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V29 is most likely the European release and is the same as the v39. I think the difference is that the instruction manual for the European release is formatted on "A4" paper size and the US is formatted for "letter" size. The UPC is also different and there may be different set box labeling. Hope that helps! Hogwarts Castle over time with LEGO #4709 1st edition (2001) #4757 2nd edition (2004) #5738 3rd edition (2007) #4842 4th edition (2010 - best one so far!)
Nov 27, 2010 by Doc
22 inches long and 11.5 inches tall.
Aug 5, 2013 by rocky mountain reader
cancle the order here and go to and order it there. they have it, in stock, for $129.99. also, if your son like lego a lot join the VIP club and earn points/money towards future sets
May 15, 2011 by BrotherSpider
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