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on May 15, 2012
I am very impressed with this tv so far...
The TV itself is very sleek and modern looking.Its one of thinnest LED's I have seen and would be great for mounting on the wall.The thin black border is very nice and actually makes the screen look even bigger!!
The stand is also very modern looking and all the trim is a nice glossy black finish.
The picture quality is amazing as well.I went from a 47" Vizio to this LG and its a world of difference!!..The colors are very vibrant and the black is dense.The adjustments and settings are very easy to use and can make a world of difference!!..Especially if you find the codes for THX settings!!
The sound is ok,for this one.I would say its the only thing that could use use some improvement.
Overall this TV is the best bang for the buck!!..I have owned about 15 LCD/LED tv's and so far, this is one of the best by far!!
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on June 3, 2012
While Panasonic, Sony and Samsung all battle each other for who's TV is best, LG saving the money and passing it on to the user, specifically me. This TV is loaded with everything you would expect in a 2012 TV minus the fads or undeveloped programs. This one caught my eye because it is so thin and the price is amazing. The bezel on it is very thin and the TV without the stand is under a inch and a half thick. I bought this to replace my old dinosaur of a Sharp TV (also an under-rated brand). It is still a great TV, but at almost 6inches wide it was a heavy best. This TV, although not recommended, I am able to hold in one arm it is so thin and light.

The picture is great, but I am never a huge fan of edge lit LED as they always appear lighter/whiter at the edges. It isn't a huge deal expect a really dark scene in a movie, and is most noticeable when loading a game or movie and the input is blank. The screen should be black but is grey around the edges. That was a rather large rant, but it is not by any means a turn off from this TV.

I am a big fan of LG Simplink, although not flawless it easily allows the connection of a surround sound unit with only a few button pushes on the remote. I do appreciate the picture calibrator, but I found some user adjustments were still needed as the TV couldn't get it quite right.

The sound is pretty weak on the TV itself, but that is almost expected these days. I simply got a sound bar to go with it and it suffices for the sized room this TV is in.

+Amazon Price
+Thin Bezel and Thin Body
+Great 1080p picture

-Underwhelming sound
-LED Edge lighting

Overall you would be lucky to find a better built TV in this price range. Keep it up LG.
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on May 29, 2012
I recently purchased this TV from a local electronics store; my wife and I are very very pleased with it! I was looking at either this TV or the Panasonic TC-L47E50. Fortunately I was able to compare the two side-by-side in store, and the LG looked much better. Sound is decent for a flat-panel TV. Colors look very good and vibrant especially after customizing; the quality is fantastic. Nice and sleek looking, thin bordered TV. Took me about 20-30 mins to unpack and set up.
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on July 8, 2012
We bought this tv based on research plus Amazon reviews, as we normally do. It is very good: clear picture plus decent sound.. It's not the best tv out there, but probably the best valus for the money. I gave it 4 stars because:
- this tv replaced a 5 year old Samsung that had developed black streaks on half the picture (probably the backlight going out). This tv doesn't have as many outputs as the replacement. Only way to hook to an external stereo system is through optical cord, which I understand doesn't pass through full 5.1 stereo.
- no earphone jack (old Samsung had one)
- for some reason, can't program my existing AT&T Uverse remote to operate the new tv. So we have 2 remotes, one for Uverse channels & box, and the LG remote for tv on/off and volume. Just a little nuisance.
- very easy to put together and set-up. Had to tweak the picture several times, but ended up going with the included "wizard" settings, which produces a good picture with very little work.
- out of the box, the sound does sound a little tinny. Had to tweak this a little as well through the audio "clarity" settings.
- this tv has led lighting, which does produce more color "pop" than the Samsung it replaced.

Probably could have found a better tv with more features and better sound, but for the money, this is a good buy. (Also, just happened to buy it 1 day before Amazon started charging Texas residents sales tax, so saved a little money there).

Update: December 17, 2012
I was able to set up my system to have full 5.1 pass through my stereo system. So this is not an issue.
After 5 months, picture is still incredible. Programming AT&T Uverse remote still an issue, but only a minor nuisance. Still very happy with the purchase. This is a great tv, especially for the price.
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on July 18, 2012
I'll start with this fact; this TV's sound quality is by no means the best. Depending on the data (Blue-ray, DVD, Downloadable content) will greatly govern its audio out-put. Very big, BUT. It's not so bad I would forgo purchasing this inexpensive, visually stellar, reliable LG.

1. The TV is gorgeous, OFF and ON!
2. The picture is superb!
3. External speakers ($70) made this the best TV I've ever owned.
4. Very light, considering its size.
5. Awesome savings off the electric bill. (from $60 to $28)
6. It's an LG.

Why are people buying 3D TV's? Visuals on this LG seem to come out the screen! The bonus no need for glasses which eventually HURT my eyes.

I plug my laptop into 1 of many HDMI ports, and It's a Smart tv, Cable, Games, etc.

I truly doubt I'll ever go to the theater, pay for cable, or buy another TV again. AMAZING!
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on June 5, 2012
This set was not my first choice. The one I wanted was not available at the time. I had it sent to me on a one day delivery with my Amazon Prime membership. It arrived in perfect shape and was put together in about 20 min. This set just impresses me every single time I turn it on. No dead pixels, and no backlight bleed. It does take some fine tuning to achieve a great picture, but all the tools are there. All in all, I highly recommend this set and I also think it is a steal at this price.
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on August 15, 2012
My LG 55LS4600 arrived yesterday. The HDTV was purchased through Amazon and delivered/setup by CEVA.

When I ordered the HDTV, I selected a date and time window for delivery. The day before the delivery date, I received and e-mail from CEVA with a specific time for delivery. On delivery date, they called up and said they would be two hours late (after the time indicated in the e-mail).

When they arrived, they deboxed, assembled the stand on the HDTV, and placed the TV on my TV stand. I kept the boxes to facilitate return (if necessary) during the 30 day return period.

My experience with CEVA was excellent. The delivery was in Southern California.

The LG's picture is great (as expected). The sound is a little weak but this is to be expected on a "thin" LED/LCD TV and I have an audio system in place to handle the TV. As others have stated, I would buy a sound bar for a thin LED/LCD TV in any case. After spending a lot on an HDTV, why short change yourself on sound by not spending a little more on a sound system?

This HDTV does not have 3D or internet apps. I do not want 3D at this point in the deployment cycle. Maybe the technology will be more standardized and developed when I replace this TV.

There is an Ethernet connection for connecting to your home network. This connection is used to get firmware updates and access content (movies, photos, etc.) from other devices (usually PCs) on your home network (DLNA). I briefly tested that his connectivity worked (looked for a firmware update and played a movie). The DLNA connectivity is not important to me.

I specifically did not want a Smart TV (with internet apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.)included on the TV. I think the better idea is to have a separate purchased small box to connect between the internet and the TV (I use a Roku box but there are several available) with these apps. I hope to keep the TV for at least six years but expect to replace the box with newer models with more features every two or three years. I don't want to have to upgrade the TV to replace the box. Also, my previous experience has been the apps work better on a separate box than on a TV.
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on September 26, 2012
So far so good, I've owned the 47 inch for about 2 weeks and I've been impressed with the picture quality. I knew going in that I wanted a model without 3d or the smart tv options. The major brands all had a model around the same size with similar specs, amazons sale decided me on picking the 4600 up when it went below 700 dollars. Currently I have a cable box, xbox 360 and playstation 3 hooked with 3 hdmi cords so I can't speak to the other hookups.

Its necessary to tweak the video setting to get the full potential out of the picture. Out of the box the cinema setting is too dark and the sports is too bright, the game option works pretty well but needs some fine tuning. The built in picture wizard is a good tool to calibrate the basic settings of the tv but it caused me to overdo the backlight setting. One issue with the tv, which I've found after researching lcd-led edge lit tv's is that its hard to avoid having a tightrope with edge bleed. If you want the bright scenes to display well and you crank the backlight up the dark scenes will have some edge bleed and vice versa if you crank the back light down the light scenes lose contrast but you'll have less edge bleed. The edge bleed is pretty subtle and is mostly in the lower right corner of the screen, I didn't even notice it until after having the tv for a couple of days.

The best compromise I've found that pretty much gets rid of the edge bleeding is setting the brightness which controls your whites to around 95-100, contrast which controls black levels to around 40-45 and setting backlight to depend on the lightness of your room, lower for dark rooms and higher for brighter ones. Usually around 40 or lower for darker rooms and up to around 60 for brighter. I really noticed the edge bleed after using the picture wizard and setting the backlight to 100. There are two built in professional calibration options that allow for further customization of color, which I haven't messed with very much.

There has been a lot of comments about the speakers being bad and I'm not much of an audiophile but I haven't had an issue with them. They aren't home theater quality and I'm not coming from a surround sound theatre, the tv is in my bedroom so the sound isn't having to fill a large room but they've been sufficient so far. If your coming from a fancier audio setup up you'll probably want to upgrade the speakers. Turning on the surround setting does do a good job of giving the sound more depth.

I was impressed with amazon's delivery time, I'm a prime subscriber and was happy that the tv had free 2 day shipping. I was a little nervous when I saw it was being delivered by UPS but the driver did an excellent job of being careful with the tv and there was no issue with the physical condition when I unboxed and installed it. Overall I would give the tv a 4.5 rating but will round it up to 5.

Update for 4/11/13

I've owned the tv for around 6 months now and am still happy with the product. I did end up buying a soundbar which did improve the sound quality a lot. I would also recommend using the video setting CNET used for their review. You can find them by googling cnet lg 4600 settings. While I'm pleased with the tv overall I have become disappointed with the brightness of whites, which are okay but could use a little more pop.
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on June 12, 2012
I purchased this tv after a lot of research - See if you can get the Amazon pricing (got it for under $1,000 + free shipping via Prime; right now listed for $1,299), that is sweet.

Pros: Nice picture, easy controls, sleek design, no 3-D (yes, I consider that a plus).

Cons: Sound quality of the built-in speakers, only a TOSLINK (optical cable) port for connecting to the receiver, and the stand is flimsy. It must be secured at the back end to prevent TV from tipping over. LG provides a location in the stand base where the stand can be screwed to the table top, provided you want to drill a hole in your table top. I mounted it on a wall so tipping over is not an issue for me.
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on October 5, 2012
I had been using an old Sony WEGA 1080i CRT set for the past 10 years or so, not even sure if large LCD panels were even in the Big Box Stores yet, if they were they were very expensive, CRT and projection was still the norm for common folk. A week ago today I had a sudden impluse urge to buy a new set and very quickly came to the LG 47LS4600 based on price and useful features. I've assisted other friends and family ( I'm the tech geek) over the years on purchases so I had a good baseline for what I wanted...and that was the best picture at the best price, with bonus of light weight ( bulk and weight was a prime reason I stuck with the sony CRT so in an upsatirs apartment with no elevator make it loads of fun to move) 120HZ LED big screen for under $700 including saturday delivery....I pounced...

All in all I got a very good set, though wish I did a bit more research as I would have gone plasma. The viewing area I use is very dimly lit if lit at all so its been a bit of struggle to get black levels where I would like them....I've tweaked like crazy and can get great black levels if I dial the backlight way down to 10-20....however then my whites become short this set is best used in well lit rooms, which isnt me...That said overall its something I can live with, might make upgrading happen sooner, though hopefully I'll keep it till OLED sets reach mass market.

Gripes other than that of poor research are , with my set at least its very red on standard color temp, I have to use cool setting, warm is extremely red. The color red itself was also a problem using the built in calibration tools, the color itself I could not make vivid without screwing up the rest of the picture. The Disney WOW calibration disc helped very much with that though with the most advanced calibration tool set.

All in all its a great set at a great price, just be aware of room light, this set rocks for higher light areas, for dim to dark go plasma or go much further up the price range.
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