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on April 19, 2012
I decided to buy LG's (well-reviewed) 42LK520 at the exact time it was discontinued and no longer available. That's what I get for procrastinating. The replacement for 2011's 42LK520 is 2012's 42CS570. On paper, the basic specifications are almost the same as the 42LK520. Since new-model reviews aren't available yet, I had no reason to not get the 42CS570 given the similarities.

The owner's manual available from LG's support website details the inputs, outputs, and menu options available on the TV. The manual appears to be accurate and only covers the 42CS570 and 47CS570 models (ie - not too much "depends on model" content). Specifications are finally up on LG's product page, though they still have some errors. For instance, they only list one rear AV input. In fact, there is also a second, side AV input.

The 42CS570 is a 42-inch, 1080P, 120Hz, LCD TV listed for $699.99. The screen has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 150,000:1 contrast ratio. On the rear panel, there are 2 HDMI, 2 Component, 1 AV (Composite), 1 RGB (PC), 1 Antenna / Cable (RF), and 1 Audio (RGB / DVI) inputs, with 1 Optical Audio output. On the side panel, there are: 1 USB, 1 HDMI, and 1 AV (Composite) inputs, with 1 Headphone Audio output. The channel, volume, and other controls are touch-sensitive areas on the front of the TV.

The TruMotion menu option has two components: De-Judder and De-Blur. Both components take a value between 0 and 10. There are three pre-set options: Off (0, 0), Low (3, 3), High (7, 7). A fourth option, User, allows for either component to be set to preference. The TV comes with a power-saving / screen-dimming feature turned On. At night, I actually thought this was sort of nice. During the day I turned the feature Off. Otherwise, I thought the picture settings out-of-the-box were actually pretty good. Setup was quick and easy.

According to an online source, the TV (like LG's other 1080P models) has only IPS panels. My TV has the following product code: 42CS570-UD-AUSYLUR. Other online sources stated that the "Y" in the 4th-from-right position indicates an IPS panel.

The shipping dimensions (W x H x D) are roughly: 48 inches x 30 inches x 6 inches.

I replaced an old 32-inch Panasonic CRT TV. So, obviously this LG HD TV is a noticeable upgrade. That said, I can't really comment on how the screen or engine compares to other HD TVs. I'm receiving over-the-air HD channels through a cheap, GE indoor antenna I've had for years, similar to the 24731. I have my Wii connected through a Monoprice Composite cable. Through a Monoprice HDMI cable, I'm running a Panasonic DMP-BDT220 Blu-ray player I purchased for Blu-ray content, streaming content, and miscellaneous content I have on my Synology DS211J NAS acting as a DLNA server. Just for giggles, I also ran a 25-foot Monoprice VGA cable (with audio) from my laptop to the TV. Everything works as well as expected. Picture is great for all uses. Sound is good as well. With realistic expectations, I haven't run into anything to complain about yet.

If you have other hardware to handle "smart" services, or just don't care for those services, and don't care to be on the cutting edge of 3D and LED panels, this is an ideal TV. As a 1080P, 120Hz TV with a good set of inputs, this is a quality HD TV that lists for $100 less than last year's nearly identical model.

Obviously, I can't comment on the device's longevity. I've run plenty of test scenarios, but I've only had it for a few days. Time will tell. Advertised warranty is 1 year parts, 1 year labor.

For the record, I wanted nothing to do with 3D. I had to consider screen glare. I felt a 42-inch TV best fit my living room layout and I had a budget to meet. For my budget, I preferred 120Hz LCD over 60Hz LED-LCD and I preferred 1080P LCD over 720P plasma. Compare to other 42-inch LG models for price and features.

42LM6200 = 42-inch, 3D, 1080P, 120Hz, Smart, LED-LCD TV listed for $1,299.99
42LM5800 = 42-inch, 3D, 1080P, 120Hz, LED-LCD (not yet available)
42LS5700 = 42-inch, 1080P, 120Hz, Smart, LED-LCD TV listed for $1,099.99
42LS3400 = 42-inch, 1080P, 60Hz, LED-LCD TV listed for $719.99
42CS560 = 42-inch, 1080P, 60Hz, LCD TV listed for $629.99
42PM4700 = 42-inch, 3D, 720P, 600Hz, Smart, plasma TV listed for $699.99
42PA4500 = 42-inch, 720P, 600Hz, plasma TV listed for $549.99
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on June 22, 2012
Well, I finally broke down and bought an LCD tv. After studying LCDs for about a year. I decided against WIFI in a tv. The problem is keeping a wifi tv updated with current apps. It seems that due to models rapid changes that most TV companies do not wish to spend the resources to keep old models (probably discontinued) updated. So the best option is to save the money abd add a Roku to handle the wifi apps. Roku automatically updates as necessary. I have had a Roku for a few years and they are rock solid.

I have presently an old 37 tube type tv. It has been a good tv but it is hopelessly outdated. Now the only problem I have is getting someone to remove it (it weighs a ton) and dispose of it. It still works but it is not a digital tv (got to have the "box" for conversion) or in my case Direct TV..

I also, didn't want a 3D TV. 1. I get headaches watching a neighbor's 3D. 2. 3D movies (mostly cartoons)are hokey expensive refurbs (~30-50 bucks). 3. The glasses are expensive. Also, I didn't want the super-duper "easy" controller. Most of these things are a pain. So why waste the money?

The LG 570 is very well designed and the menus are easy to navigate. Most are for fine tuning if that is your bag. Me, I plugged it in ran the basic setup time zone, picture, and etc. It works great. I plug in the Roku and wow,, beautiful picture. The remote is well laid out and logical. I dislike those "control" everything remotes as they are a major pain to set up and only halfway work.

Just a suggestion on unpacking. When messing with LCDs never touch the screen. I turned the box upside down edgewise. carefully cut the tape. Open the flaps tape them open if necessary. Turn the box top side up edgewise. Then simply left the box off while holding the TV. Now carefully study the stand installation in the included manual. There is an extra part (dust cover) which is installed when wall mounting the TV. It covers up the hole the table stand is installed in.

The screws are in the bag the manual was in. I wouldn't use a power screw driver. Gently tighten each screw when all the other screws are installed. I propped the TV up by the backside. In my opinion it is not a good idea to lay it screen down even if the surface looks flat. The two table stand parts fit perfectly together. Attach four screws and snug them down. If you have to force the parts you have them wrong. Then drop the stand into the mount hole on TV. Of course the wide part of stand is to the front of TV. Install and snug four screws.

I downloaded the full manual (about 70 pages)from the LG tech support website. Note; When searching the model number leave off LG letters. There is a ton of features available explained in the big manual. The included manual is just a bare bones getting started type..

I got a handyman coming over take out the old TV (too heavy for me and my bad knee). Then I can hook up surround sound (fiber optic connection). There is no analog sound output. There is an input button on the top of the remote that brings up the input screen. Only those inputs that are active are selected. Also, you can create labels for the inputs

I tried out a USB dongle with a ton of pictures. The folder navigator works good. There is a Vista type picture player that pops up when you select a picture and then you can do a slide show. Works very smooth.

Ye Gods, 42 inches is HUGE. My first TV (cost about $1000 in today's money) was a 19 inch Admiral (that was a big one in 1950). Hey, 20 yrs before I had a "cat whisker" crystal radio. Grandpa said I was crazy to spend that kind of money on a silly box that was just a "fad". He sure enjoyed the old "Oprey" on the "fad".

The local antenna input has an automatic scanner that picks out the "good"signal channels. It takes a bit of time in the Phoenix area. Just be patient. Geezz,I didn't realize how many digital channels there are. You may have to go back and delete some. The Quick menu is fast for deletes and adding. Note: when local antenna is hooked up no signal will be present until the scan is completed.

I will do updates as time goes by. So far I LOVE IT!!!!

Update (next day): AUDIO

Well, hooking up the surround sound (7 speakers )was a learning experience. Hooking up the fiber optic cable is a lot easier if you remember to remove the dust covers on each end of the cable (Amazon has them cheap). The sound is incredibly crystal clear. I knew there was loss in the analog cables, but I had no idea it was that much! Wow!! The Bose speakers came alive. I could blow out the windows at half power. My ears would probably go first. So I was careful with the sound level.

A big problem with a audio optic output is that there is no volume control on the source. The sound level is controlled only by the speaker power amp. But the crystal clear sound is worth the inconvenience.

When using my DirectTV box there was no optical output so I ran the cable (yellow, red white)into AV1 on the TV. I put the Ruko on HDMi 1. Every thing worked great.

Now back to the sound level problem: The TV in house speakers are good (not great)but the sound volume control on remote works good. I have a 19 LCD tv and it had terrible speakers so I installed a Logitech computer sound system with bass unit(Amazon) plugged into the headphone jack on TV. Problem solved.

As the LG has a headphone jack, I may do the same.

Tune the Direct TV to ch 802 power up the surround sound the 1950's Doo Wop rocks (best music ever written of course Glenn Miller and Neil Diamond are close). The bass box rattles the windows. I mute the sound on the TV kick back and let the Malt shop memories flood back (News Flash: To all male younguns out there: Girls are predators and always have been)!

Now I am going to dump my old DVD player and get one with optical output.

Update:The Direct TV programming code for DTV remote is 10178.
The DTV remote programming is in the system menu. You hold down the mute and select buttons until the TV light (move selector to TV) on Remote blinks 3 times. Then enter code. The sound button on DTV remote should popup the volume level indicator on TV screen. If so move the selector back to DTV and you are in business.

New Update: The in house speakers are so, so. I took the logictech computer speaker system and plugged them into the TV phone jack. Much better sound. The bass unit is really good.

PROBLEM: When you plug into head phone jack the fiber optic sound output cuts off. RATS, why did they do that? I wanted leave the computer speakers in and still be able to use the surround sound system for Netflix. So I am stuck with the cheapy in house speakers. The audio features are not well thought out...
If you don't need the fiber optic audio out. Then get Logitech speakers with bass unit. They sound MUCH better than the in house speakers...
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on April 14, 2012
just received my new tv - once you turn off the energy saver it has a beautiful picture. energy saver made the picture go very dark. easy to put together and the owners manual CD is very detailed and made set up easy.
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on August 30, 2012
I'm stilling giving the TV 5 stars, because the TV itself is fantastic. The picture is beautiful after calibration, and with energy saver mode turned off, obviously. I found that the TruMotion feature works under certain conditions, mostly for TV broadcasts. For DVD and Bluray, I had to turn it off - because, even though it did seem to make the image appear sharper (especially for DVD material), I just couldn't get used to the SOE. Suddenly, the Mentalist characters looked like they wandered onto the set of Days of Our Lives. Just too distracting.

Anyway, my only possibly issue involves the stand. I don't know if this is normal or if I got a stand that's somehow defective. To put it simply, the TV wobbles. It's okay as it sits there and doesn't lean in any direction. But if I have to touch it to clean it or plug in a USB drive, I have to grab hold of a corner to keep it still. I took the stand apart and put it together again to make sure I tightened the screws adequately (I had originally worried about that, due to the fact the instructions said not to tighten them too much). After tightening it as much as I could by hand, the wobble still remained. The only thing I noticed unusual was when screwing the base into the TV itself. The bottom right screw had to be screwed in all the way from the outside of the cabinet, but the left bottom screw "fell" into the hole without having to be tightened first. I could still screw it in tight from where it "landed", but could it be missing some of its hold because of this? Just sitting on the stand, which it is 99% of the time, the TV is fine. I just wonder if it needs a replacement stand.

Otherwise, I love the TV and it was a perfect fit for me, as I was not interested in having a "smart TV" and the 3D ones I've tried out at Best Buy give me a headache.

UPDATE: I contacted LG support for the stand issue and they said it sounded like a defective stand. They sent out a new one. Their support was outstanding, responsive, and I received the part within days. Unfortunately, the bottom left screw still fell into the hole and the TV is still wobbly. It must be a problem with the screw hole on the TV. So I am going to live with the wobble rather than go to the trouble of returning the TV, as well as risking (with my luck) getting a replacement TV that has some issue with the display itself.
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on August 5, 2012
I just purchased this TV after my 34" Sony HDTV's (tube) power supply went out. I was ready to get rid of it anyway since it was a 200lb. monster but it had such a good picture that I hated to part with it.

I had been watching TV prices for the past 6 months or more on Amazon and elsewhere. I had read numerous reviews of various models and wanted to purchase a TV that would fit in the 40" space I have that would not cost an arm and a leg. I thought about all the various options including Internet access which I would love to have, the quality of picture on LCD, LED and Plasma's and thought about 3D a little bit. I decided what I really wanted was a great picture at a reasonable price and this model won out. It seems like Internet connectivity is almost refined now but I can live without it. I can definately live without 3D TV for now.

I didn't go to a big box store to look at any models but I was comfortable I knew what I was doing after reading everything I could find online the last 6 months. I knew the style that I wanted and this LG is pretty handsome for a 42" HDTV.

I really wanted the Panasonic Plasma GT50 and still do but it is very expensive. After reading all the reviews I fell in love with it but I had to be practical and scale back my desires due to the cost. Since this LG was less than half the price of the GT50 and it fit into my space so I bought this model.

I wanted 1080P and had to decide between LCD and LED. I also considered the LG 50" Plasma model PA6500 which is only about a $100 more than this model. It has gotten really good reviews and is approximately half the price of the GT50.

I am very picky and waned the best bang for my lesser buck. I searched the various brands and stores and decided on this model, had it delivered and the big Sony taken away. The 570 looks good where it sits. Its simple design is sharp looking and functional and is fairly easy to set-up. You can manually swivel the screen which is nice if you are the only person watching TV you can move it towards you.

I was thinking Samsung LED or and LG LED also but since the LED's are more expensive I went LCD. This is my first LCD and it is going to take some getting used to. I enjoyed the picture on my tube but it was too small. The 42" is big and just about the right size for my living room. We sit about 5-6 feet away from the TV.

The settings on this TV are fairly easy to navigate thru. I took the energy saving feature off and then played with the picture settings for quite a few days until I was comfortable with what I was looking at. I tried the various modes which you can tweak to your personal taste. I settled on the Cinema picture mode and manually adjusted the settings to my taste. I have also thought about calibrating the picture which I pretty much did myself but would love to find the perfect settings in an online forum. If anyone sees this info anywhere please let everyone know.

The sound quality is good. Separate Bass and Treble settings and a Clearvoice feature sound pretty good. There are 3 or 4 audio settings to choose from.

I like the TV for the price and hope to learn to love it more as time goes on. All in all I am comfortable with my purchase and the functionality of the CS570.
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on October 18, 2012
We bought the lg for the bedroom. the picture on the LG is fantastic. the only complaint is the same as ones I have read about this tv. It has an energy saver mode that makes the picture slowly dim as you are watching it. Simple solution is to turn off the energy saver mode and you will have a terrific picture.
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on November 10, 2012
I am seriously impressed with the quality of this TV. I game primarily with it and the graphics are just outstanding, if you are going to be gaming I would highly suggest getting nothing lower than 120 HTZ. At 60 HTZ I noticed that the game play would not be smooth and vary "lagy" . I would recommend this product to anyone, truly unbeatable price as well. Also within the first three months of owning it, the screen started to turn of and on randomly without doing anything to it, and it got to the point were it would not stay on at all. I called up LG told them of my problem they were extremely helpful, the TV being under warranty they sent a technician out without question. When the tech came out he replaced both of the boarding in the TV because it was under warranty and told me this problem to be vary rare. After this experience with the company I don't think I will ever buy any other brand of TV again. The last thing i wanted to do was send my TV in to some repair depo and have no idea when I would be getting it back. SATISFIED
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on June 11, 2012
I ended up not buying my LG from Amazon because I wanted to avoid the shipping company abuse and my local electronics store, PC Richards, had the same TV for the same money. Yeah, I would have saved sales tax buying it on Amazon but being able to have the TV tested in the store then being able to control it's shipping to my house 8 miles away was worth the little extra expense to me.

I replaced my little 28" Hannspree LCD LCD so going from 28" to 47" was a big, beautiful jump in screen size. The LG 47CS570 had the 1080P and the 120Hz refresh rate I was looking for. The only thing I also wanted was LED back lighting but for this size TV, having that back lighting over the older Fluorescent back-lighting was too much extra expense for the money. The 47CS570 has a great picture only jumping from the little Hannspee to the large LG really shows how much worse 480p is from 1080i or 1080p. On the smaller set, the lower resolution did not really show, on the bigger set, it shows up in a big way and I have trouble tolerating standard definition now on the larger set. Thankfully, my cable company has an HD station alternative for all the old SD stations I used to watch. I've had good luck with LG products so let this void out some of the others who trash LG. This is a very nice set and for less than $800, it is a great buy.
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on August 23, 2012
An absolute great picture. Bought the LG 42" from Amazon and the same day bought a 60" Samsung for three time the price from Best Buy. The picture on the LG is better that the Samsung and the Samsung is very good. I would buy another LG if I needed another TV.
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on July 4, 2012
I've become fed up with buying electronics that have pages & pages of instructions about how to operate them. "User friendly" used to be a goal of developers. I am so happy to have found LG products because they are easy to set up and use right away. I plugged this TV in and it guided me through some simple steps to get it going and running ROKU. It was so very easy. It's been about a month now and it remains a joy to use. I later bought a LG Blu-ray disc player and once again it was easily mated to the TV and running with a few simple steps. Finally,truly user-friendly machines. The remotes for the tv & disc player can be used almost interchangeably, so there's only one remote needed most of the time. I don't have a single complaint. I would like to have the mute button work in 2 stages, but that's a minor thing. Right now, it's an either-or mute, and sometimes it's nice to just take the sound down halfway.
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