Customer Reviews: LG 32LM6200 32-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses
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Size: 47-Inch|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The LG 47LM 6200 LED edge lit LCD HDTV is perhaps the best current value on the market today! With a razor sharp crystal clear picture, the absolute BEST 3D passive system available and wireless connectivity coupled with web browsing and limitless apps and 3rd party video content providers, you just can't beat it!

I find a 47 inch HDTV to have the SHARPEST picture obtainable. The larger the screen, the farther apart the pixels are placed and the less cohesive the image becomes. Unless you plan to sit 10 ft or so away from your television I honestly think a 55 inch screen doesn't provide the best picture quality. Perhaps when OLED displays with 4k tech become the norm that will change. But for now, all 3 of my LG flat panels are 47 inch and for a good reason.

Let's start with the picture quality. The video 'engine' inside provides you with a beautiful 1080p rendering from any source component. Whether it is your HD DVR , your Blu Ray Player, or your Standard DVD or even VHS machine, the LG 6200 will up-convert your video signal and present you with the best possible rendering. The color decoders LG provides are top notch. With just a small amount of user calibration you can dial in near perfect color rendering and with the correct backlight/contrast/brightness settings you can obtain previously unheard of contrast ratios that look GREAT in any amount of light.

Don't even get me started on passive 3D. For me, it is the only way to watch 3D. No eye strain, no heavy expensive glasses and a fully enveloping, crystal clear viewing experience. And LG has passive 3D down to a science. It is the very best I have seen. Period! (the 6 pairs of included 3D glasses don't hurt one little bit either!)

I can honestly say that a television with this picture quality and feature set would have cost 10 thousand dollars or more just 6 years ago, had it been available then. Build quality, by the way, is excellent. There is nothing cheap or flimsy about this TV in any way. From the HDMI connectors to the included stand it is quality all the way. Just about the only thing I can possibly complain about is the power cable which is attached, but my higher priced LG 7600 also has that little niggle. (in fact, MOST TV's do)

The included web browser and user apps, coupled with the vast array of premium content, You Tube accessibility and more makes this an 'All in One' entertainment center. Use the included magic remote in the same way you would a Wii game controller. The cool factor is high with this LG! Don't forget about wireless connectivity to your internet router. (Look Ma, no wires) Really, it is amazing what you get for your money with this 6200.

I recently purchased their new 7600 which is 2 models up from this one. The only major difference is a slightly different bezel and cabinet styling, plus the 6200 gives you a 120hz refresh rate, verse the 240hz rate of my 7600. Nine times out of ten the average person simply can not SEE the difference between those two refresh rats and let's face it, a 120hz rate is TWICE AS GOOD in that critical department as our old school CRT tube televisions were. The visual quality of the edge lit back-lighting is spectacular and in my opinion LG has edge lit LED TV's nailed! My 7600 has quasi local dimming that LG calls 'LED Plus', but honestly in almost every real world situation it is NOT a necessary thing to get excellent performance out of an edge lit set. And believe me, this 6200 gives you TOP edge lit performance, of that there can be no doubt at all. If you can afford to spend another 2 thousand dollars on a full array local dimming LED TV then by all means do so, but if you are looking for the best value and picture in a very thin edge lit HDTV, then LG is simply the best in that department bar none!

I was just watching a PAL Columbo DVD (an old 1971 episode) and was thinking to myself about how great this TV can handle standard DVD resolution. A good trick is to engage the Mpeg Noise reduction to the "LOW" setting (found in the Picture options sub menu) and make sure your super resolution is turned on. I have been able to get near HD results from standard DVD'd doing this. Great digital tool box in this TV and at no extra charge!

I am a huge LG supporter. This is the 3rd LG LED 47 inch TV in 2 years. I have been impressed since day one with both the picture quality, amount of features and mature well thought out software implementation provided. The functionality and maturity of the software control systems are a MAJOR plus with LG. This is not a Beta tester product. Everything has been well thought out and executed to give you the highest quality performance. Things work the way they should, due largely to extensive research and development and TESTING on LG's part BEFORE they ship their products to you.

Bottom line: This LG looks, sounds and works the way you WANT it to!
At the current price, the LG 47LM6200 represents one of the very top values in HDTV today. Read my caveats at the very end of this review, but otherwise you just can't beat this TV for the price. IT currently resides in the master bedroom , connected to a Fios HD DVR and Oppo Blu Ray player but could easily be the center of ANY living room entertainment center or home theater set-up. I truly believe it smokes the competition and as such I recommend it very highly!
*** Check customer images for a few PICS I uploaded showing how this TV looks in the 'real world' !

In the interest of full disclosure and fair play I am going to include a small list of shortcomings that befall ALL edge lit HDTV's. This is the same thing I posted at the end of my LG 7600 review and it is also applicable to THIS model.

***A word about Flashlighting, Vertical Banding, Clouding and Dirty Screen Effect. These are the artifacts or 'defects' that plague ALL edge lit LCD/LED panels. Some brands are better than others for keeping them at bay. The exact same model of TV may vary widely from unit to unit. My TV may have more artifacts present while another may not.

Basically you need to evaluate your own TV for what you might consider an 'acceptable' level of any or all of these things. By the very nature of an edge lit displays design you just can not escape this, but manufacturing tolerances vary greatly and although you may need to possibly return one or more units you can eventually end up with one you can live with.

The flashlighting on this 6200 is VERY slight, but it IS there and more noticeable during certain types of program material. Keeping your backlight down in the 50-55 range with your contrast in the 85 to 90ish range will GREATLY diminish any flash lighting you may experience. On horizontal pans of light background material you WILL see Vertical banding of varying degrees. I also have SOME dirty screen effect (Google it) and just a BIT of clouding depending on the program material. This is NOT a product defect, but to be expected with an edge lit LED HDTV. Again, it is very slight and not overly noticeable to most people.

Just be aware that ALL these things are inherent in Edge Lit displays. If you just can't live with them (in my case, hardly ANY but still....) then you need to consider a plasma or a full array backlit LCD/LED not an edge lit TV. Also, THOSE types of TVs ALSO have problems, just different ones. (halos, screen uniformity issues, stuck pixels, buzzing, excess heat, burn in, etc.)

BOTTOM LINE: With the exception of possibly the new Sharp ELITE models ( more than 5k to start) there is currently no such thing as a perfect display. Do not set your expectations higher than the technology will allow for. I am VERY pleased with this 6200. It offers an increased level of fine detail that was not present in my Pioneer Kuro Plasma from 4 years ago. The picture quality is on par with my LG 7600 , a TV costing a good 400 dollars more. The color accuracy is REALLY good and motion handling extremely good!

A word about adjusting your picture: As a rule of thumb, RESIST THE URGE to put your backlight to 100! The mistake many people make while trying to get a good picture is not understanding how to properly find the 'sweet spot' on their TV settings. You want to leave yourself plenty of 'headroom' and not clip the visual dynamic range and end up with everything looking positively radioactive!

Put your backlight down around 50 and crank up the contrast to around 85 , and play with your brightness control so that things are neither too dark or washed out. The more brightness you use, the more color intensity is needed, but adjust them in SMALL increments and test them on all types of material. Your cable box/dvr will need a different setting from your Blu Ray player. Every device sends a differently calibrated signal with different ideas of what constitutes a 'nominal' value. I STRONGLY urge you to invest in the Disney Worlds of Wonder, Digital Video Essentials or the Spears and Munsil calibration disc. Do the best job you can , then let the electronics 'burn in' for around 100 hours or so and do it again. It is a tedious process but you will be rewarded with the best picture quality on your block and a much more enjoyable viewing experience! I am currently enjoying overall the BEST picture on ANY HDTV I have ever owned and can thank the Spears and Munsil disc for much of it.

**As always, there ARE a small % of tech failures in electronics and purchasing an extended warranty would be a smart move as no matter how expensive something is, electronics DO fail and at the worst possible times.

Thanks for reading my review and ENJOY your new LG 6200. For the money, it can not be beat! Seriously!
review image review image
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on April 22, 2012
Great TV. Picture Is Great. A few specs are incorrect. Some just changed on LG web site with in the past few days. The width of this tv on many sites including Amazon is 36.7 inchs. This is WRONG, Just purchased TV and width is 38.5 inches which is stated correctly in the manual included with 42lm6200 only. So beware of incorrect specs. My cabinet is only 38 inches and tv was supposed to be 36.7 inches. Over an inch to spare, but no, when removed from box tv was 38.5 inches and had to modify my tv cabinet for it to fit. Only half inch so not that bad.

Also some sites say TV had LED plus with local dimming. LG even stated that also up untill the past week when they corrected all mistakes on thier web site. TV is only standard LED with NO LOCAL DIMMING.

FYI - Has a lot of settings but a few are missing. Like notbeing able to adjust the True Motion. No On or Off or anything to adjust strength of True Motion. It is just on all the time.

This TV is great. I would not return it for anything. You can not get a better TV for the money. Picure is great. 3d is great. 5 stars even with the errors of size and features stated by web sites.
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on October 10, 2012
I read many of the reviews for the LG 47LM6200 47 inch TV. The positive reviews are correct. This TV is the best TV value for the money you can buy. The 3D is amazing. Better than at the movie theater. The internet connection is very easy to make using the on screen prompts. This TV can convert any 2D program into 3D with more depth and realism than standard HD broadcasts. You will not get the "in your face" 3D effects that you get from real 3D content. Of course, you will need to use the 3D glasses. 6 pairs of 3D glasses are included. They are the lightweight, simple, comfortable, gray lense type. No heavy active, electric, battery, glasses. If you are only interested in knowing that this TV is a great product than you can stop reading now. If you are not technically challenged, read on.

I spent 2 days and about 5 hours playing with the adjustments to perfect the picture on my LG TV. Many people never touch the controls and use the TV, as is, right out of the box. Most people love the bright colors, and bright picture. But, you are doing a disservice to this TV and yourself by not adjusting the controls to give you the most amazing detail you ever saw. I used the Spears and Munsil Blu-ray HD Benchmark disc to bring out the best picture possible. For the first time, I can see minute detail, the texture in clothing material, the pattern in wood furniture, the facets in cut stones (not just the sparkle), etc. Now, this is what is considered "studio standard" of adjustment. It takes some getting used to, especially since the picture is not as bright or booming as you previously experienced. However, the detail you will now see will blow you away. You do not have to buy the Spears & Munsil disc, because I am going to give you all the settings, in order, you will need to duplicate the picture I spent 2 days and 5 hours perfecting.

First, use the Expert 2 choice to input my settings. You should use Expert 1 choice to use the LG's Picture Wizard II to make fast and easy settings for your personal preference. Of course, you can use any of the other pre-programmed settings that you like.
Here are my personal settings and recommendations: Choose Expert 2. Now begin to adjust the following settings in order; Backlight(50), Contrast(66), Brightnes(56), H Sharpness(20), V Sharpness(18), Color(54), Tint(0); now press expert control. Dynamic Contrast(low), Super resolution(on), Color Gamut(standard), Edge Enhancer(High), Color Filter(off), Gamma(2.4) now press White Balance. Color temp(medium), Method(2points), Pattern(outer), Points(High), Red, Green, Blue all (0), press close. Color Management System; Color(red), Saturation(0), Tint(0), Luminance(5),now close. Close again. Press picture option; Noise reduction(Low), MPEG Noise Reduction(low), Black Level(low), Real Cinema(On), True Motion(smooth), press close and enjoy!
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on April 26, 2012
Having owned a 2004 62" Toshiba DLP set (62hmx94) for the last 8 years, I didn't want to downsize so I went with the LG 65LM6200 but I got it from HHGregg locally for $2450. I'm blown away by the picture quality and 3d of this set. I think the resolution upscaler (new for 2012) and Triple XD (vs last year's XD, which refers to the number of processors: 3 vs 1)make a difference because standard def content never looked so good! Fired up Born To Be Wild 3d Blu-Ray on my PS3 and I am BLOWN AWAY by the immersive 3d. I watched this movie at the IMAX when it came out and if you own a 3d set, you owe it to yourself to get this one. It is one of the best 3d Blu-Ray experiences out there. I just purchased this TV last night but did a ton of research on this set and the 65LW6500 (last year's model) beforehand and was ready to buy the LW6500 until I was able to get a price within $250 (for warranty and all) of last year's model for the 65LM6200. I didn't feel an extra $700 was worth it but for $250 I was willing to pull the trigger. I'm sure in the next few months the price I negotiated will become the norm so I just sped up my timetable with a little hard negotiating. I really like Amazon but not enough to pay a few hundred more! I did notice a little clouding in the lower middle right of the screen but was able to resolve that by massaging the screen with a microfiber cloth. I have not noticed any of the flashlighting or edge bleed reported with many of last year's LW6500 sets. Maybe I got lucky but hopefully it's because LG addressed this well known issue from last year. I like the WiDi support(haven't used it yet) and dual gaming (not sure if I'll use it) but the 2d to 3d I have used and must say it adds alot to most programming. Great depth control and effect. You can't go wrong with either this set or the 65LW6500 but for a reasonable amount more I felt compelled to go with the 2012 set. I will update this review as my ownership experience with this set evolves.
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on July 12, 2012
Being an avid Sony TV fan with excellent luck, I took a chance on purchasing this LG for our bedroom. Huge mistake. Buyers please beware, these TVs ARE NOT 120 Hz! After speaking to LG support, they stated that they are 60 Hz and that they will eventually have the option to turn on the TruMotion 120 Hz after a firmware update. I have read in some of the LG website forums that people have been waiting over 5 months for this update! The representative stated that you would not see a difference anyway so it isn't a big deal. Seriously! Come on LG, if you are going to lie about your products admit it. Don't dig the hole deeper.

Other than the complete lie about the 120 Hz, the TV is not that bad. However, I wouldn't spend this much money for a 60 Hz TV had I known so. Also as a side note, the Real Cinema feature they brag about in the advertisement only works on analog connections. It makes them 24 fps. If you have an HDMI hooked up, there is no need for it.

All in all, great 60 Hz TV but I'm frustrated and disappointed with the deceitfulness of LG. COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!

***Update 8/13/2012***

I have decided to change my rating from 1 star to 3 stars. Now that the product works as it intended too (Because the firmware update has been released allowing the TV to display 120 Hz now), it is actually an awesome TV, looks great and was a great price. I will not give it 5 stars though because LG should have anticipated this and not released a partially finished product.

If LG had made the TruMotion feature available at the release of this product, I would have gave it 5 stars. Now that it is available, I would recommend this TV because of its features and price.
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on June 24, 2012
I've had the 65LM6200 installed here for about a week. Many other reviews describe the features and picture of this HDTV, and all the comparisons you have read concerning the relative merits of plasma displays versus edge lit LED displays do apply in this case. I will only add comments about the set's 3D performance and about using the set with other IR remote controllers, such as the Logitech Harmony.

Passive 3D performance of the 65LM6200 is astounding, particularly with well produced Blu-Ray 3D. The general reaction of anyone who sees 3D on this set will be "Wow!" This is of course passive 3D, which in my case is key to its enjoyment. My entire family wears glasses, and the idea of wearing heavy, dark, and battery powered active 3D glasses perched OVER our ordinary glasses is just preposterous. It wasn't until the advent of passive 3D that requires only lightweight polarized lenses that I even considered investing in a new 3D HDTV. We use lightweight clip-on polarized lenses with this set, and the 3D image is bright and clear, with no flickering or visible left-right crosstalk.

It has been reported that vertical resolution of passive 3D is reduced since the left and right eye images use alternating scan lines resulting in one half resolution, jagged image edges, etc. However, this concern is overblown. You will ordinarily see no reduction in vertical resolution since the eye and brain apparently work together to smooth the image. The only time that I have seen visible scan lines is in the case of bright white lettering (such as closed captions) against a dark background. And even in this case I must get up off the couch and peer at the screen from a distance of 3 feet or less to see the effect.

Regarding remote controls, my home theater is set up using a Logitech Harmony IR remote control. The LG "Magic Remote" that comes with this set is an RF remote control with commands that cannot be imitated by the Harmony. I was concerned that I might have to give up the Harmony remote and go back to using separate controllers for the HDTV, Cable DVR, Blu-Ray player, game console, and other devices. Fortunately, the 65LM6200 still provides the capability to respond to a basic set of IR commands such as power on/off, input selection, audio volume, audio mute, TV channel selection, etc. So it is possible to program a Harmony remote to operate this set as a part of an integrated home theater system for basic television and for Blu-Ray playback. However, you still must use the LG Magic Remote for system setup, picture adjustment, internet connection and use of any of the LG "Smart TV" apps that use on-screen buttons or menus.
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on July 1, 2012
I wanted to tell you that the comments made by other reviewers about smaller LM6200 sets also apply to the 65" version, the LG65LM6200. I was a bit confused by the nomenclature because so many electronics stores were selling a 6500 series. So I called LG and found that the 6500 is the 2011 model and the LM6200 is the 2012 model. I got free shipping from Amazon, so I was wondering if that would mean that the trucking company would drop it at the curb--which for me is 175 ft down a gravel driveway. I was pleasantly surprised when CEVA, the shipper, told me that the free shipping from Amazon got me "white glove" service. The driver brought the set into my house, unpacked it, then assembled the stand, put it in position and plugged it in. He even ran through the setup menu before he departed, taking the box and all the packing materials with him!

As other have said already, the picture is incredible. Last night my daughter was watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies on a satellite HD channel (Encore). She has watched this movie many times before on our previous 47" LCD HDTV. She pointed out that she could now see details in the picture she had never before seen in the movie. And the satellite doesn't even give you 1080p (which you do get with Blu-Ray disks). We also love the remote control that works like a Wii remote. You just point it and the cursor on the screen follows your hand. This made setting up the WIFI a snap. Instead of putting in the password by cursoring up then over to pick a letter or number, with the LG remote you just point and click on the letters you want. We ordered extra 3D glasses that clip-on to our regular glasses, but found that the six pair of regular 3D glasses that came with the set are very comfortable to wear over our own glasses. Much better than what you get in a theater. And unlike the theater 3D, one side isn't darker than the other. We ran the simulated 3D and found it works fine for some scenes, such as big outdoor expanses, but doesn't generate the same effects in some indoor scenes. No matter. We mainly wanted a 3D capable set in case Blu-Ray movies start coming in 3D versions routinely in the future. We have yet to find a 3D movie we want to buy, so we haven't really tried out the set in that mode. But while early 3D sets were said to be fine in 3D, but had lackluster picture in 2D mode, this model is spectacular in 2D. The leading consumer testing magazine gave the 6200 an "excellent" grade for picture in both 3D and 2D, which is why we bought this set. Most others they tested got no higher than a "Very Good" rating in the picture category.

Follow up on 3D: Since I wrote the report above, my daughter brought home a Blu Ray 3d of Tangled, an animated feature from Disney/Pixar. We clipped our clip-on 3D glasses over our regular glasses (They run about $12 on Amazon) and started the movie. I have to say the 3D effects were far better than what we got in the local multiplex movie theater showing the 3D version of Lion King. Mostly, the 3D involves adding lot of depth. I'm old enough to remember the 3D movie craze of the fifties, when those movies all featured flaming arrows or tigers that came leaping out into the audience to scare the beejezus out of you. I hated those as a child.

Other than the depth effect, there were only a few things that seemed to float out into your living room. The flying lanterns ghosted out to where you wanted to reach out to touch them. But the main thing was the depth that 3D brought to the screen. The LG system seems to be a great fit with the way Pixar designed the movie. The picture remains sharp and clear, as the consumer magazine reported. The clip-on glasses were light and comfortable (they can be flipped up without removing them from your regular glasses for trips to the fridge) and didn't darken one eye the way the theater glasses did. So, while I probably won't make a big attempt to buy 3D movies, when the latest version of Cars comes out in Blu Ray I will probably opt for that in 3D. Gotta amaze the neighbors who have a 120 inch projection 1080P system in their home theater. 3D is just fun, and not an everyday thing to us. But since this set is available with 3D, and the price is in line with other 2D sets, why not get it just in case 3D turns out to dominate the market? Look how fast BluRay took over.
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on June 7, 2012
I've had a lot of monitors, and tv's over the past 3 years and returns or sold everyone because they all had issues either it be ghosting, backlight bleeding that is unsatisfactory, blacks look blue or purple, and severe input lag.

I've had the 32LM6200 for a few days now and absolutely enjoy having it. The input lag is unnoticeable, absolutely no ghosting/blur what so ever compared to other lcd based tv's/ monitors I've had and even compared to a TN based gaming monitor. The LK450 I had previously was terrible for being a pc monitor. The text was really bad and seemed like a sharpness issue but whatever sharpness level I tried, it was still there. The 450 had an extremely huge bezel and hated it. This 6200 handles text just like my pc monitor did. Precise, and reds look like the rest of the text. No smudge red text I've seen in previous lg tv's.

The buttons on the tv are touch sensitive and have to be touched more so then say a ps3, xbox, or your phone. I like it like that as if I slide my arm under the tv or something the tv won't change on my or turn off. With the tv on there is no led lights on the tv to distract your viewing. Once it's off there is a low output red light. It won't light up your room so don't be concerned. The stand is mindblowing. You can actually set your items under the tv! There isn't a stand in your way and won't have items in your way. You can slide then under the tv and they won't pop out while the stand will keep them blocked in. I can fit a xbox or ps3 controller under the tv. The bezel is nice. About 3/4 of an inch and plastic but looks like brushed aluminum. It's black and looks nice. Don't have to worry about fingerprints or scratches. The stand however is glossy black and is a fingerprint magnet.

The picture quality is excellent. Netflix off the tv's smart menu is mindblowing beautiful. Was watching walking dead and never realised how nice the picture was before. It's a night and day difference from the monitor I had. American Dad had some serious WHOA and WOW factor to me. I never seen a cartoon so lifelike so to speak. The colors were excellent and the boarders around the characters were precise. By boarders I mean the black outlining of say their eyes from their face, head from their chest and so on if that makes sense. The cartoon looked so nice I'm off to watch a few seasons just so I can be in awe looking at this tv.

If you're looking for a new pc monitor that's not TN based and don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for an IPS that's 27" then I highly reccomend this at 32" for around the same price. I played BF3 on this tv on the PC on high settings and was blown away. I don't use the 3d or care much for it but it's a nice feature. The screen is glossy but not as glossy as say a sony NX/HX series, or high end Samsungs. And not as dull as the Sony EX720. It's about in the middle between those two. I'd say it's in the middle of semi gloss and glossy. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to reply asap. I'll come back in the future and give my thoughts on 3d when I get a 3d movie sometime in the future.

EDIT: Just found out it has built in wifi. I went through the connect process and the wifi part said install AP. I thought I had to buy a separate device before. I just clicked on it to see what would happen and it found my SSID and I was able to use it. NICE!
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on July 2, 2012
Given the plethora of detailed reviews regarding this TV, I'll try to keep this one fairly short. First off, if you aren't familiar with the various types of LED lighting used on LCD panel TV's today, you should do your research on this. This particular TV has EDGE-LIT technology. Thus, LED's are located around the perimeter of the TV. This TV in particular does NOT have local dimming (and it doesn't need it IMHO). LG also offers LED+ (read up about this) and, of course, full-array LED TV's (wherein the entire backlighting of the LCD panel consists of LEDs, all with local dimming). The latter is naturally the most expensive.

Anyway, with only edge-lit technology, this TV looks absolutely gorgeous. In fact, it's one of the best looking TV's I have ever seen in person. Multiple people who have now seen my TV have actually said it's the best they've ever seen. And my friends are tech-geeks... so that's saying something.

There are a vast amount of lighting AND sound configurations, so you'll def. need to experiment with this to get the picture and sound looking just right.

The included apps are legit, with multiple video streaming services available (like Netflix, VUDU, Hulu Plus, etc.). YouTube videos in HD are rendered in true 1080p and look nothing short of STELLAR. The fact I'm even watching YouTube when I load up a HQ video is unreal to me... it's hard to fathom.

And to wrap things up quickly--the 3D. Is. AMAZING. It is absolutely the best I've ever seen. To be honest, I actually bought this TV for its TruMotion (and btw, the later manufactured models DO HAVE THIS and DO HAVE THE SETTINGS IN THE MENU!!!!) and its LED technology. The passive 3D was just a bonus, given its extremely affordable and fair price. And I must say... WOW. Literally, 3D stuff jumps right out at you, unlike any other home theater system I've ever seen. Put it this way, this TV is so amazing I'm considering NEVER going to the movie theater again. I can have a substantially better experience in ALL regards with this TV (with the exception of sound... but you need a home theater sound set-up anyway if you want the real deal, so that's a no-brainer). 2D to 3D conversion definitely works pretty well, but algorithms will never be able to truly emulate 3D encoded material when it was encoded in 2D. Actual 3D material looks UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING with this TV.

Bottom line: if you're looking for the BEST TV on a budget (namely, edge-lit LED technology), BUY THIS TV. It is truly the BEST. You will NOT be disappointed.
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on May 2, 2012
I bought this TV to use in my living room, watch Netflix and talk with Skype.

The 3D is amazing, is almost the same that you find in the theater. The main reason that I bought this TV was the passive 3D.
The 2D image and sound quality is very good too.
The wireless works fine, fast to navigate and simple to configure.

The Netflix crashes you use it in the best quality, you need to configure on the Netflix website to use the poor quality to watch it.
In the specs show that this TV it is Skype ready but in fact the Skype app is not available yet, I also bought the LG Skype Camera TV but when I tried to use it i did not found the app. I called to the support and the attendant said that Skype will be available only in June in the next software update.
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