Customer Reviews: LG 42PA4500 42-Inch 720p 600Hz Plasma HDTV (2012 Model)
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on April 21, 2012
Owning a SONY Bravia LCD and a Panasonic Viera plasma I knew I preferred the plasma and decided on this LG 50-inch for its hard to beat price. I considered it a secondary TV to my larger 1080p Panasonic so didn't mind this one's 720p resolution. After living with it for a few weeks, I'm happy with that decision and I would rate the picture very highly, with a couple minor reservations.

Some say you can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080, but I definitely can see the individual pixels when I'm within a few feet of the screen, and there is a slight difference on small, sharply edged images, like the ESPN screen crawl for example. If it's your habit to sit five or six feet from the TV you might want to spend extra for a 1080; but the farther you get from the screen the less difference between the two. At 10-12 feet this is an excellent picture, very close to my 1080 Panasonic.

The other niggle is that the screen is highly reflective, which can be annoying in brightly lit rooms. The picture itself is not to blame -- it is as bright and vibrant as my SONY Bravia.

There is a handy setup menu for adjusting the picture, Picture Wizard II, which will get you very close to ideal and there are plenty of adjustments to tinker with to get it how you like it from there.

I've read that LGs can't compete with Panasonics in black levels, but I don't notice a difference on my sets, and other than the subtle differences mentioned above, the two are extremely similar.
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on April 29, 2012
The big scare anyone looking for a TV will have is the 720p. Won't your TV experience be ruined? The answer is maybe.
First thing to consider is the TVs distance. If you are doing to be watching a TV of this size at lets say 8'or less 1080vs 720 would be noticeable. >8ft you probably couldn't tell unless you are some sort of TV guru.
Second thing to consider is the content you intend to view the most. Except for your home blu-rays/game consoles or some Nexflix, your TV never gets a 1080p input. Your HD cable/dish is 480-720. Hulu is also 720p as is much of Netflix. All that being said, your intended use of the screen will determine if the 720 would affect you. All that being said, unless you intend to use the TV for a game room or a home theater, you probably are fine with 720 as most your content is less than 720.
As far as this TV goes, like all plasmas the picture is great and you can't go wrong. The screen, for this price is also fairly thin. The bezel is also fairly small giving this TV a much more expensive look. I like this model because it is not a smart TV, which I advise avoiding. Smart TVs are nice, but a problem with the Smart feature is also a problem with the TV. If you instead use a Roku or similar device with your TV a problem with the Roku is isolated to the Roku.
The only real negatives I have against this TV is the connections. I would like more side connections and more HDMIs. Overall this is a great buy though and don't pay extra for the 1080p that you probably don't need.
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on May 17, 2012
First of all, for those people that are not familiar with LG and think it is an "off-brand", think again. LG Electronics is a Korean company that began as two different companies: Lucky brand appliances and GoldStar electronics. When the two companies merged, they became Lucky-Goldstar or LG. LG is the second largest manufacturer of televisions in the world, second only to Samsung. Together, they dominate half of the world's display manufacturing. Screens manufactured by LG Display are used in monitors sold by Dell, NEC, ASUS, and even Apple for their Macs and iPhones. To call the 42PA4500 an entry level plasma would be like calling the Nissan Maxima an entry level car. Sure, compared to the Infiniti M-Class it is an entry level car but on its own it is more than adequate. It has all the bells and whistles that one would expect from a top-of-the-line television, such as variable picture and sound modes, a thin bezel, swivel stand, ambient light sensor, and pixel orbiter to prevent burn-in. There were no issues on arrival, such as defective pixels or loose connections. The price, of course, was right. At $497 all in for a 42 inch plasma there really is no going wrong. Yes, the 720p resolution can be an issue for some. But like they say, at this size you really can't tell the difference. I find that the difference, compared with the LG LCD in another room, is that standard definition channels look slightly fuzzier. When watching HD there really is no difference. This is a 2012 model if I'm not mistaken, so many of the issues with plasmas have been resolved. There is no screen door effect, and there is no real need for a break in period, although I am limiting my first 100 hours of viewing to HD channels without black bars and without little logos in the corners, set to a low contrast and brightness level. The screen is very reflective, however, so any lights will be visible on the screen. The downward facing 10-watt speakers sound best when the set is on a table rather than mounted on the wall, so the sound is reflected off the tabletop.
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on March 6, 2012
This was my first flat screen tv. I have looked at them in stores for years, and knew the "quality" of the image I wanted. I totally took a chance because this one looked good, and the price was right.

Delivery took about a week, but that was OK with me, they really made sure it was kept in perfect condition.

It was really easy to set up... instructions are a little vague about putting the TV onto the stand you just assembled. So look at a picture on here if you can't get it on, the majority of the base needs to stick out the front of the tv.... a tad hard to line up, but we got it.

At first the screen color was way to green, but the crispness and LARGE screen made it worth figuring out. Tried messing with tint, color, image, settings, ect. Nothing helped... but got a few settings that would be great for during a party!

Anyway, turned out to be the XBox that we were playing a DVD through. When we took it off and finally got the DirecTV hooked up... WOW!!!!!!!!!

Moved in a regular DVD player and it is awesome!!!! Time may tell another story, but for now, I'm like a kid at Christmas. I hear that there could be bad reflections on the screen, but in our room nothing hits it... any lights at night that interfer are just turned off for a great show.
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on May 30, 2012
I got this for a friend, but set it up at home side by side with my Samsung PN59d7000 which is of course 1080. If you set this TV up right, it is VERY close to the Samsung. Broadcast TV is at its best 720, so you get nothing from the 1080, Select the VIVID picture setting (which is sort of like a showroom setting for home use and adjust settings to your preference. This creates a very bright and sharp picture and since it is Plasma, no problem with motion. Why anyone would pay more for a high end LCD/LED TV is beyond me. Am buying another for myself just because it is an incredible deal. Go to Costco and buy a 3 year extended warranty with in house service for $29.99 and you have 4 years of coverage! Everyone thinks Plasma is yesterday. Don't be fooled. For $449.00 this TV is the equal to sets costing 2 to 3 times as much.
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on September 2, 2012
This TV is boss.

My TV came delivered from a company called Ceva. They are wonderful. I ordered my tv the Friday before labor day. Even though it was Amazon 2 day shipping it was scheduled to be delivered on the Tuesday after labor day. I called up Ceva and they said they would be more than happy to deliver on Saturday instead of wait till after the holiday. And 3 hours later the delivery man was pulling up. (If you order the tv through Amazon it comes with a 'white glove' installation. Meaning the driver helps set it up) Trust me this tv is heavy so two people is a plus. The tv sat vertical on the truck and was nicely secured during transit.

The Tv comes with a base, swivel stand, a few screw and some other miscellaneous accessories. The base is a nice glossy black. The swivel stand is a hard plastic, not metal. The driver who was helping put it together was a bit reticent about that. But it seems sturdy. Everything was put together fine.

In one word: Glorious. This is my first hd tv and it is made of awesome. As soon as we turned it on, got it setup with our cable my mom was blown away. The tv is very thin and the weight is evenly dispersed across the entire set. Not top heavy or bottom heavy. The picture quality is superb. - Sidenote: The remote is top notch, very good quality.- I know a lot of people say you should run tests on a plasma first in order to "break it in", but I saw no need to do this. Also the whole problem of leaving stagnant pictures on, white the tvis on, for long periods of time is sort of true. The screen saver for my set top box had a ghost image that stayed on for about 30 seconds after I changed the screen. (not a bid deal at all) Now, my windows are behind the tv and there are no windows in front of it; so reflection is not an issue at all. BTW if this is 720p I may faint if I see 1080p. lol. The image quality is spot on. Clear as day.

This tv is perfection. Some call it "entry level", well if that is the case then this is at the top of the level. It is a great price at $548 and is worth every penny.

09/12/12 ***************************************UPDATE*********************************************************
Tv is still working fabulously. I do notice that even if you have a hint of light in the room that you can always see yourself in the tv. Its not so much annoying because you have to conscientiously look at your self to see it. (i dont know a better way to say it) But it is not a deal breaker.
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on August 1, 2012
Based on the price I should probably give this a 5/5 but nothing is perfect and this is a 720p set for 1080p (admittedly cheap LCD) money. Further, pretty much all Plasma 720p sets including this one aren't even true 720p. They are 1024x768 resolution, not 1280x720. This is due to the use of rectangular instead of square pixels. This does not mean they're hard on the eyes, in fact I'd rate this set significantly higher than the other sets in it's price range, LCD, LED (which is in fact LCD, just with an LED back-light instead of a compact florescent) or Plasma. The 1080p VIERA is nicer of course, but at double the price it had certainly better be.

Given the assumption that pretty much all of your content is 720p or lower, which is currently true for anything except blu-ray, this is a great set and the up-scaling of standard definition content is significantly better than the Samsung models I compared it to. Color reproduction is excellent, there is no motion blur, blacks are black, off-angles are good, sound quality is both decent (far better than any of the slim sets) and offers an optical out for 5.1 surround. This feature is awesome for people like me with an great quality but older receiver that can't accept HDMI inputs, only composite, component and optical. I own two of these sets (one older model, one current) and I have not experienced any burn-in on either one. As I said, a good set for the price.
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on November 27, 2012
When it comes to audio and video, I would say I am entry level expert. I do video editing, build computers, process video formats, and use this TV as a computer monitor in addition to using it as a regular TV.

My friend bought the same type of TV although he bought a Samsung 50 inch 720 P plasma. The Samsung will not run at its native resolution from a PC computer using HDMI cord. What this means is the Samsung picture does not look like it should when you're using a PC (lap top). However this TV does run at its native resolution of 1280 x 720, using an old Toshiba laptop, so this LG TV has the correct aspect ratio when you're watching movies from a small laptop using the RGB input. I have also tested this LG TV with an HDMI input and it also runs at 1280 x 720 directly from an HP lap top. You have to go to your monitor properties in Windows and uncheck the box that says "hide unsupported modes" and then you have to change the "adapter" settings in windows display settings, to 1280 x 720 @ 50hz, then you can use this TV as a monitor. It will look perfect this way when playing movies, as the aspect ratio (width/height) will be correct. Running any widescreen TV at 1024 x 768 will not yield the correct aspect ratio, and people will look short and fat, which is a huge problem if you actually want to get what you paid for.

This is one of those rare electronic devices that has literally blown my mind with its features. At of all the things that I have purchased in my life, this TV has been the best value, it has the most features, and it is the most underrated of any device I have ever seen on the market.

The single main negative: There is no bass to speak of from the speakers. However the speakers produce very natural sound, it is not a hollow sound, the voices are extremely clear and accurate, the treble is perfectly pitched and not too high, and the sound field appears to be coming from the center of the TV. On this LG TV the speakers are located on the bottom and the sound field sounds like it is coming from the center of the picture, it is truly amazing how they were able to make the sound so clean and so accurate. The only downside as I said is there is no bass but this is not really a downside considering the accuracy of the sound. Bear in mind a lot of Samsung TV's have speakers in the back. Try to avoid is rear facing speakers unless you don't plan on using the TV speakers. I don't have surround sound and don't want surround sound, this TV has very clean sound, and the voices are crisp and powerful. To me the voices are most important, along with the accuracy of the sound. This TV succeeds in both departments.

Now to the most important part. You can plug a external hard drive into the side of this TV, and it will play any video. What it gives you is a menu that shows you all of the information on your hard drive. The menu is extremely user-friendly. This TV will play AVI files, H.264 (.mp4) files. It it will play MKV files and everything in between. However what is truly amazing is the way that it upscales the video. No matter what you throw at it, using the USB port on the side of the TV, whether it be a memory stick or an external hard drive, it makes the video look absolutely perfect.

I have found some video files were the audio will not play. These are MKV files. All the AVI files have played perfectly thus far. I have tested about 70 videos, all of them played perfectly, some of the MKV files did not have audio though. Overall the video codecs are some of the best I've ever seen, the video codecs are responsible for decoding video when you are using the USB input on the side.

The audio codecs are a little short on this TV however, only because some MKV files do not play audio. This is not much of a downside as MKV files are not common on the Internet for downloads. Most MKV files are 1.5 GB or larger. You can just download AVI files which are known as divx, this LG TV, will play all divx files that I have seen, and the audio is perfect. Chances are if you can find a file that is MKV, you can also find the same movie in AVI format. That's what I had to do for some movies.

Now there is some debate whether you need a 1080 P TV, or a 720 P TV. You do not need a 1080 P TV, unless you are using a Blu-ray player. Personally I do not like Blu-ray discs due to their cost. I play all of my videos through the TVs USB port or from the RGB input on the back of the TV, from my laptop. If you use a 1080 P TV, the quality of downloaded movies, or old movies that are not Blu-ray, is actually reduced, because the TV has too many pixels, and the video must be scaled up to be much larger than it really is. A 720 P TV, actually has larger pixels, and less pixels, therefore there is less up-scaling needed when you are starting with a small, non-Blu-ray, video. What this means is 720 P makes most video look better, unless it is a Blu-ray. Most video is not Blu-ray, and if that's all you are watching, then you might benefit from a totally different TV.

I am using a laptop with the RGB output, and this is plugged directly into the TV which also has an RGB input. RGB is a standard monitor cable from the old computers, before they went with HDMI, and DVI. This TV does not have a DVI input, however most computers have an RGB, or an HDMI output. Therefore you should be able to hook any computer to this TV. Beware that most TVs do not have an RGB input anymore. This was a tremendous benefit when researching this TV, and is one of the reasons I purchased it. If your laptop or computer does not have an HDMI, then you cannot hook it to most big-screen TVs, unless they have an RGB input, like this LG TV.

The picture is outstanding with rich colors, and the viewing angle does not change no matter where you are in the room. The picture is just as bright up and down and side to side. You can see the picture from halfway across the room very clearly. The picture is extremely bright and I actually set it to a lower setting because it is so bright.

This TV does make a hissing noise that is very faint due to it being a plasma TV. You can hear this hissing when there's no music or audio playing, when the TV is being used as a monitor or there is a silent scene in a movie, although I've never noticed it when watching a movie. My old Panasonic 42 inch plasma seemed quieter than this. I am very picky about my electronics, and the hissing is not an issue at all, since it is so faint.

For the price I cannot believe that they even make a TV this good. The fact that it plays all "downloaded" movies with ease, except for a few MKV files that have no audio, and the level of picture quality, along with the user-friendliness of all the menus, and the very convenient button layout on the remote, I am somewhat shocked to be honest. My last Panasonic TV had none of these features, it cost $100 more, and it burned out within two years of barely using it, developing a large black stripe down the side.

I am sold on LG TVs now and I would gladly purchase another. I have watched it almost nonstop for three weeks. I can assure you that I've tested it with more tests than any normal person would ever dare to do. The only thing I haven't done is play a Blu-ray disc from a Blu-ray player, but I have played Blu-ray files and they look outstanding.

I would recommend this TV to anybody. I also think that the 50 inch size is perfect, there is a noticeable difference from a 42 inch, and it seems just right for most viewing. I plan on keeping this TV for as long as I can, until it kicks the bucket. I could never see a reason to replace it.
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on July 24, 2012
This is a great TV for the money. You can't honestly find anything better in it's price range that has all of it's features and quality.
My first impression taking it out of the box was WOW! this is a really nicely built TV. It's very well constructed and feels high quality. It does not feel cheap like some LCD's in the same price range and has a very nice stand.
Picture quality is just amazing! I compared it in a TV store next to a similar Samsung Plasma and a $600 Samsung 1080p LED LCD. My conclusion was that yes compared to the 1080p set of similar size you could tell a slight difference up close but once you stepped back past 6ft the Plasma starts to win out due to better color and depth. For an entry level TV I'd go with this over any of the 60hz LCD/LED sets. I'd even take it over a 1080p 120hz LCD/LED. Once you get the settings all the way you like them this has serious bang for your buck.

My only complaints are:
1- The speakers are not brilliant... This is a not an issue though because most people use a sound system. The speakers are not too bad though.
2- The advanced menu can be a little confusing seeing as how the manual is not very good at explaining things.
3- Screen glare is an issue. But to be honest it's better than the CRT I came from. It's not really noticeable unless you have a window behind your TV like i do.

Overall, for the cost of this unit, I'd say 5 stars well earned. I think it's worth more than I payed for it.
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on December 26, 2012
I've owned this TV for one month. Previously I had a 37" LED. For the price, I am overwhelmed at how awesome the picture is. I read a lot of reviews between this tv and several others in the price range for 50". Before, and since buying it, I walk around the displays at Best Buy and without looking at prices just try to see what tv's have a better picture than my own. I am shocked at times to see a tv twice look worse (this could be the way they have it set up in the store.) The price range you start to see a difference is about $1,500+.

That being said, I think the picture on this tv is beautiful. The blacks are black and the colors really pop. Some have complained of the reflective glare and if you have windows in front of the tv it will reflect during the day like any plasma. My windows are behind the tv so I don't have this problem.

I used the picture wizard to set up the display settings after using some of the settings over users provided. The wizard is very helpful.

This is not a "smart" tv in that it is not hooked up to the internet and can't stream netflicks. I use a desktop computer and hook that up to one of the HDMI inputs. It is a very simple solution to having a smart TV. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse and play video games, download movies, etc all through my desktop to the TV.

I still can't believe I only paid $500 for it. One downside is that it could probably have another HDMI input. I don't use DVD's (play through the desktop) and game systems and this could be a downside to someone who needs a lot of HDMI inputs.
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