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on February 16, 2013
I was looking to upgrade to a 3D TV, read a lot of reviews, pros and cons on the active vs passive 3D, etc. Finally came to the decision for passive 3D, and was able to narrow down my options to just two LG models: the LM4600 or the 'smart TV' LM6400. Both are 120Hz LED, and both have 3D. Spec-wise, they are almost identical. The only differences are, LM6400 has WiFi and the Magic Remote, while the LM4600 has only LAN connection with a conventional remote.

I tried the Magic Remote in a local store. It's nice. Much like a Wii remote. But Wii remote has a very big flaw. If you own a Wii, you'd know it. It drains battery like there's no tomorrow. I asked the sale rep how long the batteries last on a Magic Remote. He has no clue.

Smart TV can surf web and has many built-in 'Apps'. At home I already got my desktop hooked up to my old LCD TV w/ wireless keyboard & mouse, so the web-surfing feature has little concern for me. For the 'Apps', most of them I don't use. The only one I do is Skype. So I asked the sale rep does the Smart TV has a built-in webcam? "Nope, you gotta buy one separately."Then can I use my PC's webcam with the Smart TV? "No, you gotta buy the LG's webcam specially designed for the Smart TV for Skype to work. It runs about $100~150 a piece." Well, screw that...

How about WiFi? Hmm, that's an useful feature to have. If I don't surf web on the TV, what do I need WiFi for? Can it stream 1080p movies over WiFi? Hmm, I think I'd rather stream HD movies over wired LAN to be safe...

My local store sells the 47" LM4600 for $600, and the 47" LM6400 for $750.

Last weekend I brought home the 47" LM4600.
Now I'm watching some IMAX 3D movies I found on the web on my new TV, streamed thru the TV's DLNA via wired LAN, and it works perfectly. Couldn't be happier with my new TV.
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on June 13, 2013
When my current TV died I began an exhaustive search for a replacement. I looked online, read reviews, went to TV stores, talked to friends, interrogated several electronic store clerks, went back to TV stores again and checked numerous consumer complaint websites. Here's what I came up; picture quality and quality control are everything when you are looking for a new TV. I want the image to look great and I don't want the TV to die the day after the warranty expires. And those two criteria lead me to LG. According to my research (especially talking to store clerks) the LG brand has less problems than anyone else, including Sony. According to my eyes LG has the best picture quality (hence the 13 trips to a variety of electronics stores). In the end the 47" LED/LCD 47LM4600/4700 fit my budget perfectly without any gimmicks like WiFi or smart features (which adds more stuff to go wrong). And I can tell you I made the right choice. The image quality is amazing, the sound is good enough for even a larger room, the functionality is just what I needed, the remote is solid and the price was perfect. I have no complaints about this TV and expect it to last me a long long time.
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on February 8, 2013
I like the LG brand, I also have a LG LCD TV and it has been great, now it is in the bedroom and the new one takes its place in the living room. We use it for tv and movies, and it is great. I don't expect perfect fluidity out of a $599 dollar TV but it looks good even when the action gets fast. The blacks are BLACK and the color is GOOD! I don't need smart TV because of the great 3D Blu ray player that has all the apps I want for $100. The sound is pretty unimpressive but adequate for watching tv and we use the stereo when watching movies, I am a realist so I don't expect a thin TV with a small bezel to be able to house speakers that will produce sound that will satisfy an audiophile like myself. I wish LG would put a RCA audio out on their TV's, other than that I love it.

Update: I have owned the tv for a few months now and at first found the 3D to be pretty bad, but once I updated the firmware, downloaded to a USB from the LG website, it is awesome! The images don't really come out of the TV much but the depth is amazing, its like you could just climb in through the window.
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on June 2, 2013
I got this TV for sale when it was only $550 delivered, and it was a steal. Even at its suggested MSRP of $799, I think this would still be a five star TV. I'm very picky when it comes to HDTVs, and I've owned at least a dozen of them over the past several years. If I have even the slightest qualms about a TV, I simply return it- they're too expensive to keep if I'm not completely happy with them. This TV passes my high standards.

Picture quality is bright, sharp, and without blur. The fact that it's not "real" 120hz does not bother me in the slightest, because I always set my TVs to 60Hz refresh rate, anyway. Why? Because when the refresh rate goes beyond that, the dreaded "soap opera effect" kicks in, which ruins programming for me. I like my movies to still look like movies, not soap operas. I've been told that faster refresh rates can enhance sporting events, but I've yet to notice this difference. I think the blur (or lack thereof) simply comes down to the quality of the unit and the standards set forth by the manufacturer.

As for aesthetic design, this thing is very well done, and I love its super thin design (1.4 inches), something a lot of manufacturers have oddly been veering away from, even as they deceptively tout their TVs as "LED" (technically, you can have a "fat" LED, but this is in direct contrast to what consumers have been led to believe over the past three or four years). The bezel is thin and looks sharp, ditto for the base. Assembly took about three minutes, and the ports are easy to reach. Three HDMI ports is MORE than enough, and much appreciated (though I do own a 32" TCL with five). If you need more than that, you should perhaps look for another TV.

I'm not a fan of 3D, and I basically never use it. But the 3D does work remarably well with this TV, if you like that feature. Also, it includes four sets of glasses, which is a nice bonus.

Sound quality is very good for a flat panel TV. I don't have it hooked up to any kind of speakers, and it's plenty loud. The "Clear Voice" is a great feature that makes dialogue easy to hear. You can certainly get better sound from a receiver, but for average people like me, this thing is great, even at less than half volume.

One word of warning: the screen is rather reflective (I think this may have something to do with the 3D), which is not an issue for me, because of my particular setup. But if you think it might become a problem for you, steer clear and get something with a matte finish.

In conclusion, this is an awesome TV (especially at $550) that has made me a fan of LG.
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on March 22, 2015
We really do like this TV and it has a great picture. However, only one movie we watched in 3D was worth looking at - Man of Steel. All of the other 3D movies we watched had terrible ghosting images everywhere. If you are looking for a nice 3D TV, this isn't it. If you are looking for a great non 3D TV this is very nice.
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on September 1, 2013
This is a very nice, easy to use 47" 3D TV with great picture quality. I'm not a videophile, but it meets or exceeds all of my expectations. Not a smart TV, but I don't care. My PS3 and soon, my PS4, are more than sufficient for doing anything a smart TV can do.

Added features I appreciate are : base lets the TV swivel 15 degrees either direction, comes with 4 pairs of passive 3D glasses, and the on board speakers sound much better than the Vizio and Toshiba flat screens I've had before.

The only thing that I dislike is the lack of an analog audio out, since I have an older stereo system I'm not ready to give up on yet. I had to order a digital to analog converter and an optical audio cable to make it work. Not a big deal to me, but I'm sure it would've been simple enough for LG to stick an analog out on the TV.
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on March 25, 2013
This TV came on time and it was simple easy to use! You can make anything 3D with a touch of a button literally!
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on December 8, 2013

I bought this from a local retailer and it worked good for the first couple of months. However, the black level was terrible the whole time (it's actually grey instead of black, I later noticed most of LG's LED TVs are all like that), but I decided to live with it because I didn't want to haul it back. If the retailer had a display unit of this I would've never bought it, so NEVER buy a TV without looking at the display first! Anyways, after a few months the TV started bleeding backlight from 3 out of the 4 edges and it was actually getting worse by the day, yes that's right. So I finally called LG and told them about the issue and even the their tech support said it's most likely a defective panel. So they set up an appointment for a tech to come to my home to repair it and I had to request that morning off from work. The tech showed up on the scheduled day, empty handed. He turned on the TV and confirmed the panel was defective and called his boss who asked him to use his smartphone to take a photo/video proving the panel was indeed defective. It appeared LG doesn't even trust their own techs. Afterwards they ordered the replacement panel and scheduled another day to actually replace it, and again I had to request another morning off from work. On the repair day the same tech came and started taking my TV apart. He was very clumsy and careless, I had to help out although he claimed he was ok. While he went to his van to get the replacement panel I took a quick look at the circuit boards from the TV. I noticed all the capacitors were made by Su'scon, which are known low-quality capacitors I know this stuff because I build computers. Anyways, after he came back up he started replacing the panel and then putting the TV back together that's when I heard a loud "BANG" and he yelled "AiYaYi" I asked if everything was ok he said yes. Then I went to help him set the TV back on my stand and I noticed a huge dent on the back of the TV panel. My TV had been in perfect shape the whole time, I even left the protective film on it! I was sure that loud bang from earlier was from him dropping something on my TV, I asked him and he denied it of course. I didn't want to get into a verbal confrontation with him and just wanted him gone so I was like whatever. After all this, I told myself well at least I got a new panel, wrong. I noticed a scratch on the replacement panel along with a dead pixel which my old defective one didn't have. It appeared LG gave me a refurbished panel and sent a clumsy tech who dented my TV. After all this, the replacement panel started have backlight bleed as well. Finally, I called LG to complain and got the usual "sorry for the inconvenience" response, apparently they are another one of those out of touch big corporations. They've lost me as a customer for life but they don't care because they have plenty of new customers to screw.
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on May 4, 2016
TV is nice but will not constantly dumps wifi signal. I have bought a new expensive dual band router. That didn't help. Put a wifi extender by TV that didn't help. My LG LM 6400 will not maintain wifi connection therefor it is not a smart TV!!!
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on May 23, 2013
Overall, this is a great tv for the price. I orginally bought the tv in Dec 12 from another dealer. The tv was not used for a bit of time for several reasons, none of which actually had to do with the tv. About a month and a half ago I set the tv up...if I was to review the tv at that time I would have given it 4 stars overall due to some backlight bleed coming from the lower right corner as you look at it. I figured I would just deal with it..but after a month or so I got really annoyed by it so I called LG hoping they would fix it under the warranty. To my suprise, they were all over it. Two days later a contracted service tech showed up to assess the problem. It needed a new panel. About a week later, the new panel arrived and the bad one was replaced. LG customer service was GREAT!!! Now the tv looks great especially after setting the colors. It was easy to set up, the picture and colors look very good. I haven't tried the full 3d yet due to my lack of 3d content. But I did try the 2d to 3d conversion and it does work. I can't say it was great or even good, but it does work ok. If I ever get some 3d content I'll update the review with that info. I provided this review because this is a very good product especially for the price and my pleasant experence with LG customer service. So should you get a bad one, no worries because LG stand by their products (at least for me).
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