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on September 15, 2013
As a Adult Fan of Lego, I've been waiting for a book like this for a very long time. A truly must-have for any minifig collector. I've had the book since yesterday and I literally have not put it down. The book is jam packed with 255 pages of beautiful pictures of minifigures and the short explanations for each of them. The minifig is the star of this book, and rightfully so.

It starts with a brief history of the minifigure and how they are made. Then the book quickly switches to a timeline sort of structure for the rest of the book going by decades and years. This creates a incredible journey for the reader as you witness the progression and subtle advances of the Lego Minifigure. Now, if you're looking for a checklist of every minifig ever created, this is not the book. It does however highlight almost every genre ever created. From the classic Lego Space and Castle sets in the 70's, to today's modern and popular Chima and Star Wars lines. The features some of the most common minifigs, but also does a great job spotlighting some of the most rare figures. It also does a great job in pointing out slight differences between similar looking figs.

Collecting minifigs and playing with them has always been fun. This book highlights this by being informative, funny, and very addictive. It has already helped me put back together some of the mismatched minifigs I've had for years, but it has also made me want to add more to my already sizable collection. Therein lies the only problem with this book, the hunt for more is on.

Did I mention the book comes with a Storm Trooper, a Robber, and a Towns Person?
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on September 14, 2013
I was absolutely astounded when I received this book! It will be a gift for my son, and I know he will be as amazed as I was. The book is filled with pictures and information of Lego figures of all kinds and years past. It was amazing to see how the figures have evolved over the years and just to see really how many of these little Lego guys/gals there are!

Plus, the book is huge. I did not expect it to be such a large volume filled with all kinds of wonderful Lego informtion!! If you are going to buy a book on Legos, this is the one to buy. Plus, it comes with 3 minifigures as a bonus. Definitely worth the price.
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on March 7, 2014
This is probably one the Coolest books I own!! I've been a Lego fan ever since i can remember playing with them. When I came across this book i was immediately intrigued! The mini-figures were my favorite part about Legos, each with their own distinct features and backgrounds i knew I had to have this book! This book dates Lego mini-figures back to 1974 and timelines them out to 2013! Showing over 2,000 pictures of mini-figures from the oldest, rarest, and most unique its really quite amazing to be able to see the history, the making, and hard work that goes into making these little guys and gals! You get to explore themed sets that these mini figures came in, and well as model numbers that correlates to which sub set they came in! This book is great for any fan, new or old to Legos! If the book wasn't enough for you, you also get 3 iconic mini-figures with the book to add to your Lego Collection!
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I’m too old to have had modern LEGO bricks as a boy and for some reason, my son never became a LEGO user.

But my grandson took to them like a duck to water and, in turn, he introduced me to the charms of LEGO bricks. But I really fell for LEGO minifigure or minifigs. By definition, a LEGO minifigure is “a small, posable figure of a person or being”. Most have rotating arms, legs, hands and heads. More than 2,000 minifigures have been released by LEGO since 1974. This book proclaims itself a year-by-year “visual history” of LEGO minifigures from 1974 through 2013.

In my eyes, LEGO minifigs are tiny works of art, classics of minimalist design where a few deft strokes of pen and brush depict an amazingly broad range of facial expressions and pellets of strene are formed into hats, crowns, weapons, lunchboxes, hairpieces, capes and so much more.

With their movable arms, legs and heads, they are natural models for stop-motion video productions. Visit YouTube and you’ll find hundreds, some of them extremely complex.

While I am sure my grandson will thoroughly enjoying this encyclopedia – when I make it available to him – I am selfishly enjoying my tour through the history of minifigs.

The printing is first-rate (though the binding is very fragile and probably will quickly split) and the photography of each minifig is sharp. Photographs are big enough to see all the minifig details and the layout is kept spare to allow for an excellent presentation.

The first 15 pages of the book provide a pretty thorough history of how minifigs came to be and how they are made. Each minifig gets a block of text, with many call-outs to special or one-of-a-kind features, along with historical notes.

For LEGO obsessed kids – and adults – this is a great visual reference. Just be careful in handling it – the binding is awful. And, by the way, three minifigs are detachable from the front cover of the book!

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on November 8, 2013
How hard as it can be possible there was a time when Lego came without minifigures! (Yes I am that old). My first Lego box I got when we were staying in France for a month or so as my dad was finishing a training in his work expertise. We were living in Lyon during Christmas time and that's when I got a box of Lego figures - the Lego Family building figures. The year was 1974.

Then there were the hospital kit with its faceless figures and at the end of the 1970s, the minifigures got a face and new designs. I had the Snack Bar box as well as the house one which combines the older family figures with a minifigure for the baby in the house.

I lost track of the progress of Lego figures and minifigures through the years as I was in high school and university. But I still had my old Lego bricks when I got married and was looking forward to let my kids play with them when they would be old enough. Nowadays, my kids are respectively 12, 9, almost 8 and almost 6 and they love playing with my old Lego bricks as well as their own which has joined the stacks of bricks.

In this interesting book, you and your child can discover the history of the minifigures and learn some interesting facts at the same time. The table of contents is specifically set up to bring you through the years and present you the various minifigures that were part of Lego sets: Introduction on minifigures, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.

What can you learn from this book? Well let me ask you some questions... Why are minifigures traditionally yellow? Do minifigures ever have noses? Which are the rarest minifigures? This book will answer these questions and many more. It is packed with numerous photos of minifigures and you will be able to read the profile of more the 2000 minifigures and other Lego characters. It contains facts, statistics, and much more. At the beginning of the book, you will be able to read about how minifigures came to life, see various concepts from the beginning years, learn more about why the size is important and what are the various parts of a minifigure, see how they are designed and made, and explore a timeline of how they became what they are today. The timeline itself is fascinating as I discovered some figures that I didn't know Lego made like the Bellville figures in 1994 or the Lego Technic figure in 1986.

The best part is that the book comes with three minifigures inserted in the cover of the book - one Lego city, one Stromtrooper, and one thief.

Every time my kids stumbled on one of these book they always check out the minifigures through time. I expect that they will dig into this book and learn quite a bit about minifigure. I wouldn't be surprise whatsoever that they will start pouring their knowledge on us adults when we have supper together. That's what happened after they read on of the other theme books from DK that was Star Wars related... *grin*
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When it comes to LEGO books showcasing minifigures, DK has made many books showcasing LEGO minifigures from a series, to showing various types of LEGO minifigures made.
But in 2013, DK released a book that many fans have been waiting for and that is a visual history of LEGO, year by year.
It’s important to note that with the number of releases LEGO has each year, in terms of minifigures included in many types of sets, that not all minifigures are going to show up.
Also, because the book was released in 2013, the years covered in the book are from 1978 through 2013.
And also, DK is know for including LEGO Minifigures, you get three with this book, with the townsperson, Stormtrooper and a robber.
It’s also important to note that if you buy this NEW, to make sure you buy it from a reputable store and if buying USED, to know that you may get a version of the book which does not come with the minifigures.
The book kicks off with how the minifigures were brought to life and a lot of factoids that went into the creation of the first LEGO minifigure and the precursor to it, such as the LEGO Family. Also, by separating of what is a minifigure and what is not a LEGO minifigure (such as the LEGO skeleton, the LEGO Star Wars Battle Droid and the LEGO Friends mini doll).
The book also goes into how LEGO minifigures are made and the brainstorming sessions at the LEGO offices in Billund, Denmark.
The book features a timeline to show how LEGO minifigures have evolved throughout the years and then going into a visual breakdown of LEGO’s year-by-year.
For me, I absolutely love this book for the fact it showcases the various types of LEGO minifigures produced with small factoids printed next to the figure.
The book does go into various LEGO series released that year, such as LEGO TOWN, LEGO STAR WARS, LEGO HARRY POTTER, LEGO CYCLE TEAM, LEGO SPIDER-MAN, LEGO DC UNIVERSE, LEGO LEGENDS OF CHIMA , LEGO minifigures (the ones included in mystery bags) and more.
The book points out the variants available and those that came with DK books.
Overall, for those who are looking for a really good visual history of LEGO minifigures, this is the best book to buy! Recommended!
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on November 13, 2013
This LEGO book is a year by year guide telling the story of the evolution of the minifigure and highlighting the changes and additions over time. It's current up to mini figures from 2013. My kids and I love this book, worth every penny!
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on February 17, 2016
This book is amazing! It has all the Lego's ever made! So interesting for adults and kids who love Lego's. I originally bought this book for my sons. They love Lego's, so I thought it would be fun. It has three actual Lego figures inside the front cover that the kids can take out and play with. This book is crazy interesting! Even though I bought it for my kids, I wound up reading a ton of it. It is so interesting how long Lego's have been around, and all the different characters that have been made through the years. It gives a detailed list of when they were made and why. I love Lego's because they are fun for all ages. From my two year old all the way up to my kids grandpa. It's an activity we can all do together. Girls and boys love Lego's. My package arrived on time and the product was well protected and the package was undamaged. What a great Christmas gift! I would highly recommend this Lego book. Thank you.
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on February 20, 2016
As a grown man obsesed with mini figures, I saw this as a perfect "gift for myself." This book is a wonderful view into the history of the minifigure, from their faceless years all the way to the themed series. One thing to keep in mind, this isn't a reference or a complete listing of every minifigure ever created. That would be near impossible to complete in one volume. Rather, it is an extensive look into the process of creating/designing and general history of the minifigure.

The book comes with three minifigures which is a great bonus, but also doubles the thickness of the book to accommodate them.

One thing to note: The images show that the book comes with three minifigures. This is true. HOWEVER, the images show one of them being a Storm Trooper. The book I received included a minifigure from Chima in it's place. While an interesting figure, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't receive the Storm Trooper pictured
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on September 22, 2014
This book was a gift for my 8 year old son. He absolutely loves it. It's fun to look through and see how Lego Mini figures have changed since I was a kid. It is a high quality book with great pictures and interesting information about Mini Figures. Not only that, it comes with 3 mini figures as well.

As can probably be inferred from the title, the book goes through year by year showing the mini figures that came out in that time period. It has pictures and descriptions. The beginning also has information on how Mini figures are made.

It's a fun book and worth the price.
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