Customer Reviews: LEGO Super Heroes Arctic Batman vs Mr Freeze 76000
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on December 31, 2012
If you own all of the other Batman sets in the current Superheroes line, you know that you've been missing the infamous Batboat. Not only do you get that here, but a couple of bonus minifigs as well!


Arctic Batman: While I prefer my Batman in his classic suit(s), I love that LEGO have given us a variant version instead of just another copy of the Batman figures available in past sets. I hope they do this with upcoming Spider-Man sets, too, as he has a lot of costume variants.

Mr. Freeze: I was waiting for this villain, and he doesn't disappoint! Though I would have preferred a double-sided head with his classic red goggles, I love the back tank piece with face shield and the gun is appropriately menacing.

Aquaman: This is the big surprise in the set. Though he's not obscure to comic fans, he's not one of the big A-list heroes either. I love that we get him in this set and he looks awesome, with a double-sided head and his classic uniform.


This set looked great from the pictures, but ended up being even better than I'd anticipated. The boat has a nice heft to it and is a fun build. I especially like the disc-shooter feature, which works really well and is (as far as I know) a new approach to missile launching amongst LEGO sets. The ice prison is simply awesome. I love how it's in keeping with the Mr. Freeze character, and the huge transparent-blue ice pieces are really cool. The function that allows it to break apart when Batman "saves" Aquaman works well, too.
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on January 17, 2013
This is a pretty good set for the price. LEGOs are pretty expensive of late, and to get some really obscure minifig you end up spending a decent amount. But this set goes against that which is nice. For what should be $20, you get 3 new minfigs, that are not found in any other sets. That's always a bonus. I have a whole bunch of standard Batmans from the older sets all the same. Here we get a new one. Mr. Freeze isn't bad. I am kind of torn about this one and the older sets from a few years ago.

The highlight for me is Aquaman. He is a simple minifig, but he is deceptively cool. I like his figure a lot better than the Wonder Woman and Supman minfigs that came out already. I am hoping they keep fleshing out the Justice League in future releases. We still need the Flash, Green Lantern (not that Ryan Reynolds one) and depending if we are dealing with the New 52 or not, either Cyborg or Martian Manhunter.

I didn't even talk about the boat yet. It's alright. I liked the hovercraft from the previous series better, for Batman's aquatic vehicle. It does have a neat feature. The way to shoot out the circular disks is pretty inventive and the high point on the boat for me. I kind of wish there wasn't as much yellow on it.
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on February 6, 2013
I primarily purchased this for the minifigures, which are all excellent... especially Aqua Man. I mean, Lego Aqua Man! How cool is that? It's like Lego Admiral Akbar, it's just something that you need to get.

The ice prison is pretty neat. The Bat(snow)mobile is fun to build. You get some cool pieces, while there are decals they're vinyl instead of paper, and the little discus missile launcher is pretty clever. I only really have two complaints. First is the lack of smooth bottom pieces to let the sled glide over tablecloth and carpet. Lego has several different kinds of pieces that would've worked for this, although it would've been really cool to see the old ski pieces from the mid-90s Ice Planet series make a comeback. The other thing that irked me is the cockpit. It has some cool decal control panels, but there's nothing to hold Bats in... the bottom is entirely smooth. And, you have to scrunch up his cape to get him in at all.

Overall it looks nice, it's fun to build, and you get awesome minifigs. No reason not to purchase it.
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on February 20, 2013
I bought this for my 7 and 4 year old grandkids to build and play with when they stayed with me in my RV. It is rated for age 6 - 12 but working together they could follow the directions with only a little adult input. It would have been too advanced for the 4 year old alone. The set includes several figures and vehicles so was great for imaginative play after construction was complete. Also, I chose it because it seemed less aimed toward violent warfare than many other Lego or other action figure sets.
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on June 24, 2013
Let me start off by saying overall this is a great set. With that said there were some minor complaints, but ill get to those later. I myself enjoy long thorough reviews, so expect one from me ;). Let me start off with the Minifigs that are included:

*Aquaman* Aquaman has always been one of my favorite members of the justice league and he is great in lego form too. I like the hair they used, and the torso has great printing both front and back. The pants are just regular green ones and although I like leg printing, they are okay for this minifigure. The only thing I don't like about Aquaman is his face. They gave him a mad, fighting face ,which I like, but his regular face also looks angry. Isn't Aquaman supposed to be the light, airy justice league member who is always smiling and happy? But instead even his regular face looks mad with a serious mouth and arched eyebrows. Aquaman is overall a great fig, but I find myself twisting his hair so it hides his eyebrows a little ;)

*Arctic Batman* While I love the original lego batman, I love the new batman versions they are bringing in. Both the Arctic Batman and the Dark Knight Rises version are new and arguably some of my new favorite Minifigs. I didn't have a white cape before so that is cool, and I like the white utility belt and logo. I love the white cowl but the batman face is still the same. The fig also has nice back printing. And with several Cold-hearted villains (Mr. Freeze, The Penguin) this Arctic batman will definitely get some use.

*Mr. Freeze* Mr. Freeze is the Minifigure I was mainly looking forward to in this set. I like the new method of creating his freeze suit and although it is mostly covered up, he does have both front and back printing. Actually this Mr. Freeze resembles the one from the game Arkham City which I love. Sometimes the clear blue face guard does distort his face at certain angles. My main problem is with his face. I would have loved to get one where he has his signature red goggles, and he is also permanently stuck with his teeth bared in an angry expression. I would have liked to have another face with the red goggles and with a normal frown (like the old version). Now I have to find a loose head off of the old one on eBay. Also his gun looks really bad. I ended up destroying it and making a better one and since his body resembled that of the Arkham City game, I based his gun off of it as well.

Now onto the set itself. I'll start off with the little ice piece that Aquaman is supposed to be frozen in. The mechanism works nicely and the ice pieces are just plain cool! It both looks and works great! The only bad thing is you have to remove Mr. Freeze's armor in order to freeze him, but that's no big deal. The Bat Snow Mobile is great too! I like the new disk launching system better than the old flick fire missiles and the overall vehicle is cool. This vehicle plays up the Black and yellow them batman's traditional outfit has, and it looks good. The bottom is sadly not smooth, but it can be fixed with some round bottom disks. There also are some stickers, but they are vinyl not paper, so they are nicer and don't show wear as easily. There is also a little compartment under the main hood (not sure if it was intentional) and you can throw the Baterangs in there as well as his cape if you don't want it crushed when Batman is driving. You can even squeeze a hairless minifig into the compartment. Overall this set is great and I highly recommend it. I am a teenaged collector so the things that I found irritating shouldn't upset any kids, they are really only things a teenager or adult (that loves batman and the comics and such) would notice, as they are very nit-picky. Overall this set gets five stars and is definitely worth picking up! I missed out on the last batman collection, and the smallest set is going for several hundred now, so do yourself a favor and pick these up!!!
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on February 6, 2015
This is a really cool set. Very cool boat which can eject disc bombs. 3 figures with weapons including and Batman has a cape, and the exploding ice block is an interesting idea, lots of ideas for the child imagination. Goes great with other super hero sets.
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on February 27, 2014
This might just be my favorite Lego Batman set... and I have quite a few! First, it's the iconic Bat-boat, which looks even better in real life than it does on the box! The minifigures are completely unique... I mean, Batman is in arctic camouflage. That in itself is incredibly rare! Then there’s the block of ice. Ingenious! It is designed to break apart, releasing the hero trapped within and it adds to the fun of the whole thing. Mr. Freeze is intricately detailed and his suit is everything you’d expect for the villain. The addition of Aqua man might be a point of contention for some people. Some people love him, others don’t. But including other DC heroes with Batman sets has actually made them all that much more fun, and bright!

Building the Set: The ice block is simple and takes a few moments. The boat is an intricate thing. It has a lot of details and requires about eight stickers (which are sometimes difficult for me to put on the Lego pieces because they are small). All in all I’d say that the boat wasn’t very difficult to build though. The instructions were great and even though there’s a lot of cool stuff going on with the boat, I didn’t get lost or find it difficult to put together.

Features: The boat has it all! It has skis, a robust engine, a heads-up-display for Batman, two explosive depth charges hanging off the back and two incendiaries sitting on the wings that connect the two flanks of the boat. It is one of the coolest, most fun Lego sets I’ve ever put together. It has many details hidden inside that your Lego builder will enjoy. Aside from that, the boat just looks sleek! I can’t get over how cool it looks! The ice block fits one minifigure and can be broken apart using a cleverly hidden lever for a dramatic release of your hero.

All in all, I was excited to get this set and even more thrilled at how it looked when I put it together. The playability, uniqueness and special set of minifigures make this set an instant hit for anyone looking for a toy, whether it’s your first time buying Legos or if you’re a collector!
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on April 3, 2013
April 3, 2013
Previously Amazon was calling this the Arctic Baan set (*two* letters missing), but have now corrected it to Arctic Batman. I suppose it could have been confusing for some since the past spelling was closer to Bane, archrival of Batman. Humorously, Lego themselves misspelled "Arctic" on some locations on the box to "Artic."

OK, enough diverging. This is an awesome set! Brand new series for 2013. Brand new Arctic Batman in a white suit (or as my young son says, white Batman), an updated Mr. Freeze (updated from the 2006 version), and a brand new character to the Lego world, Aquaman!

As some background, Lego started the Batman series in 2006. Back then it was just the Batman series/movies characters. They updated some of the 2" minifigures in 2007, and Batman in 2008. There have been two versions of Batman in each update, a blue/gray one, and a black one.... until this yr (2013) with the white Batman of this set. Since 2008, the Batman series languished until Lego revamped the series in 2012 with other action heros and called it the Super Hero Universe, that is why, out of nowhere but not unwanted, does Aquaman appear. And there is a separation between the two major comic book (now movie) producers, DC and Marvel. Apparently Lego has decided to continue and update the series in 2013, and if the images on the mini-comic book included with this series is to judge, update of characters back from 2006/7.

Note, the Lego sets from 2006/7 are now collector items and are upwards to six hundred dollars. If you just want to purchase a high quality toy for your child, you should not have to pay more than about $90 for any particular set. Also I wouldn't suggest, finance-wise, to purchase the minifigures separately, as Lego does not sell them (nominally) separately, but as part of sets. So you can purchase the Catwoman set for about $12 at this point in time and get the Batman and Catwoman mini-figures for less than if you would buy them separately (and then get additional items: Batarang, Catcycle, jet pack, Catwhip, diamond, etc.)

This set has 198 pieces, a respectable number, so it's not an instant build, but not too bad for experienced Lego builders. The Batboat is awesome, and both of my children love it. And the ice cage that Aquaman is frozen in, and broken free from by Batman, makes a dynamic item for kids to play with.

For me, the most difficult part was applying the tiny decals. I would bring them just where I would want to put them and then static electricity would pull them at the last moment to some other location. I ended up using tweezers for them, so they might be useful to have handy.

April 9, 2013 Update
The craft in this set may actually be the Batblade not the Batboat (the instructions don't specify). The 2006 series had a Batblade for ice and a Batboat for water... so there may be a Batboat set forthcoming!
Also which just must have been released this week is the 2013 Arkham Asylum set. This is a mega set which has a pricetag above what I've typically seen at two hundred and twenty five dollars, but comes with a staggering 8 *key* minifigures and 1619 pieces!
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on August 9, 2013
Nearly 20 bucks for 198 pieces and the Batman name seems crazy to me, but my son wanted to use his own money. It is what it says, but that's not much. My 5year old is happy, but I'll be steering him toward the more general, (read eBay) version in the future.
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on September 4, 2014
This is a very well priced set and a great set to get younger fans of Legos, Batman or superheroes in general to start off with. The set comes with mini-figures of Mr. Freeze, Aquaman and Batman, The Mr. Freeze mini-figure is actually very cool and well detailed. The vehicle is the BatBoat and its not too difficult to assemble and is pretty durable too so younger kids can actually play with it without worrying about it falling to pieces.
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