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on March 31, 2012
LG's lower-mid level sets have earned a reputation for having low gaming lag, great color accuracy, and the most extensive picture options of any sets at or even above their price level. The CS560 series still delivers in these regards, but to a lesser extent than past models.

The styling and build quality of the set are fairly good overall. My panel is a S-IPS type, though LG may be conducting a panel lottery (randomly shipping VA and IPS panels for the same model) as they have in the past. The buttons are front mounted and touch sensitive, which seems like a nice feature at first but makes operating the set awkward and frustrating in a dark room- don't lose the remote. Another complaint is that the set buzzes audibly unless the backlight is fully set to 100, which can be annoying when using the set quietly at night.

The input lag for video gaming keeps with LG's standard for fast processing time. In the stopwatch lag tests I've done (in 1080p) the CS560 matched the response time of the Wii U's gamepad exactly, putting it in the 1-2 frames range. There is hardly any noticeable increase in lag when upscaling from 480p and I can play timing intensive games and online FPS with no problem. If you're buying a set for use with modern games, there are few if any faster sets available than this.

The color accuracy also seems to live up to LG's usual standards, although it's hard to know precisely how well without measuring with a meter. Every color is vivid and deep without appearing over saturated. The black levels are average at best, but the unbelievably bright white levels help to offset them and create contrast during bright scenes. The set is capable of 4:4:4 chroma sub sampling when used as a PC monitor over HDMI, but, as with other reviewers, it required an EDID override in my computer's registry. Regardless of the source used, the overall picture is extremely clear, vivid and detailed.

The motion handling is mixed, but at least partly excellent with no visible streaking and only very light blur on moving objects during camera pans. There is, unfortunately, a large problem with juddering from most video sources, notably blu-rays at 24p. Almost any time the camera is panning the scenery and objects on screen will move in a jerky, strobe-like fashion. Past LG sets were able to handle 24p content smoothly, even models at much lower price points, so this obviously comes as a disappointment. If you intend to use the set mainly for watching blu-rays then you may want to buy the 2011 LK450 model instead.

The feature set is another startling disappointment. The TV only has 4 inputs- 2 HDMI, 1 RF, 1 analog input, and no VGA or audio outputs whatsoever. To reiterate, there is no audio output, not even optical; once the audio goes into this set, the only way it can come out through the speakers. The analog video input functions as a joint component/composite input, meaning that you can't use both cable types at the same time. Users with more than two sources will find themselves having to use adapters or receivers to handle most of their connections.

The HDMI inputs also have occasional problems connecting to sources. Rarely the set will display "no signal" even when a device is connected and powered on, and other times the hue of the image will shift toward an extreme red or green. These problems can be solved by changing the input to something else, then changing back, or powering the set off and on again, but it's disappointing that the HDMI inputs have any defects at all considering that they've been given priority over the other input types.

Some of the advanced picture options have also been cut, giving the CS560 the most limited menu of any recent LG (though the range of options is still fuller than any competing set). The more pointless features such as "eye care" have been omitted, but some useful calibration tools have also been removed; there is no longer a color filter option, which means that color and tint calibration now require a pair of blue glasses to set. The 10-point IRE calibration has also been removed, leaving only the option for 2-point. The picture wizard seems to have defective patterns for brightness and contrast, yielding white and black levels that are wildly off target and impossible to match correctly (Update: The Picture Wizard has been fixed through a firmware upgrade and now calibrates correctly).

My opinion of the 560 is that it's an excellent looking TV but one that grinds right along the border of "minimal" and "cheap". The features of the set have been scaled back significantly compared to past models in response to the advance of LED, which seems poised to become the default backlight technology of LG's TV lineup. If you have simple tastes and just want a good looking set for gaming and occasional movie watching, the 560 is a great value and will perform well enough. If you're a more serious film enthusiast with a large blu-ray collection, then you may want to seek out an LK450 or choose a different brand to avoid the judder and limited inputs.
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on March 28, 2012
Review written by K.Watson

They stripped a lot of features out for 2012 over the same 2011/2010 line/models. The reasons are unclear. I assume to just make more money and fleece their customers even more. They removed so many great features that really made this a great set but they kept the price the same, which I would like to point out is already high compared to other models in the size. There is just no sense or logic in the stripping of these features whatsoever.

They removed a HDMI port. Now there are not enough ports to hook up everything you need. Deal breaker for most potential customers right there. With just 2 ports, I've already had to pull out my set away from the wall several times to juggle between consoles, or if I want to watch a bluray movie or if I want to watch cable. It's a hassle. God only knows why LG would remove a very much needed HDMI port from us. Even the guy at Best Buy told us that he does not recommend this set to anyone because it has the least amount of HDMI ports of all their sets. He seemed really shocked. So were we.

Movie quality is now worse. They removed 5:5 / 2:2 pull down from movies. Actually, ANY video content you want to display. 480, 720 or 1080. This means there is a huge amount of video judder / jitter present in any movie you watch. Go google "judder" it's a bad thing and you don't want it. But, if you buy this set, you will have plenty of it. Judder makes objects on the screen herky jerky when panning left to right, right to left, any panning whatsoever. Up / down, you name it. Objects will skip along the screen. God only knows why LG took this very basic feature out. It basically ruined this set. Even my daughter noticed the judder in her Disney movies and asked if the game needed cleaning. She is still at that age where she doesn't understand fully about bluray or dvd discs and thought that if Daddy and Mommy cleaned her "game" the movie would display smoothly. Of course it wasn't a game but a Bluray disc.

They took out many many features from the user menu. Gone are many features that could be changed in the 2010 and 2011 version of this set / product line. Basically, at the expense of picture quality. Dozens of features were removed. They absolutely sabotaged this set and mangled what it once was. I know, I own both the LG 32KD450 and LG 32LK450. I apologize if I am being so harsh but LG warrants such a response and I think potential LG customers deserve an in-depth review.

The night I returned my set to Best Buy, the sales person looked at me, puzzled I might add and asked me, what is so bad about this set? He went on to say two other people had returned theirs as well over the weekend.

What a shame that LG would ruin such a fantastic line of TV sets by removing so many features that made this such a stand out TV against other 32" sets from other manufactures. Let's just hope that LG discontinues this model next year instead of releasing this kind of garbage upon it's customers. What I really want to ask LG is, why did you not want my money? Why did you remove the HDMI port and all those very important hardware features and menu features that made this such a great TV? Why LG?

Update: I had a chance to speak with the sales manager from Nebraska Furniture Mart in my area and he tells me LG purposely crippled, removed these features, both hardware and in the user menu to make it's newer LED based TV's stand out against this set. He tells me that sometimes manufactures will do this to artificially highlight a TV in it's product line as having more features , better value, when the truth is, it never did. This is to drive sells in that area.

I can tell you this LG. You customers are both smart and savvy and will see through this gimmick. I would also like to point out that when your customers are treated with respect, they become "loyal" customers. Pulling these kind of stunts will only drive business and customers away. I returned my set and I will not be looking at LG as a brand I would consider for anything in the future.
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on May 23, 2012
First and foremost this TV is not for high-end videophiles, audiophiles with highly sensitive, discerning taste, or dedicated, scrutinizing gamers. If you want that type of TV, you'll need to step it up a notch and of course pay more money. This is a medium, entry level 1080P TV with a clear, crisp picture and enough features to satisfy the average TV and occasional movie viewer, mom, pop and the 'family' -- That type of consumer. Maybe, just maybe some higher-end users will enjoy this as a second TV to use when they're not watching blue-ray on the high-end, expensive TV.

Some reviewers criticized this TV for not having features of previous models in this price range. Well, I never had those features and don't miss them, nor do I need them. So to a new buyer its most important that you remember if you don't need a certain feature and/or never had it to begin with and don't miss it, it's not a big deal.

I consider myself a savvy shopper and critical when it comes to quality of a product. I was looking for a low-priced TV that had some decent picture and sound quality. I just purchased this TV today from a local, big-box store for well under $380 and I'm very pleased with the great picture quality and especially the low price and great value.

The other thing I wanted to mention is that don't over-buy in size. Everyone seems to want to buy the biggest TV they can afford. Well let me tell you, that's not always the best thing to do. I bought this TV because it is eventually going into a bedroom. So I opted for the 32". Right now it is set up in the living room and to be honest, the size is perfect for the living room. I was considering a 40"-50" at one time, and that would have been overkill.

Also, DO NOT go by the picture quality at the stores no matter how 'great' they try to make it look. It's not a true representation of the TV's picture quality, nor how it will look in 'your' home, in 'your' lighting. It is also very hard to decide on a size when all the other sizes are sitting next to one another. It's very overwhelming a one can get confused trying to figure out which size will be best.

My advice is to look at your room and space and try to decide on a TV that is not too overpowering yet not too small where the room dwarfs the TV. Here is an idea ... tape together pieces of poster board the size of the TV and place it in the space intended to get a perspective on size. Actually I think a 32" is a great size for most medium-sized rooms. Once you decide the size you're looking for, go shopping. You may change your mind a little bit smaller or a little bit bigger, but at least you'll have a base line to start before you go.

Okay, so now with all of that being said and out of the way, here is my review.


Esthetics (design) ---> Modern, clean lines. Thin profile, but not the thinnest and not like the older, thicker models either. This TV has about a 2" black frame around the screen. It seems these days people are interested in the paper-thin frames, or the frame-less TV's. Actually, I 'thought' that was going to be my preference, as it is more sleek, minimalist, etc. But actually, when I got this home I really liked the fact it has a wider black frame. It accents nicely against the white walls and gives it sort of a 'picture frame' type of appeal. It makes the T.V. more of a focal point in the room. If you already have one big piece of furniture or artwork that is the main focal point of the room, then maybe a thin-frame or frame-less TV would be better in your situation. So anyway my advice is, don't go by what is 'trendy' go by what will look good in your particular home and environment. In my home the wider frame looks very nice.

There are no buttons on the front of the TV, which is nice. It has flat, flush, touch-sensitive selectors for volume, channel, menu, etc. This keeps the TV looking clean, and uncluttered. Some manufactures hide 'buttons' under the frame or on the side of the frame. The 'clicking' of buttons just seems old-fashioned to me, at least now with iPads and such, and everything going to touch panels. I actually like the touch-sensitive, flat selectors on the 'front' of this TV within clear view of what I am pressing.

This TV is very lightweight. Really it is. I carried this with one hand out of the store, and easily lifted this up onto my mantel with no problem. This means if you wish to move it from one room to another it can be done by one person. This was a blessing because I can remember not too long ago the behemoth tube TV's needed 3 people to help carry and install. This TV is truly a do-it-yourself TV. Nice!

Assembly---> Easy. Out of the box, all that needed to be done is screw on the base, plug in your video source and power cord and that's it! You're done. Oh and put the 'included' batteries in the remote.

Picture and Audio Set Up ---> Simple and intuitive. Using the 'picture wizard' guides you step by step to calibrate the TV and adjust picture settings. There are advanced settings to fine tune the picture even more. The auto-tune feature pulls in all your cable stations into the built-in tuner fast, easy and automatically.

Selecting the audio preference is just as easy. Faux surround sound, etc.. Just a few selections and you'll soon be listening to the TV to your liking.

Picture Quality ---> Sharp, vivid, clear picture quality for the price. Now compare this to the 50" plasma the store had on display running Avatar on Blue-ray and this TV pales in comparison. (but so did most of the other TV's on the floor). The bigger TV was 5+ times the price of this one. So you get what you pay for. Watching ABC, CBS, NBC and other cable stations, this TV has an amazing picture that will not disappoint. Blue-ray and DVD are just as fine.

Audio Quality ---> Pretty good actually. It has a faux surround mode that does a nice job of dynamically enhancing the sound. There is also a feature to enhance the voices too so they don't get lost in background music and such. This TV does not have the tinny, AM radio sound you may expect from a low priced TV. Nor does it have the booming sound of a higher-end TV. This TV has very acceptable and clear, crisp sound for the price. The sound easily fills the room. You won't be disappointed in the sound from built-in speakers.

USB connector ---> This is a nice, added feature if friends or family come by and you'd like to watch a home video or pictures on your TV. Just plug in the USB drive and start watching.

Remote Control ---> A very basic, simple, easy to use remote. You won't find a bunch of confusing bells and whistles on the remote. No it's not going to make your toast and start your car. Nope, it has just exactly what you need and nothing more. So, the reason I like that is because I don't have to worry about family or guests trying to figure out how in the heck to turn on or operate the TV with a confusing remote. It spares me the agony of conducting a 'TV 101' classroom session for family and friends. Ugh!


Not very many cons actually. I mean for under $380 dollars for a 32" 1080P TV, you're really getting great quality and value. Seriously, technology is advancing so rapidly that in 5 to 10 years most computers and TV's are behind the times and out of date anyway. So, at this price one could easily afford to buy another mid-level TV like this one every 5 years. On the other hand, spending $1,000+ on a TV to try to get a few more bells and whistles might extend the time a bit more until it's out of date, but probably not by much. In 5-10 years you're still stuck with an out-of-date TV.

Hookups ---> No VGA connector to hook up to a computer. This is only a slight con, because you can use one of the HDMI connectors if your computer has an HDMI. Most newer computers have HDMI.

Some people are complaining this TV only has 2 HDMI connections. This again is only a slight con, because you can buy an HDMI 1080P hub and expand the amount of HDMI connections if you really need more.

For my needs, all I really need is one HDMI to hook it up to Apple TV and one for my blue-ray player That's it. The Apple TV pretty much does everything I need. It has digital audio out, so I can hook it up to a surround sound system If I choose (expanding the capability of the TV) And what is not available on NetFlix or my purchases, I can use my Blue-ray player. I can mirror my iPad through Apple TV to have internet on my TV. So, having only 2 HDMI connections is not such a drawback, for my needs anyway.

The LG 32" CS560 is an excellent TV at a very low price. It combines a clear, crisp 1080P picture quality with impressive, built-in sound quality. For well under $380 dollars, you can't go wrong buying this TV. This TV is not going to replace a high-end theater or gaming TV for your theater room, but it will make a good living room, bedroom or family room TV. Who knows, once you buy this TV, you may decide you don't really need to spend extra bucks on a bigger, home theater TV. At such a low price, it allows a person to purchase a newer TV in 5 or 10 years without feeling like you're constantly spending tons of money to always upgrade your TV. You'll be surprised how much quality is packed into a TV at such a low price.


If you liked this review, you may enjoy other reviews by me. Just click on the 'see all my reviews' link at the top of this review. I have more than one page of reviews and can be accessed by clicking on the page number on the lower right corner of my total review page.
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on March 25, 2012
Do not buy this TV expecting to get the same quality that the 32LD450 and the 32LK450 had. While it may be the 32LK450's replacement, it certainly doesn't live up to its predecessor. The only area of "improvement" is that they will all allegedly have IPS screens. The one I purchased was an S-IPS (I would have chosen A-MVA if I had a choice), the other unit on the shelf had the same AUSY code, and so did the display unit. The IPS is only an "improvement" though if you were playing the panel lottery with the 32LK450 and trying to find an IPS panel instead of the A-MVA panel. The TV I got has a very minimal amount of backlight bleed on the bottom edge slightly to the right of the center. It's not very noticeable with the backlight down but if you have it high, it stands out and has been getting worse. Initially there was no banding on the DVI>HDMI signal from the PC on various test pages but, that has started to show up as well for some reason. Speaking of tests, do not bother using the "Picture Wizard" on the TV as it will crush your black levels and it is impossible to make the which image look like the recommended example unless you increase the brightness and wash out your black levels in the process. There is something fundamentally wrong with the "Picture Wizard" and/or the TV.

Several of the options in the TV menu have been removed and are as follows:

Picture Mode:

Photo (this was model Dependant)


This was model dependent but it's allegedly in the 32CS560 yet there is is no setting for it in the menu.

Screen RBG PC:

This is obviously missing as the CS560 series does not have a VGA port

Advanced Settings/Expert Control:

Dynamic Colour (this is missing on Expert 1 and Expert 2)
Skin Colour
Digital Noise Reduction (Noise Reduction is still there)
Clear White
Eye Care
Real Cinema/Film mode (24fps video has to be playing to gain access to this)
Colour Gamut (EBU, SMPTE, and BT709 have been removed)
xvYCC (I haven't seen this but, that type of signal may not be getting put out)
Colour Filter
Expert Pattern
Color Temperature (is not available on expert and it has been changed to only go from W50 to C50. All methods except 2 point have been removed and 2 point is under the Expert Control on all video modes including Expert 1 and Expert 2. The 10 point IRE settings have been removed)

Option Settings:

ISM Mode (this was used to remove ghosting from stationary images and it has been removed).

In addition to that, the 32CS560 does not process 24fps video content correctly. There is a judder/jitter/stutter every time the camera pans up, down. left, or right. You have to have "Film Mode" on to make the judder/jitter/stutter not look like a bunch of zig zags but it doesn't stop it from happening. You need ot reduce your contrast setting to 20 or less to reduce the judder/jitter/stutter and that will seriously degrade your I/PQ (image/picture quality) as it will leave it dim/dingy/dirty/etc. as if there is a film of dirt/fog on your screen. There is absolutely no way to correct this issue and to make matters worse, you can not use "Film Mode" when the 32CS560 is hooked up to your PC. This issue has been reported by two other owners as well.

Speaking of the PC, you are able to have the 32CS560 do 4:4:4 chroma without renaming the input label but, you have to do the EDID override if you are using a Nvidia video card. When it comes to video games (PC and console), there aren't a lot of complaints as myself and two other owners didn't notice any issues. When it comes to video though, the TV's flaws are there in full force just like they are with a DVD player.

I will be returning this TV for a refund (purchased locally so I didn't have to wait for shipping) as I have absolutely no interest in an exchange as the issues are present with other owners.
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on April 18, 2012
We had bought an almost identical product, but with 720p instead of the 1080p, just a few months ago. We loved it, and we decided when the old Sony "monster" died in our family room, we would replace it with a very similar model to our new LG. Within a couple of months the decision time came. We rolled the old "giant" out to the curb and began looking through the LG's now available. My husband said if the 720p gave us the fine picture we were enjoying, the 1080p would have to be nothing short of fantastic. Amazon offered a price as low as any store in town or online, and with no tax and no shipping, their price was far less than anyone. We received the new LG in four days (regular UPS), and the set-up was quick, easy, and we were watching our new family room TV in less than an hour, box to job complete. This model is user friendly in every way, has the fantastic picture we had hoped for, and we are totally happy we ordered the LG once again. My home is beginning to fill with LG products! Our 32" is just the right size in our family room. We didn't need one of those "movie theater" screens, and I REFUSE to go in debt for a television! This screen can be seen at any point in our family room, and the picture is clear and crisp. We are completely pleased with Amazon and our LG TV.
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I picked this TV set up about two months ago and so far have been beyond pleased with it. It's used every day, for basic cable (through a coaxial cable), streaming movies through a Roku with Netflix and for playing Play Station 3 video games.

It's beautiful! Movies look awesome, TV looks stunning and video games look dynamic. The 60Hz refresh rate has not been an issue for me at all while playing any games on the PS3. I can't say I notice any visual distortion with any of my games, such as Modern Warfare 3, InFamous 2, Uncharted 3 and Heavy Rain. I'm a pretty avid gamer and I haven't had seen anything with the refresh rate that would make me think that I needed one with a higher rate. Maybe if the TV was lager than 42 inches, but at this size everything looks and works beautifully.

The sound is great. I bought a flat screen 2 years ago that had abysmal sound. The speakers in it are so bad if you turn the volume up at all, it's almost painful to listen to. I've heard better sound come out of AM/FM radios than some of the "budget" priced TVs being sold out there now. However, I'm extremely pleased with the sound from this TV. Everything sounds clear and like it should. Nothings muffled or sounding like someone is talking into a tin can.

Remote control:
Like most TV's these days, it's narrow, tall and complicated. It has tons of options on it for controlling every aspect of the TV. But for the most part, once you have all the settings on the TV just how you want them, you'll be using this mostly for changing channels, volume or switching to HDMI/AV ports. What I do like is they put all the less used menu buttons on one end of the remote, and the most common ones on the other end, by your hand at the bottom. So for the most part, you can reach everything you need for basic TV watching (except for the power button) with your thumb while holding the remote.

The 42 inch version of this TV is big and beautiful, but not so heavy it can't be moved around. Once you mount it on the included stand, it can easily be slid around and positioned any way you need it to go, without the need of a second pair of hands on the other side. When it comes to moving it from pace to place, the size itself (being such a wide TV) makes it more difficult than the weight actually does.

On-TV buttons:
The buttons on the TV are actually sensor buttons inside the frame. They are not above the surface, but inside it. Like that of a device with a touch screen, when you touch the area on the black frame around the TV that indicates where the power sensor is, it will recognize you touched it and power it on. Because all the buttons are like this, the black glossy TV frame looks solid and uninterrupted like a picture frame, looking completely button-less. When actually the buttons are there, but just as sensors inside the frame.

Hands down this is the best TV of this size that I've found, that has this beautiful of a picture and great of sound.

After two months of daily use and seeing how well everything works, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one of these at all. I am astounded at what a great TV it is for such a good price. If anything ever changes, I will update this review. But as of now, I really like this TV and would recommend it to anyone.

Update 1/19/2013: 8 months after buying this TV I'm still loving it. Haven't had problems of any kind.
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on April 4, 2012
This is not a bad TV in most respects. It has a great picture for the price and the sound quality is quite good for a LCD TV. However, it lacks some features that may be critical for many users.

Great picture
Great sound quality (for a LCD anyways)
Great Price for a 42" LCD
LG Name brand (which supposedly has better customer service than most manufactures)

No audio output (i.e. no way to connect to speakers)
Only 2 HDMI Inputs
No PC Input (unless you get a cable to convert to HDMI)

Overall, it is a good TV. If (like me) you don't really need the other features, you will be happy with it. In my opinion, it is much better than buying a TV from an inferior brand and then being out of luck when it breaks.
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on September 14, 2012
I did a great deal of research before purchasing this television. I quickly found that there are individuals out there who key into every last detail when comparing it to other models and previous versions. There are typically the folks who do a good deal of gaming and movie watching on their TV.
I'm just an ordinary dufus who likes to plop down on the couch and watch football all weekend. I don't need a ton of bells and whistles, I just need something that's good sized, easy to put together, has a nice picture, and that's easy to use. This television meets all those criteria, at a great price to boot! I was tranisitioning from a 32" tube TV which I bought in the early 2000's, so I was excited to finally get an HD TV.
I ordered this item on a Friday and was fine with the slow/free shipping. It arrived the following Wednesday. It took me about 15 minutes to attach the stand and get things running. I was watching Honey Boo Boo within 20 minutes of opening the box! It's working great so far with no issues, and the picture is amazing.
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on March 29, 2012
I am very pleased with the picture quality of this new 37" LCD. It's the best I've ever seen, and we own 32" and 42" LCDs by other manufacturers. The the room light sensor works perfectly, compensatting for all sorts of light levels.

However, I was greatly disappointed to find that this model has NO AUDIO OUTPUT CONNECTIONS whatsoever. That's right, none, not even a headphone jack. So you cannot connect any external audio equipment to enhance the viewing experience. It's beyond me why a manufacturer would skimp on something so important - and inexpensive - as this! For this raeson only I plan to return the unit and order something else - after carefully studying the specifications!

So, if great picture quality is all you're after, this model will satisfy you. But it's lack of outputs is a deal killer for me. LG 37CS560 37-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV
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on June 16, 2012
Let me start by saying that I am NOT an expert on televisions. But my son is and it was on his recommendation that I looked to LG when it was time to get my 86-year-old mother a new TV. Some on here have complained about the lack of "bells and whistles" but that was a plus in this case. The remote is very easy to use and I have it set up so that the only button she has to push on the TV remote is the "Input" button to switch from blu-ray to cable and back. The picture is amazing and Mom is happily working her way through her entire DVD movie collection because she loves the big, clear picture (she says it's like having her own movie theater) and she can now hear and understand dialogue that she's been guessing about for years, thanks to the dialogue enhancement feature. Mom spends between 4-8 hours a day in front of the TV and this has made a huge improvement in the experience for her.

We did get off to a rocky start. The first unit shipped had a faulty screen and it had to be exchanged. I didn't deduct a star for that because I know that every manufacturer has one slip through the quality control process from time to time. In all fairness, it did function as advertised for an hour or so before the trouble began. I called LG and they were very helpful. They had a tech out here within 2 days and, when he couldn't fix it, he boxed the unit back up for me so that I could send it back to Amazon. Amazon was great. The return process was painless and I had the new unit the next day. They also scheduled the pick-up for the defective unit. I didn't even have to print a shipping label.

So, I think this is an excellent product for a really good price, especially for someone who just wants to watch TV and movies. Set-up was a breeze. The remote is easy to understand and use. I highly recommend this product.
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