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on April 29, 2014
PS3 Version:

I got this game since I really enjoyed playing The Lord of the Rings version.
But I've gotta say, I'm really disappointed.

This game doesn't contain the entire story from the movie trilogy. It literally cuts off and plays the credits at the same point where the 2nd movie, The Desolation of Smaug, ends. Should this have been common sense considering the 3rd movie has not come out yet? Maybe. But nowhere on the game box does it tell you that it doesn't contain gameplay for the 3rd film. Sure, the official website tell you so. But if you're in a store, you won't realize this crucial tidbit until you've played the game. I feel like I got ripped off for having to pay full game price for an obviously incomplete game.

I just finished playing the game at a leisurely pace (without sidequests), and only totaled about 8 hours of gameplay, which shocks me because of the amount of time I took with LOTR. There's not much improvement or difference in gameplay from its predecessor. The only new thing that comes to mind is the crafting system and mini-game, but even then, it's not very hard to do if you gather your recourses as much as you do your coins.
And good luck using Gandalf in this game for close combat. For some reason, the programming tends to have Gandalf use his wand instead of his sword even when the enemy is close enough to hit you.

This game also came with a large and frequent amount of freezes and glitches. The freezes would usually occur during the transitions from cutscene to gameplay, and whenever I chose a character from the large selection screen. These usually forced me to power off my PS3 and start the game again. Glitches appeared in the guise of

- Loading times. I get that the game has a large world, but nowhere in my library of games have I had to wait for a game to load as long as this one. It's only just bearable.
- Collecting Studs/Loot. As always, the studs/loot will always fly yards away from the item you destroy, and usually disappear before you have time to collect them all. It's rather annoying when you're trying to get achievements for collecting these items.
- Quick character selection. Not that the game's leisurely pace will force you to change characters quickly for anything, but I hate the fact that the "quick character select" with the triangle button is rather random at times. (I get that sometimes the game will select the character that's needed to complete a task, but that's not the case). Sometimes it takes the character next to you, other times, it decides to select a character that's at the bottom of the cliff you just climbed, forcing you to quickly switch back before you have to do it all over again.

- Character descriptions. In the character selection menu, it now tells you what abilities they have (I.E., digging, shooting targets, using rope, etc.) so now you won't have to guess or strain to remember.
-More powerful attacks. Rather than mashing X to hit something, holding down the circle will give the character a more powerful and longer attack. Great for smashing a room full of breakable items.
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on April 24, 2014
I've been buying every lego game that has ever been released on the ps3 or ps4. This game is pretty open and has a lot of humor in it, just like the previous lego titles. But it does have some problems.

*The game freezes
*some items disappear or go behind a wall
*I heard some people running into glitched side quests
*I know i'm not the only person that feels and thinks the game was someone rushed, I say this because the third movie wasn't even out and the developer or publisher (Warner bros (oh boy)) stated that the third movie content will be released as dlc, so why the heck did they even bother to release the game? Due to the random freezes and game bugs/glitches however you want to put it, a lot of people have been accusing the game developer or the publisher of rushing the game.

Other than that it doesn't mean the game is not playable, the main story campaign/levels/missions/ dont have any problems which is a good thing (of course) and it is long or decent for a $39.99 game.

I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for osme of the glitches or constant freezes in-game wise. Other than that I don't really mind the extra content being added It'll probably cost $9.99
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on July 29, 2014
I love the lego games, with all of the hunting and searching, BUT . . . the Hobbit game is following some of the other lego games which means it's full of glitches. Either the game or the character freezes. Yes, you can restart the game to fix it - but after doing this numerous times it can get frustrating and a bit boring. You also can't change into any of the other characters while running around in the worlds UNTIL you finish the whole game first. This annoyance could have been softened if you were able to put in cheat codes to get some of the red bricks - which might enable you to get past some of the glitches. But atlas, the cheat codes only gets you characters (which you don't know what they do until you look them up in the character selection box). Another annoyance is the adding the special weapon and abilities. Each time you switch into another character you have reassign the weapons and abilities all over again. Which probably wouldn't be so terrible if the character or game didn't keep freezing.

It could be a great game as the first lego Star Wars game was on PS 2 ( which is STILL great to play). So come on guys! Stop rushing through the development of the game, and lets get a lego game without so many "freezes"!

I don't know if the game will allow me to finish it. But for now I'll keep running around collecting coins -- and I'll try the escape from the elves in the barrel again. I already tried 7 times ---- it keeps freezing when the barrels get to the first dock to let up the gate. But hey -- maybe 8 times is a charm! or 10!

Please guys, fix the deep freeze glitches!
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on November 18, 2014
One of my least favorite Lego games, and I love the Lego game series and The Hobbit. It freezes at least 3 or 4 times when trying to play, which is very frustrating in the middle of quests or level game play. Lego games are known for their glitches but this is hands down the worst game they have put out. It feels very rushed and untested. It's a waste of the player's time when they have to restart their whole console and lose all their progress. This would be especially frustrating to children. The only positive thing I can say about the glitching is that it has not corrupted my saved data which would cause me to delete my whole save file and start over.

This game only covers the first 2 movies, it does not include the final Hobbit chapter. It was a good concept to have different interactive quests with an open map, but it's far too glitchy to enjoy any of it. The game play length is not considerably long, you can finish the story line and start in on the quests after a few days of sporadic game play. However, with all the glitching it may take much longer if you lose the patience to start everything over multiple times.
As stated by other reviewers, since this is an open map there is a considerable amount of load time. It takes a good minute or two just to start up the game.

As with all other Lego games you go around smashing Lego objects for coins and follow the movie story line. There are different colored coins which have different values to purchase locked characters, red brick extras, and extra items/loot (this is a new feature found at the entrance to Erebor for when you run low for quests or the new building mini-game). Certain characters have different traits or perks over others which are needed to finish levels and get 100% completion on the game. Red brick extras are extra cheat perks which help you to obtain the 100% completion faster or have a funny little quirk about them (such as 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10x the amount of coin value that is picked up, minikit detectors, certain extra loots dropped, silly disguises, etc.)

The new features of The Lego Hobbit compared to other Lego games include loot, a building mini-game which requires you to select the correct pieces from a wheel in an allotted amount of time, more night versus day quests, tents along every town which are used to change the time of day, a larger selection of characters to play and purchase, new quests which include finding certain characters or items on the open map rather than in level, and completing certain quests before more will become available (such as completing all of a specific towns white question mark quest before a red brick question mark will appear). There is a new "buddy up" feature for hobbits with dwarfs or 2 dwarfs together to smash certain objects or damage certain enemies.

Overall if they made some type of large patch to help with the glitching (since I know they cannot fix it completely) I would bump this up to 4 or 5 stars easily.
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on June 14, 2014
I am having fun discovering new challenges every time I boot up the Playstation 3! Not the most exciting game, but a lot of fun!
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on December 12, 2014
I love all the lego games, but I really enjoyed this one since I'm a fan of the books & movies. It is basically game play of the lego version of the first two movies. My whole family loves this game, from my 13 year old daughter to my 21 year old son & my wife & especially me.
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on July 2, 2014
Excellent!!! The best Lego game yet. It's massive with tons of side quests. I couldn't stop playing it. Plus all the little things that could have been improved to make the Lord of the rings game, easier to play they changed in the Hobbit. I couldn't be happier with this game.
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on September 4, 2015
My daughter and I love all of the Lego games. This is one of our top 5 favorites. It is tons of fun and full of humor. If you love the Lego games, you will love this addition.
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on December 2, 2014
My 11 yr old boy loves the Lego PS3 games. This one also met expectations. I highly recommend this game for young kids.
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on May 13, 2015
I really wanted to like this game because I love the movies. My son likes it well enough but that isn't saying much, he loves all of the Lego games. I myself prefer the Lego games like marvel super heroes and batman 1-2 (not 3 though) where you can explore the city. We have all of the Lego games on various consoles and all of the games are extremely buggy causing you to power down the console. This game is similar to the lord of the rings game which I didn't care for as well. I'm glad I was able to get this for under $10, because anything more would've been a rip off. Not having the third movie in the game was also a huge put off, it feels like the game isn't finished. Either they should've made a game for each movie or put all of the movies into one game. This game is a must though if you're a Lego game collector, according to my son, lol.
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