Customer Reviews: LG 42LE5400 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV with Internet Applications (2010 Model)
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on August 5, 2010
I had quite an ordeal over the last month attempting to purchase a new HDTV. I was looking in the sub $1000 range, wanted a 40-42" LED-Lit model and did a lot of research before settling on the Samsung UN40C6300.

I originally settled for Samsung over LG due to in-store picture comparisons and quite frankly, Samsung's great reputation over the past years. They were the pioneers of LED edge lighting and for a long time remained king of HDTVs. When my set arrived via Amazon (which was super simple by the way) and I set it up, I was instantly shocked and disappointed. The samsung model had the worst backlight bleeding I have ever seen in any LCD TV/Monitor.. ever.. Upon researching the issue further I discovered that Samsung now outsources panels and I got stuck with a horrible Chineese CN02 panel while the model in the store happened to be using a Samsung Branded IPS panel. I can't say for sure whether stores always get the better panel for display purposes, but this sneaky bait and switch should be illegal. Needless to say, the viewing angles on the horrible CN02 panel and the awful bleeding (spots the size of softballs scattered through the image). Furious, I set up an immediate exchange with Amazon and went back to researching.

Digging deep in Amazon's search, I stumbled across the LG 42LE5400 which was only $4 more then the previous Samsung model. What caught me about this TV over the previous was the following:
1) Same exact price.
2) Research indicated NO panel lottery and LG using superior IPS panels.
3) 2" Larger Screen
4) NetCast Apps (Samsung's only supplies these on higher-end models)
5) Wider range of inputs including composite-in
6) Matte screen (Yes glossy looks nicer, but I'd rather not watch TV in a mirror).

The exchange through amazon was painless and I am always impressed by their policies and understanding. After the horrible Samsung model was dragged away and the new LG panel dropped off, I set it up and was pleased.

The picture was just as nice as the Samsung in my opinion (though a bit less crisp due to matte screen instead of glossy, but that was to be expected and actually ended up being preferred due to lack of reflections). I confirmed a genuine IPS panel by the orientation of the pixels and the push-test. I cannot comment on the sound since I always use a home theater receiver and have never used the built-in speakers. The Set comes with tons of calibration options, eco-sensors (which I disabled as I found it preferred to darken the screen too much. Why have an LED screen when you dim it down to nothing). Even the lighting on the power and function buttons has a neat animation and full control of turning off pesky logo lighting when watching in the dark, a nice touch.

The only gripes I have on this panel are the following:
1) There is some mild backlight bleeding around the top right and bottom left corner. This tends to make blacks in that general area a bit more grey, but nowhere (and I mean nowhere) as bad as the Samsung. I suppose this is just a limitation of Edge-lit panels.
2) NetCast does NOT include Pandora even though it lists Pandora all over LGs website. I suppose they only include that in their receivers/blu-ray players, a major disappointment. Should be called "NetCast Lite".

I really rate this panel a 4.5/5 due to the mild backlight bleeding. I feel more care should be put by all brands regarding this issue, but this panel was much better then others thus why I'm keeping it. I'm also a bit put off by the differences in NetCast.

Other then that, I'm glad that I finally have this whole fiasco behind me. LG came out of the woodwork for me and blew me away with a far-superior television then the comparable Samsung model with no surprises, tricks and included many extras for the same price range. Unless something goes wrong (or they start getting sneaky with bait-and-switch like Samsung), LG is my new television brand.
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on July 20, 2010
This is a great TV: awesome picture and features.

- picture brightness is great: I'm using it in a bright living room (with windows on either side of TV), and the LED screen is bright enough to watch w/o problem.

- overall features great: Assume I've gushed on about the picture quality, the number of inputs (including several on the side for easy access), the neat 'video mute' feature (under energy saver) so I can play a music CD on my DVD player and not have to see the DVD's stupid music screen, and so on. (Hmm, I guess I could play mp3s on a thumb drive directly from the tv itself; I haven't tried that yet.)

- Audio sync problem fixed via firmware: As others have mentioned, after 45min-1hr, the audio became noticeably out of sync from the picture; this seemed to be equally true for all inputs. It wouldn't get *worse* after more time, but it was bad enough that it looked dubbed. My initial hack was to switch to a different input then switch back to the program, and it would re-sync. However, after upgrading the firmware via the internet this problem disappeared. A few notes:
~ getting the internet connected took me a bit; even though DHCP should have happened at plug-in, I had to turn my wireless hub off/on in order to get the TV to get its IP address;
~ In order to trigger the firmware update, I had to press 'netcast' or 'widgets' on the remote; I think it was at that point that the TV automatically sought out the update.
~ it took two firmware updates in a row to reach the most recent version (6.0.something, I think).

- Noticeable delay lag for video games: about a tenth of a second or even a bit more (after some measurements and calculating). This is acceptable for many games, but for Wii Music every note I play is off beat, and for Dance Dance Revolution a perfect step scores between "great" and "good". (This is a lag between when the signal is received and when it actually gets displayed -- it doesn't matter for normal TV since you'd never notice if your entire movie is shifted back 0.1s. N.B. "Delay lag" is *not* related to "pixel response time".)
~ [Delay lag on other models: I dragged my Wii Music down to Best Buy and tried it on several similar models I was considering. The Samsung LEDs I tried also had ~0.10s lag; Sony Bravia LEDs had ~0.06s lag (still noticeable); no noticeable lag on LCD Viera or Sharp Aquos *LCD*, but (weirdest part) the Sharp Aquos *LED* did have lag (~0.10s). All the models I tried were 40-46"; most were 120Hz. I hope all the time I spent measuring helps out somebody else!]

This is for a 42" LG5400; 2010.Jul.15.
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on August 30, 2010
So far, the picture quality is good to me, who never had LCD or LED tv before. So anything better than CRTV is kind of a "wow" to me. So, I dont want to write too much about picture quality.

There is one thing I felt betrayed about. There is nowhere in the product description tells that the "Wireless Ready" feature works if and only if one uses USB wireless adapter made by LG and no other USB wireless adapter. I purchased this "Internet Ready" TV with a hope that I would use a different wireless USB adapter that can be purchased for just $15. Now, I am shocked to learn that I will have to use only LG adapter that one can buy for about $80 in amazon.

So, when you purchase this product,keep in mind that you will have to spend another 80 bucks to make Netcast and netflix work. Although other option is to hook your computer to the TV by HDMI or AVI.

I hope this review help you make informed decision.
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on July 2, 2010
The LG 42LE5400 is my first flat-screen television, and I've only had it for a couple weeks now. So there are the caveats.

But to my eye, it's a beautiful machine -- with the power on or off. I'm the kind of person who wants the giant TV in my living room to look nice even when it's off; only Samsung sets can match this LG in the looks department. It's almost impossibly thin, and when powered off it's just a cool-looking black panel sitting on my entertainment center.

Turned on, it's amazing. I haven't noticed any blurring while watching sports or action, the colors are great, flesh tones look like flesh, and the blacks look more than adequate. I did have to fiddle with the settings some out of the box -- turned the backlighting way down, for example. But to me, the television's self-calibration system seems to work great.

The Internet apps are pretty good, if a little spare. The TV connects to Netflix, Vudu, YouTube and other Internet video using an Ethernet cable plugged into my wireless router. LG sells a separate wireless receiver that you can plug into the television to ditch the 10baseT. There are also a bunch of Yahoo! "widgets" that do things like tell you the weather and check stock prices. They seem relatively useless.

So: Five stars, for now. That could change depending on the television's durability; it's a new model, so it doesn't really have a track record.
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on August 19, 2010
The TV was very easy to set up. Laying it face down on a side by side pair of couch cushions (thus elevating it above the floor) made attaching the pedestal super easy. Lifting it onto the stand was easy too, it's a heck of a lot lighter than the behemoth tube TV it replaced.

Once all connections were made and the unit was powered up, it immediately detected the wired internet connection and requested permission to download a software update. And another update. And another update. And another update. I think there were four. I use an outdoor antenna instead of cable, the tuner pulls in all the channels my converter box did, and then some. If there is a broadcast signal strength indicator, I haven't found it. A broadcast signal strength indicator is very important for aiming your antenna. Digital signals don't fade if you turn the the antenna the wrong way, the picture simply disappears. I'll be keeping the converter box around for antenna alignment purposes. There is a bit of a delay when changing channels - I suppose it takes a moment to lock in and start decoding the new channel. My old decoder box had a similar delay when changing channels.

The remote's fairly intuitive, and even has light-up buttons (they time out in about five seconds). The "Netcast" and Wigets" buttons are too close to the up and down on the four way rocker button that's used for navigating setup, Netcast, and Widgets menus - care must be taken when tweaking settings, or you find yourself kicked out of your menu unexpectedly. I already had a Netflix account, so all I had to do was click on Netflix, get the TV's code number, log into Netflix with my computer, and enter the code there. My Netflix cue was up on the TV within thirty seconds.

The picture looks really good. I only have one analog broadcast channel, and that one even looks fairly good. The digital broadcast channels look great in SD, and the HD channels look fantastic! Netfilx movies play beautifully. I tried out a preview on VUDU in full 1080, and it was as smooth as silk! My living room gets lots of sunlight, but the TV shows up clearly. At night, during dark scenes, there is a tiny hint of a light glow on the lower right edge, but it is very, very minor (I probably wouldn't have noticed it at all if I hadn't learned of the phenomenon from other reviews).

Aside from the aforementioned lack of a broadcast signal strength indicator, I'm very pleased with my LG 42LE5400. So far.

*UPDATE* (8/21/2010)
Finally found the digital signal strength indicator (via LG's knowledge base search). It's located in the "Channel" sub menu, under "Manual Tuning". They really should mention this in the owners manual. My old digital converter box has a dedicated button on the remote for the digital signal strength meter.
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on September 2, 2010
Like so many others I did several weeks of checking all the high end name brands online and at many of the big box stores. At the start I never even looked at the LG line of LED/LCD TV's. After visiting one particular store, that happened to have this model, I was quite surprised at the picture quality and the features. My wife and I are exceedingly pleased about this TV purchase and have been urging our friends who are thinking of a new TV not to dismiss LG. One of our favorite features is the auto volume setting which goes a long way toward lowering those annoying advertising sound spikes. LG 42LE5400 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV

I would recommend this TV to anyone as a quality value item for the price, the features and the technology.
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on September 6, 2010
I love this TV. Bought it for our bedroom along with the wireless media kit. It is perfect. The tv was very easy to set up, the picture is crystal clean and its just a very clean looking set. The power consumption economy mode is pretty cool, dims when the lights go down which is perfect for the bedroom then brightens up when the lights come on. As far as the TV itself I have not found any problems. I do have a couple minor issues with features. Netcast - the LG website shows many apps however this TV only gets 4; Netflix, You Tube, Picaso and Vudu (not including Yahoo widgets). I was really looking forward to having Pandora and Facebook so I'm not sure why the website shows them but they are not actually available. Then theres the remote. I do like the illuminated buttons but thats about it. The buttons are too close together around the directional click wheel and I've been having troubles with it. It comes and goes but sometimes it won't let me click the same direction more than once. For example if I was scrolling or tryng to type something in and I needed to go to the right I will have to click right down right up just to get 2 spaces to the right. Same thing if I'm choosing and setting the sleep mode. Annoying but I can live with it. Having the wireless media kit I need to use my cable tv remote most of the time anyway. I do wish we could get more apps though. Another feature I like about this tv is that you can choose inputs. Standard cable, HDMI or over the air digital. This is nice because we have the wireless media kit hooked to our main cable box in our living room via a splitter which means both TV's would need to be watching the same shows. Being able to switch inputs means gives me the option of watching any show on basic cable is someone else is watch HD oon our main TV. Anyway, I highly recommend this tv unless you are heavily into apps.
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on November 17, 2010
I want to add some Netflix info for folks wanting to know. Unlike what I have read about other brands, LG's Netflix app is very useful.

You have the ability to:
-search and rate any title
-add any title to your dvd or instant que
-remove any title from your instant que
-view your instant que
-select any episode for viewing (i.e. South Park season one episode 1,2,3 etc)
-pause playback of titles and FF or RR in ~ 6 second intervals via thumbnails

I find movie streaming is very good with great pq. Adding movies to a que is easier using a pc, which is expected so no downgrade for that. User interface is responsive and not laggy. Does not stream the Starz content but I don't think any internet tv does that right now. Of course everything is subject to change as firmware updates are released and more features are added.

Overall this Netflix interface does everything you need with a simple and user friendly interface that anyone can master.
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on December 30, 2010
The TV is OK but LG should do better. As mentioned in the reviews of the 37LE5300, LG uses both IPS and non-IPS panels but they don't make that clear to the consumer. The white sticker on my box reads 42LE5400-UC.ASUDLUR which means unit is a non-IPS model. Had it read 2LE5400-UC.ASUWxxx would be an IPS model. IPS is WAY better than the non-IPS (I looked in a store). Many people (myself included until today) think there is no panel lottery on 42 inch models, but it has happened to several of us now as noted in the comments on other reviews here. I only want IPS so I'm returning it. Check the AVS forum on it or google "le5300 panel lottery" for more info.
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on August 1, 2010
When it came down to shopping for a new TV, I compared several models from several manufacturers, including, Sams**g, S*ny, Pana***ic, Tos**ba, etc..... and from reading all of the reviews, this model had excellent reviews from top to bottom. And boy were they right. After calibrating the TV, which takes just a few minutes using the LG wizard, I saw the most incredible looking High Definition that I have ever seen. And that was just using my Comcast cable box. Then I popped in my Avatar Blu-ray and I was BLOWN AWAY!!!! I've never seen a picture more perfect in my life. No motion blur, no microblocking, absolutely nothing flawed whatsoever, even while watching fast actioned sports. The TV's speakers work pretty good for such a thin set. Even the streaming video from Netflx is awesome. I haven't tried any of the other optional internet based addons. If you're looking for a stunning picture that will not break the bank, I highly recommend getting this TV. 1080p, 120hz, what more could you ask for around $900?
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