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on December 27, 2012
UPDATE 12/24/13: This game is $7.49 for Amazon's holiday sale.
UPDATE 05/16/13: This game was on sale during Amazon's mayhem sale for $7.50(Regular price $19.99).
UPDATE 01/23/13: On sale for $9.99.

Excellent Lord of the Rings Lego game based on the 3 motion pictures combined, released in November, 2012. This is the first Lego game to use actual audio from the films for the voice acting. New climate changes and lighting effects create a more immersive and visually compelling feel to the game. It also has more of a role playing feel to it as there are more than 80 playable characters that can each have their own inventory. Each character has at least one special ability/skill and you must switch between characters to find the right one for a given task. Mithil bricks can be scavenged from open exploration areas and there is a blacksmith that can forge them into useful weapons. Lots of weapons, some magical and other items are acquired as the story unfolds.

This is only the second Lego game to have actual talking characters. The game closely follows the movie but with nice doses of little humorous twists. It contains cutscenes that are well integrated into the game. There are puzzles and fighting and missions that must be completed to advance the story. Once a level is completed in story mode you can repeat it in open mode which allows you to select any character you have and explore the many nooks and crannies and complete mini-quests that Middle Earth citizens give you. Local co-op is supported.

If you love the Lord of the Rings and/or Lego games I am sure you will enjoy this game. I'm not even a big Lego fan and I'm finding this game incredibly fun. Both adults and kids will have a great time with this game. The use of the actual music and character voices from the movie makes you feel like a party member experiencing this epic adventure all over again in a fresh new way. Even just being able to explore The Shire is immensely satisfying.

NOTE: I am currently playing this on Windows Vista-64 system with no issues. Will try on Win7 and update later if I encounter any problems. If you have problems with the game the Steam Forums are a good place to get help or find answers.

I strongly suggest playing this game with a controller as there is no mouse support in this game, it's keyboard only. Best choice is an Xbox 360 controller if you have little or no experience using other brands of controllers with PC games. The Xbox 360 WIRED controller does not need any special drivers installed to work. You just plug it into a USB port before you start the game and you're good to go. You can also use a wireless Xbox controller but you need the extra wireless dongle(receiver). Other controllers can be used but you'll need to use something like motioninjoy to map the controls.

This is a Steam game that comes with a Steam key. The nice thing about how this works through Amazon is that you can buy this for yourself and activate it via Steam. If you already own it or would just like to give it as a gift instead of keeping it, you can give the key code to a family member or friend. Once you enter the key on Steam it is tied to your account though, so if you want to give it as a gift, just copy the key code from the screen and send it in an e-mail to whoever you want to gift it to. You don't have to rush to activate the game or even gift it right away. The key is stored in you Amazon Account-->Games & Software Library and won't expire. You can choose to activate it on Steam right away or wait and do it later when you're ready to start playing the game.

This PC download version does NOT use the SecuROM DRM.(The PC retail boxed version does) It uses only Steam which is basically just a downloading site for this game. The game DOES need to be activated on Steam the first time you start it, but after that it can be played in "offline" mode and you do not need to have an online connection to Steam while playing it unless you are into getting the Steam Achievements(there are 48 of them).

Note: To download using Steam you have to first create a Steam account(which is free) and then install their Downloader. The games can also be downloaded through Amazon(using their downloader) and then activated on Steam. (Amazon downloads always take longer for me though) Once activated, Steam will automatically apply games patches/updates(when and if needed).

The System Requirements for this game are:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3, Vista, or Windows® 7
Processor: Dual Core CPU @ 2GHz (Pentium D or better)
Memory: 1GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 8 GB free HDD space
Video Card: NVIDIA® 7600, 7800, 8800 GT or ATI Radeon(tm) HD 1950 or higher
Sound: 16-bit Sound Card

Historical Data: This game was $7.49 during the 2012 holiday sale. Hope some of you got in on the fantastic deal.
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on November 30, 2012
This is really one of the best Lego games yet! I love Lord of the Rings and Lego, so I thought it would be a perfect combination. I was hoping that it would actually be possible to explore ALL of middle earth, but sadly it's a little more limiting than that. But the game play REALLY takes you into the story. Previous Lego games felt kind of like the cut-scenes were the movie, and you got to play the parts in between. With this you really feel like you're playing through the story. You even get to play through the whole wizard battle! Cut-scenes meld perfectly with the gameplay, so it just feels a lot smoother.

The sword play also feels like it has some weight to it. It feels different playing as Elrond or Isildur. Everyone's attacks are timed differently creating more of an illusion of more advanced control.

I haven't played much of the game yet, but I'm extremely glad with my purchase!
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on December 25, 2012
I just got this game for Christmas and I love playing through the LOTR as it is one of my favorite tales, however the game pauses for long periods during gameplay for no apparent reason making a fun game into a chore. I've turned off all my background programs and have a very powerful system (Core i7, 16GB ram, gaming graphics card). There are no support forums for this game at either Lego or WB Games, which implies there's no support. I've emailed and await a response. I will upgrade my review if I get a helpful response that solves my problem.

update 12/26/12 - I got an automated reply from WBgames suggesting I search their website and that an actual response would be coming in a couple of days. In the mean time thanks to Steam forums I found a solution to my problem. 1) I uninstalled the drivers to my Microsoft gamepad, and then reinstalled from the driver CD (initially I allowed Windows to load a driver automatically without using the driver disc at all). After a reboot this solved my freezing/pausing problem! Yay! 2) I had another problem with the game suddenly minimizing which was caused by a process associated with PlayOn called MyMediaMall which when Stopped solved that problem. SO, I recommend the Steam Lego LOTR forums if you have a problem! Enjoy the game.
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on July 8, 2013
This installment in Lego's geek movie game series is another amazing bit of fun. It follows the same basic formula as all the others (Star Wars, Batman, Harry Potter, etc.). You get to play the game as all of the major characters, good guys and bad guys. As usual the game follows the story of the original movie faithfully. You can live out all of your favorite scenes and battles as your favorite hero and then relive them as your favorite villain. All of the best scenes and lines are recreated with the Lego world's unique sense of humor. One added perk in the Lord of the Rings game is the use the of the voices of the original actors from the movie. As charming as the usual grunting and gesturing is, the addition of the original voices and original lines makes this game all the richer and more fun. For a die-hard geek like me, this game is the ultimate interactive fun.

If you have played any of the previous games and seen the Lord of the Rings movies, there will be few surprises here yet game after game this formula never ceases to entertain and is just as addictive as the last. Game play involves the usual search for canister/treasure chest/pieces to Lego items that correspond to each "level". There is the usual search for and task to perform to get the "bricks" which are used in this game to forge items at a blacksmith shop which are needed in the game. The player collects Lego "studs" to use as money to buy useful bonus features such as multipliers for collected studs, "invincibility" and "action assist" which helps the character build items faster. There are hilariously useless bonus features as well such as "disguises" which put Groucho Marx masks on all the characters and "poo money" which causes the animals in the game to poop out money studs. The format is familiar to Lego players and entails a main "home" area and a series of action levels which can be played in "story mode" to best experience the storyline and then replayed in "free play" mode to best use a variety of characters and to achieve more of the tasks that are available. This game's approach is more oriented toward "quests" than some of the other Lego games. The "home" area of the game is a huge Middle Earth map where you can wander around all of the central locales of The Lord of the Rings, Gondor, the two evil towers and both of the main hobbit towns- Bree and Hobbiton. This to just name a few. While wandering around these areas you meet people who have needs that they ask you to fulfill. These generally entail collecting new characters and using their unique skills to replay the bonus levels and find the quest items. There is layer upon layer of tasks, sights and experiences and you will find yourself playing this game far into the night, immersed in this whimsical and fascinating world. In the unlikely event that you get tired of the huge variety of available characters, there is a feature which allows you to create your own character piece by piece, just as you would with a set of Legos. An exciting bonus level is also available. For those of you who have played other Lego games, you will be thrilled to find that in this game, finally, you are allowed to KEEP the 1 million coins you find in the bonus level!

If you have never played a Lego game, this is a good place to begin. The controls are easy to figure out (both for the PC and Wii versions, both of which I bought). The actual dialogue being included means that the story is more clear to someone who has not seen the movie, but having seen it does make you privy to several inside jokes and gives insight into how some of the characters behave. The music is original to the movie and is STUNNING. No annoying Mario Kart music here, just lovely orchestral movie score. (Adults and parents of child players rejoice.) The game is appropriate for players around 10 and up. Even though the "violence" is Lego on Lego, there is a LOT of it and parents may find it too intense for small children.

If you love a good geeky game with fun, non-gory game play and/or you loved LOTR, you need this game. I warn you, though. Once you start playing it is almost impossible to stop, so clear your schedule.
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on January 18, 2013
Cannot recommend this game enough! If you enjoy the movies, I don't see any reason for you to not love LEGO Lord of the Rings. New features are an open world roaming hub, which makes the game feel three times as big. Also new are quests and the non-linear role-playing gaming style that comes with the free roam. I love the camera pans you can do in the hub as well, though with two players it forces a vertical split. Overall, this will give you more hours of excellent gameplay than any other LEGO game to date.
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on February 12, 2014
As a person who grew up with the "old school" LEGOs, seeing this game has brought my LEGO experience full circle. The game beautifully captures (and humorizes) the LOTR Trilogy and still maintains the original story line. Sub-missions and quests keep the game from being boring and allows you to take a "break" from the ultimate quest to Mordor. The game has definitely expanded the options of characters from the earlier Star Wars and Indiana Jones LEGO games. (Those were awesome as well!)

The game originally defaults to a keyboard control (and you have to map all the movement actions to separate keys). I bought the Etekcity® Dual Shock USB Gamepad Controller for PC, also sold on Amazon, for $9.99. I had Amazon Prime at the time, so shipping was free. The controller works perfectly with the game, but I still have to map each character movement function to each button. Not a problem....more of just an observation.

My kids have this game for the Wii and I'm an old-school PC gamer. The system requirements are not too stringent, but having a dedicated graphics card helps. The ability to play the game in HD (1920x1080p) makes all the difference, but don't let lower resolution settings deter you from buying. The game alone for storyline and content stands on its own.
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on January 9, 2014
I tried everything and went through the forums and can not get this game to work on my computer.
No option to return either since it was a download.
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on December 30, 2012
I really like the LEGO games. I've played through StarWars 1-6, Indiana Jones 1-4, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4, and and Harry Potter 1-4. My sister got me Lord of the Rings for Christmas and I must say it is, by far, the Worst of them all.

Whoever tested it didn't bother with just a keyboard because the controls, even after customizing, are abysmally horrid. Switching characters/items can can be insanely tedious trying to press 3 keys at once to select a specific one. Having to spam a key do perform an action instead of press-and-hold like all other lego games. Some areas spell out exactly what to do while others offer no guidance at all (for example, fighting the troll in Moria, ONLY Pippen can jump onto the troll's back even though you can get in same position with Merry, then you have to spam the action key, then change to Legollas, run into position and shoot the troll, all before it gets unstunned.)

Oh, and using movie voice-overs? It completely destroys the LEGO cuteness of the other games.

If it weren't for the fact I love the story and movies, I'd box this up and ask for a refund. And I will not be buying any more they make considering how much they screwed this one up.
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on February 3, 2013
I purchased this game believing there was mouse support - what game isn't now a days? When I loaded it up, I was shocked to see that it only allowed for Keyboard support. That was a waste - try using a keyboard for fighting moves and you'll see how bad it works. I couldn't even get off the first screen, couldn't even move the characters where I wanted them to go - total waste without Mouse Support.

So if you're buying this game and you believe it has Mouse Support, think otherwise - the makers failed to port this properly from Console to PC,

Just one of many games of late that the Software Publishers hurriedly rushed porting a game from Console to PC that turned out to be a failure.

And yes, I know it works with a 360 Controller, a Console Controller. Like I said, this is a game rushed from Console to PC. The Software Engineers should have completely adapted this game to the PC audience, and that means programming it for the PC Mouse as well as Keyboard Commands.

Note: The reason I don't have a 360 controller is that I have Arthritis and cannot grip it, nor handle one well. But I can handle a mouse easily.
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on January 21, 2013
This game is really strange for me.

I love lego games, I ABSOLUTELY loved Lego Batman 2 but this game... meh... not so much.

Because all the dialogue was taken from the movie, it feels as though you should watch the movie instead of playing the game, the humor is there but really tame. Where lego batman really shines was his scenario, here, it's just the movies that you play and that's it.

It's not a bad game and there's a lot of stuff to do but it's so boring that I almost regret playing it.

Still, it's just my taste and I know others will like it so if it seems interesting to you, go ahead!
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