Customer Reviews: LERWAY 3.5 inch 170 degrees Wide Angle Peephole TFT LCD Digital Door Viewer Doorbell Security Camera Cam
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on May 29, 2013
I ordered this a few weeks ago, but finally found the 15 minutes it takes to install it. The installation was easy - it was harder to remove the old peephole for lack of needle nose pliers, but once I got it out, this installed very easy.

During the installation, I ran into couple of problems:

1) The user guide does not tell you explicitly to remove the backplate off the viewer and glue it to the door. I spent about 5 minutes trying to figure out how to remove the mounting bracket - you just have to pull the oval shaped back plate off the viewer. No instructions on how to remove it.

2) The pipe that connects the lens with the viewer (and goes through the existing peep hole) was about 2-3 mm too long. As a result, when I tightened it fully, there was still some play, and the camera/viewer were loose. So I cut a small piece of cardboard, and used that as a washer. Next time I go to hardware store, I will get a spring washer and use it instead of the card.

With all these, it took about 20 minutes total to get it up and running. This requires 3 AA cells (not included). I set the date in DD/MM/YYYY format, and bingo - all set.

The bell/chime is loud enough for you to hear, and every time someone rings the bell, it takes a picture - you can come home and review the pictures pressing the UP/Down buttons to see who all were in front of your house during the day. The documentation states it takes 100 pictures with the built-in memory.

Another good thing is that the display turns off after 10 seconds to conserve battery.

There is also a feature to turn the chime off - by holding the On/Off button for 10 seconds, it turns on/off the chime. So if you do not want to be disturbed in the night, you can turn the sound off. But I do not know why anyone would want to do that.

I am going to try this for a few days to see the battery life, and once I like it, I will disable my regular doorbell, so people are forced to use this so I get to see who all are knocking at my door.

On some other viewers of this type, some folks commented that by having this special looking peephole, it tells people that you are able to record them - folks wanted it to take pictures in stealth. I disagree - I would rather perpetrators look at this and walk away rather than try something damaging. It is same as putting a sign outside your house that your house is secured - you do want undesirable elements anywhere near your house. So make your house look like it has all sorts of cameras, and they look at someone else's house, leaving you alone.
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on September 19, 2013
AGPtek® 3.5" 300KP LCD Digital Video Door Viewer Peephole Doorbell Security Camera Cam with Do not disturb(DND) Function

As described and I didn't have any of the issues many others expressed. Now the included manual is defiantly lacking, so if you aren't a true DIY person, have someone that is install it for you and show you how to operate it. If you have to drill the mounting hole in the door, measure twice and be sure it's centered, there isn't a second chance on drilling.

I do recommend that you don't use the pre-installed sticky tape. DON'T REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE PAPER on the sticky tape that is on the back of the lens and mounting bracket unless you know this is exactly were it is going to be mounted forever. Removal will be difficult and my damage the lens and door finish. The sticky tape isn't needed for a secure mount. I mounted and un-mounted mine a couple of times to check things out. I also have to remove my unit at some point to paint the door.

Be sure the lens and mounting bracket are installed right side up. "TOP" is printed on the backs of both the lens and mounting bracket. If the lens isn't mounted correctly, the picture in the viewer will be displayed wrong too. Another reason not to use the sticky tape.

The mounting bracket can be difficult to separate from the viewer out of the box, but the viewer pops right off after mounting the bracket to the door.

I also found that once you get the lens barrel started from the inside, it's easier to finish by screwing in the lens from the outside while holding the barrel with the other hand on the inside.

The picture is great and the viewing angle is awesome, especially when compared to the standard Peepholes commonly installed on most doors.

May your Peephole always be viewable...

UPDATE 12.23.2013: Battery life is SHORT, 30 to 60 days. You know when the batteries are going, can't miss the flashing RED battery indicator. Been using bulk batteries bought on Woot. Haven't tried Duracell or Lithium batteries, or rechargeable batteries yet.
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on May 9, 2013
I had been looking for a new colour viewer to replace my very nice black and white one for a long time. I looked on Amazon and several other sites, but could not find one that in my opinion was reasonably priced, then one day I saw this on Amazon, and the price was RIGHT, so I got it. This viewer exceeded my expectations. The screen is bright and crisp. Installation was a snap. The overall size of the viewer is only only 6"x 4" . The viewer is very attractive as seen in Amazon's description. The doorbell/camera is quite noticeable so any observant person would know it's a camera, so if you don't want your visitors to know that they are on camera, you should get a surface mount camera, it will most likely not have the doorbell button that this one has. Another thing, when someone pushes the doorbell the camera snaps a picture and keep it in the built in memory. The camera has a fish eye lens so the viewing angle is quite good. Battery life is very good, I have not had to replace the batteries since I installed it several weeks ago, and I leave the viewing screen on quite a bit. It turns itself off after some time. This viewer has one quirk,which is only a quirk if one is unaware of date formats.The date format is the international format, which is Day,Month,Year. The american format is Month,day,Year., so keep that in mind. I can see where one might think it is defective if it does not occur to them. In conclusion, this viewer is a very good product, the price is right compared to the Brinnos and the cannons of the world, their products are good, but for price/features ratio I would go for this any day. I recommend this to friend and family.
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on March 18, 2014
This is very misleading. The 170 degrees represents the angle in which you can view the screen from inside. The lens itself only shows you a 60 degree view of the outside. In my case, this means someone could easily stand to the side of my door and not be seen on the display.
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on January 30, 2014
Fits perfectly into the peep hole and installation is a breeze. It switches on and takes a picture of the person when the buzzer is pressed. However the battery life is very less and it loses all the date and time information when you are changing the battery. The battery cover is made of very cheap plastic and I always worry that it might break. The velcro that it came along for attaching to the door did not last a day. So I super glued it. I wish I had bought one with a remote. So that if someone knocked on the door ( ignoring the buzzer button) I could trigger the camera and check from a distance. - without having the need to walk to the door and switch it on.

Well- it has stopped doing its job. After barely 6 months of use the camera has stopped working. There is no display on the screen. After countless email exchanges with Lerway the manufacturer, I was finally told they cannot help because I did not buy it from them but from other seller. Amazon says contact the manufacturer. I dont have the time and energy to sit in an infinite loop chasing them. I ordered another one which is branded.So if you 53 dollars sitting idle and want to get into the hassle of uninstalling it after a few months - go for it. Reducing the number of stars from 3 to 1.
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on July 13, 2015
My experience with the Lerway, I received a unit which was scratched up in one area so I got a break in cost., Now for the nitty gritty-- we have glass window doors and live in a good neighborhood, yet I wanted complete privacy so a film was placed on the glass so no one could peek in.
A method was needed to see who was at the door however and that's when I investigated various door viewers. Optical eye viewers in the door were my first choice, yet they left much to be desired
So I contacted the original supplier of the Lerway viewer for some advice on the unit but I got no response.
Figuring that that I didn't invest much in the Lerway , I decided to extend the original wires by about 18'' with good connections and using heat shrink tubing for insulating. Needless to say the extra wiring did not affect the performance.
Now the method for my madness...I wanted to mount the camera eye perpendicular to the front door instead of on it. The reason I had was that the moldings on the inside of the door prevented the mounting of the monitor. Another reason was would have been the sunlight/ daylight aiming directly at the door and the camera. I tested this with my wife at the door until the most ideal location was found.
The viewer couldn't show a decent picture when someone was facing the door. Backlighted subjects were just too dark for good identification.
So after deciding that a side mounting method was the best choice I looked for various places to mount the camera and where the monitor would be terminating within the house. I began with a 5/32" carbide drill bit to prevent skating. After the hollow part of the cinder block was located the hole drilled. Then I switched to a 1/2" diameter carbide drill bit and... voila I could see through to the other side. A coat hanger wire was used to fish the wire through to the other side. Finally I used a chisel to enlarge the hole a bit for the thicker cable connections however it was no problem.
About the mounting location, I want to add that the 170 degree wide angle lens covered a vast area which was part of the door and who wants to see the door. So the camera was installed about 2 ft. from the front door wall and this lessened the door being a large part on the screen. I suggest even a larger distance from the door wall will be better.
The unit it self was fairly easy to mount, I had to modify a few things inside and out for my own satisfaction. The monitor backing plate was screwed on a small rectangular 3/8" thick wood piece with flat head screws. It was just bit larger in size than the monitor. This made it possible to screw down the plastic plate which came with the Lerway onto the wooden plate. The plate held the monitor in place. The batteries can be easily changed by pulling the monitor away from the wooden plate. As for the outside button/ camera part, it was mounted on a piece of oversize round black plastic. I'm delighted with the mounting location in and out.
As for battery life the unit is still working well after 2 month's use of constantly testing and playing around with it.
My wife checks the unit every day to see if we had any visitors while we were out. That's a great feature in itself. When the button is pressed the monitor rings with a two tone chime while a photo is taken and then within a second another repeat of the chime is heard.
At night after the ambient light is too low, the lack of light will prevent any proper picture from being taken. This is when I switch the overhead light on for identification. It's not very bright this outside light so the photo is taken as a black and white.
The bottom line is that the unit does the job well and we are delighted with it. I may just purchase an additional viewer as a spare, because such gadgets disappear after a while and nothing is repaired anymore these days, it's just thrown away.
One item yet are the instructions, they are fair and better than nothing. I don't understand how a company makes an effort to build a project and then includes such poor instructions.
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on July 26, 2015
This is a stellar product for the money. In my case I installed this as a new peephole, rather than replacing an older traditional one like many of you who are looking at this would do.

The instructions are just pictures - but installation is very simple regardless.

The outside view of the camera/doorbell part is subdued but would still be easily seen as a camera (which is a good thing, frankly) Inside, the unit is a bit bulky but it isn't gaudy. The buttons are very responsive and simple to understand. Reaction/start up time is less than a second - just long enough to prevent getting a finger/arm shot but not too long as to miss the view of a nicky-nicky-nine-door twit.

Photo quality was beyond what I had expected for a .3mp camera. Keeping in mind that the subject is about 3' away from the lens, it is more than capable of getting very clear face shots (If you're expecting to see what your neighbor is watching on TV from across the street though, you will be disappointed.)

The really big surprise was actually the night shots: my front porch has a light bulb within view of this camera, so I figured if it was going to take any shots at night the face will be blacked out due to the strong back-lighting. To my delight the face shots were just as easy to see as they were during the day. To that end, pitch black darkness will lead to a very poor picture (due to the lack of IR leds) so make sure you have a motion light, or porch light to keep the area lit up.

My only worry may be the battery life (as mentioned by other reviewers) but unless it dies well before a reasonable time (say a few months) I don't think I will have much to complain about.

Long-term update on March 16 2016:
So I've had this in service for a few months during some nasty upstate NY winter weather; it has performed wonderfully for the money. It does re-write over older photos after it reaches capacity.
I turn it on nightly to check to see who rung the doorbell over the course of the day - the batteries are still holding up fine, which I'm pleasantly surprised by.
HOWEVER: It should be noted that with colder temps (below 20 degrees) the photos will start to show up with a bit of a yellowish hue; it isn't enough to prevent it from working, but it does throw off the color balance quite a bit.

At the end of the day, for $50, you can't beat it.
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on December 17, 2013
As a gadget freak, this one seems to scratch that itch. The only problem seems to be that nobody sees the doorbell button on the viewer. This means, when that I always have to hit the bottom button to see who is at the door. Since it takes a couple of seconds to come on, I am generally asking, "who's there?" I have trained a few of my neighbors to use the button and the neighbor kids love it. I have a back up doorbell which everyone else finds.
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on May 1, 2014
Easy to install. On my door, i did have to buy a larger rubber washer because my existing peep-hole was slightly larger than this one. The batteries lasts for around 3 months under normal use, which for me is checking who was at my door a few times a week, then leaving it in stand by mode. Pictures are good enough for day time, and at night are okay too.

Its interesting to see who knocks of your door, and I think this camera helps to prevent people from trying anything fishy. Smile, you're on camera!
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on August 4, 2013
Straight-forward concept, execution and product. Does what is is advertised to muss, no fuss, no drama.....just does what it is supposed to do. Installs as described, gives clear view through door, snaps pictures when asked. I will buy another.
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