you and your friend will be stuck in limbo for around 5-7 seconds while the new character loads. Try doing this between the two of you, more than ten times each. It just completely halts the action.

2.) They threw in the split screen from the other lego games. It's mildly annoying, at the best of times - and just completely disruptive of the game most of the time. Part of the fun of the first Lego Batman was that you and another player would have to make decisions on where to go TOGETHER. This caused funny moments, a lot of arguing, and the type of decision making needed in a two-player game. This is what made the two-player game interactive. Now, you and your partner can wander off in different directions most of the time, which begs the question, why even put in a two-player mode?

3. The game is confusing. Let me save you the trouble: They will introduce a new villain via a cutscene. On your map, navigate to the villains Icon. This is the area that you need to be in. However, you can't just travel there. Select a white dot (a travel spot) closest to the villain, and then travel to where the villain is. You will need to spot him, and engage in a fight. That works through your first play around. In Free play, select the level (which is now numbered for some reason) and hit free play. Like I said before, they won't give you the characters you need now to cycle through. When in free play, just hold down triangle (PS3), and select the character that you need. YOU MUST UNLOCK THE CHARACTER THAT YOU NEED BEFOREHAND BY FINDING THEM ON THE MAP AND BUYING THEM.

4. The game will freeze on you once you unlock freeplay. CONSTANTLY. I doubt Traveller's Tales will ever release a patch for this game. So, be advised that you will have to do manual shutdowns of your PS3 consistently (I mean once every half hour), at the risk of damaging your system. It got so bad that my wife and I had to shelf the game, which made her really upset. My wife was sad, and so now I'm upset.

In conclusion, this game was fun. Until you start hitting all of those points I just mentioned above. This would have gotten a much higher rating, though, if the game at least properly worked. The constant freezing and hard-restarts for my PS3 system are uncalled for. The developers should know by now how to produce working games before they push them into their target audience, instead of using them as unpaid beta testers.
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on June 22, 2012
this game was fairly good for the most part, but there are some serious issues/bugs/design that hamper the enjoyment.

*i understand they are trying to branch out to test different styles to keep people interested, but i enjoy going to one centralized place to unlock characters with coins, instead of having to find gold bricks to unlock at doors which i just dont care for.

*some of the levels are a bit long, but that wouldnt be a bad thing if the games natural progression wasnt to keep you continuing the story. i enjoy a common places a bit more. seems that they have bene taken out a lot in the past few lego games which is a shame.

*i wish they used the store purchases more for morecontent if there isnt a lot of unlockable characters. i mean the amount of unlockable characters in this isnt what i thought, i thought there would be tons more then in the first, but it seemed like there were less. we finished the game and did enjoy it but i would love to either buy a import cert to import other characters from the first batman, or buy the missing ones in groups. and maybe even others outside of the specific game. wonder if luke skywalker could take on the joker..this one was a little thin for amounts of unlockable characters.

*the biggest issue is frezes, had about four. games should never freeze lockup your ps3.

*also there were about 5 occurances where you have to stop a level and restart because something didnt happen to let you progress, such as missing items to build.. always annoying because your there forever trying to figure out why you cant progress, and utlimately end game, restart and get mad thinking why was that missing last time..

*the camera control in this lego game is the worst of all they've done. seems like they did very fast paced control testing when it came to double players. the camera angle is often at the worst possible position for you to miss things because you cant see them. they could easily run through senerious while in testing and have test cases to resolve this. i hope they Patch the shoddy camera control.

well thats about it. after all that i can say that it was a fun game, but the last three issues are the ones that keep this from being a game me or the family will often want to revisit. i know we still will play it especially right now cause its still new, but once other lego titles come out, this will be one that comes out of the folder, only when we need of short break from the better titles.

now having said all that. i really like the voice acting. yea the joker got a little annoying, but thats kinda what the jokers about, noone complained when heath overacted when he did his portrayal. so i guess its just a preference. but i enjoed the voice acting.

looking forward to the lord of the rings in oct. just hope its less buggy and they revisit the common place to get characters for coins.
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on August 7, 2013
I picked this up for my son's 9th birhtday and he's had a lot of fun playing it.

Like the other Lego titles we've played, I enjoy the clean fun and appreciate the level of difficult of the puzzles. They can be a bit of a challenge for my kids, but not to the point of having to ask me for help.

I'm sure they'll be growing out of these titles soon enough, but until then it's nice to spend some time in co-operative mode fighting crime with my boys.
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on July 25, 2015
Say what you want about the Lego video games, but it's hard to deny their charm and appeal. Who wouldn't want to play as their favorite characters from pop culture depicted entirely in the form of Legos? Yes, they may not change a whole lot between entries, and yes they have flaws. However, think about this fact: Lego games are often the highest quality licensed games on the market. Heck, if it weren't for the Arkham series, the Lego Batman games would be the very best Batman games ever made. Seriously. With Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, Traveler's Tales took the formula to a whole new level, filling the game with new innovations that literally changed the series from then on. This is great fan celebration, and FUN at its finest.

The story in LB2 is fairly simple. The game opens with Gotham plunged into chaos as Batman's rogue gallery breaks out from Arkham and sows dissent. As it turns out, this break out was orchestrated by Lex Luthor, who decides to team up with Joker in order to clinch his presidential bid. After dealing with the other inmates, Batman and Robin turn to take out this insidious villain team up, with Superman joining them later on. I don't want to spoil the story in the game because it's actually pretty engaging with several amusing surprises. Of course, this is a LEGO Batman game, so the focus of the whole game delves into the absurd constantly. Charming, effective humor is rampant throughout, with hilarious gags and joke lines delivering laughs throughout. I love the super happy boy scout persona of Superman and how it annoys the solemn, stern Batman. Lots of laughs. Overall, the story in LB2 is a joy.

The plot's absurdities is complimented very well by the surrealistic gothic art style of everything. Almost everything in the game takes place in Gotham, which has an almost dreamlike quality to it. Imagine the Tim Burton Batman films, combine it with Batman: The Animated Series, and then expand the imagination cranked up to 11. Overall, LB2 is a very fun game to look at. It sounds fantastic too, with a soundtrack that combines Danny Elfman's fantastic Batman soundtrack from 1989 as well as John William's masterful Superman score. I mentioned earlier how good the story in the game is, and for as great the script itself is, it's elevated by superb voice acting. Great sound design in this one. Overall, the game's presentation is really enjoyable, visually and in its audio.

The gameplay itself is classic Lego. It's an immediately enjoyable mix of simple beat-em-up action, rudimentary puzzle solving, hidden collectible hunting, and with LB2 onward, open world exploration. The Lego games have a really simple formula that everyone has experienced, and not a whole lot has changed here. I know people whine about Lego games, but this consistency works in their favor if you ask me. LB2 doesn't feel stale either. The open-world addition really refreshed the then-aging Lego game formula really well. Gotham is a beautiful city to drive/fly around in and explore. Getting all the collectibles hidden in the overworld is addicting and satisfying, as the overworld is designed to take advantage of each character and their unique suits and abilities. It's a super fun game to play. It's even better when playing in co-op. My wife and I had a blast playing through the story together. Then I proceeded to 100% the whole game afterward. In fact, I ended up getting the Platinum Trophy for LB2, something I only do with games I find especially engaging/entertaining.

As much as I love LB2, it's definitely not perfect. For one thing, the game is not always up to snuff on a technical level. LB2 froze my PS3 a couple times while playing, and there are various little glitches and bugs throughout the game. It's to be expected from a Lego game, but that becomes less excusable with each release. TT needs to work on making their games more stable in the future. Also, I have to say, LB2 has one of the most counterintuitive, needlessly convoluted control scheme for a flying character I've ever seen. This is really problematic considering how often you'll use Superman to fly around Gotham. Granted, I DID get used to it after awhile, but still, it's terrible in comparison to what they did in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (which wasn't perfect either). Finally, as fun as this is, it IS still a Lego game, and has all the inherent flaws of a Lego game (simple combat system, repetitive nature, etc.). If you can look past these issues, then you'll have a mostly great time with LB2.

Really, the best thing about the Lego games and what makes them so awesome is the fan celebration experience. LB2 is much more of a Batman and Superman team-up game than the first Lego Batman game. That been said, it's super fun unlocking the dozens of classic DC heroes and villains in the game. The story is a great DC celebration itself. It's just so much fun for DC fans to see these classic locations and characters in LEGO form. Mix that with the simple, addictive fun in the gameplay and the gorgeous presentation, and you get a game that is just plain FUN to play. If you're a fan of Lego games in general, and especially if you're a fan of DC comics, then you'll love Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. If that applies to you, then buy it, and prepare yourself for a charming Lego celebration of comic book legends.
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on October 14, 2012
My family and I (three boys under 6, my wife, and myself) have played just about every Lego game out there on just about every platform available. Since the first Star Wars game on the PS2, we've enjoyed the series with a couple of hiccups, but Batman 2 on the PS3, PC, or 360 is now our favorite Lego game to date.

The graphics in this iteration are top notch on the 360 and PS3 with the PC gaining a slight edge depending on your hardware. The textures and effects look nice and the direction this time around in terms of level design and such has been cranked up to 11. My wife commented that some levels have a very "God of War" epic-ness to them but that may fall more into the gameplay section of praise. The framerate does dip when you play 2 player splitscreen, but nothing that detracts from the enjoyment.

Gameplay wise, the game differs a bit from past Lego games whereas the "hub" area is now one gigantic open city. Think Grand Theft Auto if you've even played that only instead of everything that GTA is, replace that with the world of Lego Batman. Our kids sometimes spend much of their playtime simply checking out various parts of the city and finding secrets and fun things to do.

The levels themselves and missions are where the game really shines as they've taken the basic structure of "go here, solve this puzzle, do this" and blown it up, out, and all over the place at times. You'll find yourself on moving train-like vehicles battling on top, in, and around it, and way up high with the scenes of Gotham below you as you battle. Vehicle chase scenes, tons of puzzles, and many familiar faces round out the game. Playing this game coop with other friends and family is a complete blast.

We also own this game on the PC and there is no discernible difference in terms of gameplay as opposed to the 3DS where the gameplay and hub structure overall is vastly different. If you're looking for the proper Batman 2 Lego game, the PC, PS3, or 360 version is the one to get for maximum value and fun.

If you enjoy the world of Batman or the past games from the Lego series, you'll really enjoy this title. It's got so much variety, such a great sense of scale, and just so much to enjoy for all ages.
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VINE VOICEon August 19, 2012
When I got my first Lego-based game, the original STAR WARS game, I fell in love with the series. It was so simple, but done with such excellent and incredibly fun execution that you couldn't help but fall in love with it. It was a game that would appeal to children easily, and perhaps adults even more easily recreating your favorite scenes of the films. This followed suit with the Lego INDIANA JONES TRILOGY (Not the "Complete Adventures", because I still wanted nothing to do with CRYSTAL SKULL). When the first LEGO BATMAN came out, I was ecstatic and I played it until my fingers were ready to fall off. My favorite comic character of all time had a Lego game. It was probably my favorite of the Lego series that I had played.

Until LEGO BATMAN 2: DC SUPER HEROES came out, that is.

I have been playing this game with a greater fervor than any of the previous games combined. The biggest plus for me regarding this game is the much more open world-ness of the game. It feels like a much bigger game, and it certainly is in regards to character, story, and graphics. The main story is very much like the older and sillier team-up comic books in which the best villains combine forces to wreak havoc on their respective heroes, which is what brings together Batman, Robin and Superman vs The Joker and Lex Luthor. Of course, all of the inmates of Arkham escape as well, so you're up against many of the villains of the first game as well, such as Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Catwoman, etc. But this isn't just those three characters as the heroes. As you go deeper into the story gameplay, you get the most of the current lineup of the Justice League (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, and Cyborg)!

You still have the constant pumping of Danny Elfman's iconic score from the 1989 Batman film, but nicely, when you're in the open world scenarios, if you choose to fly with Superman, you get the even more iconic John Williams Superman theme! As far as sound design is concerned, this is the first time that you're treated to actual dialogue in a Lego game, and again, the dialogue is aimed at kids, but for an all-ages game, the dialogue fits these characters very well and particularly the newscasts during the cutscenes are very clever with the scroll at the bottom of the screen, which is something the adults will get a big kick out of. The sound effects are terrific, and you even have Clancy Brown returning to voice Lex Luthor as he did in the SUPERMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series (Sadly, no Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy or Tim Daly though).

The biggest attraction for me personally was the amazing list of unlockable characters. Characters like Aquaman, Hush, Ra's al Ghul, Hawkman and many, many more are hiding around town waiting for you to build the golden door so that when you do get to the free play modes, you can pick and choose without always having to rely on the suits. Also, the DLC for this game (which includes packs of five heroes/villains a piece) is VERY inexpensive and is really there for the big comic fans.

There are some nitpicky problems that I have with the game (I wish that Green Lantern could shoot projectiles from his ring; I wish The Flash could run straight up buildings... like I stated, nitpicky), but the only problem I have with the game play is the flight mechanics are a little clumsy during the open-world segments, and that's a pretty minor problem. I know that many people who play co-op are having some problems with the in-game camera co-op play, but since I don't even have another controller, it's honestly not something I could comment on. Ideally these games are designed to play with another person so that they can join in the fun, but I'm more of a solo player anyway so it's never been a concern. Although my wife has expressed interest in playing this game with me as we did together with the first Lego Batman, so I might be looking for another controller soon!

For right now though, LEGO BATMAN 2 is one fantastically entertaining game filled with action, humor and joy and if you're a fan of the previous games, this should be a really easy buy.
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